Idol League w/ bugAboo - Teaser (Air date: 211204)

2021.11.30 09:23 josephiennn Idol League w/ bugAboo - Teaser (Air date: 211204)

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2021.11.30 09:23 rachelkatz Can exes be best friends?

Is it realistic for two exes to be best friends when one previously dumped the other (instead of something mutual)? We have platonic conversations, but at some point won’t the person who dumped you just stop wanting to talk to you?
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2021.11.30 09:23 malushanks95 Klopp’s pre match press conference thread for Everton vs Liverpool

Thread for Klopp’s pre match press conference quotes for Everton vs Liverpool.
His conference will start at 12.30 pm GMT. I’ll update the thread as the conference goes on.
Where to watch- Klopp’s pre match press conference
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2021.11.30 09:23 Top-Recording3277 Naturelly verycool..

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2021.11.30 09:23 Techlidbull Quick sndl update here

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2021.11.30 09:23 PresaleHuntersBSC Presale Hunters BSC 30/11/21


We publish a presale list every day between 11-13 UTC.
Most of the presales are on the dxsale, unicrypt or pinksale platform.

🖍 Presale form 👉 FORM

🔎 How to spot potential rug

❗️ Use only the official presale links available on the social media of a given project ❗️
❕ The hours may change ❕
❗️ Do your own research before investing! This is just a list ❗️


📋 List 30/11/21

Name Presale start time Telegram Website
$SPW 13:00 UTC https://spaceship/
$cheesus 13:00 UTC
$XEEB 14:00 UTC
$WidiLand 14:00 UTC
$MBNB 15:00 UTC https://magic/
$AngryFloki 15:00 UTC
$Liitle Shiba Inu 15:00 UTC
$SQUID 16:00 UTC
$Treasury 16:00 UTC
$DRAG 16:00 UTC
$BNBC 16:30 UTC
$KSC 16:30 UTC
$Devia8 18:00 UTC
$BLBN 18:09 UTC https://blood/and/
$Ferret 19:00 UTC
$ORION 20:00 UTC
$Zeta 22:00 UTC
$FPUMP 00:00 UTC

You invest at your own risk! Do your own research! Anything can be a scam!

Join to us community!
| Telegram channel | Telegram group | Publish0x Blog | Reddit |

Contact: [](
Tg: Voityuek / Hubitothemoon
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2021.11.30 09:23 Creative-Ad3650 I want to make commentary videos I just can’t find anything to start about There’s my only commentary video so far i more want people who keep up with trends not just a dumb video or person but that helps to
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2021.11.30 09:23 DesignerClub3243 what is the first thing you will do if you get a invisibility ?

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2021.11.30 09:23 Cheenug Hol' up

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2021.11.30 09:23 Old_Bed8247 💎 Metaverse Legend - Launch today - Liquidity Locked|Metaverse 🤖| Expert Team Influencer Push|🎮 VR Game Release|⏰

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🎮 Metaverse Legend is designed with a singular purpose in mind to help fund and support the development of the next generation of blockchain projects !
🎮 Total Supply: 1.000,000,000
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🛡 Liquidity Locked
⚔️Contract: 0x01ab5A3945Fd2ABDE6914E97B5b912705bD028c8
⚔️Renounced Ownership:
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2021.11.30 09:23 shazbaz This is why...

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2021.11.30 09:23 CoinjoyAssistant Empire NFT Marketplace now supports Ethereum; Solana and major exchange listing soon

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2021.11.30 09:23 GODwOROSEOSTic 🍣Baby Sushi - Gem X100 🍣 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today! | Great Community

🍣Baby Sushi - Gem X100 🍣 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today! | Great Community

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🍣 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.

🍣 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.

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2021.11.30 09:23 Hajimeri Hit masters with 170k power 1 day before reset! info on comments

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2021.11.30 09:23 Exciting-Service8263 Digital Download

Does anyone know any good Youtube videos to making selling digital downloads, I cant find none I think i’m not wording them right Thank You.
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2021.11.30 09:23 Cleretic [Spoilers: Inevitable, but none in the OP] A thought about mindsets encouraging a lot of popular Hydaelyn theories

