Trying to decide on a 300 BLK Suppressor

2021.11.27 02:25 LtPatterson Trying to decide on a 300 BLK Suppressor

Hey /NFA I'm looking at my first NFA item here, and am doing a bit of research before I decide what to go with.
I ended up getting a black(out) Friday upper from BA (8.3" SS Hanson BBL) and went ahead and bought a few mags and ammo (subs and supers) to go with it. I plan on using SilencerShop for ease of their OneShot trust, local SOT Kiosk, and hope of conjugal visits on their range when the time comes.
I need some help selecting a can that will primarily sit on this home defense 300BLK build running subs, but I will likely do most of my range work with supers due to cost of ammo (outside of zeroing with subs) when I get the can.
I also have a 5.56 16" upper that I would like to use this can on down the road, so whatever I get should be rated for this as well. I also run a CMMG .22LR conversion kit, but suppressing that isn't 100% needed, although it would be nice.
I was initially looking at the YHM R9, but figured the Resonator K was probably a better fit since I don't plan to run this on my 9mm handguns.
YHM seems like the "middle of the road" option to me, and that seems fine, but I wanted to get some other options on .30cal cans.
I really don't want to break the bank on this, but do want something considered hearing safe at least for a home defense situation and to take the edge off at the range on both 300 sub/super and 5.56.
Any others worth looking at in this price range $400-500ish? (without stamp) I can't afford a $800+ can and stamp at the moment.
Bonus question: is it worth waiting until next month to see about eFile Form 4 or just file on paper and cancel that for eFile if it becomes a thing? (I have serious doubts it becomes a thing anytime soon, but can't hurt to ask)
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2021.11.27 02:25 probadplayer New to the game, I can buy my first character, what should I get?

I'm completely new to the game, I got into this game because of Arcane lol, I'm used to MOBAs so I know what most types of CC do, however I'm still new to League's items and characters, so I'd like to know which characters are easy to understand and easy to build, the types of characters that just by having them on your team you're already helping
I'm used to playing Solo so maybe tanky/ bruiser characters? But please recommend ANY character to choose, I'd love to hear what is good rn or in general and get a rough idea where to go
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2021.11.27 02:25 ikutotohoisin Any good banners to pull?

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2021.11.27 02:25 gasterkungch conscious grade 0 sealed artifact

can conscious grade 0 sealed artifact that made up from sequence 2 or 1 characteristic reveal mythical creature form? If yes, why we never see one in canon LOTM? If no, what really is requirement? what really is necessary factor to form a mythical creature form?
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2021.11.27 02:25 xdankthronex Black Friday at

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2021.11.27 02:25 aetope I want to do a gift exchange with some online friends, but I don’t wanna give out my address. Is there any good way to be able to participate without giving it out?

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2021.11.27 02:25 amethystluvr how to make friends

hey yall, i am a new transfer student and a commuter and i’m finding it hard to make friends on campus. do any of you guys have advice?
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2021.11.27 02:25 newsdk Leif lyttede til anbefalinger fra venner og valgte de kommunale

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2021.11.27 02:25 LucyferiaNight Chicos de reddit, ¿en verdad les exita que la chica haga caras durante el sexo?

Justo estaba haciendo caras para molestar a un chico cuando se me vino esta pregunta a la cabeza
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2021.11.27 02:25 newsdk Højlagerets holdspiller fejrer jubilæum

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2021.11.27 02:25 newsdk Nu kommer der igen liv i det gamle posthus: Mylder af små sociale virksomheder rykker ind

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2021.11.27 02:25 ichupoi 31 m it’s 6am haven’t slept, tripping on mdma first time, feel like talking to random ppl.

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2021.11.27 02:25 _Dragonboi-69 What do you think of my team idea?

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2021.11.27 02:25 newsdk Rådgiver kludrede i ansøgninger: Nyt renseanlæg ved Arla-mejeri er forsinket i mere end et år

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2021.11.27 02:25 newsdk Gæster skal feberscannes: Byens største konferencested gennemfører julefrokoster, mens store virksomheder giver op

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2021.11.27 02:25 idontknow1_11 I feel like I’m going backwards

I was doing good with not missing my ex and not really talking to him but both his sisters and him messaged me yesterday saying happy thanksgiving. It hit me that it was my first thanksgiving without him and his family. I miss him. And I miss his voice. I miss everything. It’s so hard.
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2021.11.27 02:25 DBW_Designs [Waltham] Field and Marine circa 1918 - The first dive watch

