Conflicted about watching JoJo

2021.12.05 05:26 daiskken Conflicted about watching JoJo

So when i first heard the name Jojo i watched episode 1 and the artstyle put me off. It wasn't until a bit later when i heard that it was in parts and each Jojo was conected in some way that i decided to watch. I'm a Doctor Who fan and this is the closest thing in anime.
I LOVE how the show is so care free with showing nudes extreme violence and does whatever it wants, basically having little censorship cuz WHY NOT i'm all for freedom in fiction. It was when i started Golden Wind, that i found out that Stone Ocean was the end and SBR and Jojolion where different things. So now i'm conflicted about watching from when i dropped part 5. Here the reasons:

  1. Knowing that after 6 parts all will be basically for nothing as we jump to a different universe makes me not care about how part 6 ends as much. I'd love if the future part 9 tied both universes in some way
  2. Dio coming back in part 6 and again in part 7 makes me go ¿WHY? His end in part 3 was good enough, I'd be OK with a NEW Dio in the different universe cuz well that's the point (even if i don''t like him) But having him in part 6 feels like Araki can't let him go and makes me think part 7 will be mostly repetitive
  3. Not knowing if David Productions will bring parts 7 and 8 to anime, also makes me lose hype to continue. Why would they if the main story ends in Stone Ocean and part 7 would be a pain to animate? It's a shame cuz both parts have stuff i wanna see. Part 7 Jojo is disabled (like me) and part 8 being an alternate part 4 (my favorite)
Feel free to leave comments and keep in mind that beyond basic details i know from being online i haven't actually finished Golden Wind even.
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2021.12.05 05:26 burkay55 The biggest NFT drop in the Gravis Finance history is live

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2021.12.05 05:26 spencer654322 Can’t update windows

My laptop can’t update windows for some reason. The battery doesn’t work, so I plug it in, press update and it gets to the first restart, it turns off but it doesn’t turn on. I turn it back on and it reverts the changes, keeping it on the same old version of windows. I’ll try to find my PC model later
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2021.12.05 05:26 Debeefed Top doctor Luke O'Neill hails new Omicron variant discovery as hopes raised - Irish Mirror Online

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2021.12.05 05:26 GGF_the_SussyOne happy thanksgiving

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2021.12.05 05:26 Naysco Good Day! Polygon Runner, free airdrop giveaway. More details in comments :)

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2021.12.05 05:26 quindariusgoochh Rogue Use

I have recently begun building up my stock of rogues under the impression that they will aid my army in myriad ways. However, I have recently discovered that I am alarmingly unaware of how to use rogues effectively in battle.
I am in LMA at the moment, where I will remain for the foreseeable future, and possess an attack/defense of 106/83.
I was just wondering if there were any particular methods or army combinations that are most effective for using rogues, preferably with reference to the troops of LMA?
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2021.12.05 05:26 timeisnotyourfriend When was the Last Time You Checked the Tokenomics of a Coin You were About to Buy?

There's almost infinite dynamics when it comes to determine the value of a coin and I mostly look for the other things before the tokenomics; because I don't ignore the fact that it's important to understand what's a token is about before going ahead and investing in it. Although the project itself is important, it's out of our scope at this time. We're going to look at the the most basic metrics and market outlook for this post.
Now, If it's your first time, you may feel a bit lost in the beginning, but don't worry; I will try to simplify it as much as possible. After all, this is not a lecture and you're not going to get points for it. On the other hand, I also suggest you to become more financially literate by learning some of the terms that are mentioned every now and then. For that, even a simple google search will help you great deal.

When you go ahead and browse the you'll see some charts, some columns and some info about different coins that are listed on the website. For example:

Lets take BTC and ETH as example to compare with each other and how they are looking in today's market

Coin Price Market Cap Circulating Supply Total Supply
BTC $49,489 $936,452,367,504 18,891,656 BTC 18,891,656 BTC
ETH $4,221 $500,470,236,803 118,611,805 ETH 118,611,805 ETH
So for this example you'll see that the Market Cap is (about) equal to Price X Circulating Supply. In other words there's 18,891,656 BTC that are already mined or in public wallets which are priced about $49,489 each on the markets at the moment(of this post was created) Of course the same goes for the other coins too.
The Total Supply is equal to the coins that are already created, minus any coins that are burned.

