[FH5] Anyone having issues getting the 12/03 update?

2021.12.06 04:54 avocadoattack [FH5] Anyone having issues getting the 12/03 update?

My game updated perfectly fine, I can go into horizon promo and see the two peels which were previously nonexistent. But my buddy who I play with doesn’t have the peels in his game, and every time we go to a convoy I can see his car perfectly fine, no phasing out of existence, but he can’t see me at all. The only time he can see me is in co-op races. Just curious if anyone else is having this particular issue. It is just starting to get frustrating.
I play on PC (win10) and he plays Xbox series X but that hasn’t made a difference until this update or on FH4
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2021.12.06 04:54 email369 Test

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2021.12.06 04:54 SadLobster2099 How long does it take to master tellybridge? and should I start tellybridging?

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2021.12.06 04:54 larayaaa Hello! Sharing with you guys character sketches for my first upcoming webcomic, BLACKOUT!

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2021.12.06 04:54 Emma-810 Can I import reviews from Etsy and Dhgate?

The answer is Yes.
Ryviu supports Advance and Unlimited plan importing reviews from Etsy and Dhgate. Please log out your Etsy or DHgate before importing reviews.
Let's check the instruction out here https://docs.ryviu.com/en/articles/1057680-import-amazon-etsy-dhgate-reviews-using-ryviu-chrome-extension.
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2021.12.06 04:54 whyarenamessodiff Khan Doorman's reaction to Monsters Inc (IDFK)

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2021.12.06 04:54 krisiboss29 What's your opinion about Bulgaria 🇧🇬?

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2021.12.06 04:54 the-artifice Apex and Abyss: A Thematic Analysis

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2021.12.06 04:54 GoalooES 💥Soccer quick picks - Dec. 5th💥

Quick of today:
Everton VS Arsenal: Everton @ 3.30
Getafe VS Athletic Club: Athletic Club @ 2.34
Empoli VS Udinese: Draw @ 3.32
Girona VS Leganés: Leganés @ 3.05
Aldosivi VS Argentinos Jrs.: Aldosivi @ 4.09
💥View all game in here💥

Yesterday Record:
Tottenham vs Norwich: Tottenham @ 1.40 ✅
Manchester Utd vs Crystal Palace: Manchester Utd @ 1.56 ✅
Rayo Vallecano vs Espanyol: Espanyol @ 2.97 ❌
Celta de Vigo vs Valencia: Celta de Vigo @ 2.09 ❌
Stuttgart VS Hertha BSC: Stuttgart @ 2.22 ❌
Huachipato vs Melipilla: Huachipato @ 1.38 ✅
Atlas VS Pumas UNAM: Draw @ 3.27 ❌
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2021.12.06 04:54 historyiscoolman I (17m) come from a family of doctors, ama

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2021.12.06 04:54 nicolas19961805 Friendly reminder: You don't need the latest hardware

I'm writing this post to remind people that you don't Always need the latest hardware and especially now considering the scarcity it's important to understand that you can have perfectly playable frame rates with older hardware. I recently put together a build that most people might consider dated but i can run most games at high-ultra at 60+ fps at 1080p. I upgraded my rig just getting a x570 mbo with a Ryzen 7 3700x from eBay for $320 and I added a 980 that i got last year for $150. I was surprised by the performance of the 980 since I had it bottlenecked on my older build. But when I checked the charts I was surprised as its basically a 1660 and it outperforms a lot of cards. you should also take advantage of the flexibility of PCs and use older parts when possible, otherwise it's the same as buying a closed system if you buy everything in one go and toss it out next year for a new system. I'm very satisfied with this build and especially happy since I didn't break the bank for a very good upgrade.
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2021.12.06 04:54 Think_One1222 Engineering vacational work resume

If I were to apply for vacational work/work experience to a company in my 2nd and 3rd years of uni, what sort of extracurricular activities/roles/ academic awards look good? Some of my mates are including their school achievements like their ATARS and school leadership and academic awards. Many are part of engineering clubs at UQ and have landed leadership positions in theses. However, not everyone can get these leadership positions and my academics are above average but not amazing. I have taken part in many workshops and engineering clubs but that’s all. Didn’t get any awards or leadership positions. What do I do? Thank you.
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2021.12.06 04:54 Bot-Bot-Zamorano Player Ratings Result: Roma 0-3 Inter (Serie A, Matchday 16)

Player Ratings:

