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2021.11.28 02:42 lukasgrey_ You want deals that will make you a fortune? Rarible/Opensea : @lukasgrey 💸🙌🏻✨

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2021.11.28 02:42 Leap250 RIP DISHONOR - 哀にアネモネ/ai ni anemone [Alt Rock][2021]

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2021.11.28 02:42 RAYMONDSTELMO Night Thoughts on War and Storytellers

At the grand feast of literature, War and Fantasy often sit next one another. Seems a strange pairing. He’s a brute; she’s a dreamer. But fun fact: they grew up together in the bronze age. Hung out all through classical times (both dated Venus, but who didn’t?) When Mars marched to war, Fantasy sent her bards along to sing of bloody deeds entirely justified by their poetic worth.
Foot soldiers who scythed wheat last week needed to hear why they now held a spear, facing a horde of screaming strangers. They needed bards to explain that they fight for the gods; how men are mortal but acts of courage are eternal. In defeat or victory, the sparks from funeral pyres rise up to the stars. And so the Muse of Fantasy has always walked through battle fields, presenting the poetic answer to ‘what are all these dead people about’?
Not to call Fantasy a lackey. No troubadour worth their mead settles for singing commercial jingles for the God of War. And though there is no real god of war, no muse of fantasy, there has always been war and the bards who served. Which brings us to ground examined often as military maps of Alsace-Lorraine: what effect has war had on those who write fantasy?
They themselves often decline to say. It may be they cannot say. Those who know a subject are often NOT the ones who best describe it. Virgins can write excellent erotica; while tech knowledge is often inverse to a programmer's ability to explain code. When contemplating the pairing of War and Fantasy, it is worth considering some famous fantasy writers and how their writing was shaped by their experience.
A standard opening offensive: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. Two teenagers pulled from studying classical descriptions of Homeric war, sent into the 20th century industrial death factory called the First World War. Both lost friends, lost health, grew used to dead bodies stacked casually as spare lumber. Ever notice how Tolkien so often describes what happens to the dead after battle? It’s all through the War of the Ring. How many writers would have their heroes lose precious time to honorably dispose of Boromir? Recall after the battle of the Pelennor, there comes that beautiful listing of the fallen, complete with memorial for Theoden’s horse (and a cursed spot for the Nazgul’s steed). After the Scouring of the Shire’s, we learn where the honored fallen are buried, where the dishonorable are dragged away.
That’s a subtle reminder: the writer began the story in trenches where the dead were stacked like sandbags to hold back the flood. At war’s end, Tolkien became a stolid Catholic writing with a noble but tragic view of life. A grim vision of a fallen existence, redeemed by the affirmation that existence itself was still good. Yes, it’s miserable in the trenches of Middle Earth; but look up at the stars... so beautiful, so safe from this blight. And so when Prof T. describes battle, it is heroic; full of waving flags and glorious deeds. Battle as it should be, not how it is. Just as his elven songs give us a glimpse of existence as it should have been, just never is.
His fellow student-soldier C. S. Lewis was a born fantasy-addict. Inventing an entire world as a boy (complete with anthropomorphic creatures). Lewis describes less of war than Tolkien. For him it is not heroic pageant, for all the proud banners and fantastical beasts. Lewis depicts battle as a test of courage and faith. But depicting war on earth as a mirror for spiritual battle, is still to make war a thing of heroism and glory. War as it should be. As a civilian Lewis committed to a Christianity that he applied across Fantasy and Reality alike. Lewis turned his theology into his magic system, turning war into spiritual metaphor.
For perspective, let's consider a dreamer equal to Lewis and Prof T., who spent the war at a clerk’s desk while they grew sick in trenches bulked by corpses. Eric R. Eddison taught himself Norse; and converted his soul to a Viking theology of Noble Acts and Beautiful Beings. A mere six years after the war, he had the insane courage to publish 'The Worm Ouroborus'; an outright celebration of war. Eddison considers corpses as mere counters for the game of Heroic Deeds. War gives a chance for True Heroes to show their worth, nobly posed upon the piled dead. Hard not to read in Ouroborus the shout: Hey, I didn’t go to war but I appreciate it! Years later, Eddison’s son died in World War Upgrade 2.0. Whatever grief did Eddison felt, his sorrow never made it into fantasy. Like Conan Doyle and Kipling; two other celebrants of Glorious War who lived to regret sons lost in the glory. Whatever Eddison felt when older, we have only his young man's prayer to the gods: that they give us eternal war.
