big chief pods

2021.12.01 04:00 marlow1037 big chief pods

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2021.12.01 04:00 Glittering_Mix8573 Grad school

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to get into grad school for bio/genetics. I’m not trying to get into med school. My goal is to be a professor because I want to work in academia. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing honestly or how good my chances are but this is what I want more than anything.
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2021.12.01 04:00 ForShurimaIGuess Don’t spam the same questions about end of season loot again, please.

End of season, we know your storages will be over flowing, please don’t spam the same questions again like every season..
“I don’t have builders free what do I do” either cancel a upgrade or cry and plan ahead next time.
“What do I do with all my loot?” You spend it. That’s it. What answer do you expect..
“It’s so annoying CWL starts when season ends, can’t spend my DE on heroes they should change it” No, this is done intentionally, it wont happen suck it up.
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2021.12.01 04:00 HrMaschine that was the final ustr set required

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2021.12.01 04:00 otastco Winnie the Poo

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2021.12.01 04:00 ALEXROY10000 Unprepared parent

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2021.12.01 04:00 Junedays22 No sex while pregnant consequences

Has anyone not had sex while being pregnant and had it cause a huge issue?
Such as their partner now no longer feeling like having sex with you, despite still finding you physically attractive and loving and caring about you a lot.
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2021.12.01 04:00 spilberk Trolls going on an exploration trip of their lifetime.

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2021.12.01 04:00 SmartAltern gOHM and wsOHM

How is gOHM different from wsOHM ? I have wsOHM on Avalanche. Will I have to change it over to gOHM ?
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2021.12.01 04:00 Political_news69 Scorsese producer to make first Hollywood movie funded by NFTs | international News

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2021.12.01 04:00 Some_Spirit_7735 Hey! Join Strike and earn $5 when you sign up and verify your account using my referral code 308Q3V:

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2021.12.01 04:00 softyFDSalt Felt pain in my chest

I was in the parking lot and going backward to get out. A police officer knocks sharply on my window. I got so scared i felt a sharp pain in my chest next to my heart. My reaction was to put the car on parking and put my hand on my chest. It was so painful i was wincing. The police officer was there so i lowered the window as i peaked opening slightly my left eye. The police officer felt sorry tbh when he noticed and i was just nodding to whatever he was saying (something of "you should always look back and never in your parking camera" alluding to that i didnt somehow see them. Anyways) and he left me alone.
Wtf happened to my heart? I was 28 year old at the time and taking 100mg spironolactone twice per day. (Female in canada). Is this what the begining of a heart attack feels like?
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2021.12.01 04:00 krisbrowning73 Obsidian in all his void glory

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2021.12.01 04:00 obiwanTrollnobi6 Something that’s annoyed me throughout the show.

I’m sure I probably made another post similar to this but, Honestly, through out the show, I hated how the hunters were used to prop up Sam and Dean, I get the average Hunter was probably around Seasons 1-3 Sam and Dean, and I hated how they were basically red shirts, I remember in Kripke Hunters were talked about (the ones that survived) as Dangerous people you don’t want cross, monster or Other Hunter. They were someone you’d want to have on your back if you were in a spot and needed back up.
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2021.12.01 04:00 calltarneedazan CTGP-7 - Mission Mode Update (v1.2) Trailer

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2021.12.01 04:00 poolsclsd Opinion: Rights Over Digital Content Ownership Will Kill Battle Passes in the Future.

