JaVale McGee 6 PTS 7 REB: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

2021.12.05 08:22 nf_highlights JaVale McGee 6 PTS 7 REB: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.05 08:22 Pak_Info_Bot Happy Sindhi Cultural Day.

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2021.12.05 08:22 IntrovertedMedic29 Girl who ended up in a FWB and developed attachment issues and has now been abandoned

I'm a girl and my best friend is a guy. We lived together last year and during quarantine, we ended up in a FWB situation. I ended up falling for him and he has tried to end things multiple times but we always end up doing things again. I have never been with anyone else but he had and he has slept with two other girls since the FWB started, one when we were 'on a break' and the other more recently because I didn't tell him I didn't want him to sleep with anyone else. I know he doesn't want to hurt me but I was very hurt and said I don't want to do anything with him anymore.
However, I am going through a depressive episode and I am staying with him because he is too scared for me to be on my own after listening to me talking about my feelings. Things have happened between us during this time. He then told me he doesn't want to live with me next year because he feels he is dealing with too many of my problems. This is reasonable but having sex with him has made me become attached to him and I feel abandoned. None of our other friends know about us having sex and I can't tell them so they all think he's right and I am being too clingy. They all chose to live with him and I have no one now.
I don't know what to do because I can't tell any of our friends about exactly why I am so attached to him so none of them will be able to understand my point of view. He is good at getting people on his side so nothing I say will make a difference. I have very few close friends who I trust and I feel so alone.
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2021.12.05 08:22 nf_highlights Cameron Johnson 12 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.05 08:22 Mynewsify-Website Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: National inquiry into his death, BBC News – UK

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2021.12.05 08:22 Scholarshipcorners United Arab Emirates University Scholarship 2022 in UAE

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2021.12.05 08:22 patate2000 My random stick prop, I have no idea what it is or where it came from, but I stuck it in water and it grew 🤷

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2021.12.05 08:22 B_l_i_n_d_b_o_i WWYB for Sundowner from MGR:R in 5e?

WWYB for Sundowner from MGR:R in 5e?
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2021.12.05 08:21 augurus0 This is what I do I swear

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2021.12.05 08:21 Jaguvix Difficulty bomb - how does it work?

So how does the Ethereum difficulty bomb work? Is it possible to just ignore the difficulty bomb after the POS hard fork? Then we can fork the network into ETC, ETH and ETH2. And we can continue mining ETC and ETH. Since 90% of GPUs will be obsoleted once ETH2 happens, I guess it is not too difficult to get consensus to ignore the difficulty bomb part of the code? After all, it has been delayed 5 times already. So I guess just set the delay=infinity or something? Furthermore, POS suffers from weak subjectivity. Which means that centralization is required to maintain the illusion of distributed consensus. Since Ethereum is the second most decentralized after Bitcoin, this means that POS is likely to fail on ETH2. POS works on other chains because they are Decentralized in Name Only.
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2021.12.05 08:21 Comprehensive-Slip93 Tip to get more gold

Yesterday i found out that new item that let you plant seed which you destroyed with sweettooth gives gold. From one plant you get max 60 gold but with new item (jar or yar? Dunno how to write it) gives you bonus max 60 gold. So you can get 120 gold. It’s good for Twisted Fate because of his passive and it’s cheap (2500 gold). Tried it in normals and it works. Any build idea to make it better?
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2021.12.05 08:21 oculariasolaria MemTest Errors

I need some advice. I sold a set of RAM sticks from my old PC which I used daily for many years and it never had any blue screen of death or crashes. In other words, I had no idea there is any problem with the RAM.
I sold the sticks and the buyer then came back to me and reported that the sticks are faulty because of MEMTEST results as per the screenshot.
Is it worth even bothering to get these back or should I just refund him and put them in the trash?
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2021.12.05 08:21 kirkood Lazy Sunday's are the best Sundays...

