Do I need an excuse to talk to her?

2021.11.29 07:05 OldTvDinner Do I need an excuse to talk to her?

Do i need an excuse to talk to her? This is a new crush that I dont really know and she is never really working in the same department as me. I don't want to approach her randomly if we're not working the same department because it would be obvious im going out my way to talk to her. So how do I do this?
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2021.11.29 07:05 omarrszz me on yuumi waiting to steal the kill from my adc wit my q 😹🙌🧜🏾‍♀️

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2021.11.29 07:05 Techgeek25 Sidecar on 2008?

Hey Guys! I have a 2008 5,1 MacBook Running Monterey with OCLP, And I Was Wondering How to enable sidecar? Thanks!
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2021.11.29 07:05 NewsElfForEnterprise Co-working and EdTech company Talent Garden acquires Hyper Island to scale online courses globally

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2021.11.29 07:05 James007BondUK Kara del Toro

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2021.11.29 07:05 HeathCliff2012 Make a reference from any movie/series and let other guess from where it is

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2021.11.29 07:05 LordHughRAdumbass No Escape - Extinctionati Western Meeting 87

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2021.11.29 07:05 WbrJr Question about complexity of your electrical engineering math lectures

Hi there! Sorry this post got so long, I had to let off some steam, but would love to hear your answers anyways :)
I just started my first semester of electrical and information technology ( I hope it's the correct translation, basically an engineering bachelor for electronics, data communication and software) in Düsseldorf Germany at a university that aims to teach practical skills as well but does not go in much detail behind the science like a normal university. It's nice because I don't care too much about that stuff, it's interesting to hear but does not always help me to understand.)
Anyways, i was interested to hear from others what gets covered in the math lectures and what is required in the exams. At my university everyone hates maths. He teaches things we might never need. It's my first semester, it started September and we are now covering Laplace transformation, complex numbers and stuff like that. An other professor that offers helping lessons ( like a class, everyone can come and ask him questions) says, that those topics are not necessary to know and the problems we (will) face can all be solved much easier with "regular" mathematics.
How is or was it at your university? Are complex numbers really necessary, or is it only our professor that is obsessed with mathematics and wants to see us suffer? :D are those things useful later in work (of cause depending on what you specialise in later)?
I am struggling to find motivation to learn all that stuff if I don't need it. Everything else is very interesting, but math just takes up soo much time, that we don't even get to study for other classes. I new this bachelor would be tough, but that's just annoying ^ now we have everything online again and this professor even requires us to put double the time into his class by watching his previous recorded lectures and in addition attending his online classes. I don't get it.. problem is you don't understand his lectures because he just floats on a different level of thinking and explains very strange.
Sorry for the rant :D Thanks, stay safe!
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2021.11.29 07:05 aserebr Views of HD 109214

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2021.11.29 07:05 themoorofvenice Two-hour delay, ticketing glitches: How my trip from JB to Singapore via the land VTL unfolded

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2021.11.29 07:05 FriskyGecko From Ken on TG: Why pick ONEMOON?

Let's take a moment to recognize and appreciate the opportunity we all have here. We have a fully functioning cryptocurrency token with fully funded liquidity pool for trading that pays its holders to own it. We have developers to manage the code and implement approved DAO governance decisions, and we have a DAO fund to pay for things like marketing, bounties, contests, etc.
The token generates its own revenue through transaction fees from trading (we don’t have to sell anything or provide any service to anyone). This revenue automatically funds the DAO, payouts to existing holders, the liquidity pool, and burns ONEMOON tokens to reduce supply and help drive price higher. Its trading volume that provides this. Increased volume = increased revenue.
So, as token holders, we have the ability to pay ourselves, fund our operations, keep the liquidity pool adequately funded, and reduce the supply of ONEMOON tokens to make them scarcer and more valuable. Its LITERALLY like being on the Board of Directors of our own company.
The price is so low right now that folks can accumulate large bags for not much money and, with some good ideas, proper engagement and execution, we can drive the price of the token 100x – 1000x (our opinion) before its even considered fairly valued.
NONE of this is guaranteed, obviously. There’s a lot of competition in the crypto space and there’s a lot of work to do to make it happen. But everything needed for success is in place. We just need an active and thriving community. If the token fails it will only be because the community decided not to do anything with it.
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2021.11.29 07:05 maskedman1994 Membership webinar invite

Hello everyone, I gave my cfa level 3 on 24th November 2021. Just today, I received an invite for membership webinar which explains next step for becoming charter holder. To exactly quote the part of email - "Having successfully completed all 3 levels of the CFA® Program, you are just one step away from becoming a CFA® charterholder." Now, the results of November L3 aren't out yet and I doubt if they even decided mps or any other detail as of now, so why such thing is mentioned in the email?
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2021.11.29 07:05 Demokanezar Fren having a meal

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2021.11.29 07:05 Electrical_Routine79 Controller sensitivity is too low!

