Feedback List - What should have been done before considering another monetisation system

2021.12.07 22:05 JohnnyTest91 Feedback List - What should have been done before considering another monetisation system

Instead of adding a new way to squeeze money out of the player base, Ubisoft should have continued the work to geht Breakpoint to a place where people actually would gladly put more money into the game. The following is my list of things that I would change in the game. A lot of these are copy/pasted from my previous posts, and while going through all these points, I have to give it to Ubisoft that they indeed added several of them. Sadly it doesn't make the list much shorter.
Bring some time with you, it's a long list:
Let's imagine the Operation Motherland update wasn't the last or one of the last updates, but a fresh start for the game. The following is my list of things that I would change in the game. A lot of these are copy/pasted from my previous posts, and while going through all these points, I have to give it to Ubisoft that they indeed added several of them. Sadly it doesn't make the list much shorter :D
Bring some time with you, it's a long list:
Animation changes  
Character idle stance: Make characters stand more straight - currently, characters in Breakpoint always have a slightly bend stance. That looks weird. Contextual takedown animations: When in cover and performing a takedown, the character should drag their target behind the cover before they kill them, around corners or over obstacles. Cover animation rework: Instead of leaning onto cover, the player character should face the cover, maybe even holding onto it with one hand. Back with two hands on the weapon when shooting or moving alongside cover; facing cover instead of leaning into it would solve the issue that the character is always sticking like an idiot to cover, which pulls the player out of action for a moment. Crouching up and down slopes: The animations for crouching up or down a slope/stairs looks really bad and should be reworked. The character should stand more up and walk normally. Fast crouching: Crouching is so painfully slow. Add a "crouch-sprint" that is still harder to detect than normal movement but louder than normal crouching. Fire selector checking animation: When switching to another weapon, the PC should do a quick animation to glimpse on the fire selector to see what mode the rifle is on. Just for immersion. Already happens in the loadout menu. Grip with underbarrel shotgun: The players grip on the magazine needs to be adjusted when the underbarrel shotgun is equipped. It needs to be higher on the weapon. Also, when switching to the underbarrel shotgun, Nomad should actually change the grip to the underbarrel shotguns trigger. NVG aiming animations: Change the animations for aiming down sights when NVGs are on. Similar to how CoD Modern Warfare does it, Nomad should aim over the side of their weapons. NVG + Sniper scopes should not work. Please add night vision scopes instead. Reloading animations: You won’t flick away a magazine from 50 caliber rifle irl. You always pull the charging handle when reloading a LMG irl - but in Breakpoint, all weapons have the same animations for empty and not empty, slow and fast reloading. Take a look at how much different weapon animations games like Modern Warfare or Far Cry 6 have. Add some variations. Different weapons should have different reloading animations that fit the weapon. Also the default reloading animation should be a tactical reloads with retention. We are on an island on our own, we don't want to waste magazines... Remove downed animation: Replace the downed but not out animation with ragdolls. The animations when the player or teammates are downed always looks the same no matter the terrain or how you got downed. It should be replaced by ragdolls to have it looks more natural. Would also fix clipping issues. Slide to crouch animation: Add a knee slide to crouch animation would be a perfect way to dodge bullet or slide into cover. The Panther special ability animation could be re-used. Animated and functional bipods: Bipods should be deployed with a real animation by the PC when they go prone with a bipod equipped or aim over cover. Rappelling: There are so many cliffs and walls and stuff like that. And we have to walk around it. That’s not very spec ops like. Give our player character a rope and a hook that they can use to either rappel or make a zip line. Detonator animation for C4: Players should be able to not only throw C4s but also place them directly on objects with a specific animation. There should also be a detonator animation when blowing them up. Better transition to ladder climbing: The transition from ground to ladder is very slow and sudden. Add a small jump up the ladder and instant climbing. Also make climbing input react faster. Lower body movement for sprinting animation: The legs/feet movement of the new sprinting animation looks bugged. Please adjust it to look more natural. Leg spread for combat jogging: During combat, the player character jogs with their legs very spread. Looks like a "tactical T-Rex" walking. Bring the legs closer together. Keep focus while moving: Like in Wildlands, the player character should always keep his target in focus while moving. In Breakpoint, when you move right/left/back the character always rotates completely. There is no strafe movement anymore. This needs to be added back for all stances (standing, crouched, prone). Animation while climbing over high obstacles: While climbing over high obstacles, our weapon should be on the sling position and not remain in the hand. That would be way too heavy. Carrying injured bodies to dragging injured bodies: It’s fine that we carry dead bodies. But in