Modern-day slavery at gunpoint uncovered in Georgia according to U.S. Attorney’s Office. Possibly the largest-ever human trafficking and visa fraud investigations in the country.

2021.12.08 21:18 ChurchOfSuffrage Modern-day slavery at gunpoint uncovered in Georgia according to U.S. Attorney’s Office. Possibly the largest-ever human trafficking and visa fraud investigations in the country.

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2021.12.08 21:18 Jardite Upper echelon gamers called out the patterns that led to the recent removal of youtube's dislike 3 years ago.

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2021.12.08 21:18 bacchicalien most recent visionary piece - was just shown the bow and continued from there. symbolic to my transition and 5yrs of mental/physical/spiritual journey i’ve been on to connect with myself.

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2021.12.08 21:18 magnuscake_ Runt of the litter: Making my way back to the pride with my first kill

Hi everyone. As per Moonbeam's instructions, I'll be sharing my recent job success. I've really broken down some of my shortcomings and failures in hopes that present and future cubs can learn from them. This is going to be a long post.
Background: I had moved to Melbourne, Australia to study and eventually get a job and settle down. Before I got in touch with Moonbeam, I was already familiar with the LoB and already had some successes under my belt. But like Moonbeam has mentioned many times, these practices are never consistent. This went on for a while until eventually, I was having more failures than successes. This was slowly but subtly starting to affect my faith in the LoB. Therefore, in February, I reached out to Moonbeam for some help and guidance. We went through all the formalities, and Moonbeam agreed to take me into his den.
Goal: The initial goal was simple. To get a paid internship/part time job in the industry during the course of my study.
Training: Training phase lasted almost a month. Monkey mind you know. I finally got through the training. We decided on the 3 scenes I would use and I got on the hunt. This hunt was anything but smooth. Initially, I was genuinely getting better. My mood was improving and I felt I was getting better in every way. For the first two months, I really kept at it and never missed a day. But after 2 months, I started slacking off. Somedays, I would skip the 2nd SH session, other days, the PSP etc.There were two reasons behind this:

