Poppy asked for a tour of my home and then…I guess she considers us close 🤭

2021.12.05 05:01 Interesting_Ad22 Poppy asked for a tour of my home and then…I guess she considers us close 🤭

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2021.12.05 05:01 PowerForce2021 Seven Years Later and Sunset Overdrive Has Got To Be One of The Most Fun and Underrated Games of 2014...! (captured on legion 5 laptop)

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2021.12.05 05:01 jdalbert Very few people remap Tab (not Caps Lock) to Esc. Maybe this new product will raise awareness

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2021.12.05 05:01 Yourboitoni A Story (Part 1 and 2)

I was in the prime of my studies in philosophy. A renowned stoic to those who knew me. People would come to me for help when they were depressed, I would help them even if it took all day. I was never angry, I was never upset, I never wasted any time on anything. "Do your duty." Was my philosophy. But I also became renowned for another thing, how good I was at latin. It drew the attention of a girl in my class, and she started talking to me. We really stuck to each other. The only thing she didn't like was my study in philosophy. But it was okay. She was the first person who I really felt like I could tell anything to, she was the first person who I ever had feelings for, I could set some things aside for her.
Last year, on this very day, this girl told me she liked me. For the purpose of the story, I'll call her Bree. It was the first time I ever began to feel love, and loved. About a month later I had a dream and there was this girl who sat next to me in one of my classes and she was the main character in it. I didn't know her name at the time, nor did I ever pay her any attention. (I'll call her Lynn) It was strange, in the dream we were with each other, Bree was nowhere to be found. Of course, the following morning Bree asked me what I dreamt about, and, to my demise, I told her the truth. It was part of my philosophy to never lie, regardless of the consequences. She got mad at me, but it was my fault, and from there our relationship slowly declined. We finally blocked each other on everything on December 18th. Along with that, a few days after my dream, my dad, my best friend, was arrested and sent to state prison.
Fast forwards two months to February 14th. I'm playing Phasmophobia (great game btw) with two of my long time friends. I was still upset about Bree and I splitting up, so I told them about it. I also told them about my dream, to which my friend told me that she was friends with Lynn. My friend really thought Lynn and I would be cute together, so I decided to go with it. I was kinda nervous about just going up to her and meeting her, and my friend told Lynn about me. My friend asked Lynn if I could have her number, and my friend sent me her number. But I was still afraid to just text her, surely she wanted to talk to me first in person.
Spring Break rolled around and due to a series of unfortunate events, I wasn't able to say hi in person. On March 8th, at 11 AM, I finally texted her. I made sure not to be too clingy, I didn't instantly reply to her when she texted me, and for the next few days we talked a decent bit. We also talked in person the next day school was in. Since then, we've texted every night, walked together through the halls everyday, and so on. But I noticed something was happening, I stopped talking to my family, I spent less time talking to my friends, I spent less time on my hobbies. I was sad, anxious, and tired more often. I don't know what happened. I was always so happy and talkative in front of my family, but now I don't say anything, I practically avoid them. The only person I really talk to is her. I also was once proud of my almost stoic composure, people would even come to me for guidance. I lost it, I've gained a wrathful temper, I've gotten lazy, I've been so depressed all the time. My hobbies aren't pleasurable anymore. Time goes by quickest and least agonizingly when I'm simply staring at the ceiling, thinking about things, thinking about her.
It was April 22nd, I was taking a math exam in the cafeteria, along with everyone else who took that class. We sat alphabetically, and I sat next to Bree, and we talked. She never did hate me, we just misinterpreted each other. We became friends again, and talked for hours. I wasn't in love with her this time, but I knew I could tell her anything. It was good to have her to talk to. And I noticed something, I started talking to my family again, I started enjoying my hobbies again, things were going back to normal. But we started getting mad at each other again about two months into our reunion. As that went on my depressed traits resprung, I stopped talking to my family, my hobbies weren't enjoyable anymore. Soon, we blocked each other on everything again.
I thought that maybe if I told Lynn how I felt about her that it would help. It was the 4th of July, after the fireworks I told her. She didn't feel the same way, which I should've known all along. I knew I wasn't good enough. I should've known that her reluctance to actually spend time with me was a bad sign. I don't know why she would text me so often, yet when I invited her to do things with me she would always refuse. Like facetiming, playing a game, going somewhere, things people do with their friends. She invites me to all of her soccer games, spams me when I don't answer, and she texts me Goodnight every night, sometimes more than once. I'm just confused. I was okay, it didn't bring me down too much that she didn't feel the same way.
A new school year rolled around. I met a guy, we both were in latin, in the same club, math class, we got along really well. We were both nerds. Yeah, this went bad, he liked Lynn. Now, homecoming was coming up, I asked Lynn. She said she was going with her friends. A week later, this guy asked Lynn and she told him the same thing, but for some reason he still went with her. (He showed me the texts) They went together, they danced together, yeah. I told Lynn I knew, and I was upset about it. She wrote me a long paragraph about how it was all a mistake, that she didn't want to go with him. That her friends left her and she was stuck with him, and that she was mad at him. Now speaking that they were slow dancing, and I was told that by a friend (by accident), I question what else they may have done.