combat situations, we should drag our allies out of the fight instead of carrying them. Forced standing up while performing an emote or certain actions: Especially while I let my character give a tactical hand sign, I don’t want them to stand up. Let them perform emotes crouched if possible. Also the PC shouldn’t stand up when doing something like disabling a generator or cutting a fence. Forced standing up when throwing something out of cover: Why does the character need to stand up to throw a grenade out of cover? They should throw it over their shoulder. Got me killed several times already and sucks so hard. If I chose a stance, let me stay in that stance as much as possible. Backhand grenade throwing: Please remove the backhand grenade throwing when you face the cover with the right shoulder. That makes grenade throwing really confusing. Instead, the character should use their left hand for a normal forehand throw. *Increase frequenzy of relaxed running: Why did you decrese the frequenzy of the relaxed running animation from previous tests? Didn’t see it a single time in the open beta. When I am running for like 15 seconds straight my character should switch to the relaxed animation. *Add indoor cqc animations and fast cqc animations: Especially while playing the Panther class, you want quick moves to be very efficient. And while in indoor locations, many of the cqc animations cause crazy camera bugs. Make some animations that are really quick (for Panther only maybe?) and some that are for indoor locations so the camera isn't screwing around. Characters arm is overstreched on some handguards/grips: Please fix this, maybe you need to readjust the position of some grips? Combat ready crouching Replace the combat ready crouch animation with the crouch animation when you move alongside cover. Would also improve arm stretch. Make all animations in the bivouac skippable: It's not entertaining anymore to see my Nomad stretch for the umptheenth time... Slings as option to replace weapons on back: There are already animations for weapons on a side or front sling while healing your player character. Please add weapon slings to the game that enable you to wear weapons on the front and the side instead of the backpack. Melee bash to destroy barricades and windows: With the mercenaries mode you added barricades and breakable windows to Wildlands. These were a great addition and should return to Breakpoint. And to take good use of these, add a weapon bash like in Wildlands. Movement idles as emotes: Please add different movement idles (check magazine, check gear, relaxed movement) as emotes that play while we move (some one time, some permanent) and stop playing when we cancel them with aiming or another action. Animation for magwell grips: Some weapons have magwell grips - but the player character don’t hold their weapons by the magazine anyway. Magwell grips should not only have their own animation but also be added to the gunsmith as grip option. Wildlands prone controls Please revert the prone movement controls to the way it was in Wildlands. The character should strafe in a direction and not completely change directions. Wildlands medium vaulting: Breakpoint has only two vaulting animations: One for normal vaulting and low climbing and one climbing. Wildlands had an additional animation for medium heights - please add that one back to Breakpoint. Tactical one hand sprinting Add tactical one hand sprinting for a speed boost - but make better running animations for it than for the pistol sprint. While your at it, rework the pistol sprint. C-Clamp Add a c-clamp animation for the player character to weapons that allow it. But please don't exaggerate the arm stretch. You can c-clamp a weapon with holding it by the muzzle and risk breaking your arm when someone pushes you. Pistol holding animations in-combat It's astonishing how you manage to make animations even worse. Revert the holding animation for the pistol in combat from before the patch. "Holding animations" as in the positioning of the arms away from the body. Leg animations are better now for normal movement, not as spread anymore as before. The pistol idle animation and pistol sprint animation remain to look horrendeous, as soons as possible you should completely replace these with new animations. Rework pistol sprint animations Did Nomad shit himself? That's how it looks when they sprint with a pistol. Rework pistol idle animation Another bad animation surrounding pistols. What did pistols even do to you? Male Nomad uses female animations in Erewhon and cutscenes ... give our boy male animations. Moving alongside or up certain inclines missing animation: Before update 2.0.0 or 2.1.0, there was a dedicated animation for when a character moves on certain inclines. This one is gone now and replaced by the character changing into combat-mode animation. Please revert that. Leaning backwards on sprint: When the character starts to sprint, they often lean back for a moment. Remove that. Protecting against sun animation: Remove that animation please. It just looks bad.
Camera Changes  
Camera option for in and out of combat: Many of us recognised how much the camera position in Breakpoint changed - and not for the better. It's too close to the character and too far off center. The devs might have a good reason for that, but it doesn't work for everyone and I can confirm it's a pain to play like this. To solve this, give us a new camera settings menu in which we can adjust values for out of combat: camera zoom, camera offset and FOV as well as in combat: camera zoom, camera offset and FOV Lock shoulder button: I don’t want the game to decide what side I want to play over. Let me take full control over the shoulder switching. Add an option that locks shoulder switching to manual only. Third person view for drone: The drone is extremely hard to navigate in close areas like inside buildings. Let us switch to third person in the drone view - and also let us keep our drone in the air like in Future Soldier.
