I made a funny little gingerbread. He's got sunglasses on!

2021.12.05 13:32 Azure924 I made a funny little gingerbread. He's got sunglasses on!

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2021.12.05 13:32 Kerghan1218 Raw data?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see a recent post.
With the Gen 3, is there a way to pull the raw data for heart rate? The graph on the app is in 30 minute averages, but considering I have a heart condition I was hoping that I could at least see the every 5 minutes data - my rate tends to vary quickly / drastically, and the smaller intervals are more valuable to me.
Thank you!
(Ps: I've looked at the web app, and it seems to only allow you to download what's already visible on the phone app)
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2021.12.05 13:32 MaleficentRow4227 I support Salman in today's episode

For those who misunderstood salman: He never said he supported things like per ko jooti. Rather he was just against the line "aap kaise logo ko lekar aaye ho" When 1/3 of indian population doesn't know how to abuse with words like "fuck" so resort to those kind of lines. Both were equally abusing each other but shamita words are considered more "classy" by are naive indian population. I'll emphasize on it: Both were equally disrespecting each other.
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2021.12.05 13:32 TN_Egyptologist Object biography #5: A double-sided painted mummy portrait (Acc. No. 5381)

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2021.12.05 13:32 Redeyenorth Rigger Gloves

Any recommendations for rigger gloves. I've only been in the industry for 6 months but seen to go through a pair every month. I've bought everything from £4 a pair to £10.
Is it a case of you get what you pay for. Should I look into getting a pricy pair, and if so what brand?
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2021.12.05 13:32 Stoikheion-900 [EUW] [TIER IV] ADC AND JUNGLER LOOKING FOR A TEAM

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2021.12.05 13:32 bitchfacesurvivor Concerned about my 12 year old stepdaughter's mental wellbeing & NEED HELP PLEASE!

My fiance and I have been together since my stepdaughter (SD) was 3. I raise her as my own child, and in my eyes, she is. We currently have 50/50 custody of her but for her own mental wellbeing, we are looking into how to receive full custody of her.
My SD has full blown meltdowns when it's time for her to go back to her mom's. She gets extremely depressed the night before she leaves and the day she has to go back to her mom's. Occasionally, she will sob until she gets there. She tries to hide her tears, but I see them. Every time she leaves from our house to go to theirs, I sob my whole drive home. It absolutely breaks my heart knowing that she is that miserable with her mom and stepdad.
From what I know of, the only physical abuse that has occurred was when her Mom backhanded her in the face while they were driving because stepdaughter had an attitude. Of course, her dad and I were livid.
The main concern I have over there is the neglect. There are 6 children total at her Mom's house with another one on the way. SD is the oldest and is basically in charge of all her siblings whether it's changing diapers, getting bottles, entertaining them, or watching them while their Mom sleeps. She never receives any one on one attention from her step-dad or her mom, nor does she get praised for all the things she does to help out around the house.
SD has come to resent her mom, stepdad, and the other siblings over there, which is completely understandable. This has led to her acting out. The girl I see when she's with us is funny, bright, thoughtful, willing to help, and considerate.
When she's at her Mom's, she's completely the opposite. 75-80% of her time is spent in her room for getting in trouble over something stupid. She's sassy, unwilling to help, defiant, talks back, confrontational, and straight up MEAN to her siblings. It's hard for me to even comprehend who she is over there because I just can't see it. I do occasionally see shifts of it if I am around her, her mom, and siblings like during sports or a drop-off.
Her mom has mentioned before about getting SD into therapy, but that was almost a year ago. Unfortunately, SD is under their insurance (even though we have tried for years to put her on our's) so I can't schedule an appointment for them. Her mom is always a big talk, little action kind of person. I bring it up every now and again about getting SD into therapy, but she's so busy with the other kids, no action is taken.
SD's mom blames everything on hormones, but that isn't the case. It's emotional neglect that's caused her to become this completely different person over there. Their arguments constantly end in SD telling her mom she hates her. I've never heard her say she hates anything when she's with us. We have talked to SD about telling her mom how she feels. SD doesn't think her mom will listen or it will just hurt her feelings.
We can't afford a good enough lawyer to take on her mom. She receives a large inheritance monthly that we could never compete with.
SD'S mom blames us for the behavioral issues SD has over there. She says it's our fault SD is like that because we let her do whatever she wants (we absolutely 100% do not. I'm quite strict). She tells SD that she wants her full time so we can stop being bad influences on SD.
Her mom should know how it feels to be in a traumatic household, considering she moved out of her mom's and lived most of her junior high/high school life with her aunt. Her mom was an alcoholic. SD's mom often tells SD she has a great childhood and gets whatever she wants so there's no need for such an attitude. All she wants is attention.
We have talked about having a sit down with SD, her mom, stepdad, her dad, and I, but I know how terribly that will go. Her mom is a narcissist and will see this as an attack which will prevent us from having a productive conversation. SD is also terrified of hurting her mom's feelings so I don't know how much she would speak up and tell her truth.
Whenever SD's mom is pregnant, she is irrational which doesn't help.
When it comes to the house over there, none of the gets get proper attention. It's an absolute free-for-all. The three youngest constantly have full diapers, there are messes and garbage everywhere, and the kids get to do whatever they want. They never bathe.
On one occasion, the 4 year old somehow got out of their fenced in backyard and walked 4 houses down towards one of the busiest 4 lane roads in our city. Some woman pulled over and grabbed him right before he got to the street. He was covered in mud and wearing a sagging diaper. I prayed she would have called DCFS but nothing came of it.
SD's mom is the kind of woman that if you saw her on social media, you'd think her life was perfect. I also believe that's most of the reason she won't just give us SD full time. It's all for her narcissistic image and she doesn't want people to think she lost one of her kids.
A few times, she has called my fiance crying or furious saying we should just take SD for awhile because she can't handle her. Of course, we agree, but then the next morning, she changes her mind.
I'm at my wits end and I don't know what to do. I'm watching my baby turn into a shell of the girl she once was.
Do I have enough grounds to call DCFS? Do you have any advice? Please help!!!!!
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2021.12.05 13:32 ZulfPhotography Windows Rpan Studio won't login give "wrong password" error