I've never loved anyone as much or as long as I've loved her. She's the only person I even really care about. I've talked to her more than anyone else. I don't worry about anyone else, I don't love anyone else. But she doesn't love me. It keeps me up at night, thinking about her, how she doesn't like me. The possibilities, how she may despise me, how she really thinks of me.
I miss my old self, I want to be able to enjoy my hobbies again, I don't want to be sad thinking about Lynn, I want to talk to my family, I want to be able to sleep at night, I want to be happy again.
I wrote that on October 15th, this story continues, I wrote some more the next day, October 16th, here it is in part II:
I have a feeling she's been lying to me. She tells me that she doesn't have time to write my name with her calligraphy pens. She tells me she doesn't have time to call me, text me, or even play imessage games. Yet I see she's always so often on Instagram, watching TV, "doing nothing" (apparently), I feel like she just doesn't want to spend time with me. She tells me to write her poems, go to her soccer games, do certain things to help her, etc. Sometimes she tells me she's extremely tired, that's all she'll talk about, and that she's going to sleep, may not even say goodnight, then an hour later I find her online again. The way she talks to her friends is different from the way she talks to me. She's always laughing and excited when talking to her friends. When she talks to me? She acts bored, doesn't even look me in the eye, barely says anything. Yet she won't allow me to act bored or say little, if I do that she'll get mad at me.
I don't know what to do. She's like the only person I really ever talk to. I know I have to let go if I want to be happy again, but my thoughts will consume me. I need someone who will actually care about me, the way Bree once did. (but not her)
Writing this has really helped me realize some things. I think I know what I should do.
October 17th:
I made things up with Bree. I was studying Latin and came across her name, I messaged her, and we made up. I didn't really feel urged to talk to Lynn today, maybe it was me talking to Bree, maybe it was me being mad at her yesterday. All I know is I feel a little better. I still messaged Lynn Goodnight though. And she was surprised because normally I keep her up all night. She was worried about me, she was spam texting me, triple, quadruple texting me, sending those virtual hug gifs with the little heart on them, aka: things she doesn't normally do. She thought I was upset or mad, though I told her I wasn't. She still refused to believe me though, I was texting almost exactly how she texts me. (Taking a little bit to reply, sending "Dry" messages, sounding bored almost) Not on purpose though, I was doing something, and I also just feel nothing emotionally, I feel stale. Though, she was talking how I normally talk to her, overly talkative, energetic, loving (kinda). I wish she would talk to me like that everyday, like she did tonight.
She told me I should join the tennis team, but I refused. I'm not joining the tennis team. She said, "But you might be able to play against me!" Well, normally that would make me consider, but no longer shall it. I told her that I don't have to join the tennis team to play against her. I also told her about how I had already asked her to play tennis together and how she said no. She told me that she never said no to me asking her to play tennis together. However, I have *several* examples proving her wrong.
Maybe this staleness illuminating from me tonight is a sign. Perhaps it marks a gradual end of a sad and crippling one-way love, becoming happier, getting back into reading, or opening up to my family again. Or, perhaps, I'm just being optimistic for once.
(none of the names in the story are their real names)
"I'm a busy person" That's a believable statement. Busy people are often busy. But she means to tell me she quite literally has been busy every single day since March. To be fair, I didn't ask her to do anything with me till late March. But since then, I've asked her to do things with me, she's been busy every single day, literally. Very rarely will she tell me what she's busy doing, or what she will be doing. Though, since I'm friends with her friends, I've made a revelation. She magically is never busy when her other friends want to hang out, but when I wanna hang out, when I just have a question about the history homework and text her? Too busy to answer. The further I go along in writing this, the more I realize what I hadn't realized before. Should I be sad or angry? It's a dilemma. Maybe neither.
Yesterday, at 3 PM, I texted her. It took 24 hours for her to reply.
Today, 8 AM, she's being less talkative than usual
Today, 2 PM, still quiet, doesn't hug me goodbye (Like she normally does)
I asked her what's wrong, or if anything was, just a quick "No". As we were about to depart, she stepped in front of me, looked at me once (maybe the first time that day), and left. No goodbye, no hug, no smile, wave, nothing.
Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps all this was predestined, planned divinely. It may be that Lynn's chapter in my life is coming to an end, and if not, I may implode. Maybe I wasn't good enough, perhaps I made one too many mistakes. Our initial colliding compatibility forged a rapture in my heart. Being slowly removed, a filling void, it now makes a slow sting.
I can barely look at her without the feeling of tears assembling in my eyes. I look on instagram to find she made a new post, more exciting things I never knew she did, more things I didn't know, more of her lies shattered. I'm not going to confront her about it anymore. I'm not going to point out her lies. If she wants to talk to me, she will text me. When the time comes, I'll let her know what I know, and that will probably be the last time I talk to her. If it is not sooner. Everything is crumbling, slowly.
If I could, I would move across the world so that I never had to see or think of her again. But until then, I must learn to move my mind