Customisation changes  
Cosmetics slots for belt, holster and tactical watch: We spend a lot of time in Breakpoint to customize our characters appearance - more options are always welcome. Let us choose between different belts (and no belt), different holsters like leg or belt holsters, and what is a soldier without their watch? OR dynamic equipment additions: Alternatively and probably easier to implement, gear could be added to the battlebelts according to what weapon class you have equipped like it happens with the vests. Color options for special cosmetics (like fixits pants, nomads pants etc.): Some of the unique cosmetics look really dope but don’t fit my outfits because I cannot change its colors - please let me change the colors of all items. *Change color option to customisation overview:** I don’t want to go to the complete item list all the time only to choose the color of my gear. Please add the choose color button to the first customize overview screen. Tucking shirt, rotating caps, toggling hoods: Blousing boots is a great feature, but why stop there? Let us tuck in and out our shirts, rotate our caps and toggle if we want to wear a hood from a sweater or not. Maybe let us even decide whether to roll up or down sleeves. Gaiters as a pants option: Like Zofia or the new Melusi Elite in Rainbow Six Siege wears. Add some pants that have gaiters - of course with these you cannot blouse your boots, but there are other pants already in the game which cannot have bloused boots. Outfits of the Ghost Recon soldiers in the intro: Make the Ghosts feel like a real unit again like it was in Future Soldier. Our unit is approaching an island where nobody knows what awaits us and we are not even wearing plate carriers? Make them look like soldiers again. OR Customisation for all Ghosts at game start: Let us customise the AI-teammates before we start into the story. Pick those three as templates for the other Ghosts in the choppers, at the helicopter crashsites and in Erewhon. Let us look like a true elite soldiers! Equipped gadget visible on the character: If I have a rocket launcher with me or a syringe, wouldn’t it be dope if we could toggle a button that makes these things visible on our character? *Shoulder pads on vests should adjust to sleeves thickness:** The pauldrons on the vests are way too big. That’s kinda lazy because it’s clearly visible that you want one version to be compatible with every shirt cosmetic. Instead, create several versions and let the game choose the one that fits the selected shirt option best, so the pauldrons sit closer. Option to display headgears and other vanities in the cutscenes: Make it like three options like "default" - "all vanities - no headgear" - " all vanities including headgear" Raincoats instead of "Matrix"coats: Please replace the wolves coats with those raincoats they had on the concept arts like shown in this post Charactersmith Overhaul Concept: by MCBillyin Tighter models for the Crye pants The Crye pants in Breakpoint look like they are worn way to low and are way too wide especially around the ankles. Please adjust the model accordingly.
Gameplay Changes  
Conquest replayability: After beating conquest, every 24 hours one of the regions should be occupied by the enemies again. Similar to Far Cry 6s insurgencies or shadow of mordors nemesis system you could put together some random leaders that are positioned at random locations within the area, so we have to find out every time again where they are. Weekly Challenges in Uplay: Games like Siege, Far Cry etc have weekly challenges in Ubisoft Connect. Should be added to Breakpoint as well. Holster all weapons: We should be ablet to holster all weapons. It should give a boost to movement speed and let us climb steeper slopes. Also, let us switch to our melee weapon. Item wheel all gadgets: Let us quickly equip other gadgets in the item wheel without entering the menu - that is just an unnecessary step added. Air drop: Like in Far Cry 6, please add an air drop option for bivouacs that spawns us high in the air above the bivouac for some fun skydiving. Key cards for locked doors: Add a new enemy type called engineers or something like that. They should randomly drop key cards if you kill them which let you access closed doors. Syringes: Syringes shouldn’t heal injuries - that makes the bandage kit completely pointless. Binocular as an ability: Why do I need to waste a gadget slot for something as basic as the binocular? It should be an ability you always have right from the start of the game. Fence cutter as an ability: Much like the binocular, the fence cutting tool shouldn't be a consumable. Drone abilties: In Wildlands, we had abilities for our drones like explosive, emp or Fallen Ghosts' supportive fire drone. Please add those back. Also, let us keep our drones in the air for support like in Future Soldier. Body penetration: When two or three enemies are perfectly lined up, a clean headshot should kill all of them. At least with sniper rifles and DMRs. Shock wave for the self-heal drone: Most of the time you go down in PvE is because of shotgunners. These will stay next to your body so your drone is useless. Add a shock to the drone that knocks enemies close to you out. And again, remove death animations! Replace them with ragdolls for gods sake. Panther ability: Right now, most of the time you get killed while using the Panther ability because it takes so long. The ability should be replaced with a smoke grenade that also flashes when in its radius. Option/key