  1. I was looking for evidence of my desire being fulfilled. Due to the lack of evidence, I started losing trust in the training.
  2. I had an anti-LoB mindset. I have explained this in the 3rd point under Pitfalls.
I have a history of depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Over the years, I've learnt to deal with them. But recently with everything that was happening, these demons were coming up with a thirst for blood. By August, I was six months into the hunt. I was nowhere close to achieving my desire. My mental health was deteriorating. I was now in the final semester. No use looking for a part time job or internship. I had to start looking for a full time job now. I had failed my mission. I touched base with Moonbeam and laid out the situation. Of course he scolded me. But by that point, I was not interested in the LoB anymore. I had lost all faith and hope and was in a deep and dark hole. Moonbeam asked me to get back to him with some information, but I never did. I decided it was not worth it anymore.
A lot has unfolded in the past few months. The final semester was taking everything out of me. It was just bad result after bad result. I had taken some of the toughest subjects all in one semester, which now that I look back upon, was was a very stupid decision. And by the 6th week, it was really starting to fuck with me. Melbourne, for those who know, was also under a draconian lockdown for the past 3 months. All this coupled with the fact that the training wasn't doing its thing despite all the work I thought I was putting in did a number on me. It got to a point where I had to jump on meds. With no social life and a train wreck of a semester, I completely isolated myself from the rest of the world and was ready to end it if things got really bad.
But in hindsight, this was the best thing that could have happened. I was ready to give up, But going through all the pouncemonials from my brother and sister cubs, I couldn't bear the idea of being the weak cub, So I decided to give it one last shot. This time, I decided to take a break and dissect and identify what I'd been doing wrong. I read POSM and some of the important posts in the index over and over. Eventually, I made some important observations.
Pitfalls and patches:
  1. I had convinced myself that I was focusing on the feeling, when in reality, I was focusing on emotions. What I've realized is that emotions are short term: eg: joy, anger etc. And because they are short term, they are not something you would feel throughout the day. Feelings, on the other hand, are long-term e.g satisfaction, depression etc. These might be open to interpretation, but these are some of the observations I made personally. Pretty dumb I know, but I had to learn it this distinction the hard way. So to get the feelings down, I decided to sit down and try and really encapsulate how I would FEEL if I was working a job. Am I driven? Do I have a sense of purpose? Do I feel secure? How do I feel about money? Am I satisfied with my life? Finally, I picked 3 scenes different from the initial ones me and Moonbeam formulated together, but based on the same principles and training he outlined.
  2. I realized I wasn't doing the PSP properly. I have a habit of reading before bed until I feel really drowsy and sleepy. So what I usually did was I would keep reading until I was drowsy, and once I got to a point where I just couldn't keep my eyes open, I would close my Kindle, turn off the light and do the PSP. This meant I would at most have a min or less or to do the PSP. This, I realized, wasn't enough to drive home the idea of all problems being solved. Hence I had to switch things up. Now I do my usual reading, but the moment I feel a tiny shred of drowsiness, I would immediately put down the Kindle and get to work with the PSP. This gave me a window between 3-5 min and that made all the difference.
  3. The post on Subconscious Faith, Not Conscious Allowing, is What Really Moves Mountains was probably the most important post for me in understanding the law. Something I realized was that I had no faith in the training or the law. While the law had worked for me before, it was mainly through the all NG Sub/Alai horseshit that I fed myself. Hence, there was the lack of consistency. Each time a "big" manifestation failed, I lost a little bit of faith. By the time I took up training with Moonbeam, my thoughts were either along the lines of "I don't care if my desire comes to pass" or "this is not going to work". I figured I had to work on this mindset. I remembered Moonbeam saying in a comment it is alright to look forward to achieving your desire or knowing that the desire will come to pass. And so that's what I did. It was difficult in the beginning, but the training eventually helped me ease into this mindset.
  4. I don't think the SH sessions were working for me. Thing is, I grew up around a lot of stress, I'm tensed up most of the time. Hence it's a lot harder for me to relax immediately. I failed to realize a prerequisite of self hypnosis is complete relaxation. Most of the time when I did SH, I was all tensed up both in mind and body. Therefore, I added an extra 2 min to the beginning of the 10 min session, where I would breath deeply and relax and calm both mind and body. I've also started a meditation practice. All of this has helped in achieving the SH state a lot easier.
I let myself wallow outside of the training tasks. But during the training tasks, I made sure to completely set aside all my differences and negativity and focus on the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
And now the meat of the post:
  1. Got a Graduate Role at a really large and well known firm with a starting salary in the upper range of the typical bracket . There was absolutely no reason for me to get an interview here. There were much better and more competitive applicants (I reckon around 400). Also, I had applied to this job a month back with an old resume that wasn't fit for an ATS (Application Tracking System) (I didn't know of the ATS at the time). And businesses of this size almost always have an ATS in place.
  2. I had wished for a really easy interview process. Firms like this are known to have between 3-5 interview rounds. I only had to go through 2 rounds before I was offered the job.
  3. The job role perfectly suits everything I've been looking for with employee support for career growth, role rotation so I'm not working one single role for as long as I'm working at the firm and so on.
  4. The visa situation here was a pain in the ass previously. Graduate visa had a validity of 2 years and to get a permanent residency visa, you had to work at least 3 years. Therefore, your two best options were to either get a sponsorship from a company, which would mean signing shady contracts or moving to the regional areas and working there for 2 years, which would entitle you for the PR in 2 years. I absolutely dreaded this, but made the effort convince myself that things will work out. Recently it was announced that the graduate visa will now have a validity of 3 years. The situation worked out beautifully as I hoped.
  5. Passed all my subjects. I was really afraid I was going to fail this semester, so I put in some extra work into SH, encapsulating the feeling of success and having pulled through.
  6. Came 2nd place in a university competition, exactly how I'd imagined it.
All in all, the second attempt took around 2 months. I am feeling better than I've ever felt before and I've started looking forward to the future.
Epilogue: Follow the training with consistency and discipline. It's all you need. Got questions? Read POSM and the index. Question not answered? Read the index again. It's all there. Think your question is still not answered? Search the sub. You'll almost always find the answer. And stop feeding yourself all that NG sub horseshit. There is a reason cubs and lions stay far away from that hyena cave.
On Moonbeams instructions, I have agreed to share this picture of me in my pouncemonial:
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2021.12.08 21:18 kitkatklub98 I might be on to something

I kinda had an epiphany recently. I think I can hookup with a girl and find one to hookup with and pursue romantically or date.
I have always looking at the goal to be naked and having sex with a girl. But I never considered getting girls like learning to skateboard. Like you wouldn't think you can learn to kick flip in a day. And you can't. You might have to start by learning how to shove it.
I think I should set my goals more realistically. Have five interactions with girls where it is mutual and engage them. Or even more basic. Just approach five girls and say, "hi how are you." Because right now i get od butterflies in my stomach just thinking of talking to a girl. I legit can't even talk to a girl.
Maybe because I work long hours. When I pass a girl going to the bar after work or at the bar when Im with my friends be like, "hi how are you ma'am."
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2021.12.08 21:18 Positive-Umpire-9064 The owner is a creep and now my manager is asking about it…