“Chapter Two” Starts here
Shortly after I wrote that last story, a new person came into my life, I’ll call her Jen. She asked for my number from one other Latin guy I mentioned in the last story. She actually cared about me, it seemed. She would text me all the time and ask me how I was doing. She invited me to her house a few times and I went over. We played tennis together. We hung out together on Halloween and on my birthday, she even wrote poems to me, we fell asleep on facetime together, and would give me little sketches. I was happy, and I also was getting over Lynn.
Something changed the night of my birthday. We were sitting in her room together watching a video and she suddenly became inanimate. She stopped talking to me, and was just staring into her wall which was highlighted blue by her LED lights. She just sat there for about 30 minutes till I had to go home, and on the way home she still didn’t say anything, except for the one time she reacted slightly to a song. Since then nothing has been the same, but there has been change.
She stopped talking to me entirely for about two weeks, I would be lucky to get a word out of her any day. But I noticed that only applied to me, she would still talk to other people, but she wouldn’t talk to me. I still don’t know why she stopped talking to me. A few days ago, however, she seemed to have returned, she talked to me a lot more than usual the past two days. Though, not as much as she used to, and she started being somewhat aggressive towards me, something no one else does to me. She suddenly decided to release all her anger on me yesterday, though none of it was coherent. There was no reason for her anger, it was just kinda out of the blue. And since then I’ve become the one who is hesitant to talk. She apologized to me a few hours later, but never told me why she lashed out on me. I said it was okay, to which she said it wasn’t okay. I told her to not worry about it, and we haven’t talked since.
I’ve come to see that to her I am just someone to talk to when no one else will talk to her. And now I don’t know what to believe. As she refused to speak to me for the past weeks I began to dislike her, I also began to fall back for Lynn. But I saw things Lynn did the other day which I cannot begin to comment on. I was distraught. I looked at her in disappointment and a little bit of anger, and walked away. When I got home I felt like I had been betrayed by two people, Lynn and Jen, and I didn’t eat for two days after that.
After I walked away from Lynn, as mentioned in the last paragraph, I saw my “friend” who I’ll call Brandon. I’ve known Brandon since I was about 6 or 7. Brandon was always an interesting person. When we were in 2nd grade he made a lego swastika and got in trouble for it. The other day I was sitting by him in our shared business class, where I looked over to see him on snapchat talking to a guy laughing. He showed me his phone and I read the messages. He was telling people who I don’t even know really really really messed up shit about me. (He was lying btw) Like extremely bad stuff. Stuff that would actually get you in trouble. It was all lies, and I don’t know why he was saying those things. I immediately deleted all the messages that he sent, though they had already been read. I truly cannot believe the things he said to that guy, and he was just laughing about it.
Along with this, he said extremely fucked up things about Lynn, but he said those things directly to me. The things he said could genuinely have gotten him jail time, and if he were to do those things, probably a life sentence in prison. I didn’t lose composure and lash out at him, but I was genuinely in awe and refused to talk to him after that. He’ll send me snapchats at night and sometimes they’ll read off as things such as: “How would you feel if ___ got kidnapped?” (usually what he says is worse than that.) To which I either don’t reply or tell him to shut the fuck up.
I'm not the first person to be a victim of his dickheadedness. My other friend, a really good friend of mine who actually can decipher right from wrong came out to me and told me that Brandon had also said some really fucked up things to him. He’s planning to confront him about it in a long rant, in person, and I might join him.
The teacher paired me up with Brandon for this project we had to do. Most people were able to finish it in a day, but we took two days because he wouldn’t stop sexting his girlfriend while we were recording our project. Also while we were doing our project, someone else was doing there's, as to be expected. To which he then got out of his seat and went up to them saying, “Hey, can you shut up?! We’re trying to record over here.” They weren’t interfering with our project at all, they were on the other side of the room being quiet. I proceeded to put my face in my hands as I watched him completely embarrass himself as he presented himself as a total dickhead to the entire class. Along with that, when I was listening to our teacher's lecture I saw him open my backpack, take out my English book and attempt to fold the entire thing in half. And now there's a crease throughout the entire thing. To which I ripped it out of his hands and he began laughing.
Lynn, she’s making no effort to hide the fact that she’s ignoring me now. She had texted me, “Guess what?” last night, to which I replied, “What?” when I saw her text 30 minutes later. To which, instead of replying to me, she makes a post on instagram, and for the rest of the night doesn’t answer me. Nor did she create an effort to recognize my existence today. The post she posted in itself seemed to be enough to discredit a lot of her lies which she made to me, but I’m not going to go into such grave detail in that.
I don’t believe I’ve gone into details of the night of September 17th/18th yet. It's related to the homecoming incident mentioned in the last story. A lot of sadness has arisen from her, but none so great as that from that night, and since that night it's always been a heavier burden. It was probably the only time I ever shed tears throughout the entire year, it's not something I'm capable of doing easily. I just sat in my room, staring into my knee for three hours as I huddled into the corner of my bed and the wall.