Age of exposure must affect the experience, whether in love, war or fantasy. Even for readers. If you encounter Frodo and Gollum when you are thirty, you will not get the Le Guine-described Elven head rush that adolescents feel listening to the Elves sing in the woods of the Shire at twilight. And so consider a fantasy writer sent to war, not as teenage dreamer but as a married, established writer-artist of thirty.
Merwyn Peake volunteered for the second world war, proposing to the army an exhibition of sarcastic paintings supposedly by former artiste Adolf H. The army bought the paintings; then gave Peake a gun and shoved him into the infantry.
What followed was a manic time of writing, painting, and breakdowns. At war’s end Peake was unwisely chosen to depict German death camps, where prisoners too starved and sick to be moved still lay dying. Peake the artist was thereafter haunted by the vision; Peake the writer was incapable thereafter of depicting reality as anything but a fevered mockery. For all the beauty of prose, the humor of social nonsense, in Peake’s Gormenghast books sound a constant background chime of despair. For Titus Groan and Steerpike alike, the world is a decaying ruin, unredeemable by any final victory, any return to home.
Peake was in his 30’s. What of a fantasist even older? Consider a quiet insurance salesman in their 40s sent to the trenches. He might come away not with a religious conversion that alleviates the PTSD, not even the comfort of a nihilistic ‘the world is mad, beautiful and meaningless’. A less flexible mind might decide the world is just plain, double-damned evil.
David Lindsay was a middle-class Scottish insurance clerk sent to the 1st World War trenches in his 40’s. No dreamy student, nor a mind searching for spiritual comfort. The exposure of his mature mind to war’s horrors led to a complete gnostic negation of Life itself. The world was not ‘flawed but ultimately good’, as Tolkien saw. And though it was a spiritual battle, the ‘good’ side was not on the side of Life. Lindsay came away from war ready to declare that even beauty, humor and joy were evil, in the sense of distracting us from remembering the only salient fact: this life is wrong. To find another writer with similar views, you’d have to visit PKD on a darker day.
You would think it the younger minds confronted with war, who’d conclude life is meaningless, a prank show of the devil. But minds still shaping a model of reality are more able to form some system of hope, to declare this world of wars has some rebuttal to horror. The young have the flexibility to reconcile the world they see with the world they desperately want.
Older minds have already committed to a vision of reality. If that world-view cannot explain the horrors of war, it will break into shards of cynicism and despair. Both Peake and Lindsay were wounded by war in ways the younger fantasists seemingly escaped. Those wounds are in their works.
Let’s take one last fantasizer, use him as warning not to seek easy patterns. Kurt Vonnegut was a young soldier taken captive in the Battle of the Bulge; sent as prisoner to the German city of Dresden. There he watched the city destroyed by fire-bombs. Afterwards he was set to dragging corpses out from the moon-scape rubble.
Vonnegut is often mistaken for a nihilist; like Twain, he loved mocking all things revered. And yet his tone is not mock-serious. It is the reverse: mock-flippant. In fact, Vonnegut is entirely sincere in declaring war is evil, a thing of the devil. He just dislikes saying it directly. In Vonnegut’s books, the fire storm over Dresden becomes almost a vision of God. Too large and inhuman to comprehend. It must be approached indirectly, through the view of clowns like Billy Pilgrim, or broken madmen like Eliot Rosewater.
That was a simple sampling. One could add another legion of bards who marched with Mars. And yet, with each addition from Cervantes to Ambrose Bierce, Roald Dahl and Robert Heinlein, on to the writers of THIS millennia whose thoughts on war I’ve yet to catch in fiction... there is always the doubt whether we truly spy war’s effect on their stories. We may just be reading in what we think a writer should have felt. All said, we can only be certain that something so horrible, so large and grand and monstrous MUST be somewhere within their creations.
Mars is not the god of storytelling. Just the god most likely to permanently mess with the story teller.
Clive Staples Lewis J. R. R. Tolkien Mervyn Peake David Lindsay) E. R. Eddison Kurt Vonnegut
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2021.11.28 02:42 Psychological-Ad1233 Enjoying snow with laura

