Help please

2021.12.08 22:33 Professional_Emu7638 Help please

Whenever I go into a remnant deposit, my remnants will randomly just decrease by a lot. Anyone know why? Also my friend cant even move towards the remnants, any advice for him? Are remnant deposits even worth it?
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2021.12.08 22:33 supertaylor505 Incase you wondered, it is possible to beat SMB without pressing b

Before we start, I have not made a video on it. But I believe in one of the first to do it (or at least write how to do it)due to the fact that many discussions end up saying no. There may be a tas on it, but idk
1-1: the same as normal, nothing changes from how you play it normally.
1-2: pick up a mushroom, as it makes 4-2 easier and 8-1 almost requires it, it also can help in 8-2 if you manage to keep it. Make sure you warp to the 4th world.
4-1: same as normal and kind of a freebie level.
4-2: here's where it might get hard to understand. While not nessersary, it would be best to use a wrong warp, at least in my opinion. To do so as the level begins you need mario to be crouched in the row of 1 block gaps and stand up. If done right, he will be pushed to the right while the screen doesn't move.
You will need to go in the 3rd pipe, while the screen stays lobsided, meaning you can't go backwards. ( I couldn't find a video of someone doing it with big mario, but I think this video still makes sense and shows how it is performed )
After that, go in world 8
8-1: all of world 8 sucks. if you don't have save states its really hard to beat this challange as there's a giant gap mario can't beat without running normally. So we have 2 options,
Do a wall jump, which I have only ever got off once in this section, or spawn the goombas in early and jump on them. If you scroll the screen enough to the right they spawn in early. To do so jump while mario faces right going over the gap then hold left. When they spawn you need to jump on any one of them. This is why you need a mushroom, as if your timing is bad and as you jump off one you hit the other, you take damage instead of dying, also sometimes you still hit a goomba when it looks like it shouldn't have, I won't explain why this happens but know it's due to hotboxes and mario falling.
I remembered a coinless speedrun video of someone doing this but instead he missed the coins and ran but can't find the video anymore.
8-2: this level is a not go left level basically,and one where you need luck. It has a giant gap as well. But this time we can get pass it as you move the same speed as a bullet bill. If enough spawn moving to the right you can bounce on them skipping the gap. You may also wall jump it but I find the bullet bills much easier.
8-3: this level is annoying due to the fact of hammer Bros. It can be hard but not impossible.
8-4: this level is slightly annoying. As it requires a wall jump at the end. Other than that it's easy. Taking damage from the hammer bro to be small may help.
If anyone has questions, I can answer them. everything was done by me. I technical y didn't find the goomba jump and someone probably knew 4-2 mushroom wrong warp. But it was fun to route and find ways to get past run killers
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2021.12.08 22:33 WhatsThePaceHere Interview with Taylor Meier of Caamp for Seager Storytime. Includes unreleased music, an Albert Hammond Jr. cover and a stripped down version of Officer of Love.

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2021.12.08 22:33 ScottishW00F Don't let titanfall go the way of killzone

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2021.12.08 22:33 Proffesssor Anti-IF article in the Seattle Times. What's your take?

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2021.12.08 22:33 JonasTheExplorer Gonk Copypasta

  1. The unbreakable union of the free republics Great Gonk united forever! Long live created by the will of the peoples United, mighty Gonk! Hail, our free Fatherland Friendship of peoples is a reliable stronghold! Gonk's party is the strength of the people Leads us to the triumph of Gonk! Through the thunderstorms the sun of freedom shone for us And the great Gonk illuminated our path For a just cause, he raised the peoples He inspired us to work and deeds! In the victory of the immortal ideas of Gonk We see the future of our country And to the red banner of the glorious motherland We will always be selflessly faithful! Hail, our free Fatherland Friendship of peoples is a reliable stronghold! Gonk's party is the strength of the people Leads us to the triumph of Gonk!
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2021.12.08 22:33 CringeyChris_78 This is a real ad that I got on YouTube…

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2021.12.08 22:33 Ok-Mastodon2016 Thought he belonged here

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2021.12.08 22:33 Malaxia555 Things abt me