And to think, all of this began because of a dream. Would I be happy now if that dream never happened? What did happen? Those days in the summer, even after I told her I liked her, she seemed to want to talk to me. She would tell me Goodnight then, she would tell me things about her day and ask of mine. But today, these days in the fall, I’m lucky to even hear from her at night, and those Goodnights have transformed into simple, “Nights.” And for what reason?
I really don’t have anyone to talk to anymore. Just a few weeks ago, Jen would surely talk to me as often as she could, and Lynn wouldn’t be so hesitant. Now I have neither of them. I have no goal. Seneca once said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” And I think that really can say a lot about life. Or at least how I feel now, having no knowledge as to where to go next, as in, no knowledge on how to stop this dread in order to be happy again.
In this section, I want to tell a story about the friend of Lynn’s who tried to sway me. I'm going to explain some of the things that she did to make me dislike her. This girl I met because we shared a lot of our classes at the beginning of the day together, and I had already met her once for a brief moment last year. Immediately following the first week of school, she began talking to me a considerate amount.
It quickly became clear that she liked me, to which, I wasn’t much of a fan of her. But it was more than that. Nearly every day, multiple times a day, regardless of where I was, she would try to start sexting me, to where I would refuse, because 1: I didn’t like her, and 2: i'm not doing that. I view it as sin. It became such a problem, that I had to ghost her for a week to make her stop, and even that didn’t work. I was at a Halloween party with my friends, a day before Halloween, and I'm sitting on the recliner, to which she promptly sits on my lap, and I began to contemplate my life. Immediately before this small party, we were all at the movies. Now of course we had planned this for a few weeks beforehand. We planned to watch Halloween Kills and then go back to my friends house. However she had different plans, at the theater, she asked me if she could do some very explicit things... To which I made haste in refusing her idea, not only was it illegal, but it was extremely fucking stupid.
She still often asks, “Why don’t you like me?” and “Do you like Lynn?” To which I either don’t answer or actually give her a harsh answer, because the only reason she does have any interest in me is because she’s lustful. Which is something I cannot condone. One night, she told me about how she sends explicit messages and sexts other guys all the time, and that she was doing it as she was talking to me. And then do you know what she asked me an hour later? “Why don’t you like me?” And “Do you still like Lynn?” As if I had not already answered those questions by my sheer disappointments towards her. To this day, she still won’t stop asking me to do explicit things with her. She asks to come over to my house all the time to do those things, to which I have refused everytime, and I honestly don’t want her anywhere near my family. I tell her to stop, I tell her no, she won't leave me alone. I have made it clear that I have a great disapproval towards her constant lust towards not only me but other guys. I mean, I can’t even talk to her about anything without her trying to sway me to do those things with her. I believe it to be a good lesson to never give in to temptation. But I mean, she really doesn’t tempt me anyways.
The other day, she asked for my friend’s number. After she asked if he liked anyone. She made it pretty clear that she was also interested in him. I didn’t give her his number, and instead I texted my friend and told him this story above. And then can you guess what she asked me the next day? “Why don’t you like me?” This has to be some sort of joke at this point.
There really isn’t this many people I’m this disapproving of, but this everyday problem of her lust is, well, a problem. This would apply to anyone though, if Lynn or Jen or anyone for that matter were to start asking to do anything explicit with me (or anyone else) I would immediately be sketched out and reluctant. Luckily, to my knowledge, they haven’t done that, Lynn is a wholesome Christian girl. I guarantee you, if I heard that she were doing anything of this mentioned sinful nature I would be extremely disapproving, but also tremendously distraught to unbeknownst levels of sadness and disappointment.
I still haven’t talked to Lynn, let alone anyone for the past two days. So far no one who I’ve disappeared from has really questioned where I’ve been, which isn’t too much of a surprise. Lynn has made no effort to answer my text from two days ago, and she seems to have not noticed my unorthodoxy of me not bugging her for two days either. That or she actually enjoys the fact that i'm not talking to her, which at this point seems to be a relatively acceptable idea.
I didn’t really expect much to do today. I was a little upset about the night before. About a week ago, I asked Lynn to go to a concert with me, to which I showed a listing of where the band was touring. A few of the cities were sold out, which was made evident by the slash through the names of the cities. I asked her where she would want to go see the concert.
I was glad she actually seemed to want to go, she even told me a city. Though it is about 7 hours away, the band wasn’t touring anywhere real close, so we would have had to resort to a long trip regardless. I decided to look back at the listings, surely there was a city that was closer. And there was, there were three in fact. I didn’t check the listing to see whether Chicago was sold out or not. I told her about these three more feasible options, and even gave a fourth, Philadelphia. A few minutes later I looked back at the listings, specifically Chicago so I could see where in Chicago it would be. Oh, Chicago, it had a slash through it. It was sold out. It was the only place somewhat close that was sold out too. I told her that she chose Chicago only because it was sold out. To which she didn’t say anything. This didn’t greatly upset me, at this point I should be used to it, right? The next day I asked her about it, to which she said she didn’t want to go to the concert with me. Understandable.
