Quando Rondo Sends A Message To His Rap Opps On Clubhouse For Next Month

2021.12.08 18:58 Critical-Initial6428 Quando Rondo Sends A Message To His Rap Opps On Clubhouse For Next Month

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2021.12.08 18:58 Nohan07 Le nickel reprend son souffle avant le référendum en Nouvelle-Calédonie - Outre-mer la 1ère

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2021.12.08 18:58 RedAngellion Heading to NYC and Need Advice on Where to Stay

Hello. My 10-year-old daughter and I will be visiting NYC in June of 2022. I've been looking at hotels/apartments around the city and am having some trouble deciding on an area to stay in. Here's some info about what we're looking for:
The Bronx Zoo is top of our list. Will probably go there at least two days. Other than that, we're still working on our list of just touristy things, but so far Central Park, Times Square, Top of the Rock, AMNH, and The Met are high on the list.
Would also love to visit other parks besides Central, and definitely open to seeing more of the city than just the typical tourist stuff. But like I said, still working on our list.
My budget is not tight, but we don't need anything fancy. Decently clean accommodations in a decently safe area is top priority. Beyond that, travel times is my next big priority. I'd like to stay in an area that's gonna minimize our time spent traveling to and from destinations. But I don't anything about getting around NYC, so it's hard to know what area would be best. Should we stay near Times Square so we can do a lot of walking around there, then make the trek out to the zoo on those couple of days? Or should we stay near the zoo and trek into the city?
Any advice about general areas to look in, or even for specific hotels or rentals to look at, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2021.12.08 18:58 arlinconio Never thought I'd need to spit on, piss and burn my own Barca shirt. But this is a new low for this fucking club. I never supported this shit

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2021.12.08 18:58 Chazm76 Former Cali resident with CA CCW and coming back to visit... Is my CA CCW still valid?

I got my CA CCW in early 2020. I moved to TX in Feb 2021.
I'm coming to Cali for the weekend to visit family and I'm curious if I'm still okay to carry with my CA CCW even though I'm no longer officially a CA resident.
Anyone have a clue on this one?
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2021.12.08 18:58 Torkoa I feel better now ! (its not true)

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2021.12.08 18:58 Critical_Switch1663 Hi, please describe your methods and techniques for time management and organization . I am struggling with this.

I’m a first year student finishing my first semester in a stem program. I have been doing everything on the fly, with no structure or organization. I am also going to fail one course this semester. Can you share how you manage your days and weeks. Do you plan out your day the night before? and also do you plan out the whole week? Do you use “time-blocking” ? How do you make sure you waste as less time as possible and be productive as you can be? Please explain
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2021.12.08 18:58 weedislifeman After Hours Discussion Thread - December 08, 2021

After Hours Discussion Thread - December 08, 2021
Welcome to weedstocks After Hours DiscussionNew to Reddit? Read This.New to weedstocks? Read This.Want to start trading? Read This.Use the search bar before asking any question. All questions that can be answered by these resources may be removed.Looking for research resources about which company to invest in? Please refer to our sidebar -- specifically our featured Investing References -- to help you in your research process.This thread is intended for the community to talk about whichever company with others in a casual manner.Unrelated discussion will always be removed (as per rule #3). Reddit is full of various other communities, and while we understand cross-discussion, unrelated topics should be discussed in their appropriate subreddits.Please remember proper reddiquette when participating in the conversation. As always, rule #1 ("be kind and respectful") will be strictly enforced here to prevent any uncivil discussion and personal attacks.
Submitted December 08, 2021 at 09:00PM
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2021.12.08 18:58 RetroNutcase POV: You're Urianger and you feel like you're being followed but can't figure out why.

Processing img twb8tkf25e481...
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2021.12.08 18:58 apec766 Livestream from G4 - UpUpDownDown Streams

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2021.12.08 18:58 clarinetjo Have you ever discovered a (future beloved) work while randomly switching radio stations ?

Some days ago, i was coming back from work, exhausted after a long day ; and i was randomly searching for some classical music on my car radio (it's an old broken one which doesn't display the station name and frequency anymore).
At one point, i stumbled into the middle of a work for solo voices, chorus and orchestra. Unimpressed at first, i still kept listening trying to identitfy what work it could be : something by Haendel or a Haydn oratorio ? Bruckner (but did Bruckner wrote anything for that combination...?), or Beethoven ?
I didn't recognised it at all.
But at that point i'm absolutely captivated by it, and it goes stronger and stronger until the incredible final left me in awe !
Thunder of applause, and me thinking anxiously : "will the animator give any infos about it ?"
After ten seconds, he says : "that was the Symphony n°2, "Lobgesang" by Felix Mendellsohn, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the RIAS Kammerchor, under the direction of Yannick Nézet-Séguin"
I was blown away, never listened to this work before, and now, i needed to hear it again !
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2021.12.08 18:58 kurapikaspiders Haku vs Chuunin exams Gaara

Abilities are the same.
View Poll
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2021.12.08 18:58 XboxYouTube Anyone know why the fuck this is happening

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2021.12.08 18:58 balpby1989 Tableau Extended Support

Hi all, my company recently ran into an issue where our on prem tableau server went down after a routine server reboot. After 3 days working with Tableau support they recommended to either restore or rebuild, which we already know about. They also suggested we get the ‘extended’ or ‘premium’ support. From what I saw online, extended has faster response time, and premium we get a dedicated technical account manager. I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with those 2 types of support and if you would recommend them? I feel like standard support is good enough for now given we are on prem and never had big issues except the recent one.
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2021.12.08 18:58 dragonrider1112 My cat is scared of the dark.