for medipak self-heal: If I want to use my medic special gadget on myself I should be able to just inject it (and please add an actual injector model) instead of throwing and pickung up the whole thing. Wolves from Azrael drones should be deployed: They shouldn’t just spawn in the wild. Let them rappel from a helicopter or drive in with a truck. Or what about tanks? Tanks should definitely be in the game. All light sources destroyable: There are a lot of indestructible lights atm. To be able to play in stealth, every light should be destructable. Decrease bullet drop Either decrease bullet drop by default or give us the option to upgrade our weapons to decrease bullet drop. Option to cancel every animation: Some animations take really long to perform. This is a problem especially in PvP. We need a prompt to be able to cancel every animations. Minigames to mission objectives: There are so many missions in which we need to hack a computer, cut a cable, sabotage something. And it's all just a button press and done. How is that a mission? Add some minigames to it to make these objectives really different from each other. "Resolving" should be real tasks/riddles with options/consequences: Why would you give us these hints and stuff to find and take us out of cutscenes just to hit a resolve button? That's dumb. Could be a great feature with depth if we had to figure out the clues ourselves or make missions harder if we chose the wrong direction. AI-Teammates need to be able to drive/drive alone: The AI-Squad should be able to drive, at least find to simple locations set by the player. Also, they should be able to follow you with a vehicle when you drive in a vehicle without enough seats for everyone. AI-Teammates need to be separately selectable: The AI-Teammates right now feel too similar to their Wildlands counterparts in terms of functionality. To make best use of the new engagement distance, we need to be able to command them separately. For example, while in the command wheel, pressing a key could cycle through the AI <1>, <2>, <3>, and . First person view: Add first person view. Frontline (ugh) shows that it is possible. Let us switch between the views like in Fallout/TES games.
Controls, HUD and menu changes  
One menu for progression: After several updates, Breakpoint now has a whole bunch of progression systems. Add a new tab called "progression" and group all progressions here (with sub-menus) - classes, optical camo, player level, skills, teammates, weapon mastery and event progression/battle passes. Restock all: When hovering over a consumable, there should be an option to restock all of that consumable. Option to zoom out on the mission and skills menu: The mission and skills menu are zoomed in really closely. I personally prefer to have a look over the whole situation in one glimpse, so it would be great if we were able to zoom out from these screens to have the whole mission or skill tree shown. Order of skills and customize tabs: The customize tab should be right next to the loadout tab - you go to your customization tab a lot after changing something in your loadout, so them being next to each other would be way more convenient. Merge gear and cosmetics tabs: There is no need to have them separated in two tabs. It would be way more convenient if we just had one tab for all our clothes and equipment. Quicker crafting: Skip the step where we have to choose ingredients ourselves. That's a complete unnecessary extra step because it doesn't really add depth to the gameplay. Option to copy and paste class preset changes: Each class has three presets, this is a lot of time to equip new gear or weapons for every preset separately. Add an option to coply and paste preset changes so we are able to dismantle or sell old stuff. Map clutter: Let us disable all the question marks on the mini map, not only on the menu map. I want to find places naturally while playing. The map is filled with those icons like it’s something special, but in the end those are all the same boring locations with a box and a hint. Not special at all. Not even visually impressive. The menu map is too cluttered with icons as well, not every damn location that is the same as 100 other locations needs an icon on the map. Also, give me a mode where I don’t see which items I can find at bases - it removes every fun of exploring. Or add an option to disable all discovered/emptied locations. Timer HUD element for timed gadgets: There is no way to see how long your drone spray still works. There should be a little timer icon around the gadget or something similar to indicate the time it’s active. Tutorials on screen: Tutorials shouldn’t take you out of the game into the menus. Like in The Division 2, they should appear as a HUD element next to your player character. Manual cover button: The cover system in Breakpoint is reeeeaally sticky. I often just want to go through a door or pick something up when it forces me into cover - that all could be saved with a cover button like Future Soldier or Division have it. Sprinting in hub, default movement to running: Make running the default speed and add the ability to sprint in Erewhon. Remap options for every button in the game: I used to have actions of F and melee on E - but I cannot in Breakpoint because it’s getting confusing with certain menu actions and similar that isn’t rebindable. Add binding options for every action on PC, during gameplay and in the menus. Inventory/map button for exit action Currently, you have to use ESC to exit menus you entered with the map or inventory button. Pressing or and then or again should also exit the menu Grab animation needs to respond faster: When you sprint towards an enemy, it’s often a real hassle to grab them - melee kills work flawless most