Chapter 3 Leak

2021.12.04 10:58 Quick-Huckleberry136 Chapter 3 Leak
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2021.12.04 10:58 Ok_Wing5683 No tracking updates

I have noticed that for all my Canadian orders i’m not getting any tracking updates. Either they’re stuck in Mississauga or just still shows me that I dropped it off at the post office. It’s been a few days where there’s been no updates. Is this normal does it mean they’re moving? I have USA orders that I dropped off at the same time and they’re moving quite quickly with tracking updates which makes me confused
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2021.12.04 10:58 JayReesh Latest Update broke my game

I love seeing the alliance lineup with the recent update, but now I can no longer change my lineup of fighters. I want specific fighters as #1, #2, etc but I can no longer change them. They automatically switch positions depending on the alliances which gets me killed too fast
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2021.12.04 10:58 KCVietnamCM12 "Phạm vi" là một trong những trạng thái thị trường #crypto phổ biến nhất mang lại cơ hội sinh lợi. 💰
Nhưng tỷ lệ thành công khi giao dịch chúng luôn ở mức thấp. 🛑

Muốn tìm hiểu cách các nhà giao dịch tiền điện tử chuyên nghiệp vẽ và giao dịch một phạm vi❓

Nhấp vào đây 👉
Tiếng Việt:

Đăng ký tài khoản tại đây ( và inbox admin UID để được KYC trong vòng 3 tiếng.

🌟 Nhấp vào đây ( để tham gia Minigame hiện tại của KuCoin VN
👉 Website ( | Facebook ( | Twitter ( | Telegram Group ( | TikTok (
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2021.12.04 10:58 BusyPaleontologist71 Any LMPD officers on here?

I'm in my 30’s, have my PhD, and work at UofL, but have always wanted to be a cop (which I know sounds crazy).
I'd love to ask current or even former LMPD officers some questions. Please DM! 🙏🏼💪🏻
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2021.12.04 10:58 krazykirbs Can't ever win with these ppl

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2021.12.04 10:58 Negative-Bid7291 Um

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2021.12.04 10:58 I-wanna-fuck-SCP1471 Custom maps are working in the new PvE build

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2021.12.04 10:58 TheSplendidFeminine ESFJ 2W1 sp/sx Sanguine Melancholic, Ask Me Anything

I'm bored, and there are only a few ESFJs on this sub. So, I'll take one for the team, pick my brain.
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2021.12.04 10:58 Commercial_Ad7480 Let's be greatful

let's be greatful for once that there wasn't a binance listing yesterday.
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2021.12.04 10:58 goosecityflores What have I done wrong?

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2021.12.04 10:58 voldemortsnipples01 Plat 4 looking for group

I'm a season 0 player always done pub matches as I don't have friends who play apex with. I'm seriously grinding rank now and I'm doing pretty good on plat but solo queueing has been giving awfully inconsistent team mates making it a bit hard to gain RP consistently. When I get good team mates we steam roll the whole lobby but most of the time I get 2 level 100 bums that get knocked when you breath on them. I'm looking for good players to grind all the way to diamond. I play on east coast servers, hmu. Requirements: mic, at least 3k damage badge (weird way to determine skill but I figure if you can manage 3k you're pretty good). Psn: iddlefish
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2021.12.04 10:58 Frraksurred New Player struggling with level 30 Pyro.

Not going to lie, finding nothing level 50 min / maxed guides has been frustrating. I drug my best friend over from Destiny and we were initially enjoying the game, but the mid levels have been a pure frustration fest. We're dumping gear as fast as we're picking it up, blowing resources on the Perks that seem to help and generally not having a satisfying experience. I'd appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give.
I'm playing bottom tree Pyro, and my buddy is on Devastator. We've dumped some hours into these characters, so please don't just default to "switch to a good class". I've watched a number of videos and built my character off a few of them, but I don't have the gear to really make them work. Even if I did, it would be obsolete in a couple hours, so feels pointless at this point. I'm only into World Tier 7, but play in 5 most the time so I'm not rage quitting on the regular. Ash Blast builds seem to be popular for this Class, but honestly... they look boring to play. I want to blow things up, lol. I'm not married to that, but I'm also not going to stick with something that isn't fun to do. I'm open to try whatever.
I have an in your face playstyle, tend to melee a fair bit. Tried shotguns, but tend to prefer AR or LMG's. My biggest issue is to get health back, things need to be on fire, and with the mobs stagger locking you into corners, there doesn't seem to be a good way to ignite & take them out efficiently. I seem to have to equip more defense perks than offense just to survive. Once you're surrounded everything falls apart however. You can't dodge away, do damage fast enough, stagger them enough. The game just seems broken in the mid levels. Any hope for my buddy and I? Thanks for any constructive input.
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2021.12.04 10:58 Valuable-Sweet5399 Top 5 worst schools in LA ?(violence)

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2021.12.04 10:58 TheBrickFan LEGO Ideas Baba Yaga Achieves 10,000 Supporters

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2021.12.04 10:58 WizSkinsNatsCaps Gorilla Cookies auto after 45 days cure.

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2021.12.04 10:58 Emotional_bloop “Honest work” re post since something went wrong while posting

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2021.12.04 10:58 NekoWafers Let them eat cake

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2021.12.04 10:58 baller83388312 I finally did it!!! First 60k score for me.

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2021.12.04 10:58 TJC_69 Live one make racing with the AMG GT Safety Car. Clean or kick, clean drivers welcome

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2021.12.04 10:58 FunyunCream Imagine a Hobbit with the Munchies!

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2021.12.04 10:58 WrestlingGuru2021 WWE 2K Battlegrounds Tournament Mode Women's Single Cup!

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2021.12.04 10:58 bot_neen ¿Me toca aguinaldo? Esto es lo que debes saber sobre el aguinaldo

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2021.12.04 10:58 pippagator Pixel 6 Pro camera - poor performance?

I have held off moaning until I was certain it wasn't user error. But I'm at a loss.
My pixel 6 pro produces really mediocre photos. I have just been out shooting with my 6 pro and my partner's pixel 4. The photos on the 4 appear to be identical in quality, and on some occasions, better. All these reviews raving about the camera quality on the 6 is just not the case on mine. Have I got a faulty phone or is it really just over hyped?
I bought the pro for the telephoto lens but the quality on that is bad too...when it actually uses the telephoto and not just a X4 digital zoom!
I'm bummed I paid so much thinking I was getting a huge upgrade from the 3XL, when in reality there's not much of a difference in camera quality.
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2021.12.04 10:58 Revolutionary_Act848 recovery is draining me

I can’t stand it anymore.. I almost feel like recovery is ruining my Christmas time and my life lately. i feel so down :( I just want to give up and stop fighting so hard, it is taking away all my energy.
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