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2021.11.27 02:25 coljavskiyi ⚔️ DEKU INU ⚔️ - New NFT Full Preview! ➰ Professionally drawn by studio manga artist ✨ || ⭐ Only 50 pieces! || ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

They are at it again! Checkout Deku's latest NFT below. This one of a kind original artwork is drawn by a professional studio manga/anime artist. Only 50 pieces will be minted an it will go for only $300 a piece. They will announce a launch time later this week in their Telegram channel and all NFTs will be on a first come first serve basis!
Deku has its eyes set on creating incredible anime gaming apps and the best financial apps for crypto. They are redesigning their entire brand to showcase their commitment to their massive vision for the project!
⚓ Contract Address: 0x83FE529B3EAEee3Ad45173A1BA7E43eeBd333100
Great time to grab a bag early before this projects launches ❇️❇️❇️
In just over a month Deku has listed on four exchanges (Hotbit, LBank, XT, and FEGex) and they have gained almost 1,700 holders! They have absolutely crushed their roadmap! This team constantly over delivers.
- We have NFT packed with utilities for our upcoming game. Each NFT is drawn by professional manga/anime studio artists. These NFTs are rare and exclusive to DEKU HOLDERS!
- We are actively developing a web based game where you will use DEKU NFTs to claim rewards and abilities in the game!
- DEKU is partnered with LUFFY, GOKU, and CHOPPER
- We will be collaborating on developing utilities that can be used if you are a holder of all the alliance member coins!
- ⚜️ 3% REWARDS Join the Hero Academy and start earning 3% on every transaction just for holding Deku Inu!
- ⚜️ 2% LIQUIDITY 2% of every transaction goes directly to supercharge the hero's liquidity pool allowing Deku to become much more stronger each time!
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♟️ Contract Address: 0x83FE529B3EAEee3Ad45173A1BA7E43eeBd333100
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☎️ Join ☎️
☄️ Website:
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2021.11.27 02:25 SirSimpson96 Gible

Looking for male gible with jolly nature please
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2021.11.27 02:25 Parker_memes9000 What openings should I study for my first tournament?

I recently joined the uscf and registered in my first tournament in 2 weeks!
My current elo is 1000 but OTB I've beaten 2000s before.
My opening prep with white is decent ish but black is non existent especially for 1. D4 openings. Could you guys recommend any solid openings for me to study with black or white?
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2021.11.27 02:25 CorrectRub7522 🌟 Hamsta 🐹 | ⚡️ Just Launched ⚡️| 7% BTC Rewards Just by Holding | Ambitious Roadmap Including NFTs 🐹 | x100 Truly GEM 💎

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As Bitcoin's current success, holding BTC is not a bad idea.
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HAMSTA dreams of being the most impactful meme-coin this year. The team behind the project is very optimistic due to their experience and skills.
🔥 A huge marketing campaign is being developed in detail for post-launch. Our team of marketing experts are developing a strategy to grow the project month by month after launch.

🌟Follow HAMSTA on Twitter and Telegram for more information, and let's all run through the wheel to reach those BTCs rewards!

Contract: 0x7f030bc77e0a8389222a1daccfed64dec6a9c61c
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.11.27 02:25 Ravens_Quote GAME LOCKING UP: PkMn Blue at Erika’s gym (GB cartridge on GBA)