I set both vertical and horizontal sensitivity to the max but it's still not enough. In no way I can make a turn on my opponent !
Did I miss something on the settings or I'm not the only one having this problem ?
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2021.11.29 07:05 errorsigningup ich💰iel

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2021.11.29 07:05 SherifKhalifa For a first time grower, roughly how many weeks to wait before harvest, I look at trichomes but I feel that I am missing if they are clear or starting to get white? How much more would you give them 3 weeks?

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2021.11.29 07:05 themoorofvenice POFMA correction directions issued to Cheah Kit Sun, Goh Meng Seng over COVID-19 vaccine falsehoods

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2021.11.29 07:05 wm8m8mw Breaking. Új oltóanyagot fejlesztenek.

Egy anonymous kutatócsoport kifejlesztett egy új vakcinát a COVID-19 oltások tüneteinek enyhítésére. Ha eddig féltél az oltás okozta fáradékonyságtól, akkor most már nem kell, mert ez a legújabb vakcina 90%-ban csökkenti az oltás utáni valaszreakciókból eredő, akár napokig tartó izomfájdalmakat, fáradékonyságot, levertséget. Ha minden igaz, akkor ma este az M1 híradóban anonymous élőben fogja ismertetni a részleteket.
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2021.11.29 07:05 yellow_umbrella72 My Childhood Christmas ornaments were destroyed in a flood. How should I replace them in a way that makes them feel special?

As in the title, my Christmas ornaments are gone for good. I'm looking for a creative way to add new ones that can hold some kind of sentimental value.
Anyone have any ideas on how to replace them with new ones in a way that will help me not feel so sad to have lost them? Holidays are hard.
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2021.11.29 07:05 Chimeguy22 💵💎Free instant $10 for signing up for a Step account💎💵

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2021.11.29 07:05 beaninspirer Thought For The Day

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2021.11.29 07:05 KCVietnamCM12 Chia sẻ việc tham gia VR của bạn trên KuCoin Spotlight và giành được một phần quà tặng 500 USDT

Chia sẻ việc tham gia VR của bạn trên KuCoin Spotlight và giành được một phần quà tặng 500 USDT
Để chào mừng đợt Bán Token Victoria VR trên KuCoin Spotlight (, chúng tôi sẽ ra mắt hoạt động “Chia sẻ sự tham gia VR của bạn trên KuCoin Spotlight và Giành phần thưởng 500 USDT”.

⏰17:00 ngày 29/11/2021 - 14:00 ngày 2/12/2021 (theo giờ Việt Nam)

💸 Chia sẻ ảnh chụp màn hình về sự tham gia VR của bạn trên KuCoin Spotlight trong KuCoin Exchange (, KuCoin Exchange 2nd Group ( or KuCoin Metaverse ( với thẻ bắt đầu bằng #VRonKuCoinSpotlight

✅ Điền vào biểu mẫu này (để đủ điều kiện tham gia hoạt động.

🎁 Chúng tôi sẽ chọn ngẫu nhiên 5 người dùng đủ điều kiện để giành được 100 USDT mỗi người!

Ghi chú:
- Người dùng liên tục gửi cùng một ảnh chụp màn hình hoặc thư rác trong các nhóm KuCoin Telegram chính thức sẽ mất tư cách nhận phần thưởng.
- Phần thưởng sẽ được phân phối trong vòng 15 ngày làm việc sau khi hoạt động kết thúc.
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2021.11.29 07:05 JO3POTATO Learn ethical hacking, Python and more with these FREE Udemy courses!

Hello! For Cyber Monday I am giving away free coupons to my best-selling Udemy courses. Happy learning!
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2021.11.29 07:05 Acceptable-Piece5784 Day 5

energetic asfff
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2021.11.29 07:05 BobbyGranite If you converted from Islam, were you Shia or Sunni (or something else)?

View Poll
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