1st ban and I'm still banned 30 minutes later. 265 ranked games with only 8 DNF, all from game crashes or "You have been disconnected from the local network". Not sure the best fix for this, but simply being able to rejoin ranked games would help a lot.

2021.12.04 03:54 Ecom1414 1st ban and I'm still banned 30 minutes later. 265 ranked games with only 8 DNF, all from game crashes or "You have been disconnected from the local network". Not sure the best fix for this, but simply being able to rejoin ranked games would help a lot.

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2021.12.04 03:54 CabinetDifferent5009 What is the most respectful way you have been rejected?

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2021.12.04 03:54 No_Junket_8139 Guys, whats the most annoying thing about being a guy? And girls, whats the most annoying thing about being a girl?

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2021.12.04 03:54 tiptiop23 In your opinion, what countries have the most attractive people native to it?

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2021.12.04 03:54 aersult Initiative by... time taken? Speed? FF - XIII

I've been thinking about how odd initiative is in DnD. A sword strike doesn't really take 6 seconds, casting some badass spell probably takes longer than 6 and what the heck are monsters doing just getting stabbed and burned for like 30 seconds straight?
Soooooooo, I was thinking about how initiative/turns worked in Final Fantasy XIII (what a shock that was to get used to, but ultimately pretty dang cool!). In case you don't know, every combatant has a 'speed', and turns are taken according to how OFTEN combatants are able to go rather than just a straight order. For example, if the PC were faster than the monster, at some point the PC would get an extra turn as its marginal speed advantage added up to a full turn.
In case I'm explaining this poorly: MATH! Let's say it works as: speed = 10-dex mod. If a PC has +4 and a monster has 0, then the PC speed is 6 and the monster is 10. The turn order would be PC (6), M (10), PC (12), PC (18), M (20)... I don't think thats quite how they calculated it in FFXIII, but it can't be that far off.
So, I'm wondering if a system like this could work in DnD. You would HAVE to have an app or spreadsheet for tracking initiative but once created I don't think that would be too crazy.
I think a system like this could solve some issues with the action economy, but would probably need some balancing. For example, I feel like rogues damage would have to be reduced to balance how often they would have turns; and maybe barbarians the opposite?.. You could also use the modified action speed tables from the DMG to incorporate how slow action or multiactions are actually slow. You could even get super crazy and be all like 'you have 4 seconds uninterrupted before the dragon begins to act', the PC could cast a 10 second spell, but the dragon might interrupt once it's turn arrives. But what a nightmare that would be to track without tech.
I'm fairly new to TTRPGs so maybe there's another system out there that already does this.
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2021.12.04 03:54 ConstructionNo9034 huggy wuggy

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2021.12.04 03:54 _kiminara /neoncities Subdirect Statistics

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2021.12.04 03:54 sweetmadison3 Waiting on round 2 of SIBO results- possibly from salmonella poisoning

In May of 2021 I ended up (along with my 10 year old nephew) getting salmonella poisoning from some dairy free cashew cheese. It was the worst food poisoning and lingered for 10+ days. I did a 7 day round of both flagly + cipro and ended it there.
3 weeks post infection I started getting a tight stomach, belching, burning, nausea, fatigue, and extreme bloating. Well fast forward 6 months later, 2 endoscopy’s, 1 barium swallow, Bravo capsule, Gastropersis test, CT scan, and 1 SIBO breath test all coming back normal and negative I’m now onto my 2nd SIBO test. (I also went gluten free and sugar free for multiple months. I already am on a plant based diet so dairy was already out of my diet).
I made an appointment 4 months ago with a Functional GI Dr and we are redoing my SIBO test along with a food allergy test. Stay tuned to see if I have SIBO and what the heck I’m going to do to HEAL.
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2021.12.04 03:54 radioactive_beans Wholesome

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2021.12.04 03:54 even1nggg Help with my Sophora Little Baby!!