Just, this will be very blury and prbl not gramatically righ(not native english here), sry if you read it, and just to understand beter how I think, I'm in high school as of now, so if sm things i think are dumb, normal, I'm young and stupid. - -
More and more I realize, I am bad at talking to people, and is not a person who when trying to it right. I think I mostly show the bad sides of me, or the things that I don't fully understand cause they are more interesting than what Ik, but I don't know them cause I was lazy to try to learn them. I feel also bad in that cause others kinda try to go with it, but in the end they don't know me enough to go on, and i can't continue it cause i didn't show enough, but I don't have a limit here, so idk what to say abt me that would be right. I also don't know how to be with people who feel bad, I have only 1 friend friend I would say(cause that's the one I talk with the most and that shared the most with me), and all I made in those moments was to try to find a solution for them to do(hypocrite cause i wouldn't be able to do it if i was them, or even do things for me), what I do is just listen and react(poorly, cause idk how to react well to "stories" in general). I'm also sad when I realize I do almost nothing everyday compared to people I know when I look trough their stories or things like that, make me compare and feel even worse. Those are only teenage-like problem in the end, that's so dumb cause i have a thousands ways of going out of it, but don't do shit. I'm also bad at what the parent I live with wait from me, having good grades and a good way of thinking, for the good grades that's also smt I could arrange, would just have to real work and do shits, for the way of thinking i don't think I can, cause I think very differently from them, but every time we come on those subjects by some ways and it get shouty, we stop and go back to our side. In the end of thos situations I don't even know if I was right or no, I make everything different in my head and give up, excuse myself for being a dumbass I may have been cause I'm not sure of my rightness here(or even of theirs), but I prefer going the way of calming things down for us to love each other as we do usually(i'm really close to them), I feel like i'm the only one being adult there too, but I can't say it or they'll shout on me cause I would critisize them. I know it's a bad thing here from them, but it's cause they are always stressed(they had a really fucking difficult life, really hardcore) I also surely act as a dumbass with them a lot of times, so they protect themselves from that by talking to me like that, that was approximately how I would say how they feel it from their explanations. I don't have good clothes, I don't have a good cut, that's cause I'm pretty poor and cause I don't make the effort to learn how to get a good cut and choose good clothes for when I can buy some. I also feel bad cause I don't have dreams, the only thing that gets me to go on it that I hope to be happy one day, I have no objectives of things to only have fun, no country that I want to visit, no language that I wanna learn, just making myself better to find happiness.
That's all I had in mind rn, first time posting here, hope it goes well, I'm doing it just before sleeping so it's not that understable, but thanks for have done it, you are one of the few people who I talked honestly on some subjects of my life !!!
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2021.12.08 22:33 poopcornkernels Who/what has an interesting origin story?

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2021.12.08 22:33 advait2701 Can someone explain?

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2021.12.08 22:33 ZomgItsNarbe CEO of lays off 900 employees through a 1-way Zoom call

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2021.12.08 22:33 Lost_Replacement7513 Recomienden mangas cortos

Tango ganas de leer mangas cortos ¿me recomiendan algunos?
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2021.12.08 22:33 VLenin2291 Post-German victory content

Note: I have not played RT56 in a long-ass time, so it's possible this is already in the game and my memory of what I did play is bad.
Of course, in RT56, there's post-World War II content for the Allies after their victory (I at least know there's content for the Soviets). But, for some alt-history content, what if there was content for if the Axis won the war? While this would require integration of some new events (think the Yalta Conference, but for the opposite purpose), I do think it could be quite interesting. For example, after a German victory on the Eastern Front with the USSR now pushed back to the Urals, what if they could choose either to try to reclaim Moscow, or to build up a nuclear arsenal to combat Germany?
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2021.12.08 22:33 CleverFox3 The Rockets are 6-0 without Jalen Green

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2021.12.08 22:33 Strong-Rad Definitely not a rug IMO

Everything is back running as normal, price tanked because of FUD as far as I can see. Quit panic selling and the price stops tanking, easy fix. The Discord is 50x more active than this sub with 5k members. Check there before you spread misinfo/FUD please. Could have been something to do with AWS servers too, They took out dydx dex for a bit, I'm sure other were affected.
We're all here to make money right?
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2021.12.08 22:33 Techrat87 Pay???

Anyone that works in the AR stores like Prime Communications, that use cash app as a direct deposit bank to get paid early, has anyone else not received their paycheck today? (Dec 8 2021) I've never had an issue with receiving my paycheck early until today. Anyone else with a similar issue?
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2021.12.08 22:33 Shacksnot Zekrom 1214 3870 6370

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2021.12.08 22:33 KyleBlanc82 Another DIY video I did today

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2021.12.08 22:33 majormeathooks Lost Nintendo Switches in Las Vegas. REWARD!

I know this is a long shot, but I’m hoping someone here can help. My girlfriend and I lost our Nintendo Switches on a Grey Line Bus after doing the Grand Canyon Tour on 12/7/21 and being dropped off at Bally’s. I had a black V2 switch with 2 red joy-con and various games in a black zippered Nintendo Switch case. My girlfriend had the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch with various games in an Animal Crossing case. I have the serial numbers for both if anyone needs proof, as well as the list of games that were in the cases. They also took my 15 month old sons birth certificate. I’m hoping a good samaritan has somehow found these items and can get them back to us. Thank you so much for all of your help! There is a reward if these turn up somewhere!
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2021.12.08 22:33 swampcholla clutch issues

I have an older 2603-20 18V drill/driver and i"m getting the impression the clutch is on its way out. Are there rebuild kits available? an exploded parts diagram somewhere?
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2021.12.08 22:33 Emergency-Soup7484 Cubchoo raid on me if anyone is looking for one. I’ll start in 5 minutes(@8:38 est).

3082 7460 9110
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2021.12.08 22:33 kellyjellybean13 Being obsessive isn't a phase.

So I was listening to some yandere/obsessive love songs in a playlist my bf made for me! I started looking at the comments and I noticed an alarming amount of people who commented things like, "throwback to my middle school yandere phase, yikes💀" or, "I used to listen to this and actually pretend I was a yandere, cringe."
While I understand that younger people want to be like the things and characters they find interesting, it also really upset me to see that the way I am and the part of myself I've been studying for years, can be grouped in with people who experience it as a simple "phase."
And then there's also the whole topic of romanticizing mental illness as well with this, how it's seen as "cute" to be "crazy" and obsessive. Idk, it just very much upsets me that something I mentally struggle with every day, that can be extremely debilitating on my mental and physical health, is just seen as a phase to a huge group of people.
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2021.12.08 22:33 8crybaby8 [New Soul Carta] Peaceful Cafe de Petit

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2021.12.08 22:33 Tara_is_a_Potato Made me think of Quarterpounder.

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