of the time. The grabbing prompt needs to be more responsive for those situations so you still have a chance to grab an enemy before they shoot even when they face you. Investigate prompt should also react faster. Vault detection: Many objects in the world (especially fences) don’t let you vault reliably over them. That’s especially annoying in combat or PvP. Please fix. Reduce shaking of helicopter controls: I get it, you want it to be harder to hit targets. But it’s not fun. I want to have fun using an attack helicopter and shoot on people and stuff. Also, how slow are the rotors of the helicopter spinning? In game time to HUD: Add the ingame time to the HUD and the map so we can always see what time it is not only in the bivouac. Behemots spots should be hidden again by default on exploration mode: I love exploring the world to find cool stuff. And it’s super cool to find a boss enemy with special loot, why do you take that away from players be marking them on the map?
Weapons and attachments  
Special silencers color: Let us change the colopattern of the special silencers. They look stupid. Add +1 to magazines: When you reload and there is still a bullet chambered in the barrel, weapons who support this in real life should have +1 in the magazine, for example 31 bullets instead of 30. Change how the G36C looks: What you brought into the game is a G36K and not a G36C - rename the current model and bring a real G36C into the game please. *Change how the AK12 looks:** The rifle looks very different in 2021 than the prototype the games version is based of. Please make a model that resembles the real AK12. Wrong magazines on several weapons: ARX200, MPX Tactical - they all have either completely wrong or too small magazines (visually). See through scopes and scope visuals: Scopes should always be see through, remove overlays. Take a look at how Modern Warfare does optics and scopes, that’s some high quality shit. Extended and drum magazines as separated attachments: I am missing some drum magazines that I know from Escape from Tarkov for the AR15 platform weapons in this game. On other weapons like the MP5 I hate to run around with a drum mag as extended option. Make weapons have an extended magazine and a drum magazine. Blueprints rarity: When playing with gear score on, at a certain progress, the shop shouldn't craft lower gear anymore. When I have all yellow equipped or are over a certain gearscore, the shop should only craft yellow weapons. Canted sights: Add canted sights - we all want more gunsmith additions, and this would be one of the coolest possible. Weapon calibers: Weapons should have their real world calibers in game. Attachments to all weapons: Don't lock attachments away from weapons. If an attachment would fit a weapon irl, it should be usable on that weapon in the game. MP5 variants: The MP5 needs some variants added. The MP5SD and the MP5k are probably the most famous thing when you ask someone about "weapon variants". Sight/Scope positioning: Some sights and scopes have really weird positioning on the weapon rails. Let us customise the sight position on the rail ourselves. Attachment paint on weapons with camo options: We cannot change or renew the paint of weapon attachments on weapons with fixed camos. Some of these have really cool models but awful camos. More weapons need stock options: All the special variants and many other weapons still don't have stock options. This includes the Vector, the Scorpion Evo, the MP5 and others. All these should have stock options. Variants should also get the default weapons stock (like the Scorpion Evo and the Vector). Gunsmith Overhaul Concept:
World changes  
Make use of map markers: Currently, most of the map markers are just clutter on the map. At maximum they have a chest with some generic loot. My suggestions is to add a vehicle station to each of them, where much like in Far Cry 6, you can call in a vehicle. Additionally there should be the option to remove getting vehicles from bivouacs - now you would really have a reason to go to these map markers. NPC distribution: NPCs could be in bigger camps, at the bivouacs, on world locations, not randomly next to some motorbikes out in the middle of nowhere; Less random patrols but more patrols around bases, look over bridges, control civilians on fields or somewhere etc. Some patrols should actively seek the player. Stash in Erewhon: It’s a looter game (if you have that enabled), we need a stash for the stuff we might want to keep but we don’t want to have with us all the time. Loot distribution: Environments are so empty; make loot appear like in Fallout games, that you can find a rifle lying on a table or leaning on a wall, a cool equipment item at a dead body etc. Ability to chase away NPCs: NPCs keep standing next to targets that need to be destroyed etc. Please let the player chase them away with a gunshot or by aiming at them. Civilians should flee from gunfights: When shit is going on, some civilians should try to flee and not wait for everything to be over. They should also sometimes try to grab weapons from dead enemies and randomly shoot (at the player or the enemies, depending on the situation). Shooting range in the player hub: We get lots of new weapons, variations and attachments throughout the game. Let us test them in a friendly shooting range in Erewhon. Similar to what The Division 2 did in BoO. Remove NPC/enemy + vehicles random spots, add them all to bivouacs and "?" locations: I just stumbled over two scientist standing next to a motorbike in a cold, snowy mountain telling me about something they discovered. Really? Why would they be out there wearing nothing but their scientist coats? Remove ALL random NPC/enemy + vehicles + random consumables locations from the world