It keeps saying password wrong, It isn't wrong as I can log in browser with the same logins.
I have tried changing the password and also removed and re installed Rpan
I get the below error, anyone else?
Server response:
{"json": {"errors": [["WRONG_PASSWORD", "wrong password", "passwd"]]}}
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2021.12.05 13:32 BunnyWH Maybe a swimming center wouldn't be so bad~

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2021.12.05 13:32 Edibly-High Exhaust vent extension

Hey guys I have an exhaust question.
I currently live in a townhouse and have my tent exhausting outside. I find the smell is insanely strong at the last 2 weeks of flower. I was wondering if anyone has ever extended their vent to go to the end of the backyard? What kind of material do you use, pvc?
Carbon filter barely does anything..
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2021.12.05 13:32 Stockcap480 ⚽️Watch Sports Token 🏈Live Sports Streaming platform in Crypto! ✅ PCS Launch Today🏀

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2021.12.05 13:32 Abdajiha This is what every dyslexic 🌈🐻 see during any dip.

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2021.12.05 13:32 Officialsapnap Trading inv for snow leopards

Trading dodo , 6 mythic eggs , r golden mummy cat, Australian kelpie kitsune and 2 lunar ox for snow leopards
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2021.12.05 13:32 KruseLudington Best Expected/Possible Speeds for (1gig up/ 35Mbps down COAX) service?

Best Expected/Possible Speeds for (1gig up/ 35Mbps down COAX) service?
Note the screenshot. Very poor ISP Performance even with brand-newly replaced OVERKILL cabling and OVERKILL (near enterprise level) networking equipment - for 2-person home with essentially 0 traffic load... Above was when connected directly to the hardware OC300 with a PC with a fast 6gig ethernet connection - AFTER \"A\" below -
A. Numerous chat messages, headaches and calls to get Optimum to put the newly supplied UBEE 1322BA00 into 1. bridge mode and turn off both the 2. WiFi and 3. guest WiFi (several phone calls for each of the #1-3).
B. Speed actually fluctuates all over the place (500-910 d/l) even with the Optimum supplied modem/router temporarily outside the home plugged directly into the cable coming from the pole with a new 2-foot long Cat6e ethernet patch cable connected directly to a notebook PC all outside utilizing speedtest.net software installed directly on the notebook.
C. I am in a crowded area of the northeastern USA with 2 empty nesters in a 3BR home - just installed short triple-shielded super heavy coax cabling (single cable with zero breaks and zero splits, FAR AWAY from all internal and external power lines) -one end of cable outside connected to the incoming coax from the pole and the other end of the cable plugged directly into the back of the newly supplied UBEE 1322BA00 modem. All new patch cables and utilizing the full-blown TP-Link Omada environment with an OC300 controller (when are we going to have 2,000 clients connected lol), sharing the CPU load with a multi-gig TL-ER7206 VPN router to all new Cat6e ethernet cables plugged directly to 3 strategically placed TP-Link WiFi 6 AP's.
I was thinking was there any way I can do anything else to improve the speed? I do not want to spend any more $ and need to keep the monthly fees low. I am stuck with the UBEE because I got a deal on thew "1 gig" (hah-laughable) speed only if I switched my phone lines over to the UBEE. I already have a gig modem I own (Motorola MB8600) but have not switched to that to save on the modem rental fee because Optimum tells me I would have to pay the same amount of rent to them even if I was just renting a different modem from them to be used only for the phone lines (although another user here said he was able to get one free from them for no fee - ARRIS TM-822 I think - I called and asked and they said "no, you have to rent it"...).
So, after my long winded explanation of how the watch works when I was just asked what time it was - essentially here is my question - I probably should have looked a little deeper to switch back to (I used to have it a long time ago) FIOS but with their 1 gig service - but I would be stuck with a prorated $15/Mo fee from Optimum to get out of year 1 - the only thing I can think of to enhance the speed - since no matter what I do I cannot access the modem (router) page on the stupid optimum web site - is to call them and have them check each of the voltages being fed to my UBEE bridge mode modem? For what specifically should I ask them - to check (and I may call back twice and go through that to make sure I get the same answer each time) - ?
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2021.12.05 13:32 Arabidopsidian Secret boss from my campaign, that is coming to an end. Unfortunately (for me) unused.