Help with my Sophora Little Baby!! Previously I noticed spider mites on my Sophora little baby and followed instructions online to wash them off and remove the webs as much as possible. I don't notice any more spider mites but my plant seems to be yellowing or falling off day by day :( Can someone help me with this, all the cute leaves groups are gone. It just looks so bare overall


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2021.12.04 03:54 BDMis17 $2 for the mega

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2021.12.04 03:54 helloIamrabbit New to mormon church

Hello, so I have been a christian for more than 3 years now and recently I have been contacted by a mormon missionary. All missionaries seem like very nice people and he seems really interested in me and he has told me that once his mission finishes, he wants to get to date me and he does want a future with me but im scared if he is only interested in converting me and leaving me "flirt to convert", my mind has been occupied with this for so long and i have been praying but its as though God is silent :(
what are your thoughts and opinions? has anybody else been in a similar situation?
side note: what happens in the temples? they seem so secretive about it. I know marriage and baptism for the dead happens there but I am really confused and frightened tbh.
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2021.12.04 03:54 CHiuso Ohma is by far the least interesting character in Kengan.

Everything about him is a cliche. His backstory is a long list of done to death tropes in manga. Adopted, adverse childhood, mysterious master who dies before the story starts oh and the thing about his memories not being accurate, which unlocks more powers for him.
His personality is probably the most boring thing about him. How many times have we seen the brooding, too cool for everyone battle junkie that also happens to be unfamiliar with the very concept of women?
Oh and of course, a super OP fighting style that counters pretty much everything. Basically if Ohma is your favourite character then you're kinda basic.
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2021.12.04 03:54 shaik004 Bosch dishwasher red light on floor

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2021.12.04 03:54 FemmeDe-LaFemme Judging by the WL and Rejections to T14 schools is it safe to say that medians are going to be the same as last year?

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2021.12.04 03:54 bigoof21 I definitely would

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2021.12.04 03:54 Roxishl What an answer you would like to give, but the question for it isn't posted yet?

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2021.12.04 03:54 Uscay W or L?

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2021.12.04 03:54 KikiDance123 好可怕(இдஇ; )

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2021.12.04 03:54 DamascusSeraph_ Wargame For Volgograd (Reboot) Part 1: The Challenge