map and add them to the exploration locations (and NPCs also to the bivouacs). That would fix two problems: NPC/enemy locations wouldn't be dumb af and un-immersive and also the boring loot places would be filled with life. Wolves (animals) and bears to wildlife: We are out in the wild, so it would be cool if we also had to fight (and give task to fight) real wolves and bears in Auroa. Replace all fences with cuttable fences: It’s stupid to limit this feature. Let the player create new ways of playing all the time. If you want a fence to be harder to breach than others, let it require an MK2 breachkit or something like that. But all fences should be breakable. Fabrics cutting: Place tents and stuff in the world and let my player character cut through it like Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. That would add to the fence cutting mechanic in this game. Render distance for enemies/NPCs: Increase the draw distance for enemies/NPCs. If you are a skilled sniper, the game should award you for it and not take the possibility to play like this from you. However, if an enemy/NPC is standing behind an object that isn't rendering, they should also not render. Enemy AI should check on dead bodies more reliably: Right now, enemies use to just drive passed dead bodies. They should be way more aware of what they see and check on dead bodies. If they find dead bodies, they shouldn't just get back into the car when they find nothing. They should report over radio like "Ghosts in this sector" which then should trigger extensive enemy appearance in that region. Enemy AI should be able to use all vehicles: Enemies should use choppers with Miniguns, APCs and all other attack related vehicles to make it harder to fight them. Also, why don't we have tanks? Swamps and small waters are too deep: You have that really cool animation in the game that Nomad holds up their weapon over the water. Problem is, most waters are so deep that Nomad starts swimming all the time. Make many of the swamps and small waters less deep to have said animation more often.
Misc changes  
AI teammates bantechatter: Travelling through Auroa with you AI teammates feels really depressing because they are so lifeless. Please make them bantechat with each other like the Wildlands squad - or even more. AI teammates need better pathfinding: They struggle a lot with following your character indoors. Option for teammates on minimap only: Right now, icons for the AI-teammates on the HUD are bound to the in-world icons. Add an option to have minimap icons only. Separate indicator for AI-teammates synch shot: There is no separate option for a AI-teammates synch shot cooldown indicator, it's bound to the coop module. Autopilot to helicopters: After jumping out of a helicopter, they should not crash but keep flying and despawn out of sight. Mortar cooldown bound to icons: Right now, mortar cooldown indicator is bound to ally in-world icons -> Separate them. Tactical caches at distinctive places: Atm, it seem like Tactical caches are just randomly scattered in the world. That's fine, but there should be special caches at special locations to make them feel more special and give a reason to explore them. Right now, the game has too many generic loot locations without anything special. Tactical cache drops by the enemies: Enemy forces could drop tactical caches with parachutes on a regular basis with special loot. They would be marked by red smoke and the player would need to fight for them. Remove the music from the bivouac in the open world Wished there was no or a different music while exiting the bivouacs, it doesn't sound fitting to the overall tone of the game. Settings menu back to list view: Some patches ago, you changed to look of the settings menu to have this really weird layout. Please change it back to a normal list of menu options and the tips sections back to the bottom.
LMG chains missing animations: Chains for belt fed LMGs are not animated, they do not move. Foregrips on the G28 Scout Wolves are bugged: When you equip a foregrip on said weapon, they are not showing up and the holding animations is screwed. Wrong magazine on the ARX200: On the preview picture is shows the correct magazine, but in game it has the wrong magazine model. Optic slowly centers when switching from 3rd to 1st person: Sometimes, when you switch aiming mode to first person view, it doesn’t instantly snap to the optic or scope but they slowly center in from the side, bottom or top. Weapon model missing in scopes For several sniper scopes, the weapon model is invisible while aiming down the scope, or only visible when you switch magnification. Weapon attachments are always visible. Takedown animations with pistols broken Since the motherland update, takedown animations while having a pistol in hands are heavily broken. Disable all first person models except for arms to prevent any clipping in player view: Clipping problems like this one here shouldn't ever happen. Especially because there is a rather easy fix: Don't give a first person model to anything but player arms. We don't need to see anything else in first person anyway, right? Stats in Ghost War STILL resetting: My stats in Ghost War keep resetting. Sound issues: Sound stops working in several situations. IR illuminators: They are always on, even when the weapon is holstered. They should be only activated when aiming. AI teammates don't unequip supressors: Since the 4.1.0 update, AI teammates always use supressors even when the player goes loud. AI synch shot / synch shot drones react to the Q button: Probably happens because they react to the default marking button.
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2021.12.07 22:05 Unhappy_Software8937 Can the TERRAMASTER F4-210 run OpenMediaVault?

