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Ramen shop kibusachi, show the kitchen in operation

2021.12.02 19:32 tsubasa_shin Ramen shop kibusachi, show the kitchen in operation

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2021.12.02 19:32 Specific_Wealth3041 Which audio aura was the most common among Spotify users this year?

Mine were powerful and bold.
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2021.12.02 19:32 data_alltheway Event: Free AI and data science clinic, 14th December (Online Workshop)

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2021.12.02 19:32 TROLOLOLOLOL0LOL Imagine if you had PUTS on DOCU 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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2021.12.02 19:32 Jotaroisgay Filament leaking before print

I'm using an Ender 3 and while it adjusts itself before the print. There's already a curled mess of filament on the nozzle. I'm really not sure how to fix this and every solution I've found involves code of some kind. Is there a way to solve the issue as basic as possible?
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2021.12.02 19:32 Mobileoperator178 Am I?

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2021.12.02 19:32 Sensitive_Mixture117 What's the best motivational movie you've ever seen?

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2021.12.02 19:32 SpaceBoJangles What bird is this owl that visited us?

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2021.12.02 19:32 jaehyunsbetch 'The First Time': Aespa Talks Inspiration From Fashion, Harry Styles, Grimes, Ariana Grande

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2021.12.02 19:32 sea_place Do you know where I can get Damon Braces in Tijuana or Tecate?

I'm looking for Damon Braces specifically because my understanding is that you need less visits to get them adjusted and it's easier for me to make the trip less often
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2021.12.02 19:32 indian_soros That is a big decision from Carrick. Will have learned a lot from his time under OGS. Interesting to see whether he goes down the management route himself.

That is a big decision from Carrick. Will have learned a lot from his time under OGS. Interesting to see whether he goes down the management route himself. submitted by indian_soros to reddevils [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 19:32 i-love-seals The Underground Railroad of North Korea

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2021.12.02 19:32 Lilithium06 Everyone around me is getting a partner and it's depressing

Every single one of my friends is getting into a relationship and it's making me really depressed. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them, but I can't help but feel like shit since I'm 18 and still alone
It's a real bruh moment
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2021.12.02 19:32 DraconicBladewing64 Daily Monika #421 (by 日寺 二牙 on Pixiv)

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2021.12.02 19:32 mappletreez 🔱Only Fans BSC ($Fanned) 🔱 | 24 hours old 🚀 | 5% Busd Reflections 💰 | 1% Marketing | Active Telegram | Memes | Active Community | Mobile App in Development | Active Developers BSC Token

🔞 onlyfansbsc.io
Protest against modern entertainment industry with OnlyFans (FANNED)!
A parody project of the popular entertainment website, instead of simping, we’re fannatizing with ACTUAL fans.
It is a community driven project with a dedicated team with the right tools to make the project moon!
In addition to providing hilarious memes and entertainment, we are a legitimate reflection token aiming to provide great rewards to holders in Binance USD (BUSD).
FANNED, experienced team, diamond holders, 300 people in telegram already, no moonboys or gif spammers. Best it can get. Get to tg and see resources, we are going to 4M sooner or later. It's not only a meme but project to raise awareness about porn.
CG/CMC not listed yet. You have been warned
It pays to be a fan.
Contract: 0xb8f979b9ca2de4ccb8ac1f1876564b82b2e0f263
💰 Passive BUSD Income! 5% Of each transaction goes to all holders!
🙅‍♀️Fixed supply! No new mintings.
🐋Anti Whale! Max wallet is 1.5%
🥳Unlimited memes 24/7!
7% Liquidity
5% BUSD Reflections
1% Marketing Wallet
Telegram: https://t.me/bsconlyfans
Website: onlyfansbsc.io
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2021.12.02 19:32 AKanadian47 What Video Of A Tragic Event Do You Wish You Never Saw?

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2021.12.02 19:32 Vman9910 Need help picking last 22U player

I know all of it is dependent on what my team needs are, but just in general do you think Laf or Drysdale has more longevity looking at the game now? I’m thinking of Drysdale because my D needs work, but I’m a rangers fan so Laf is obviously appealing.
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2021.12.02 19:32 manny1163 [NA] Looking for a top laner for clash high gold low plat

Add me in game if you're interested manny1103
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2021.12.02 19:32 keeperofthereaper69 Do women actually like sexually charged opening messages on dating apps?