Authors Note:
Hello this is a redo of a story i used to write but stopped due to life reasons and wanted to continue but also wanted to change enough things that warranted rewriting the story. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you enjoyed and of any grammatical errors that occur.
Part 1: The Challenge
[Coaltion Council Chambers] [5:34 Pm, Universal Standard Translated to Earth Time] [Opening Ceremony for new species]
Vlad Karastinski, The Soviet Terran ambassador sits in his assigned seat near the back of the Orion Arm Wargame coalition. Listening intensely to the speaker of the coalition, a squid like creature who has a water reservoir backpack on their back for breathing. Speaking through a universal translator about various formalities, previous winners and finishing up the introduction spiel.
"And now with that out of the way" The speaker pauses for a moment to let the ambassadors who had checked out to listen back in and or turn their translators back on. "As many of you know we have a few new species who have been invited into the wargame coalition and as standard i must explain how the coalition works and operates and why it does so."
Once again those who had checked out during the beginning speech turned off their translators again. Vlad, on the other hand, paid very close attention. This being his and by extension humanities first attendance of this 'coalition'. A camera crew recording for the Populus on earth on what is going on keeps a clear view of the speaker form the second floor. along with multiple drone cameras for the various species and nations news agencies to report.
"As you no doubt know, war is a terrible thing, that destroys lives and ends in nothing but destruction and death in its wake. And with modern weapons that could scour planets in days, war is untenable if we as a collective are to remain living on habitable worlds. Thus, this coalition has formed of all the sentient species in the galaxy, to settle disputes in the only way agreeable to all. By War, simulated war."
Vlad looked around at the half dozen 'new species' to join the coalition, though few looked 'human' enough to tell facial expressions, the translation software in his glasses shows them to have confused expressions. he had been briefed on the 'meaning' of the coalition before his arrival, yet still he pretends to be a little confused.
"Thanks to the Garshall twelve centuries ago in the field of advanced Virtual reality, simulated war games have replaced real war, allowing contests of arms to still be made for claims in territory and planets without the cost of life and resources. And not only as a means of settling disputes, but as a new form of entertainment and public service, with funds generated by viewings of wargames helping to keep the hyper lane beacons active for all species for free. Now all species will be required to challenge another in virtual combat, to help generate revenue for the hyper lanes. as such you will all be able to challenge another coalition member to a wargame, where the winner will receive a prize. Due to your new status, you will not be allowed challenge for territory. You will be receiving a list of all Empires accepting challenges form new species including their win rates and previous battles. While we have a short break you will be able to choose and declare you challenge to your target aloud on the podium. You are all dismissed."
Vlad got up, taking a holotablet from a drone with all the information on it. and began uploading the data to his personal tablet. Activating his earpeice, he spoke quietly as he walked out into the hallway. Entering a private and soundproof 'communication room'.
"General secretary, you have all the information, yes?"
a Feminine voice comes through. "Yes Vlad, the politburo and General staff is reviewing everything now. You already know our choice though, Correct?"
"Da, The Garshals. Correct? Might i ask why we are challenging the species with the highest win rate? Perhaps we should pick a safer choice."
"General Zhang brought up that not only would fighting the premier power with zero stakes be a boost to our prestige if we win, if we lose, we gain valuable insight on the best tactics and strategies they use. and be able to change tactics accordingly before any stakes are involved. Either way, we win somehow. And we will be better prepared for the next championship where we will get territory."
"Yes yes, here is hoping for our weapons, and tactics are effective in a virtual space as well as they are in our own mock battles. I doubt the Garshalls will let us have an easy victory"
"Indeed. Very well, let's see if the Garshalls have anything to say about our challenge then."
Vlad exited the private communications room, walking back into the main chamber where he sees he is the last to return. Nodding to the speaker he takes his seat behind the podium with the other new species. the last to be able to declare their challenge. Watching one species after the other challenge a relatively low-ranking species to their first mock war, the only other species being an avian like race challenging a fairly moderately ranked species to one of the mock naval wars. A few nods of approval from many of the other species representatives seemingly approving of the avian species gusto. Then as the avian walked off the stage to their seat. Vlad takes the stand at the podium.
"Hello dear representatives, We the Terran Soviet socialist Republic challenge the Garshalls to a defensive land combat. Do you" Vlad looks and points to the Garshal representative, currently looking surprised at the declaration. "Accept our challenge, as the current champion surely you have nothing to fear."
That comment had made the Garshall representative scowl at the terran, before a quick harsh "Yes we accept" Emits from the universal translator. Stunning the rest of the representatives.
Vlad smiles. "We look forward to testing our mettle against yours." and begins leaving the chamber. News camera drones flashing and barking out various questions. Vlad visibly turns off his translator as he walks out. his two Security guards following after swatting a few drones out of the air as they tried to follow.
"Thank you for tuning into the Galactic Coalition news Network! Exciting news for fans of the games, as what seemed like regular boring low tier fights between the newest members and low ranked species has taken a sudden turn. The recently discovered "Terran Soviet Socialist Republic" has officially challenged the reigning champion of the Coalition, the Garshall Confederacy! You heard that right viewers! As you can see here form this recording, the Soviet ambassador has-
"-lcome to the Official Garshall Coalition Report. No doubt you all must know by now as the upstart nation of the TSSR Has challenged our great nation as their first 'enemy' in the coalition. Boldly and without the fear and reverence that our kind deserves, the ambassador challenged our ambassador to his face! We will not stand for this! We will show these upstarts the true meaning of Garshall military might! Even now our elite troops prepare in countless wargames in preparation! We will not faulter we-