Coin Market Dominance Max Supply
BTC 40.2% 21,000,000 BTC
ETH 21.5% -
Now let's look at the Max Supplies of each coin. I partly picked the two top coins because they are different in Max Supply dynamics. You see, BTC has a Max Supply of only 21,000,000 BTC that can be ever mined, but ETH has no pre determined Max Supply. This means one has limited amount and the other has infinite amount that can be mined/or issued.
This parameter effects the prices directly. When we cast the ceteris paribus spell, we will see if there's high demand and low supply the prices will go up and vice versa. In other words, people might pay more to obtain a coin when the demand is high and they won't be as enthusiastic when the demand is low if the supplies are limited.
What happens if there's no Max Supply then? It depends...
Depends of the governance of that coin. I obviously can't go into details here but there are different coins with different approaches to this problematic situation. Burning some of the already issued/mined coins or slowing down the supply by raising the difficulty of mining are two examples. If it's not mined or it's only issued by the project team than they would stop issuing altogether for the while too.

Now the Market Dominance is another important parameter to check out. You'll see in the whole crypto space, the 40.2% of the capital was invested in the BTC. The number two is at about half of what's invested in BTC with %21.5 of the total capital and the rest of the coins share the 38.3% of the total capital which's left from these two.
If you check the Market Cap again, you'll see there's really about half the amount of money in ETH than BTC. Although the difference in price is quite high. This is not only about the demand(which seems about half of the BTC and the price difference is more than 2x), but like we mentioned earlier, it's also related to the governance of the coin. So, while there's Infinite Supply for the ETH, the Circulating Supply is about 6.27x of what BTC has. This roughly means two things under ceteris paribus spell:
  1. If everything else stay the same, but if the the demand goes about equal to the BTC; the price of the ETH would have go roughly about 2x to reach the same Market Cap.
  2. Or if everything else stay the same, but the Circulating Supply of the ETH was dropped to the same with the BTC (about 1/6.2th of what it has right now) while keeping the same Market Cap it has at the moment, its price should be about half the BTC too.
As you understand, these are all hypothetical situations. You should try to understand the nature of the markets by understanding the demand and the mechanics of the market outlook today. Then you may also find out about some of the negative and positive correlations between the BTC and the altcoins.

Finally how do we determine the value of a coin by looking at these metrics? There's obviously no simple answer to determine the value of anything.
Remember, the price has been created on the markets may not show the real value of a coin or a project for that exact moment. So, those kind of decisions require more than metrics. You have to be knowledgeable about the project itself; how it's marketed, how it's received by the public, what's their real potential in real life use cases, will they become popular? etc.
Also remember, people on the markets are not taking rational decisions all the time. Irrationality(as you may call it luck) is also a part of it because of human nature.
Check out FeaGreed index, behavioral science behind the markets, white papers of the particular projects you consider investing in, other news, your own financial outlook...
DYOR, don't invest in more than you can afford to lose and thank you for reading this far.
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2021.12.05 05:26 hoon-1 What would be enhypen members girl names be?

Im just curious lol <3
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2021.12.05 05:26 PsychoTheKid28 5-starred my Helix! Started playing in Jan this year. F2P (spent ~$20) Thanks to clan donations!

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2021.12.05 05:26 808gecko808 Honolulu Calendar: The Best Events and Things to Do on O‘ahu in December 2021 and January 2022. Stroll through rows of Christmas trees, laugh out loud in a (smaller) crowd, go crafting and start 2022 with an aria or two.