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2021.12.05 13:32 Huyehuye Yan is so cool

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2021.12.05 13:32 tobydoggy Overcorrection Making Teeth Worse?

I'm on my first set of refinements and the last three trays are "overcorrection". I understand these are meant to overcompensate so the teeth can settle later, but it feels like two teeth are overlapping and I'm having difficulty imagining the final retainer fitting if that's the case.
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2021.12.05 13:32 ehabich 8. Chances Of Encountering UFOs/UAPs

8. Chances Of Encountering UFOs/UAPs
Reconstruction by author, MUFON #82139, Ireland, 1986
Based on personal experience the author of “The Contact Initiative” estimates the chance to spot an UFO/UAP in any one day to be approx. 1:10.000.

UAP photographs on 35mm negative film, frame 7 of 2. MUFON #111680, UK, 1995
The UAP was grayish without markings as seen here. Photograph by author.
You may have a chance to take pictures or video of an UFO once every 50 years, as I did in 1995.
More impartial data than personal experience about the frequency of sightings comes from surveys. There are not a lot of surveys on the subject of UFO/UAP. More surveys should be carried out.
But there is one:
One available survey comes from Century Fox Home Entertainment. They did a poll for a promotional campaign of the Ridley Scott movie “Phoenix Forgotten“.

Reconstruction of “Phoenix Lights” by eye witness Tim Ley, USA TODAY, 1997
The “Phoenix Forgotten” plot was inspired by the “Phoenix Lights” UFO phenomenon from 1997. (Ref.: 1, Ref.: 2)
Over 1700 Americans were asked if they had ever seen an UFO:16.74% responded positively (Ref.: 3).
If that percentage is any guideline, then we can say that 16.74% of 258.3 million adults (Ref.: 4), about 43 million Americans, had a UFO sighting.
MISIDENTIFICATION OF UFOs According to author Leslie Kean, “roughly 90 to 95 percent of UFO sightings can be explained”. (Ref.: 5)
The chief investigator of CUFOS in 1979, astronomer Allan Hendry, concluded from 1307 cases that 91.4% had a clear and simple prosaic explanation. 8.6% were classed as “UFOs” and 1.5% of those cases had no possible plausible explanation. (Ref.: 6)
This leaves us with 645,000 unexplained sightings from 43 million. This covers a time-span of 38.4 years, it being the median age of the US population (Ref.: 7).
If there are 645,000 completely unexplained UAP sightings in 38.4 years, we get 16,796 (sixteen thousand seven hundred ninety six) sightings per year. That’s 46 UAP cases without possible plausible explanation daily in the USA.
I believe this to be a fairly high number.
The Contact Initiative doesn’t want to wait around to get results. To maximize the chances of spotting UAP/UFO a large number of volunteer UFO/UAP spotters are needed.
And the method of spotting and forwarding a report of a sighting must be as simple as taking a photo or video.
The “CONTACT APP” (name may be changed) will be designed for this purpose, to be as simple as possible. But it will be the most powerful civilian use flying object identification program on the market.
One of its appeals will be that it provides near instantaneous identification of objects and phenomena commonly mistaken as UFOs: celestial objects, meteors, planes, blimps, military training exercises, satellites. The app gives feedback to the UFO spotter if what he/she saw is a known phenomenon.
The app records with high accuracy the position and time of the sightings and the number of users who see the same thing.
POSSIBLE UAP/UFO YIELD PER MILLION APP DOWNLOADSIf the Contact app is downloaded 1.000.000 million times, then the chances are that we will see 65 UAP cases without possible plausible explanation in a year.
That amounts to a bit more than one really, really, puzzling UFO case per week. This should be enough to engage and keep the attention of the public. Because, what good would be an UFO app that doesn’t spot UFOs?
PEACE OF MINDOn the other hand, incorrect identifications of common or explicable phenomena as UFOs should become less with the Contact App. This way the great majority of witnesses would feel less stress.