Fast forward to yesterday. I'm talking to Latin Guy, the guy who went to homecoming with Lynn. He stopped talking to me, and I turned around to stare at my notes, which I did in the margins for no reason whatsoever.
He started talking to the girl in front of him, “I was going to go to a concert with Lynn tonight…”
I turned my head slightly towards Latin Guy and thought about how just the other day Lynn said she didn’t want to go to one with me, and a few other less important things. My moment of thought regarding Lynn was interrupted by Jen, who was behind me, poking me with a Sharpie S-Gel Pen, to which I pulled my own S-Gel pen from my bag, which surprised her a little too much. It was just a pen, but her overreaction to it was enough to distract me from thinking much on what I had just heard Latin guy say, along with what Lynn had said just the other night about going to a concert.
I normally leave school with Lynn every day, we share our last class together. We walk up the stairs from the basement, down the long and wide breezeway, down the math hall, down the JROTC hall, and end our journey on the glassy stairwell which overlooks the southern parking lot. Yesterday was different, I decided to not walk with Lynn. I was not happy that she was going to go to a concert with Latin Guy but she refused to even seriously discuss going to one with me. To which 4 minutes later she texted me the “disguise emoji.” To which I didn’t reply. Almost exactly two hours later, a little after, she texted me the angry face emoji. To which I just said, “Mad?” To which she just said “Ehh” and “but I know u r”. To which I also didn’t answer, I didn’t want to talk to her anymore. To which 6 hours later, about 11 PM, she says, “Hey, r u okay?” I decided to not answer again, because one, I didn’t have an answer, two, I was just being reluctant to talk to her. But I responded, eventually, as in, 13 hours later (today). “Yeah”. She asked a few more questions because she was skeptical, because I clearly wasn’t fine.
My friend decided it would be a good idea to go to the parade happening downtown today, though he was only going so he could see the girl he likes, who had a boyfriend, but I’m not getting into that lore. He picked me up and we drove downtown, parked about a half mile away, and we made our way to the street where the parade would be going down. I kinda look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie The Terminator and people often comment on that, especially when I decide to wear any form of sunglasses. The only thing that's really different between us is that our hair isn’t the same.
As we’re walking to the parade location, we find this nice spot, there's this large white truck parked though, and we can’t see on the other side of it. I told my friend that we should go to the other side of the truck, cross the street, and go to the street corner where the cathedral was. We decide to go around the truck, my friend going through the yard of this random building, and me going in between this truck and a bush. I then decided to take my sunglasses off, it was getting dark and I couldn’t see well. After I did this, I looked in front of me, it was a guy dressed in all blue and wearing rimmed glasses, I got closer, oh my days, it was Latin Guy. And who was he with? Oh no, it was Lynn. I didn’t expect to see either of them here, yet at the same time, I wasn’t surprised.
My voice is naturally very deep, it's something that everyone notices, and something which has scared some strangers. When I walked up to Latin Guy to say hello, it was even deeper and more direct sounding than usual, which was probably because I had a feeling of hatred towards both Lynn and him.
“I didn’t expect to see you here.” I said to him, “Nor you.” I said pointing to Lynn, who was sitting on his right. Lynn said nothing, Latin-Guy and I said a few more things between each other. Then my friend and I crossed the street to the church. I checked my phone and looked at yet another message of Lynn’s to which I hadn’t responded. “Anyway, can I help?” (Because it was evident I was not happy) to which I said, “No”. And began looking at the wall which encompassed the church grounds.
The wall was about 7 feet of bricks, and then on top of the bricks was a metal fence which had spear ends at the tip of each pillar of the fence. Being only slightly demented from Lynn and thinking about all the bad things regarding her, I decided I wanted to sit on top of the wall of the church to see the parade. I jumped up, grabbed two of the metal pillars of the fence, and pulled myself up. I only had about 6 inches of actual brick to sit on, because the fence ran through the midline of the wall, so I had to hold myself against the fence in order to stay on top of the wall. Less than 30 seconds later, Latin-Guy leaves the crowd of people, looks across the street, and proceeds to make hand gestures telling me to get down from the wall. No, I didn’t listen to him.
A few minutes later my friend decided we should go see that girl he likes, so we went back across the street, I tapped on Latin-Guy’s shoulder as a goodbye, and we left with haste. The entire parade was supposed to last about an hour, but we saw the entire thing in about 10 minutes. We were travelling in the opposite direction in which the parade was traveling, and we were at the place where the parade ended, we were going to where it started (the stadium) in order to see the girl my friend likes. The girl who introduced me to Lynn, from part one of this story.
I’ll end “chapter two” of this story here. I’m sure I’ll have a “chapter three” soon.
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I feel good! And confident!
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2021.12.05 05:01 xLostJoker Is there any reason to keep +XP mod on your ghost after season pass level 100?

