This was the worst and cringiest storyline for me. I’m glad they had this nod to it. What’s your worst/cringy arc?

2021.11.30 17:36 strangevimes This was the worst and cringiest storyline for me. I’m glad they had this nod to it. What’s your worst/cringy arc?

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2021.11.30 17:36 xivilai92 Babydoll

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2021.11.30 17:36 Clarkkent117 I think my girlfriend (23f) doesn't have interest in me (28m)

We have been dating for 2 months now. I have been alone for a long time and I started feeling things to this girl. I got so excited because I was scared of couldn't feeling anything to anyone again. So we flirted for a month and it was so perfect. I was so happy. I grew feeling for her so I told her and she was feeling the same. We started dating. Then in first month she suddenly stopped showing affection and started acting weird.
She reads my messages and doesn't reply. I mean I suppose she reads them because after sending my messages she usually gets online on whatsapp and leaves. From time to time she gets online but wont reply back. So I thought she is maybe busy but then again if you have time to get online and read the messages then you have the time for replying. Many of you might disagree with me because Im sounding obsessed.
Anyway a couple weeks back she visited her friend (she lives in a village so there might be no phone services). I tried not to disturb her so she could have a good time with her friend. She messaged me from time to time and she suddenly stopped messaging without saying anything. Then she messaged me 6 hours later or so. I asked “where have you been. I got worried.” (Her mom calls her every hour to check her). She said “my friends cousin took us to a lake close to their village and I left my phone at their house because there might be no phone service.” (She doesn't leaves her phone from her side usually). When I asked what did they do she answered me with evasive answers. Bla bla and 3 days ago I went to my parents house (very close to my place) and left my phone on charge because battery was almost dead and I didn't thought about taking my charger with me to charge there because I didn't I would be there for long and then 4 hours got passed. When I got back home I saw 1 missed call from my gf and 5 min's later from that call there was another call with no ID on it (hidden number). I called her back as soon as possible and she started acting with an attitude.
She treated like we are distant friends for the last 3 days and I’m getting sick of it. I don't think she has feelings for me. I didn't acted like this to her. Please help me I don’t know what to do. My mind is a mess right now. I feel like I have been played like a toy.
PS: We are in different cities because she is going to a university from another city. But she is from here.
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2021.11.30 17:36 Flumpsty Turned my M4A1 into a CAR15

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2021.11.30 17:36 alternativeaacct I forgot

I forgot why you hate me. I guess i will let that sink now. Thinking you hate me is so much easier. I wish youd just been clear about it. I sunk to depths i didnt know abandonned and alone. Now i know though, peace be with my heart. Closure is here.
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2021.11.30 17:36 Aklagarn Vad behöver jag Googla på för att slippa den här skiten och ryggsäcken mellan varannan post?

Vad behöver jag Googla på för att slippa den här skiten och ryggsäcken mellan varannan post? submitted by Aklagarn to sweden [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 17:36 Far_Preparation2390 What a beautiful fog...

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2021.11.30 17:36 HealthyConsequence90 Just Tried Mtn Dew Viltage for the first time

DAE think it tastes like the blue sour patch kid? I love it!
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2021.11.30 17:36 bumblebee222212 Ive got the fold... Now what controller?

Im based in the UK, looking for a controller that will work with play store games. Especially pokemon unite. How do i hook the controller up to games like that?
Are the cheaper controllers on Amazon even worth a shot?
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2021.11.30 17:36 Mars_to_Earth [spoilers ep1] - [spoilers ep9] I just had to write a short loving review about Arcane and mostly the (visual) character building.

The facial expressions along with the body language are on another level in this animated series. I don't even think Pixar has topped this.
Processing img b73ss8n2ms281...
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2021.11.30 17:36 bossplaysrandomgames The originality of the sidemen

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2021.11.30 17:36 xycr BaconMania questions

Hi, I keep reading that the BaconMania sweepstakes ( ) ends today, but will the BaconMania menu still be available after today?
Also, if I order a BaconMania triple bacon pizza with extra bacon strips, am I likely to get significantly more bacon strips?
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2021.11.30 17:36 WokeUpButCantGetUp I have financial crisis and i really... REALLY need help

I took loan from the bank to help my parents for the house they wanted to buy so much. But i pay %70 of my salary to bank every month. And my debt will last in 2024. At first i thought i can handle with less money, but the worse my country's economy gets, the more i have difficulty to handle.
I need 4000 dolars total, but i would accept any help. İf anyone out there who's willing to help, they can PM me.
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2021.11.30 17:36 kongwashere_ çiş .