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2021.12.05 05:26 popcornwall69 Me watching my opponent pull a mega pekka and knight out of his ass at the start of the match

It should be impossible but it isnt
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2021.12.05 05:26 EldritchAlex_ I cannot crack 40 votes! Can someone please tell me my designs don’t suck lol

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2021.12.05 05:26 ilovepolenta Tankie gamer cringe

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2021.12.05 05:26 ialwaysfindsomthing Air Force “Donda” 1’s…cop or drop⁉️

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2021.12.05 05:26 Lyndis-of-Pherae I don't understand how this game's community is so awful

Compare this game's community to Vermintide and L4D and see how much better those are compared to B4B. This is something we can't blame the devs on. Andyes, every gaming community has a sect of bad eggs, yadayda. But for B4B, most of the time I get randoms who think they're playing a free for all shooter which is B4B NOT for. I get griefers who trigger every horde irritant they can, people who lone wolf, people who take every weapon upgrades and free med station charges when others need it the most and etc... Do people not understand that they're playing a TEAM game? The bots are more reliable for fuck's sake (and they're just awful in their own right). I will blame the devs for not allowing solo players to play alone and choose their bots and the bots decks though.
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2021.12.05 05:26 backatitagainnnnn BF(26m) playing an MMO nonstop with friends - Need help dealing with jealousy?

As some of you may know, theres a new ffxiv expansion that came out a few days ago. My bf took off an entire week of vacation to blast through the expansion with his FC(guild). We’re only 2 days in on this marathon and I’m already losing my mind.
His schedule has been: wake up at 4am, game till 2-3pm, Sleep until 6-7pm, game again, sleep, rinse repeat.
It’s only been like this for two days but I’m already feeling incredibly lonely. He’s constantly in a discord call with a bunch of people laughing and chatting about the story. They’re having a great time. I feel like an asshole, but I’m SO JEALOUS. Like, seething with jealousy. I’m losing sleep over this.
I know the simple solution would to just play the game with him, but I canceled my sub a while ago and I’m 2 expansions behind. There’s no way I’d catch up in a week and he’s not going to want to wait around for me to get to his point in the story. I also don’t have a great history with his FC. A few years ago, I was a part of it but I was in school and working so I didn’t play much, but when I did I felt like an outsider. They were already established with their group and I was only ever included in things a handful of times. No one ever really made an effort to try to get to know me.
My schedule eventually got too busy and I had to cancel my sub. Still, I hung around the discord server for a while and posted stupid memes and sent messages in the chat sometimes. At this point my bf started a static raid group within the fc and I was left in the dust. I couldn’t hang out in discord calls with them because they needed to focus and learn the fights and such. I feel even more isolated from the FC and my bf. I started playing this game to spend time with him and now I can’t even do that.
the final straw was when they hosted a secret Santa event where everyone was assigned to get an fc member a gift. The had a secret sign up form in the server but specifically left me out. I know I wasn’t subbed at the time but I thought I was kind of friends with these people. It’s dumb, but it hurt. I eventually left the server after that and no one reached out to me lol my bf thought I was being dramatic. I didn’t even play the game so of course they’d leave me out.
Fast forward to today, he’s back to playing with this FC. I’m getting flashbacks to that time again. I don’t know if I’m overreacting, but I feel isolated already. He’s having a great time and enjoying his vacation, I don’t want to ruin it but I’m not having a good time. What would you do?
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2021.12.05 05:26 Red0477 Completion #766

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2021.12.05 05:26 aemk418t rear spoiler instal (question in comments)

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2021.12.05 05:26 Bozzaholic No trains to run between Colchester and Shenfield on December dates

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2021.12.05 05:26 Alina_1981 Admiral Byrd's secret journey beyond the poles. What secret is hidden in Antarctica?

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2021.12.05 05:26 Bozzaholic Mersea: Plans submitted for pie and mash shop

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2021.12.05 05:26 TryingToSurviveLyfe If running is your coping mechanism, where should I go next?

I'm in a stable place right now physically, but mentally I'm not.. I just want to run and never look back. I hate it here. I just want to move states. But where can I start over? And how?
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2021.12.05 05:26 Bozzaholic The small businesses in Essex currently on sale

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2021.12.05 05:26 darkerray Did you see the first look for spiderman across the spider verse? (Animated)

I am tired of the posts where OP asks where they can meet like minded people. And most of the answers, even the top answers are like find out what you are interested in, and then go there. That hasn't been help ful for me, as it's very hard for me to even understand what I like.
As I watch this teaser, I realise this is something that I really am interested and would love to talk about.
It's a bummer for it's release date, and I do expect the delay.
As I post this I am specifically looking for people who would be into such things, not just movies in general but beyond what the masses prefer.
Now where can I find you?
Or u know DM. Let's see if we have more in common :)
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