Pretty much title. I cant get a solid answer on if it affects your light level bonus or if it ONLY works toward further eververse engrams?
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2021.12.05 05:01 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/d-gray-man-fille
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2021.12.05 05:01 WillowRaine18 Late-Night selfie 🤳😜 [OVER 18]

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2021.12.05 05:01 HighClouder “From Desert to Mars” NFT collection

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2021.12.05 05:01 FortniteStatusBot Everything is flipped.

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2021.12.05 05:01 HolmfirthUK110994 Taking a mental health walk day around the rural areas of holmfirth. Take a day if you need it. ♥️

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2021.12.05 05:01 PowerForce2021 Seven Years Later and Sunset Overdrive Has Got To Be One of The Most Fun and Underrated Games of 2014...! (captured on legion 5 laptop)

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2021.12.05 05:01 Reasonable-Profit999 My (20f) boyfriend (23m) has a crazy ex (22?f) should I encourage him to get a retraining order or take the high road?

The 🌟🌟🌟🌟 is where the current story starts. A little bit more than halfway down!
Alright my boyfriend (let's call him Shaun) dated a girl (let's call her Mandy) in 2018 for 3 months. From what I've been told, their relationship was alright in the beginning... how it always is! Slowly things started to go downhill over something about college or whatever, and he ended up breaking up with her. Afterwards, she created Instagram accounts and leaked his intimate photos while she followed his friends and acquaintances. She was able to find his extended family and shared those with them as well as calling his mom and dad frequently. He himself was also often barraged with calls from her and it was overall just a wild experience. So this occasionally continues, the spam calling and all, but he doesn't engage (allegedly). Skip to Summer 2020, where my boyfriend and I meet. Instantly we hit it off and had a wonderful honeymoon phase. We would often talk about life experiences and relationships. Very early in the relationship he warned me of a crazy ex, she'll text sometimes...but most of the time she'll leave him alone. I'm thinkin alright jealous ex so what. It happens a lot, right ?! It's not normal, but not a rare occurrence.
So I'm really into Shaun and we're still seeing each other, Christmas passes and so does New Years, Valentines Day... saying I love you is now a thing, and Mandy is still sending few and far between texts but I just think she is crazy and she is trying to get him to talk to her. Apparently, her life has not been an easy one so I try to give her the benefit of the doubt to this day. Part of me sympathizes for her. Shaun really is one in a million and probably the only guy who ever treated her like she was worth a damn.
Anyways, Shaun and I got into a biggg fight on a Sunday in February 2021, broke up, and I went home. We talked throughout the week, and then by like Wednesday we agreed to see each other the coming weekend, and that breaking up may have been irrational. Thursday night he tells me Mandy has contacted him. He then fessed up and says he contacted her first early in the week.
You know what here's my rant on this. Someone who has leaked your naked photos, found all of your families contacts, has now got your new number because of YOU... Like Jesus christ that's so self destructive. That's like inviting Ted Bundy into your house for coffee.. His defense was that Mandy was the only other girl he was ever in a relationship with and he was trying to fill an emotional void during the breakup, whatever. I know people text their exes all the time and even hookup after a breakup. It's starting to roll off my back but like... I just could never see myself in his shoes and doing that in good faith.