1st Calhanoglu 8.10
2nd Dzeko 7.41
3rd Brozovic 7.36
4th Skriniar 7.25
5th Dumfries 7.21
6th Bastoni 7.2
7th Perisic 7.12
8th D'Ambrosio 6.83
9th Handanovic 6.75
10th Barella 6.53
11th Correa 6.46
12th Vidal 6.30
13th Dimarco 6.15
14th Vecino 6.05
15th Sanchez 5.94
_____________________________________________________________________ Man of the Match:
MOTM Hakan Calhanoglu 88%
2nd Marcelo Brozovic 8%

MOTM Awards Player(s)
x5 Calhanoglu
x3 Perisic
x2 Skriniar, Dzeko, Correa
x1 Dimarco, Dumfries, Handanovic, Barella, D'Ambrosio, Brozovic
_____________________________________________________________________ Other Ratings: Simone Inzaghi Tactics/Mentality: 8.6
Simone Inzaghi Subs Selection/Timing: 7.32
Simone Inzaghi Overall Rating: 7.96

Team First Half Performance: 8.84
Team Second Half Performance: 7
Team Overall Rating: 7.92

Referee: 7.28
VAR: 6.71

Opponent Rating: 3.92
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2021.12.06 04:54 BanIfYoureRacist And you’ll like it too.

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2021.12.06 04:54 zachparker7 NFT Secondary Sales Surpass $15b amid Monthly Volume Constantly Topping $1b

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sector continues to take the world by storm based on the massive growth experienced. (Read More)

2021.12.06 04:54 IceKEcool2005 Bon Appetit!

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2021.12.06 04:54 camcam9999 Who could have expected to get such a powerful combination of relics at the start of a run

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2021.12.06 04:54 lukefrawley Some tips to feel better

Hello all, I’ve been doing a lot better recently so I just wanted to share some stuff that helped me when I was at rock bottom
1.) I’ve heard other people talk about a certain time of day that triggers them (mine is from like 9 at night to 2 am) and the way I’ve gotten through this is to keep myself super busy during that time period. That means I don’t go to bed until after 2 but I’m fine w it :)
2.) FERNET BRANCA. Fernet branca is a Italian liquor that is a god send to humanity. I haven’t seen it posted on here yet but I’d you’re over 21 (or someone will buy it for you) I highly recommend it. It tastes absolutely potent, but you will literally feel it cool your stomach as it goes down
3.) zofran. I love zofran, you love zofran, we all love zofran. It does do miracles but only when used at the right times. If used to prevent nausea it will just back you up and my your stomach cramp but if used while nauseous it never fails!
4.) most important of all is to stay social. When I was at my lowest (this summer) I wasn’t seeing any friends, I was going home from work early all the time and I was barely talking to my family. This led me down in to a deep spiral, it was only after I went out of my comfort zone and started going to bars at night and hanging with friends late that the phobia began to take a back seat. It just became less important to me Bc I had other stuff going on.
I really hope this helped. I know the struggle, I’m still struggling but if you are at your lowest just remember that you can only go up from there :)
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2021.12.06 04:54 AlbinoKiwi47 Glad they’ve got stroke victim representation in this game I guess

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2021.12.06 04:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Dubai’s ruler, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince launch UAE Rail Program to connect major cities | Al Arabiya

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2021.12.06 04:54 ofelious Who has died while doing a drill?

Never heard of any know member in chiraq whos died pulling up n trying to kill that person
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2021.12.06 04:54 jarrodonair Christmas Tree Assembly

Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly
Over the past two weekends my fiancée and I have put up two Christmas trees (one at her family home, the other at mine). When we built my tree at my family home we built it from the bottom up (starting at the lowest branches and worked up to the top of the tree). But when we built her tree her family built it from the Top down (starting at the top with the smaller branches and then going down to the bottom). This has started a loving Christmas debate between us for our future when we live together of building the tree from the top down, or bottom up.
So please can please share how they build their Artificial Christmas trees. Help us settle a debate.
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2021.12.06 04:54 The_Hammer_Hammons Need help ASAP fixing huge dent!

TLDR: big dent, won’t move, how to fix, can I just fill it?
I hit my new car while backing up my old one and made a HUGE dent in the back bumper. It’s 1 1/2 feet long and about 5 inches deep. I have gone beneath the car and pushed the other side as hard as I could, two of t he bumper latches broke but the dent didn’t even move. It’s not a shape that can be suctioned. How can I fix it? Can I just fill it? I have someone coming over in a week that I told all about the car and I need it to be fixed by then.
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2021.12.06 04:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Next pandemic could be more lethal than COVID: Oxford vaccine creator | Al Arabiya

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