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2021.12.05 08:21 nf_highlights Damion Lee : All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.05 08:21 CURI0US_C00KIE IB or OSSD, prospective international student

Hi everyone :")
I'm currently a sophomore at a Canadian international school in Asia. My school offers only two university pathway which is the IB (International Baccalaureate), which I'm sure everyone here has heard, and another lesser known pathway call the OSSD (Ontario/Canada Secondary School Diploma).
My plan is to apply to top us colleges/universities for computer science (i.e udub, umichigan, ucberkeley, and carnegie mellon). I feel like the IB would make me a much more competitive applicant compare to OSSD. As the IB program is more rigorous and demanding. But in the IB I need to take a foreign language course (mandarin or cantonese) and I'm terrible at both despite mandarin being my mother tongue. So I think I would go with OSSD. Would doing so hurt my chances of getting into the afore-mentioned top colleges? My current high school average is 95%, I also took the SAT mock test with a score of 1490 (750 Math & 740 reading, writing).
+ If there's anyone here who has taken the OSSD program before, are 3u/m and 4u/m course considered honor courses or are they just regular courses?
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2021.12.05 08:21 Mynewsify-Website BTS wins Variety’s Record of the Year award, deliver heartfelt speech, The News International – Entertainment

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2021.12.05 08:21 Living-Sense5566 Question on changing attitude to “the rules”

When I was at university I did a course on psychology. I remember a lecture on traits of psychopaths, one of them was “lack of care towards accruing debt”. I think I took it the wrong way, as if it was saying “those in debt are psychopaths”.
As with most people, I moved to a major city after university and started working my way up the ranks. And, like most people, accrued a horrendous level of debt. Although I didn’t actively think “I’m a psychopath” I felt a tremendous amount of shame. I suffered a nervous breakdown in 2013 and my creditors - American Express and the royal bank of Scotland - totally shafted me. As soon as I was out of work they hit me with demands and default notices. I defined a payment plan and have been paying these debts off since then.
Funny thing is I am now in a position to comfortably pay off these debts, but I’m refusing. You see, I had a sort of conscious awakening in 2014 where I realised that society encourages us to get into debt then judges us when we can’t pay it back, for whatever reason.
I started meditating and I came to this realisation.
In addition, when using my car in London it’s almost impossible to avoid getting a ticket for some arbitrary rule. I was forced to use a bus lane when a cyclist swerved in front of me and TFL are still demanding the money. I’m happily refusing.
Naturally I’d not seek to break rules, especially if it endangered someone’s safety or caused any sort of harm. But is my lack of care towards things like debt and arbitrary traffic rules wrong? Did anyone get this when starting meditation?
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2021.12.05 08:21 nf_highlights Donovan Mitchell 34 PTS 6 AST: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.05 08:21 twonumbernines_ Can somebody help med decipher the signature on this dining table?

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2021.12.05 08:21 Mynewsify-Website Natural resources minister: More early warning systems to be installed at landslide-prone areas nationwide, Malay Mail – Malaysia

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2021.12.05 08:21 felonyindiscord What is Evil and Good, does they represent us?

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2021.12.05 08:21 deadhards How outdated is my PC? B450, 1060 3GB, Ryzen 2600x

Built a new PC right as Covid started last year which includes a B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard, Ryzen 2600x CPU, Nvidia 1060 3GB GPU, 2x Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Ram, and a Corsair H60 hydro series cooler.
I was using a very outdated PC but right after I built it the new generation of Gpu's came out and I felt like I was already behind, I had the 1060 3gb on my old PC before the new build and it was bare bones at the time but now it seems to barely make the minimum req for new games, BF 2042 for example had the 1060 as min req but apparently raised the min req to above that not that that specific game was optimized for anyone though.
Now I'm wondering whether I could upgrade my current PC to prolong its usefulness or if I should consider making a new build. Not even sure what I could upgrade on this build considering it's already pretty old tech but the thought of trying to hunt down a new 30 series GPU at retail is daunting. Not even sure what the go to motherboard and CPU is for the new generation cards but I'm sure it would be a considerable investment. What should I do?
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2021.12.05 08:21 xParesh Had six estate agents over – which one do I hand the instruction to?