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2021.11.30 17:36 ihavebeendrunkbefore Hypothetically speaking, imagine we live in a world where you can find out exactly when you die. Would you wanna know when you die?

View Poll
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2021.11.30 17:36 Halflifepro483 What if GATE but...

...instead of opening in a modern, historical, or sci fi nation, it opens in none other than the bowels of Aperture Science, at some point after GLaDOS's reactivation?
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2021.11.30 17:36 syaoranngo Sayu Healer and Viridescent Venerer Focus Build

Hi, after a long time playing Sayu in overworld and in abyss since her first released, here is my opinion the build only focus two things, heal my team and apply VV shred.
Weapon: Sacrificial Greatsword or Favonius Greatsword or Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (craftable weapon), I'm currently using Katsuragikiri R1 and decide to R3 it today with my leftover billets cause I love Sayu and she deserves it.
I highly recommend go for these three weapons over other ER% weapons or ATK% weapon because the passive on those three weapons is what make them useful for Sayu. And there is no ATK% claymore are not helpful on Sayu kits, better use for your dps.
Artifact Set: 4 Pieces - Viridescent Venerer Set is best for Sayu, not recommend Maiden Beloved because you don't need too much healing and Sayu already provide enough heal without Maiden Beloved
Stats: ER% should be 170-200% for only one anemo on your team aka Sayu, or 150% for two anemos (which easily achievable from ER% weapon).
Priority: EM -> ATK% -> ER%
If your Sayu is C0-C5:
ATK% / ATK% / Healing Bonus% I found that I personally prefer Healing Bonus% cause you will hit diminishing return from already 44.6 ATK% + 44.6 ATK% = >100% from both your Sands and Goblet. Better to increase other stat affect her healing which is Healing Bonus.
If your Sayu is C6:
From MY TESTING, here is the order of stats from most heal to least heal:

  1. EM / EM / Healing Bonus%
  2. ATK% / ATK% / Healing Bonus% = ATK% / EM / Healing Bonus%
  3. ATK% / ATK% / EM
  4. EM / EM / EM
  5. ATK% / EM / EM
I highly recommend go for 1 or 2 rather than EM / EM / EM cause over 500 EM which is achievable for two EM pieces on lvl90 Sayu will scale slowenot much more than go for EM / EM / Healing Bonus%.
Have fun playing Sayu ^^
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2021.11.30 17:36 hollawalla14 burrowing?

my asian trail snail has never burrowed before, he’s actually always been averse to the substrate in his tank, but he’s currently moving further down on the side of the tank into the substrate. does this mean he’s going to lay eggs? also, because asian tramp snails are an invasive species, how do i go about humanely destroying the eggs? i usually do not kill any animals, even spiders i find in my house, so i want to be humane about it if he does lay eggs.
if it’s not because he’s laying eggs, what could it be?
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2021.11.30 17:36 arcsine2 To anyone currently applying to UCSD

If there are any fellow procrastinators that are browsing this sub, I found this UCSD College Comparison List that you could use as a reference for ranking the colleges.
Hope this helps!
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2021.11.30 17:36 xEppyx Oh you know, compassion things. Good thing it's a windy day!

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2021.11.30 17:36 zajazajazajazajaz (Spoilers Extended) What if the series was set in a Napoleonic Era setting?

I've been thinking about what could change if the series began as a sort Flintlock fantasy amalgam.
The overall social structure would be quite different, I think; we would have large professional standing armies and less militarily powerful nobles; castles would be obsolete pieces of history; Republics could be more common in the Known World; unsupported cavalry charges would be almost a suicide in any pitch battle between comparable armies; duelists fighting for honor would use pistols instead of swords; dragons and wights would still be dangerous as hell, but perhaps less so than they are in canon if they had to compete with cannons, mortars, howitzers, rockets, rifles and muskets.
What do you guys think?
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2021.11.30 17:36 Lilyo Philly’s celebration of Palestinians should give courage to progressives everywhere

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2021.11.30 17:36 KonK23 After so many too high TVs above fireplages: Have this dude who has his TV at the propper hight. This almost feels wholesome

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TIKTOK VIRAL RAMEN CHIP KOREAN FIRE NOODLE STYLE! submitted by jshrybnjr to Mukbangers [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 17:36 UmmmmYoureChine- When Adams mom wants to fuck a dog but he’s already gay and fucks his dad

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