Celadon city’s gym doesn’t seem to like me and it’s a bit of a problem. Anytime a fight should start in the gym, weather an NPC spots me or I talk to them regardless, the game locks up.
To be specific, I’m allowed to read their dialog as normal, and I can press A or B to close the dialog box, but then the dialog box goes away and suddenly none of the controls do anything. I’m not put into a fight, I’m still looking at the gym as if I otherwise should be able to walk around (though I can’t), and the only sign that the game hasn’t blow ALL the gaskets are
1.) the music is still playing the tune that plays whenever an NPC catches you with the intent to start a fight, and
2.) Pressing L or R on the GBA still widens and narrows the display area as normal. Aside from the power switch and volume control, these are the only buttons that do anything.
I know first gen games are buggy to the point of black magic, so below is a list of random info about the account in question.
TIME: 32:34
MONEY: 37,261
Pokedex contents:
I’ve unlocked Bulbasaur, ivysaur, charmander, charmeleon, squirtle, caterpie, metapod, butterfree, weedle, kakuna, beedrill, pidgey, pidgeotto, rattata, raticate, spearow, ekans, pikachu, raichu, sandshrew, 029 nidoran (female), nidorina, 032 nidoran (male), nidorino, clefairy, vulpix, Hungryb- I mean jigglypuff, zubat, oddish, paras, venonat, diglett, dugtrio, meowth, mankey, growlithe, poliwag, poliwhirl, abra, kadabra, machop, bellsprout, tentacool, geodude, graveler, slowpoke, magnemite, magneton, grimer, muk, shellder, gastly, haunter, onix, drowzee, voltorb, exeggcute, cubone, marowak, koffing, horsea, goldeen, staryu, starmie, magikarp, gyrados, eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, and flareon.
Pokemon in my party first time glitch occured:
Lv17 zubat with 23 attack, 22 defense, 28 speed and 20 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows Leech life, supersonic, and bite in that order. Has 5431 EXP points with 401 to go until Lv18.
•Mt Moon
Lv24 paras with 47 attack, 37 defense, 21 speed, and 39 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows scratch, cut, stun spore, and leech life in that order. Has 15060 EXP points with 565 to Lv25.
•F. Deck
Lv25 pidgeotto with 38 attack, 39 defense, 46 speed, and 40 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows gust, sand-attack, quick attack, and swift in that order. Has 12721 EXP points with 690 to Lv26.
Lv25 onix with 31 attack, 91 defense, 43 speed, and 27 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows rage, screech, bind, and rock throw in that order. Has 16348 EXP points with 1228 to Lv26
Lv26 gyrados with 79 attack, 56 defense, 58 speed, and 66 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows splash, dragon rage, bite, ad bubblebeam in that order. Has 22144 EXP points with 2459 to Lv27.
And yes the name makes me happy-happy-joy-joy.
Lv27 ivysaur with 47 attack, 44 defense, 49 speed, and 54 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows tackle, poisonpowder, leech seed, and vine whip in that order. Has 16340 EXP points with 902 to Lv28.
The items I have in my bag are, in order:
Town map
Moon stone (x2)
Helix Fossil
S. S. Ticket
Old Rod
Great Ball (x49)
Old Amber
Coin Case
Pokemon in Box 1 are as follows:
Lv25 eevee with 37 attack, 36 defense, 37 speed and 43 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows tackle and sand-attack in that order. Has 15625 EXP points with 1951 to Lv26.
Lv17 sandshrew with 33 attack, 38 defense, 22 speed and 18 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows scratch, sand-attack, and slash in that order. Has 5144 EXP points with 688 to Lv18.
Lv25 beedrill with 53 attack, 28 defense, 51 speed and 34 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows rage, string shot, focus energy, and twineedle in that order. Has 17231 EXP points with 345 to Lv25.
Lv19 caterpie with 24 attack, 22 defense, 29 speed and 14 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows tackle and string shot in that order. Has 7686 EXP points with 314 to Lv20.
Lv 23 geodude with 45 attack, 59 defense, 22 speed and 21 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows tackle, defense curl, rock throw, and dig in that order. Has 9886 EXP points with 322 to Lv24.
Lv19 pikachu with 31 attack, 20 defense, 47 speed and 31 special. IDNo: 30003, OT: Raven. Knows thunderbolt, growl, flash, and quick attack in that order. Has 7121 EXP points with 879 to Lv20.
Raven’s PC had no items stored in it at the time of the lock up. Prof. Oak’s PC says 70 pokemon seen and 18 owned.
Note: Adding items to Raven’s PC, swapping my team’s pokemon around, swapping Box 1’s pokemon around, and restarting the game do not resolving the issue. Every time the game does this I turn off the GBA, start it back up, and it returns me to wherever I last saved with no visible or noticeable issues.
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2021.11.27 02:25 FiveLiamFrenzy 37 [M4F] Aussie teacher wanting to say g’day to women from all over the world! 👋🏻

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2021.11.27 02:25 Spirited-Primary-716 Anyone have an extra boost to spare?

I cannot boost back as I have no more to give. I would very much appreciate the help. Thank you.
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2021.11.27 02:25 Due_Calligrapher5124 PCP dipping

Any advice on how to dip papers in pcp liquid without ruining potency but also stretching it. I have half an ounce and want to do a couple of sheets. I read to use water but how much before I’m losing potency? What about using acetone so that it dries fast? Also, what is the thing I’m hearing about having the liquid in the freezer? Should I freeze the sheets too?
Thanks for help!
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