EDUCATIONAL VALUEA large number of participants serves to raise the awareness of the possibility of Extraterrestrial Contact. What does it mean to be a part of a greater community of diverse intelligences in the Cosmos?
GOAL OF THE CONTACT INITIATIVE (CONTACT PROJECT)The goal is to prepare for and meet a technological superior non-human species. That we’re not the most advanced technological species in the Universe is logical:
THE SAGANThe Universe is billions and billions of years old. In it there are billions and billions of habitable planets. Modern human technology only exists since a few hundred years and we left the stone age just about 5000 years ago.
The development of life and intelligence is most likely not a one-time miracle confined to an infinitesimal speck of the Cosmos, the Earth.
BENEFITS OF FRIENDSThe potential benefits of contact to an advanced intelligent extraterrestrial species are incalculable to the future and destiny of the human race.
It may be that we don’t have much in common with each other except curiosity. But that alone would be a driving force of human determination and progress, geared at finding out more about the other.
DON’T BE AN OSTRICHShould it turn out that UAP/UFOs are otherworldly emissaries of non-friendly intent, then it would also be important to find out. It could be fatal to stick our collective heads into the sand.
ULTIMA R̶A̶T̶I̶O̶ RADIOThese are the reasons why the Contact Initiative proposes to contact “UFO sightings in progress” by radio waves.
What do you think of the Contact Initiative? Join the discussion on https://reddit.com/contactproject or friend me on Facebook.
1.: Kurt Russell claims he saw — and reported — the ‘Phoenix Lights’,

2.: Ex Arizona Governor saw a UFO during the 1997 Phoenix Lights, https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Former_Arizona_Governor_says_he_saw_a_UFO_during_the_1997_Phoenix_Lights

3.: New survey shows nearly half of Americans believe in aliens,

4.: U.S. Adult Population

5.: UFOs, UAPs and CRAPs

6.: Identification studies of UFOs

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2021.12.05 13:32 thedoppio Chars pause during movement

I’ve been playing this game a long time and this has never happened until about 2 days ago. Whenever I place a move order, my characters pause for about 10 seconds, then move about 10 feet, pause, rinse, repeat. I’ve tried save scumming, nada. Tried import, nada. Tried fixing mesh, nada. I don’t have any mods that affect squads or pathfinding. Bug?
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2021.12.05 13:32 hypochondriac96 Quality of Life

I am very interested, how is your quality of Life. What did help for improvement? Imagine a scale from 0 (No quality of life, bedridden) to 10 (full normal Life).
Is there a ppssibility to improve Life? I am very hopeless. I am a 4 currently. I am very anxious, but i am functioning.
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2021.12.05 13:32 Additional-Issue-652 Multi Occupant Vehicle -- Front Wheel Choice

We are currently looking for potential wheel alternatives for our MOV as we have realized that the GHCraft CFW-S16-94C-2 for 95/80 R16 tires we used in the past on our single-occupant vehicle are only rated for a 100kgf load while our expected MOV loads call for a wheel rated close to 200kgf. We like the light weight and hollowed out profile of the GHCrafts for suspension upright packaging so ideally we'd like to find a wheel with a similar geometry.
Would appreciate any input regarding what other MOV teams have chosen and/or if anyone has found a solid alternative to the GHCrafts.
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2021.12.05 13:32 Bowls300s Remember spiffy heel plates? So very Kingpin

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2021.12.05 13:32 Hyper_Star1 I'm gonna be honest. I like Tombstone as a crime lord way more than Kingpin. What are your opinions?

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2021.12.05 13:32 NothingSpecialist459 Can someone please make the image's color brighter/lighter yellow, so that it looks more similar to the one on the hoodie?

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2021.12.05 13:32 Szufe Stormlight x Arcane crossover meme

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