By that Friday I was back at his house. Everything back to normal, eating takeout and laughing about our petty fight when he gets a call. He answers and no noise comes from the other end. We both knew it was Mandy. So she calls again. Against my better judgement (typical) I decided to be a bitch and answer. "He's busy bitch." I said, and she hung up. Honestly, what a shock to her. She probably thought he was reaching out to her to mend the bond, just for another woman to answer, but she's literally a stalker... crazy shit...I digress... A few minutes later, I'm shaking with adrenaline feeling guilty asf and Shaun's mom comes down. She tells us Mandy has called her at 2am to tell his mom that Shaun and I were trying to have a threesome with Mandy. It was humiliating... time goes on and the spam calling gets worse... I feel like she was chosen over me, but I mean I'm sure lasting longer than 3 months. I felt betrayed, but I reached out to people I shouldn't have too during the four day break (they just weren't my stalkers!!!! and close friends I'd flirted with in the past whatever).
Okay anyway now it's a lazy Sunday, we're laying in bed and the police knock on the front door. I think nothing of it because I haven't done anything illegal. If anything, maybe the dog got loose or something, it's like noon. Shaun gets a peace order filed against him. It claimed that Shaun has harassed and humiliated Mandy, that he is a spam caller, etc. She had lots of audacious claims in the report, as well as her knowledge of the make and model of his new car that he got a year after they broke up (creepy asf).
🌟🌟🌟🌟 So now it's early March. We're at court, and I see her for the first time. I wanted to laugh or yell at her so bad, but I could never. I tried to look her in the eye on several occasions but she wouldn't look at me. Corny yeah, but I was sooo mad. Seeing the person that has caused yours so much hurt is a feeling I'd never felt. Never been that scared or mad in my life. I even considered waiting for her outside the courtroom. Definitely would have gotten arrested though if I started a fight so it wasn't worth it, and honestly the whole affair was not my business. Long story short, she ends up dismissing the case because she has no proof of him endangering her, while we have pages of documentation of her harassment and threats, as she's only brought herself. She had a bullshit statement and started crying, as the judge told them both it's better to not contact each other. Relieved, we go to iHop. Minutes after sitting down, no one other but Mandy has just gone against the judges advice. She'd sent a text about how he looked fat in that suit and she called me a fat fucking pig. Ironically enough, it was international women's day, and her social media feed was pushing for intersectional feminism. Stuff saying that no woman should be seen differently for race or size. Go figure... the spam calls and texts slow down again, and has currently became nothing... although, I checked her Instagram tonight (MISTAKE!) and lo and behold a picture of Shaun and Mandy from three fucking years ago posted from less than a month ago. A series of photos actually, with the caption "untouchable." Like damn you want him so bad come and get him! I'm starting to miss him too! 🙄 I almost liked it, but then she'll know my name. She'll find my family and start harassing them. Would that be so bad? If I could get her in court I'd have a strong case. If both of us wanted a restraining order, I think we'd have a good chance at getting it. Shaun's best friend was granted a peace order from Mandy through the court. The bitch is crazy, but again I kind of feel for her... Shaun being who he is doesn't want anything on her permanent record. (Although, she literally took his ass to court). It feels like I'm in a soap opera.
It's frustrating for me because she is thinner, but that's about it. Constantly comparing myself... why did he contact her of all people? His stalker!!! Cuz she's skinny??? Irrational. Anyway, I still find trouble in this. I hate it because I find myself thinking things against her that are misogynistic and rude.
It's not tearing me up inside out but I just saw the post and I'm a little under the influence and in the rabbit hole of my own thoughts!!! Should I let her know I exist? Taking the high road is so boring. I'm tired of feeling like she's part of my relationship. She wants power though right? She wants me to be sad?! Is me being mad giving her what she wants?! Tell me what you think cuz idk anymore 😭
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2021.12.05 05:01 jewelsies99 [CD][pass: gr23bh][BL 473]

