Feeling alone vs being alone

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9731 3605 3477
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2021.11.30 10:06 motobmurray A Photo of Poop Snapped in 2004 Being Auctioned on OpenSea, Protest Against Creativity-Draining Pixelated and Auto-Generated NFT Avatars

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2021.11.30 10:06 TonySchu1232011 My favorite albums

Just want to share a playlist of my favorite albums/ Ela. Just created this playlist recently so it’s still a work in progress.
If any of y’all have a similar playlist, feel free to share.
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2021.11.30 10:06 Acrobatic-Stuff On wet dreams, spirituality, and more

First let's begin by saying, if you are one those who say "I have a 7459142 days streak" without taking nocturnal emissions into consideration, you are a loser. I genuinely think you are. Because for my genes, it was inconceivable to deny that ejaculting my semen, deplets me of energy, even if it's in my dreams. Therefore to deny that, and claim you have been on Sr for 2 years, it is a sheep mentality, and I just have the emotional duty to tell you you are a loser.
That being said, I'm not tring to shame you or guilt you. If you have one, don't beat yourself down. Cry if you have to (although you won't have energy since, you know, you ejaculated ;)) or ask for help. I'm not tring to beat you down, that's not my intention, I just won't lie to you, the same way others do. I want you to see both sides of the coin. But, in this case, to be honest, there is only one. Yes. Only one side of the coin. And that's, fuck your emotions, stop whining, get your shit together, you can do better. I can soothe sometimes, but I'm here to help you grow not to be your mama. And you can absolutely, completely, do things better in relation to nocturnal emissions, that's your duty. Let's not understimate the power of the will, your own will is so powerful that it can be more effective than all of the techniques in the world. You can be a fat, smoking, piece of shit, and if your will is stronge enough, if you are hard enough, you won't have nocturnal emissions.
So instead of repeating myself, I'll post what I said about wet dreams in the whatsapp group:
"Let's see fellas. In relation to wet dreams. When you have an orgasm, and specially, when porn is involved and you get this visual overload of imagines that get imprinted into your memory, you create a sort of deity within yourself. The ideal woman, what turns you on, your fetishes, fantasies, kinks, whatever. We go from the pure innocent state of a child, whose body has an autonomous intelligence through the eyes that distinguish how attractive is a female according to his own genetics, to something artificial. Which is, not natural, and in the context of the body that's evil. Because we want the body to function according to its own design. Pmo it's not its original design but greed for energy. Your own energy, which is pretty incoherent and comical. I mean, it's YOUR own energy, it's already inside of you, why the fuck would you release it, better keep it and it remains there xd
We all had to learn this the hard way xdd
So, continuing
Wet dreams are the result of this deity created in your mind, which is an artificial stimulation connected to your own dick. It's not a natural genuine expression but the manifestation of greed and misery. If you have been an addict all your life, and suddenly you stop pmo... Are you aware of how many emotional energy was invested in these fantasies? That's what sexual energy is, emotional energy. And not only that, it was literally part of your personality. Sexuality is not some hidden domain outside you, it's an integral part of your psyche, everything is interconnected. So the very same energy that creates your thoughts and your personality was invested in these fantasies. And what happens if you suddenly stop? It was so connected to you, there were so many consequences, so many memories, that it's just not going to go away. Even if you get to the point where you already dislike the things you used to like, there is a deep memory of energy in the body. And when you are sleeping, your energy randomly activates parts of your mind that are hidden for your conscious mind
It literally travels throughtout everything that you are. Sometimes it activates dreams, random memories. Other times, if it finds a particularly energetically charged memory it will stick there
And that's what happens with wet dreams. The energy is randomly traveling and it sees this huge overloaded compartment and it gets attracted like a magnet. It activates your dick, and BUM, nocturnal emission
Eventually it will get to a point where you will stop having wet dreams, and nocturnal emissions will be something purely physical, no mind involved saying oh yeahhh I like this look at those boobs
That's the first point we want to reach. Anyone saying nocturnal emissions are natural and unavoidable is a loser for having so little aspirations, I genuinely believe they are losers. I never for one single second thought that me ejaculating still in my dreams was something that didn't need correction. Anyway, here is what you have to do:
Your thoughts must penetrate your subconscious mind deep enough. You have to live in your real life who you really are. If lust doesn't make you happy, don't ever lust with your mind. I also get my dick hard in the mornings but that's fine. What I mean is the greedy lust, that eventually starts releasing precum. You have to stop with your mind and your body, all involvement in that sexual stimulation. You not only have to think it but live it, stop lusting with the body. Then that has to penetrate deep enough, to the point where you don't ever for a second give in to lust and start desiring that dead end path again. Then you'll start seeing a dichotomy. You are one person, and in your sleep in your wet dreams you are a complete different person. That's perfect, it's what we want
You have to feel that incoherency and keep going, keep living, keep reassuring who you really are
You can hypnotize yourself and meditate
Travel there consciously, and try to connect with this personality that is alive only in your dreams
Explore as much as you can. You can remember the thought pattern that lead you to the wet dream while sleeping
And while in a meditative state, connect with it and understand it and talk to him
Talk to him that's very important
Everything that you do and think will start accumulating and soon in your dreams there will be more parts of your self which will protect you from the wet dreams"