Ok so I (21F) work at a petrol station. The owner (60?M)of the store is very involved. He usually pops in once or twice a shift.
When I’m working by myself, he has a tenancy to hold me around waist and linger while talking to me/ whispering stuff in my ear. It’s not THAT bad but makes me a bit uncomfortable.
So I was complaining to a coworker the other day about just this. Apparently that coworker told another, who then told the manager.
Today the manager took me aside and told me that I should only be telling these things to her and that she will help/ report in any uncomfortable situations. She also said that he has been taken to court by a previous employee about something similar (I don’t know the details).
What I’m unsure of is the manager said I should write down and give to her a list of inappropriate stuff the owner has done. Do you guys think this is a good idea? I’m not sure what to make of the situation…
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2021.12.08 21:18 GrandioseMess $10 off first order

Hungry? Get $10 off your first Uber Eats order of $20 or more. Terms apply. Use my code at checkout: eats-waleedm5184ui
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2021.12.08 21:18 cjfool13 Have you guys seen the comment this guy made? It's hilarious.

Have you guys seen the comment this guy made? It's hilarious. submitted by cjfool13 to IThinkYouShouldLeave [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:18 m3lvins_ Vou viajar e deixar minhas filhas sozinhas. Dicas de como preserva-las?

Aquela clássica viagem de ano novo logo após natal. Imagino ficar fora em torno de uma semana.
Comprei uns negócios de auto irrigação por gotejamento no mercado livre, mas queria saber se vocês têm umas visões de outros cuidados que posso ter pra manter as meninas o mais saudáveis possível nessas condições :)
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2021.12.08 21:18 Vaccineman37 The KO blow of Ohma vs Lolong has grown on me

Much like the rest of you, I was at first a little underwhelmed by the finishing blow in Ohma vs Raian. I thought it was weird he’d end it with Flashing Steel and not one of his bigger moves like Ironbreakers Revolution or Demonsbane or something Advance or the like. But upon rereading it in the context of the fight, I’ve actually started liking it quite a bit for a couple reasons.
First off, I’m kinda happy Ohma didn’t end this fight with Demonsbane. Ohma using Demonsbane at the end of every fight has gotten a pretty repetitive now. He beat Ranjo with it, he beat Kiryu with it, it was his last attack against Kuroki, it was basically all he did against Wakatsuki. I’m pretty sure if Cosmo striked he would have used it on him too. Ohma has a lot of exciting attacks to finish with, it’s nice to change from Demonsbane. Plus when he does use it again it’ll have more impact because it won’t be as obvious.
Secondly, it’s the most indicative of how Ohma changed between Ashura and Omega. The major upgrade Ohma got in the timeskip was twofold, learning the Kure Techniques and Pre-Initiative. Ohma uses both here, evidently looking ahead to what his last blow will be since he was already sure he’d beaten Lolong and then using a Kure Technique.
What’s especially cool is that it’s a combination of a Kure Technique and a Niko Technique. I thought that it was a weird combo at first, but I think I get what it does now.
By using Earth Scraper as Lolong punched, Ohma threw Lolong off balance and made him lean further into his punch. Not only did this increase the force behind Lolong for Ohma to counter with Flashing Steel, but it also makes it harder for Lolong to defend it since he isn’t even standing properly afterwards. This would magnify the power of Flashing Steel as a counter significantly, this would hurt a lot more than the counter Raian got for instance, because Ohma broke Lolong’s defence and increased the power he was throwing back.
This is something only Ohma could do, no one else knows the Niko Style and the Kure Techniques, let alone be able to combine them. Even his master Niko couldn’t use this technique, which shows Ohma stepping out of his shadow and growing more into his own. It makes me excited to see other ways he could combine Kure and Niko attacks.
In conclusion, the reason I like the fight ender is because it’s a cool combination of two normal attacks into a much stronger counter attack that could only be done by Ohma and shows how he’s changed and grown. Imo it’s better than ending on Demonsbane.
Also I forgot to mention but the art is dope, the page of Ohma impacting Lolong looks super intense and Lolong’s caved in chest looks really painful.
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2021.12.08 21:17 bananaskates Newbie looking for help with Minion build

I'm playing PoE for the first time this season and having fun with my minion necromancer. Based loosely on the Zombie build by Wrecker_of_days. I added more minions because more is more.
However, I've sort of gotten myself stuck where I can't really progress and the item upgrades I can see that would make a difference are too expensive for what I can farm in my current state.
I don't expect any kind of build rework, but some tips for what I could try from an experienced necro would be appreciated!
PoB Community link, please let me know if it doesn't work:
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2021.12.08 21:17 memelord179 *Panic Attack*

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2021.12.08 21:17 redit202 /r/reditsubs, your December 13 - 19 predictions are very Illuminating! Daily Bethea Astrology - December 08, 2021

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2021.12.08 21:17 Conservitard_Fundie Looking to buy the whole steering setup, I need help though.