Just two homies looking for a good time, wanted a third. Ring via co-op quick search. Happy hunting :)
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2021.12.05 05:01 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/rurouni-kenshin-fille
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2021.12.05 05:01 Rapscw13 How many hours a day 5 days a week would it take me to make 1k usd a month starting out.

Looking to move to Mexico and I love helping people and talking to new people. I’m just looking to make 1 thousand usd a month on cambly. Is this possible starting out? How many hours would i have to work?
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2021.12.05 05:01 bladesense Has racism been extravagantly overhyped?

There's this viral post about a PHV driver getting suspended because he didn't like hearing a passenger listening to prayer through her Airpod. But have people ever consider how was it that the driver can hear what's being played through an Earbud? was it at max volume?, or otherwise, the driver have very sensitive hearing or he is extremely stress and feeling depressed, like emotional exhaustion can lead to sensitive hearing?. Another point to consider, listening to prayers of any religion, could remind a person of grieve, as for the Buddhist, prayer are played through audio over and over during funerals. But. How difficult is it to just lower the volume, and ignore or even pretend to not have heard the driver comment and just move on?
Even those serving National service feeling pressured, and felt they're getting shit loads because they're the minority race in the department, and one recent post here where OP suggested an old lady didn't accept help from a young inter racial couple, but instate accepted help from a young boy because he was of the same ethnicity?
It now seems really scary that everything can be racist if we think it's racist, like people can throw the race card at service staff if their respond is slow? and when a guy offer to buy a girl drinks and she rejects because she's just racist?
Why can't people just focus on matter at hand? Like. the shopee incident? where the issue was a language barrier, and if anyone who can speak the same language then there will not be an issue? and people having issue with a person not understanding them have got nothing to do with their race? ie, A lone Indian who can speak Chinese will not have problem working for a majority Chinese company, while having the majority adjusting to fit that lone employee will not make any sense, but the problem is language. like Chinese who cannot speak Chinese will face the same problem? Hence, nothing to do with one being a particular ethnicity.
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2021.12.05 05:01 PowerForce2021 Seven Years Later and Sunset Overdrive Has Got To Be One of The Most Fun and Underrated Games of 2014...!

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2021.12.05 05:01 Coinglobe I got fired for taking too many breaks

I worked in gastronomy and that asshat fired me because "peoples food got cold while you were smoking outside". So what? I don't give a fuck about peoples food, i get minimum wage. And i stood up to him and told him that. Guess i'm fired now. While going, i opened every can and box in the storage room and OOOPSIEEE SOMEONE OPENED AN OIL TANK AND IT FLOODED THE WHOLE ROOM :-)
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