Okay fellas, that's what I had to say about what wet dreams are, they are a deity of energy, your own god, the perfect sex, excitement. It's you losing a part of your soul basically. Because you are all the beauty, you, yet you have divided yourself into parts, and worshiped one of them. Simply because your mind is not only you, but the whole universe, for example, you can now imagine a pair of beautiful boobs with your mind, you can actually see them. Interesting ah? That you are a man yet you have boobs inside of you. We are not only a man but the whole universe. Therefore we have to be a man, and who we really are, in relation to the whole universe in order to be a man.
Here are some useful tips I have gathered, specific technices to avoid wet dreams/nocturnal emissions, I believe these are all I know but I'm sure I have more. As time passes you will forget about wet dreams, about all your fantasies (if you have stopped lusting over them and investing energy in them) and then you'll have only nocturnal emissions, without erotic imagination, that's the begining of the end for nocturnal emissions:

Now, I'd like to remark the importance of socializing. If you want to isolte yourself from the rest of men of the world and of the female energy, if you want to go in a search for god, to find something beyond the laws of this system, and you want to take the body to its greates capability, but in serach for absolute and complete liberation, your only way is to do it through meditation. Meditation it's very easy, because you don't need to solve your mind, you don't even need to work with it. You will dive into emptiness, and this emptiness will permiate your thoughts, to the point that you will go to sleep, have no thoughts, wake up, still not having thoughts. Therefore the possibility of wet dreams is non existent, there is a greater force: no thoughts. The only problem with this is, you can't live, you're not allowed to, or not as much as others to say the least. You have to devote yourself to the spiritual path, that's your only benefit. I'm not for or against it, it's just another possibility. But I can tell you the end of that road because I have seen it. Your energy peaks, you activate your ajna chakra, then the guru chakras (forehead), and then your sahasrara. Your body will become very weak, there will be no fight in you. No fight. Only bliss, and dethachment from the body. Then two ways will be presented for you, either you leave your body through the same pathway you entered in, and become one, and go to an upper plane, or you devote yourself to honour life and stop going to sahasrara. Those are the two possibilities. In both of them there can be absolute bliss. It's your choice. I love both of them, but I guess I love this life too much since I'm still here. I'll leave when I'm old through my sahasrara, I plan on doing it before I literally die, some years after. It must be pretty easy when the body is already pretty old hahah tring when you are young it's a pain in the ass... and you are so attached that if you leave and come back you may end up damaging the system. I did it once and then was sick for about 2 or 3 days XD
Anyway this is all I have to say about to wet dreams, hope you like it. I want to make a post about hot and cold energy in the body, will do it soon. Until then... fuck off!
P.S: There is nothing wrong with women. Women are beautiful!! They are perfect for transmutation. The only problem is, lusting instead of transmuting.
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Does anyone know about a protein powder that is unflavoured and safe for kids (12 +)?
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2021.11.30 10:06 potatoexmachina how much should you wait after passing the first technical interview ?

Hello, yesterday I passed my first technical interview, everything went good, I answered the technical exercice, and then I was given further questions and I answered them all beside the last one I didnt gave a solution but it wasn't the most optimal even tho I was given a hint.
I didn't ask the interviewer about the next steps and when should I hear from them, so I'm coming here to ask you ?
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2021.11.30 10:06 stemh18 If you're a parent and you're taking your kids to see the new Spider-Man film this Christmas...

Start booking now. This is probably the most highly anticipated film of the year. I've booked mine for a cinema in the city and there are already seats that have been booked. If you elect to turn up at random or book even a week in advance I can practically guarantee you that you are not going to get a seat.
Just a friendly reminder to avoid disappointment.
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