Too late, I realize it's because he could see.
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2021.12.08 18:58 BuelaBuela Max

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/wksNEaRyPlb
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2021.12.08 18:58 Frio08 I know.. It's just a Powerbutton, could be anything. This is a Magazine from 2018. I don't think all what was happening to the market and the World is just random. If we look at all Conspiracys.. Everything in life is preplanned from some poweful guys. 🤷‍♂️

I know.. It's just a Powerbutton, could be anything. This is a Magazine from 2018. I don't think all what was happening to the market and the World is just random. If we look at all Conspiracys.. Everything in life is preplanned from some poweful guys. 🤷‍♂️ submitted by Frio08 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 18:58 Veridical_Perception Just because things worked out, it does not mean you made a good decision

Also, just because things went terribly wrong, doesn't mean you made a bad decision.
"Good" and "bad" decision making is about whether you sought out all the relevant information, weighed the facts, and made an unbiased decision, not whether things went the way you hoped.
A good or bad decision is not a retroactive determination that you make in hindsight once the outcome is clear. Decision whether a decision was good or not based solely on the outcome is like being a Monday morning quarterback.
Also, you cannot know everything about every situation. If you did your due diligence, that's all anyone can do. If things go south due to some unforseen circumstance, that's not a result of bad decision making (unless that unforseen circumstance was actually wilfull blindness and not something that no one could possibly have known).
The reward for good decision making is that over time things will generally work out better for you and result in more positive than negative outcomes.
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2021.12.08 18:58 politicly1 Rep. Pressley Leads Resolution to Remove Rep. "Qwakbert" Boebert From Committee Assignments

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2021.12.08 18:58 xenohw Favorite Centaur Designs?

There's so many different designs and I was wondering what other people's favs are.
personally, I really like the puffintaurs
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2021.12.08 18:58 racharya55 Looking to buy laptop for wife - $700-$1000 budget, USA

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: $700-$1000 Are you open to refurbs/used? No How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Not looking for a touchscreen. Would prefer decent battery. Only need enough performance for streaming video and light gaming (The Sims or Civ 5). How important is weight and thinness to you? Would prefer a lighter laptop, that's not too clunky. Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. 13 inch Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. No CAD or editing. Some light gaming. If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? The Sims and Civ 5. Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Not looking for a touch screen. She does some work on the latop so a good keyboard would be preferred for that. Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. My wife's last two laptops have been shitty $300 machines that are painfully slow and die on her after a couple years. She basically just uses her phone because it is a pain to open and run, but occasionally has to use the laptop for work (she's a doctor and has an online portal where she needs to write up patient notes or make orders), streaming video, or for light gaming (mostly the sims or civ 5). Looking for something that will be more reliable and last her a while. I have a macbook pro but I would like to get her a laptop that runs windows for her work and steam. 
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2021.12.08 18:58 Da_Great_Pineapple [December Theme] Best Left Forgotten - Rise of the Tomb Raider

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2021.12.08 18:58 brideoflinux How WireGuard made it into Linux

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2021.12.08 18:58 Triplefunk85 Happy Holidays from Shiloh to you!

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2021.12.08 18:58 Kitsel Does it ever get better? What more could we be doing? Reaching the end of our rope.