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2021.11.28 02:42 Siggy920 Just looking for high level Pokémon for east elite four

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2021.11.28 02:42 JonahIsCoolah Myanmar Flag 2

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2021.11.28 02:42 Tough-Swim-3116 Weight training for Muay Thai

Apologies if there have been posts about this, i couldn't find any with a quick search.
Have joined a new MT gym for when NZ comes out of covid lockdown. Am new to Muay Thai but have boxed before. Is weight training that common for someone who is keen to take MT seriously but probably not getting to the level of actually competing?
Was thinking of trying to do just a full body compound routine (squats, deadlifts etc) in low rep range twice a week or so with accessory core work
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2021.11.28 02:42 i_am_why was looking through wombo.art put in doug doug and got this

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2021.11.28 02:42 meneame_el_reddit Test para viajeros: ¿Sabrías decir en qué localidad se encuentran estas fachadas?

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2021.11.28 02:42 Hankisnotmyname Is multiplayer offline?

I’m trying to play with my brother on our xbox ones but we can’t connect to the ea server. I assume the servers aren’t supported anymore? Please help.
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2021.11.28 02:42 Carmedion Ex-boyfriends/Ex-girlfriends that used to have a crazy ex of Reddit, what is your story?

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2021.11.28 02:42 wheyprotein999 Advice needed for hat embroidery project

My gf’s dad has a beloved beagle that was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. For Christmas, I’d like to embroider a beagle (something simple like https://www.nicepng.com/maxp/u2q8y3w7w7o0a9t4/ ) on a baseball cap for him. I can’t decide whether to embroider right on the hat (this seems difficult especially over bumps) or to embroider on fabric, make a patch, and sew it on. I’m not by any means an embroidery master, but I’ve done more complicated designs than this that turned out well. Any wisdom about patch vs. hat is much appreciated!
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2021.11.28 02:42 UCHIHA_____ITACHI Sorry if already asked. What if I already have a BOH and I win the challange? Can I get to claim it anytime before the deadline?

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2021.11.28 02:42 GreyFox1984 What do you think infrared and ultraviolet and beyond would look like if we could see them?

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2021.11.28 02:42 bfeeny Bike circa 2003, Espresso machine circa 2021

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2021.11.28 02:42 therealthonmaker62 probably my last time doing DXM for a hot while

I just cant stand the syrup, and i cant seem to get my hands on RoboTabs or here in Canada at the moment, or even any Gelcaps near me. But yeah, jesus, its so hard to plug my nose and chug through like 100mLs like i could when i first started. Atleast this high will be fun!
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2021.11.28 02:42 divulgaSafadas Namorada de amigo, deliciosa... o que fariam? Quem quiser chama pv, tenho mais pra trocar

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2021.11.28 02:42 LividPay1903 Need feedback on this short random story that came to my mind.

Hi guys I was just sort of looking for critique on my work (a measly paragraph or few), if it's too cliche, weirdly written, or whatever, please feel free to tell me.
A nationwide announcement, high stakes, and 6 figures littered about. We were tossed orders to design an automaton of the likes of Daedalus, but one that exceeded him, that would soar close to the stars and planets without plummeting into an abyss of tragedy and space. To be sent to the lonely red planet that seldom showed in the now smoky sky, sparingly speckled with stars, it was our chance at redemption, at life in the open.
What they didn't tell us that our creation, who'd we tinkered on day and night for 500 days, dressed in metal plated armor, and gave a face of two eyes, a nose, and a mouth to mirror ours, would perish within a single day. As we watched the footage, it's blurred flashing light and its metamorphosis into a blank screen. We were told to make a stronger automaton, something less flimsy.
So we did.
This time we gave it a voice, some thoughts, and deep in the flurry of nights as we worked on it, his raspy voice would tell us jokes, punchlines we already knew but sounded endearing from our creation; he'd tell us of the world outside the blazing fire of the forges, despite the dark grey ashen walls of a mighty mountain, being his only reality too.
We were hopeful this time, and that was worse. They did not bother to show us the footage this time around, even they had receded into a crevice of panic and doom. But the wayfarer news never does settle, just as dust that remains suspended on the rusty red planet. We heard stories of serpents, serpents that awoke from the sleep of a millennia as they heard our metallic scouts step foot onto the planet, serpents that stirred, heaving a sigh of repulsion so magnanimous, that our sturdy Richter scale was awed. Storms that brewed turbulently that the metal and wires become one with the planet's soil and soul, strewn about like tiny hatched silvered snakes that glinted our failure, our fates: to create something that was bound to fall.
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2021.11.28 02:42 FwDorisdavenport132 Christmas season is the best season

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2021.11.28 02:42 Dubbys $189 E3V2 on Amazon right now with glass bed.

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2021.11.28 02:42 Joefied NA (PS4/PS5) Looking for a seasonal diamond team/squad to be apart of.

I’ve been a solo Q most my apex life and I’m finally at where I can get to diamond quite easy and want players/squad along the same level to play with. Which is why I’m looking for something that’s possible long term. I play pretty much daily unless I have a really bad day and feel my gunplay off.
Sounds like I’m posting for a dating app or something
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2021.11.28 02:42 Proper-Sock4721 Metro station entrance Gorkovskaya in St. Petersburg looks like a landing UFO

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2021.11.28 02:42 pneuny The only way to overthrow YouTube

YouTube has made a series of terrible decisions, and they get away with it every time. Why? Because they have a massive content library and more than a decade head-start of user uploads.
There is a solution. An open source video hosting site that will aggregate content from a variety of customizable sites, including YouTube, Peertube, Odysee, and more, and embed them. You could have multiple instances, much like Invidious.
The algorithms should be independent, using a local database of all YouTube metadata. So searching videos will not be biased the way YouTube wants it to be. It would have comments, likes and dislikes, and all social functions will be hosted on the decentralized system, not on YouTube. This prevents manipulation of the comment section, as well as keep dislikes around. If these databases were hosted on a Blockchain, it could sync across instances.
It will need it's own algorithm to compete with the YouTube algorithm (One of YouTube's biggest monopolies is in content discovery). This will allow for a more organic transition to alternative video sites, since recommendations can be platform-agnostic.
Invidious is great, but taking the next step is necessary for internet freedom.
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2021.11.28 02:42 JambonDorcas Christmas tree made of poop.

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