For everyone enjoying you Free to Play games, I have some interesting thoughts for you to consider. While battle passes have been a good form of monetization and created "mostly" healthy relationships between players bases and developers this will not last forever. In fact, judging by the reaction the Halo Infinite's battle pass this system is probably due to implode in the coming 3-5 years as devs and publishers get more brash with what they are will to freeze behind a pay wall. (Mostly referring to Halo Infinite choosing to sell color variants for $10 a pop -.- when this use to be a free feature in the game) This however is not the big topic I wanted you guys to think. What I'm really here to talk about is your right to the owner of the cosmetics you've purchase once a game server is shut down.
So where start... you probably won't like this but the best place to look for similar examples is the NFT market place. While not the most popular topic, I think example of rug pulls in the NFT space are the most explanations of what is likely to happen when a live service game shut down for good.
So, what is a rug pull? Effectively its a scam which involves you buying into some kind of product, for this example we'll say you bought one Monkie NFT for about $1000 either because you like the Monkie or want to bank roll it for returns down the line. Now in a normal NFT purchase you would always have the option sell said NFT if there is a buyer for it. With a rug pull, the team who created this NFT set, waits or their project to sell out, and then shut down the network running the project. POOF!! Everything is gone, including that new swanky NFT you just purchased. All because the team planned to terminate the server and leave you high and dry, with out a Monkie Jpeg to your name. While I'm not saying this is this all NFT projects do this, it is a fairly common occurrence. When we reframe this in terms of videogames (Where servers are dropped when the player base does) the question arises. What will happen to my well spent Vbucks when the servers close for good?
The short answer is its gone, the real answer is that epic just fleeced you for a ton of money over the course of however long you played the game for. So did Activision, EA, Microsoft or any other studio/publish that you bought a battle pass from. You see, while you did pay for a right to use the the skins and sprays which epic provided for you, there was one thing you failed to over look. You never had the chance own it outside of the company server. You will never get it back once that server goes off line. You never really owned it to begin with. You weren't paying for the right to own the content, you we're paying for the right to license it and being told you own it. This is secret, and ultimately pretty scummy practice underlying Battle Passes and if features like customizing colors and emblems is being monetized now, in Halo then there is a grave future that awaits us ahead my friends. :(
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2021.12.01 04:00 Batwaffel Audionamix Holiday Sale - "IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner" Remove complex variable noise, such as wind, nature sounds, traffic, music and room ambience ($42.25) "XTRAX Stems 1/yr Subscription" Automatically separates songs into separate music stems ($39) through 10 January Affiliate link. We receive a commission which helps support the subreddit. Affiliate Link
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2021.12.01 04:00 ziggaii Rule

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2021.12.01 04:00 non53r10us Which A12 custom rom is it worth for daily use? Poco x3 nfc

Title says it all. The only thing the rom must have is to pick your own monet color.
Amy suggestions?
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2021.12.01 04:00 bot_neen Choca par de autobuses; las unidades no llevaban pasajeros

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2021.12.01 04:00 autotldr British expert 'pinpoints' precise resting spot of missing flight MH370

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 35%. (I'm a bot)

Using software based on 'weak signal propagation' data, Richard Godfrey's new report says the craft should be resting about 4km under the sea.
Richard Godfrey, a founding member of the non-government MH370 independent Group, on Wednesday said he was very confident new mapping technology had pinpointed the passenger plane's crash site 2000km west of Perth in the southern Indian Ocean.
MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with six Australians and two New Zealanders among the 239 people on board.
Using software based on "Weak signal propagation" data, Godfrey's new report says the craft should be resting about 4km under the sea in a mountainous region of the southern Indian Ocean that had been missed by previous search attempts.
Taken together with satellite, weather, ocean current, and aeroplane performance data, Godfrey said the new technology should trigger a fresh search.
"[The] data supports an overwhelming case for a renewed search in the prime crash location of 33.177°S 95.300°E."The proposed search area is defined by a circle with a radius of 40 nautical miles centred on the prime crash location.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: new#1 search#2 crash#3 Godfrey#4 MH370#5
Post found in /news.
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2021.12.01 04:00 wtfisgothboiclique I can’t get a good picture but I thought this looked cool. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.

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2021.12.01 04:00 thrix04 Bro.. stop that. Credits to Yodacrew0

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2021.12.01 04:00 AlienApricot Despite the high cost of living, it still remains popular.

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2021.12.01 04:00 DMHshadow a defense of the imperial measurement system - jan Misali [18:33]

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