I'd like to know if there is anyone with experience install OMV on this model with an arm processor. The description states ARM v8 quad-core 1.4GHz CPU but I can't find more substantial information about the actual processor. All the guides I found seem to be talking about the x64 processor.
Any information you can share is appreciated.
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2021.12.07 22:05 McSluggy Classmates to something more ?

So I (24M) am currently enrolled in college. Due to the pandemic the course I’m taking is 100% virtual. I’m taking a physiology class as a prerequisite course to get into a program at a different university. So during these virtual zoom meets no one ever really contributes to the lecture. For the most part it seems like students are too shy or just don’t give it much attention since it’s online. A portion of the class is dedicated to discussion where we are supposed to collaborate with other students and discuss material that we had just gone over. Every day we are paired up with random students to ensure we get to discuss with everyone. During these discussions no one is ever talking so it’s usually me trying to initiate conversation and then just sitting there waiting for a response. So one day this student (24F) pops up and starts imitating discussing. Which made me happy! Finally someone who is actually willing to talk. So we begin talking science right and it just eventually transitions to a normal conversation. It must’ve been a bit awkward for the other couple students given that we were in a group meeting. Anyway, fast forward to a couple weeks later we exchange numbers in order to reach out in case we needed help with class work. We would occasionally help each other but would mostly just talk about future plans, hobbies, etc. Turns out we both graduated from the same college! And we are both taking this class to get into a program. She’s planning on becoming a PA whereas I want to become a CLS. So we both have science backgrounds, share a similar sense of humor, both goal oriented, and more. It just feels natural talking to her. I want to proceed to get to know her better and who knows. Maybe it’ll develop into a relationship. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself either but she’s just a blast to talk to. I’m not sure if she thinks the same way though. What can I do to try to get to that point ?
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2021.12.07 22:05 DEATHbySp00Nz15 Lol what