Gonna try to keep this as concise as possible but I have a feeling this is going to get extremely long long, so I'm sorry in advance.
Background on dog - Link is just over 7 months old. His mother was found pregnant in Mexico, and brought into the US to give birth. He was born in the house of the woman that runs the shelter, and spent his first 8 weeks in a wonderful home with his mother, in a huge custom-built wooden play pen with his siblings. Basically, no abuse, fed extremely nice food once weaned, treated extremely well.
Background on us - It's my first dog ever. My wife grew up with Goldens, but was never part of the training process, and her parents used the typical tools of the time such as choke collars and "dominance" training. We are fully on board with R+, and refuse to consider positive punishment or "balanced" training. I've done probably hundreds of hours of research, but clearly adopting a rescue as our first puppy together was a mistake and we are in over our heads. Our parents are absolutely zero help, as they all refuse to get on board with positive reinforcement in spite of the mountain of research I've sent their way on the subject.
Living situation/Caretaking - His living situation is essentially ideal. We live in a house with a spare bedroom that's "his" room. It connects to the walled-in backyard, which is huge, and he has all the time and space he wants to run around and get his energy out. My wife hasn't been employed since Covid hit, so he has 24/7 care, and gets 2-3 walks a day, plus training every day (relaxation protocol, capturing calmness, recall training, etc). He has every chew, toy, and treat you can imagine, and gets plenty of puzzles, mental stimulation, and physical stimulation.
Things started out great. He was calm, and is incredibly smart. Within a couple weeks, he was almost fully potty trained and knew a bunch of cues (Sit, down, touch, shake, here, watch me). We wanted to get him the best start possible, so we got him into puppy preschool at the local Zoom Room at ~12 weeks. He did just fine there. He started puppy+ training there at 16 weeks and that's where the problems started. They barricaded him off from the other puppies because he couldn't focus at his first puppy+ class, then did it again the second class and ignored him the whole time because basically all he did was bark. They recommended private training, but when my wife took him, they were really unhelpful. He barked the entire time, my wife ended up crying, and we got next to no advice. At that point we pulled him out of classes, as they were doing next to nothing for him. From there, his reactivity got worse and worse. He started barking and lunging at cars, freaking out at nothing randomly, barking at the TV, barking/lunging at people, pulling uncontrollably, and losing his recall. His separation anxiety has gotten so bad that he can't be left alone for more than a minute without losing his mind. We went to a wedding and got a sitter for him, and according to the sitter he barked non-stop for 5 hours straight. Any time someone walks away from him or steps on the other side of a fence from him, he absolutely LOSES IT and has scared a bunch of people. At this point I started doing a lot of research about reactivity, and found out about thresholds and trigger stacking and the like. We started actively working on his reactivity - I'd bring boiled chicken on his walks and have him sit or touch when we saw cars and then give him lots of chicken as the cars passed by. He started rapidly improving, to the point that he'd see a car hundreds of feet away, sit, and stare at me like "hey, where's my treat?!?" Unfortunately, he has since regressed and lunges at basically every car again, and reacts to humans from 30+ feet away.
Interestingly, we had a 6 month birthday party for his entire litter and he was quite literally perfect. I'm guessing he recognized his siblings or something, but he reacts to EVERY new dog and EVERY new person - yet for 4 hours while we had the party, he was an absolutely perfect puppy around ~6 other dogs he hadn't seen in 4 months, and about 10 humans that were complete strangers.
Eventually, we found a behaviorist through the Pet Professionals Guild. She obviously knows what she's doing and is extremely good with dogs, as Link loved her almost immediately and always wants to play with her. She told us that he's not aggressive at all, and gave us a protocol for meeting new people that has been working beautifully. Unfortunately, I've been less satisfied with our work on his reactivity. She introduced some awesome new cues, such as "find it" and throwing treats on the ground for him to find, that are better at distracting him than anything we had previously. However, other than these new methods of distraction and telling us to avoid long walks, crowds, or anything that triggers him, I don't think we've been given anything to work on to make his reactivity any better. We have no drills or protocols or training regimens to work on, and he's progressively getting worse. Even super high value stuff like chicken and cheese won't work anymore (even BEFORE he goes over threshold) - we can't get him to come inside from the backyard, his recall is basically zero, and when he goes over threshold it's like we don't even exist. He is also continually getting more and more frustrated, and has now bitten my wife 4 times. Never hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to bruise her or break the skin a couple times. We are VERY worried that this will escalate, even though every trainevet has told us he's not aggressive and showing no signs of being angry.
Our behaviorist recommended we talk to our vet about meds, so we took him in to our vet and this is where I got the most frustrated. She COMPLETELY dismissed our concerns as "aww he's just a puppy, he'll grow out of it, why would you want to medicate him?!" However, later in the appointment, we asked them to clip his nails, and she refused, telling us that she "didn't have a nurse capable of handling him." So which is it?!?! Is he a sweet, normal little puppy who doesn't need medication, or is he a menace so badly behaved that you can't even clip his nails, something that should be extremely simple for a "normal puppy"? She gave us some natural remedy that is expensive and has done absolutely nothing and then sent us on our way. I really believe he needs some type of meds to help him have a slightly higher threshold and come down from triggers more quickly, but our vet seemed almost offended that we would even consider them and told us some ridiculous unrelated story about how her friend's dog got over behavior like this instead.
Sorry for the super, super long post. What are the next steps here? What more can we do? My wife is incredibly overwhelmed, she cries almost every night and hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in months. We love him dearly, and don't want to rehome him. This wouldn't be an option anyway, as there's no way anyone is taking a dog with his level of reactivity. But we're at the end of our rope and don't know what to do. I've seen veterinary behaviorists suggested a few times, but the closest one is hours away and appears to cost close to a thousand dollars per visit. I'm sick of both directions, either being told "aww he's just a puppy he'll grow out of it" and dismissing everything we're going through by some, while being told he's a menace by others. He's such a sweet, smart, amazing puppy.
Puppy Tax: https://imgur.com/a/dsLDJZ8
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