So I have this friend who is constantly getting laid and talking to women and gets tons of matches on Tinder. In an attempt to help me with my failures, he advised me to send them a really sexual opening message because they for sure will read it and remember it as they get tons of nice, cute messages every day but they won’t remember or respond.
Any woman I’ve seen talk about this says women hate this but just from what I see, my friend is looking like he’s right. I mean he showed me how when he sent sexual messages most girls responded, and most did positively.
I rarely get matches and I try to send thought out messages but they never get respnses.
Do women secretly like sexual messages?
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2021.12.02 19:32 Joebot_21 Rubi Cube is doing ANOTHER 🎉Flash GIVEAWAY🎉 THIS TIME FOR 2 YES 2 RUBI CUBE NFT’s!! So easy just join our discord and hit the 🎉 button but HURRY it end in less then 5 hrs!!! Stay tune for more..

Rubi Cube is doing ANOTHER 🎉Flash GIVEAWAY🎉 THIS TIME FOR 2 YES 2 RUBI CUBE NFT’s!! So easy just join our discord and hit the 🎉 button but HURRY it end in less then 5 hrs!!! Stay tune for more.. submitted by Joebot_21 to MakersPlace [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 19:32 SentinelKasai My thoughts on microtransactions and monetization in BF 2042, and how it could be done differently

So I've played this game quite a bit over the last few weeks. I was part of the open beta, the early access and have clocked a total of about 100 hours by this stage. I want to start off by saying that, yes, I dislike the state the game is in. It has absolutely been launched in a bad state, missing a lot of features, bug ridden and it was in dire need of another 6 months in DICE's hands before it was released to the public. I am greatful to them for at least doing their best to fix some of the major bugs and community concerns that have been raised over the last month or so, and I hope they can continue to work through the list as quickly as possible so we can at least have a 100% stable experience.
What I wanted to discuss was EA and DICE's choices for their monetization plan, because I believe that many people see it as one of the major detractors from the game, myself being one of them. They absolutely could have gone about this in a better way, without changing aspects of the game purely for the money-making opportunities, and I wanted to put forward my thoughts on how I would go about it from a theoretical point of view.
A F2P and Full game offering: As of now, we have a game starting at $60 which offers 3 distinct parts of the same experience - All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Portal. Hazard Zone is something new and unique to the battlefield experience, an extraction style gamemode similar to Escape from Tarkov. It's definitely promising, however the player numbers have been quite the opposite. Similarly, Portal brings experiences of prior Battlefield games into the modern day, with classic maps and an extensive experience designer, but due to various issues, most notably the XP limitations following the bot farming, the player counts have again been lower than expected, with many servers unpopulated or scarcely so. The variety of options here is great, and fixing/rebalancing and new content would go a long way to making both these experiences more popular (all of which will hopefully come in the future regardless).
However, especially in the case of Hazard Zone, a great way to boost player numbers and start to introduce new players to the world of Battlefield, would be to make this part of the game F2P, in a similar fashion to COD:Warzone. Allow free downloads for the Hazard Zone mode via a new game launcher, with a full battle pass and seasonal content (as is planned anyway) and perhaps even build in some other F2P experiences alongside Hazard Zone like a standard BR mode. Along with this, specialists, another controversial part of this game (that has seemingly been added to push microtransactions and skin purchases) would be shifted to the F2P experiences and be made available for all to play in the same way they are now, getting content releases as part of the battle pass with skins for the specialists in a wide variety of styles.
For those who purchase the full game, they get access to the 2 premium experiences, AOW and Portal. AOW will re-adopt the standardized class system with a new diverse and extensive customization system, with outfit designs and colours, weapon camos, attachment designs, and soldier facial customization on a level similar to that of WW3 (video example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Q5ykRYy-o). This customization system, similarly to the F2P modes, would have certain content be paid or available via the battlepass, and others as challenge rewards. This will also come with various other changes to the full-game gamemodes, such as a conquest/breakthrough 'small' mode with 64 players, bringing back gamemodes like rush, squad deathmatch, TDM (and any other popular ones from previous games), and tweaks that help to bring the game back to its roots. Overall this creates an experience more like what long-time battlefield fans are used to, while allowing for possibly even greater levels of monetization capability than what is currently possible.
Keeping the battlepass and season content will allow them to continue their live-service, releasing new weapons and maps into both the full game and the F2P edition at the same time with appropriate balancing and modifications on both sides. With this in place, they can cater to BF fans with content they want, as well as offering an experience that is new and fresh and available to a much wider audience. With both fully able to generate further income over the live-service period, more-so than microtransactions/paid-content locked behind the $60 full game only.
I'm aware that Hazard Zone was believed to be a F2P gamemode back before the game released, whether that was ever confirmed by DICE/EA I do not know, but imo it should have been for the reasons stated above.
Sorry if this post has any mistakes or anything that generally doesn't make sense, i'm pretty tired now and just felt like having a little brain-dump while I was thinking about it all. If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas or if you want to discuss any of the ideas then do please comment, i'd love to chat about it. I know this seems like just yet another post from someone who thinks they know how to do the job better than the suits at DICE and EA, but y'know, it's worth a shot to just put the ideas out there even if it's just a waste of time. Thanks all, and see you on the Battlefield.
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2021.12.02 19:32 NewsElfForEnterprise More states considering bans on gas-powered lawn equipment