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2021.12.07 22:05 chowdagimmethat Can anyone help me identify this jacket and model. I'm thinking it's from the 70s based on the orange tab. Also I think it's a women jacket which sucks cause I found it in the mens.

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2021.12.07 22:05 myreaditaccount Did I fail at life if I work here?

I mean… they sure pay me like a failure. Guess I fucked up!
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2021.12.07 22:05 Nimikins Something seemed off when I looked at the “12” gauge vs the “10”. Calipers said I was right. That seems like a big difference in these smaller sizes but I couldn’t find a tolerance on BAF for the stretching plugs.

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2021.12.07 22:04 AnnHugoWriter Christmas Card to My Stepdad and Boundaries?

My stepdad's been with my mum since I was 12; I'm 19 now. We're both rather quiet people, so we don't talk that much, but I'm really happy he's a part of my life. We've always had significant boundaries, kind of like we're just both connected to my mum but not to each other. As I've gotten older we're a bit more connected, we hug sometimes and for a few years now, when he's away and calls my mum we've had a game of being the first to say hi. He's got a biological daughter who's a few months younger than me (haven't been able to meet her yet). My biological dad is in the picture too, but I don't get on well with him, for a lot of reasons. Anyway, for Christmas, I wanted to make it clear with a card or letter that I care about him and am glad he's part of my family. But I'm also kind of afraid of overwhelming him because of the boundaries. I don't know if they're there because of my dad or because he doesn't want to overwhelm me or because he only wants to be connected to my mum. I'm going to talk to my mum about it when I'm home for Christmas break.
So, I guess I'm just looking for insights from some stepparents.
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2021.12.07 22:04 chieffkeeffsossa1 Americans making movies about Mexico be like 🇲🇽🎥👓

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2021.12.07 22:04 CaptureCreate Ron’s gone wrong

Okay people of Reddit. I need someone to find me the “dicky daka” song from Ron’s Gone Wrong. It’s in the scene where B.Bot and grandma are dancing in the kitchen.
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2021.12.07 22:04 frederico451 (i'm a beginner) just found an old still working portale cd player like this one. is there any (kinda) EASY way to bend it to turn it into some sort of mixer thingy, so i can make stuff like video art?

(i'm a beginner) just found an old still working portale cd player like this one. is there any (kinda) EASY way to bend it to turn it into some sort of mixer thingy, so i can make stuff like video art? submitted by frederico451 to CircuitBending [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:04 ctscommand Best place to get a wavy perm fade in the Lower mainland

Hi all,
Best place to get a wavy perm fade for men in the lower mainland?
Hopefully looking to get in this weekend.

Thank you!!!
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2021.12.07 22:04 rosewoodlliars Do you consider Ultraviolence a diss album to the critics/industry?

she got a lot of criticism for SNL and during the BTD era so I’m curious what y’all think?
View Poll
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2021.12.07 22:04 Pecners Downloading TinyTex on new MBP with M1

I'm having trouble downloading tinytex on my new macbook pro with M1 pro. I keep getting errors like the following when I try to do any install/reinstall/update of tinytex, or when I try to compile an rmarkdown document as pdf. If I run tinytex:::is_tinytex(), it returns TRUE.

! rosetta error: /vadb/oah/279281325309952_279281325309952/3ee4cd998a9dcff93ff33b72f82fc9359f537a5b57b972c71460c8219d77cf1c/pdftex.aot: attachment of code signature supplement failed: 1 
I've searched around and can't find a solution yet, so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.07 22:04 joshmill2005 no way

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2021.12.07 22:04 Checker79 FAA issues 5G warning, cites C-band ‘progress’

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2021.12.07 22:04 IFullerBucheet The Kinks - Apeman

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2021.12.07 22:04 Gloomy_Performance71 Does UNCC use Blackboard?

At at a Texas cc ready to move over to UNCC, and I’m using blackboard. I’m wondering if you use the same platform there as well, or do I need to learn a completely new database?
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2021.12.07 22:04 ByraArt_Design ⚜️PLATONIC SOLIDS & METATRON’S CUBE⚜️ Laminated Basswood, Spray Paint, and Gemstones. 2021.

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2021.12.07 22:04 Roland_G21 Annis Elegy Retro - Kinda reminds me of the Battle Machine from Need For Speed: Pro Street

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2021.12.07 22:04 reevoknows Special Agent Jack Bauer appreciation post

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2021.12.07 22:04 fatmexicantortilla trade?

looking for a trade possibly if anyone wants a older acct

has take the L , reaper , marshmellow some other skins too
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