"-oviet News network! Live from the Wargame Coalition, our ambassador challenges the Garshall confederacy. The current highest rated empire in the coalition itself. And one of its founders! While intimidating its fellow coalition members our great state will show the meaning of patriotic war upon the imperialist xenos! Even now soldiers of the Grand Red army are being trained to fight the alien menace in true terran fashion. Their fury will be no match for soviet zeal! As many-
[The next week] [Coalition Council Chambers] [6:34PM Universal Standard translate to Earth Time]
The second to last challenger, the representative of the avian race that asked for a naval war against a fairly high-ranking species finishes their proposal and starting conditions of the 'conflict'. with most coalition members barely paying attention except those involved or those interested. But as he steps off the stage, with cameras now focusing on the last representative to propose Their starting conditions, everybody perked up, paying close attention now to the "Main show" as some coalition members had put it.
Vlad and General Zhang, walked up to the stage, taking their position at the podium as the Orion arm watched in anticipation. Vlad spoke up, clearing his throat before activating the holographic projector behind them. Showing a the 'battlefield' behind them.
https://imgur.com/a/ykyMeyL (Image of Map, let me know if link does not work so)
"As our challenge we will be defending a city of historical importance against the Garshalls, A Historic battle occurred there during the largest war in our species history. and our challenge to the garshalls is to attain victory in less time than the battle took to complete. A total of Five months, and One week of time."
Vlad waited a few moments for translation software to convert terran time into their own species time. A wave of shocked looking faces and whispers among the various delegates occurred. The previous longest challenge had only been a month long, and even that was considered a horrendously long affair. The garshall Representative and what appeared to be a general judging by the various medals on his uniform, looked surprised, and seemed to laugh to themselves as Vlad looked over at them.
'You won't be laughing very soon' Vlad thought to himself. as he handed the podium to General Zhang.
"As per coalition rules, defenders gain a week preparation which will not be counted in the time limit, at which point the attacking forces will gain double the number of credits to spend on equipment than the defenders. as time goes on each side gains credits to spend on reinforcements each month. Are these terms acceptable to you, or are these terms too unfavorable for the confederacy?" Zhang states, purposefully speaking the last part to target the Garshalls Pride.
The Representative was about to speak up before the Garshall general shouts out. "We are not afraid of you. We accept your terms!"
Vlad and Zhang both smiled. "Then it is agreed. Prepare yourselves Garshalls, we expect a challenge." Zhang comments before leaving the stage. Followed by vlad as the various press camera drones catch every second of the juicy drama to air for the next week to hold their audiences over until the war starts.
The Garshall Diplomat walks down the hallway, shaking his head as the general rambles on next to him.
"Those upstarts have the gall to say such disrespectful things, doubting our ability to so much as challenge them?! They have given us five Months! Five months! That is longer than most many wars most species have fought! What do these humans hope to accomplish?!"
The pair walk into their species section of the council space station, the general grabbing a purposefully disposable vase and shattering it against a wall. a few shards of the previous vase still remaining as a drone appears to sweep up the vase.
"We will crush them in less than a week. Our armor is unstoppable, our infantry is the most elite in the arm! no, the galaxy! and our Starfighters will blot out the stars. They will wither upon our fire, and we shall humiliate them for their arrogance!" The general shouts out, not noticing the diplomats head shake, nor the irony of his last statement.
"I hope you get your anger out now. Disrespect or not i expect you to work with a cool head when facing these upstart 'terrans'. or as they prefer to refer to themselves. 'soviets'. A strange ideology indeed." The diplomat mutters to himself.
"Do not worry about my judgment diplomat. I have never lost a challenge and i do not intend to let my final challenge be a loss before i retire." The general grumps, already pulling out a data pad to plan his strategy. Grumbling to himself as he walks away to his quarters.
To Be continued....
Authors Note:
Also, before anyone asks no i am not communist nor endorsing communist ideology. I just felt like regular 'Terran republic' was getting a little boring and didnt like stories with a 'Terran empire' so I went with a less explored option, a communist terran state. Plus my last version of the story had the terrans dress up as soviets as a theme and i wanted a reason for that now.
Also, if any youtubers read this please let me know so i can watch your video. You have my full permission to make videos on this. As long as you let me know about it.
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2021.12.04 03:54 Select_Inevitable_28 Tana's free OF

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2021.12.04 03:54 underpricedteabags is the voting algorithm based on how much money you spend on the game?

When the CC pass originally came out I decided to subscribe and invest more of my time and money into the game, and I started getting 4.5+ stars as my usual score even when I wasn’t using any CC and made a bunch of top looks each month. After the issue with facebook I unsubscribed as i didn’t want to give any money to the game, and my scores drastically changed, even when comparing casual looks with no CC or props before and after the subscription, the scores when I had it were much higher. I recently caved in and resubscribed and my scores have reached up again to 4.5+ stars as my usual.
I feel like part of the algorithm is to instantly give players that spend real money a boost in voting in order to convince them to keep spending to keep their scores high if they ever stop. has anyone experienced anything similar?
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2021.12.04 03:54 The__Joker__ Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis - minimal to no pain in 3 days (not a scam)

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2021.12.04 03:54 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Hello New Traders

Use my Referral Code: PHNXCWXT
Link: https://www.binance.me/en/register?ref=PHNXCWXT
And we’ll have a 10-10% split on trading commission so you’ll be saving 10% on your trades. If that’s okay with you. Thanks & Happy Trading. 😊
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