So after trying my friends G29 for a bit... using a wheel is infinitely better for driving. Problem is, I cant get by with just the wheel and pedals. I still need to use my KB+M to walk around and use mod related stuff (there is a limit to how many button combos I can learn) as well as the crane, fork truck, and front loader type controls.
I think I do want to go with the G29 because it is nice... but I am wondering is there a good joystick to use for the crane stuff and walking around? Is there a better wheel that wont cost more than my car which would solve this that yall recommend? I feel like I am going to want to keep the mouse and keyboard nearby for some stuff (I tab out to watch youtube on second monitor often) but I would like to do all I can without them ingame.
I have tried using a controller and while its better the steering seems to come in tree strengths (slightest of veering, pretty solid turn, and try to jackknife the tractoroll it over) which is still better than the KB+M's all-or-nothing. I do use the controller if I have a long drive or I am going to use the crane alot but I cant help but feel a wheel/pedal/joystick combo would be sooo much better.
So yeah if anyone has suggestions let me know because it would also be nice to get a setup for Truck simulator as well lol
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2021.12.08 21:17 thisjustinlpointe Sitting here listening to the Crypto episode cutting up some cardboard for recycling day tomorrow…

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2021.12.08 21:17 techsucker MIT Researchers Propose ‘GeoMol’: A Deep Learning Model That Predicts The 3D Shapes Of Drug-Like Molecules

Scientists look for drug-like compounds that can connect to disease-causing proteins and modify their functionality to search for new therapies. They must grasp a molecule’s 3D form to understand how it will connect to specific protein surfaces. However, because a single molecule can fold in hundreds of distinct ways, solving the issue experimentally is a time-consuming and costly procedure analogous to looking for a needle in a haystack.
MIT researchers are using machine learning to simplify this difficult operation. They developed a deep learning algorithm that can predict a molecule’s 3D forms purely based on a 2D graph of its molecular structure. Small graphs are commonly used to represent molecules. GeoMol, their system, processes molecules in a fraction of a second and outperforms other machine learning models, including some commercial approaches. By reducing the number of compounds that need to be tested in lab tests, GeoMol could help pharmaceutical companies speed up the drug discovery process.
Quick Read:
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2021.12.08 21:17 Road_Whorrior Don't mind me, just sending the phrase "hhhhhhhggg rerrrr55" to your work group chat

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2021.12.08 21:17 largecucumber Do you support owners putting shock collars on their pets?

View Poll
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2021.12.08 21:17 CrashingCars2 PSA

Do not record your screen with a youtube video. Either send me the link to download it or download it yourself with a video downloader. I personally use y2mate
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2021.12.08 21:17 Saphire2988 Is it hard making friends or making plans when you're 30 ?

I turned 23 a week ago and I came to a realization that I don't really have any friends. I didn't go to college and I work from home so I don't really have a place to socialize with people. I look at other people and see how they have friends to share in their joy and their sadness and I feel like I'm missing out. I promised myself that I was going to get my life in order by the time I was 30 and that doesn't seem far away from where I am so I wanted to know, is it easy to make friends when you're older ?
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2021.12.08 21:17 CrazyEight321 NCL Gem - Recent Cruisers? Tips and Insights?

Hi! Just curious if anyone has gone on the Gem recently? We're going on it our if NYC soon and was just curious if there are any tips, tricks, all around advise to maximize time spent on the Gem
This will be our 2nd time with NCL, the first was on the Jewel out of Alaska and its my understanding this is the same class as the Gem, so I have some idea but always looking for more opinions or insight to more experienced cruisers
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2021.12.08 21:17 Useless-Pickles 3000GT Hot Wheels Customization is Complete! Looks just like my real 93 VR4 :)

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2021.12.08 21:17 N-J-K06 We stand together, pilots

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2021.12.08 21:17 toccopizza4499 Yo boobiesoft, y’all are getting ripped off.

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2021.12.08 21:17 Cultural-Button-6028 Accepting crypto for b2b payment best practices.

We are looking into accepting crypto for b2b payment but we want user to send payment to our wallet and once we receive crypto in our hardware wallet we will confirm that payment has been made. The question is, we are in the U.S and trying to find out if there is any regulations that might prevent us from doing this.
Also we reached out to circle and the really don't work with small account, so we are trying to determine if there are our companies that work we startups.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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