So this isn't related to actual lore predictions or theories or anything, but more a response to a fairly popular one. It's a thought I've had kicking around for a couple years, so I figured I'd try to articulate it directly, especially just on the doorstep of Endwalker, which is absolutely the 'if this is ever gonna happen it'll be here' point. Specifically, I'm talking about the myriad theories that eventually amount to 'we'll fight Hydaelyn'. There's a whole pile of different permutations for how it'll happen, ranging from 'we'll be forced to by extreme circumstance', to 'mercy kill for the good of the planet', to 'she's just as bad when it comes down to it', to 'The Ascians Were Right'. Really the only thing they have in common is their endpoint, and I wanted to explore where I think that comes from.
Ultimately, FFXIV, like--I'd estimate--most other video games worth noting, is a game where our primary means of interaction with the world and story is through violence. I'm not saying this in a negative way, and in fact I'd very much say that FFXIV is notable for having a good amount of stories that don't amount to that (I do think the fact the crafters and gatherers have questlines just as legit as the combat jobs is a huge boon of FFXIV's writing), but at the end of the day, FFXIV is a game that, like countless others, is all about either actively doing a violence, or preparing to.
In a lot of games, all story and setup ultimately amounts to that: putting you on the path to enemies and giving you pretense to be okay with what it's about to ask of you. And for a lot of stories, that's kind of all you need, and that wagon will take you far until the wheels start falling off through overuse. But I think fantasy games hit an interesting problem with this. One that's, weirdly, embodied by my single least favorite line in all of FFXIV, but I think is popular solely because of what it embodies.
"Just know I'll kill your god if I have to. Maybe even if I don't."
I think that there's sort of an inevitability in a large-spanning fantasy story, the types with big gods and fantastical creatures. And I doubt I'm the first person to notice this. But I think that, as a story in that sort of fantasy setting goes on, the more people eventually consider 'Kill God' the natural end point. An almighty being exists somewhere, and thus, we must throw hands. Sure, a lot of people will want to, for many reasons, but I don't know if it's a widely-held desire so much as a widely-held acceptance. If a story with a god in it can only be interacted with through violence, that god must die, as naturally as the sun sets.
There's a side-question there of asking the 'chicken or the egg' question about when and how this started; was there a playerbase at some point that wanted to kill a god and couldn't, or did someone once decide to write 'this time, you kill god', thereby opening eyes to what was possible? I'd love to just point at Shin Megami Tensei II's final boss being YHVH and say 'this is the point where we started killing God at the end of stories', but that's probably wrong. Regardless, it's not really as important as where we are now.
I feel like this is why all those Hydaelyn theories exist. Not because there's textual evidence to support that happening, but because metatextually, we all know: we will kill Hydaelyn, because Hydaelyn is a god in a fantasy video game, and that's just what happens. Rather than follow a sequence of in-story facts and evidence to its natural conclusion, these theories start at what we see as the inevitable endpoint, and then justify the journey.
We'll find out in a few days if that's right. And honestly, I'm not sure where I personally stand on it. But I feel like people's satisfaction with what does or doesn't happen might not actually land where their theories say they do.
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2021.11.30 09:23 horrortheateryt ANGST 1983 movie trailer Plot: A troubled man gets released from prison and starts taking out his sadistic fantasies on an unsuspecting family living in a secluded house.

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2021.11.30 09:23 uBowiethedog Her name is Judy!

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2021.11.30 09:23 SonicArchonedd GAZ-3221 GAZelle marshrutka - The official marshrutka (routed taxicab) of....?

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2021.11.30 09:23 Simple-War3485 👑 KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬 Liq locked 💰 Active devs 🐬 Active Developers with great community 🚀 Relaunching right now with one of the best solidity coders in BSC 🔮 Don’t miss out on this next big gem!!!

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🔹6. Release Our Own Nft Marketplace
Despite us being a Binance Smart Chain project that doesn't mean to say we do not have a future and want to broaden out. In the future we are very interested in making our own NFT Marketplace since we believe the current ones out there are not upto par and have ridiculous fees for their not so great service, we want to make a marketplace with the perfect balance.

🔹7. Release Debit Cards, Using Tokens To Make Purchases.
This is most likely a long to very long term goal, however our plans are eventually to be able to release prepaid MasterCard debit cards which are prepaid via KING DOLPHIN BSC. Essentially you would deposit $KDB into your account, upon making a purchase with the card it will make the transaction using your KING DOLPHIN BSC balance. This is obviously a long term goal for the team and we do not know the most about the partnerships which are/can be made with MasterCard however when we feel the time is right we will begin to work on this project.
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2021.11.30 09:23 Florence1476 No seguimento de outra sondagem

Rabanadas VS Fatias Douradas
View Poll
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2021.11.30 09:23 George_WL_ [WP] There's been banging coming from the neighbours for weeks, you've just raised there's a pattern to it, it's Morse code

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2021.11.30 09:22 Low_Group7611 Stock update!

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2021.11.30 09:22 ItzRubyDaCherry What’s do you think would happen if you smoked an insane amount.

curious what would happen if you took your 3 hits, broke though, but someone held the pipe up to your lips for you, and you just kept hitting it. I’m not saying anyone should or even could try this... I’m just wondering. Would you even be able to keep hitting it, Breaking Though is like blacking out right? Would it kill you? Would you being a supior, supreme all knowing lizard beaning? Like Mark Zuckerberg?
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2021.11.30 09:22 tdtwedt 2022 1 Oz Australia Silver Kangaroo (BU) for $3.99 over spot any quantity from Monument Metals.

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