I'm planning to put my flat the market in the new year so I had a few estate agents come over to value it last week. To clarify, I have a newly built purpose build 3 bedroom flat on the edge on London. Its in a low rise block. Three identical flats in this block sold this year so I have a good sense of what ours is worth. They sold for between £360k (before the stamp duty holiday was announced) all the way up to £395k during the SHD. With that said, mine should be worth £380 - £400k.
Here was the outcome and the valuations of six agents I had over last week:
Agent 1
· £410 - £425k valuation
· £2,000 fix fee which includes marketing, photos, floor plan but not video
· They haven’t sold much in the way of properties compared to the big agencies.
· This was the first agent I had over. They’re a small local independent company who all work from home.
· Thoughts: You’ll see from the next set of valuations its way higher than the others. It makes me wonder whether they’re over pricing it to secure the instruction. If I go by the principle, that its not what you market the property for but only what it sells for – and all the agents would just draw in the same pool of buyers – so why not stick with the lowest charging agent?
Agent 2
· £380 – 390k valuation
· 1.5% fee
· These are another big agency chain. They seem to be very aggressive with their attempts to sell. They seem to have a good marketing strategy, the usual, low offer over price to get people in, open day, all the usual marketing online. I felt they would secure a quick sale but I didn’t get the impression with them or any of the agents that they would find anyone who would offer more than any other agent could find. Hence, 1.5% + VAT is £6.8k on a £380k property. It seems like a lot of money to sell a ‘bog standard’ flat that has an established price value.
Agent 3
· £375 - £380k valuation
· Another big agency charging 1.5% +VAT.
· They sell a lot of properties on the market.
· They seem very experienced and established. Very keen to underplay value expectations. Similar selling strategy, market at £375k to draw people in and hope there is a bidding war to secure £380k. This strategy has been repeated by others.
Agent 4
· £375k valuation
· 1.75% fee
· A very established agency. Full of older people who have been selling since the 80s. They made a point of having almost 100yrs of selling experience between a team of 6 people.
· My only concern would be their selling methods seem old fashioned. Our property will probably go to a first time buyer but their clientele are older boomers looking to downsize.
· Again, their valuation was on the low end but the selling price will be whatever it is.

Agent 5
· £375 - £400k valuation
· 1-3% fee. I asked what was included in the higher end fee but it was nothing useful. I suppose if I wanted to market to a rich foreign investor, they could market aboard but it seems like an unlikely option for a standard 3 bed flat.
· Most bullish valuation of the remaining five but they’re offering all sorts of inclusion that I don’t think are needed ie drone videos of my block. Their 1% fee option includes all the basics so its still an option considering their drive.

Agent 6
· £375 - £385k valuation
· 1.5% fee which includes photos, floorplan and showing around. Video is an option but might not be included in the base fee.
· These are the BIG estate agency chain in the area and they have sold more properties than any other agency. The property boards are dominated by them. We bought this property from them ourselves
· Thoughts: Their valuation seems robust but again, paying £5,600 + VAT for their base fee if they sell it for £375k seems a bit much. They have a record of achieving 99.9% of their fee but I don’t think they can achieve anything higher than any of the others.

My guess is still the following based on what has been discussed
- Market it at offers over £375k to draw people in
- Have an open day
- Expect it to achieve £385k or maybe slightly more if there are multiple bidders
- I don’t see any ‘real’ value outside marketing the flat on the major property board with good photos, video and a floorplan
- As a result I’m minded to go with the agent charging just £2,000 + VAT but may pay other people for added value services - for example a friend of mine is a professional property photographer. I could pay him to take the photos and maybe a video tour as an aside from the estate agent fee.
Am I missing something here? Would one of the other agents be able to draw in a higher paying buyer with any of their marketing techniques? I myself have only looked on Rightmove/prime location for properties as Im guessing the vast majority of potential buyers would be too so as long as its listed there then I cant see the point in paying one agent several times more than another.
Can anyone suggest what more I should be looking for in an agency before I hand over an instruction?
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2021.12.05 08:21 Afroz05 Giant hand (35°01'56.8"N 118°13'27.9"W) Mojave, CA 93501, USA

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2021.12.05 08:21 nf_highlights Dennis Schroder 26 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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