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2021.12.02 19:32 dR_Synax Infused ink sheet help.

You guys have been amazing, getting us the answer of infused ink sheets for our shirts. The infused ink went on perfect and is what we were looking for. Now my question is this... Is there a way to make custom infused ink sheets? We are wanting to put an image on a shirt that has multiple colors. The sheets we have are one color and are great for words and such but how do we make a custom infused ink sheet with our own colors and such? Any ideas?
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2021.12.02 19:32 swedeinsuede ITAP of a snowy pathway in Sweden

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2021.12.02 19:32 lemonglow1995 Tive um surto de mania desencadeado pelo meu emprego

Uns meses atrás criei um tópico aqui relatando que iria me demitir pois não aguentava mais o meu emprego. Nunca foi questão de trabalhar. Eu gosto. Sou dedicado e procuro melhorar e tal. Acabei continuando; motivo: queria ser demitido pra forçar e pegar o fgts. Eu já havia definido que se nao fosse, pediria demissão no final do ano. O problema é que tive um surto fudido 3 dias atrás -- comecei a ter sintomas sexta, piorei gravemente no domingo e explodi na segunda. Uma crise jamais vista. Não consigo detalhar direito. Mas acabei parando na upa. Tinha tentado me jogar na frente de um carro (parei no meio da avenida. Meu corpo imobilizou. Minha mente apagou. Os carros apenas desviaram. Tudo durou um pouco mais de um minuto. Não sentia nada. Apenas desespero, desespero e desespero. Meu corpo tremia, palpitava e eu chorava. Tinha pensamentos vertiginosos e alterações de humor em segundos; ódio e tristeza (o sentimento era de humilhação, temor). Estava no horário de almoço do trabalho. Mandei áudios pra minha chefe desesperado falando que não poderia voltar, a mesma ignorou. Fui na loja que trabalho e de lá fui correndo até em casa. Começou os sintomas mais graves ali. Dei socos contínuos na porta ate minha mão sangrar. Chorava e tremia. Usei o que tinha de racional e peguei documentos numa pasta e sai correndo chorando e alternando com ódio, raiva e choro. Minha ideia era ir no NAPs. Por um segundo achei que não iria aguentar Pensei em ir no posto da PM (????). Estava desesperado. Cheguei lá e conversei com uma assistente social. Estava perturbado, não falava nada com nada. Ela me ajudou a chegar numa upa. Tive urgência. Fui medicado e deixado em observação. O sus me salvou. Fui bem tratado lá.
Meu problema no trabalho, curiosamente, sequer era minha chefe. Era uma colega de trabalho. Uma das pessoas mais doentes que ja vi. Não consigo entrar em detalhes. Mas era bizarro. Achei que fosse da minha cabeça; mas analisando os mínimos detalhes do seu comportamento eu desconfio que a mesma tenha algum problema muito grave, quiça sociopatia. Eu juro, não vou entrar em detalhes aqui, mas poucos aguentariam. Ela é mitomaniaca, racista, volúvel, manipuladora. Eu guardava tudo pra mim. Estou isolado. Não saia desde o começo da pandemia. Salvo duas vezes. Mas lugares que eu fui sozinho, pouca interpessoalidade. Meus amigos próximos são duma cidade 1 hora da minha. O horário do meu trabalho me impossibilitava sair com quem eu era íntimo. Não estava fazendo mais terapia também. Já tive problemas graves antes, ja surtei, tenho histórico de depressão. Mas nunca, nunca, nunca acreditei que por algum segundo eu estivesse pronto para morrer. Nunca nada foi similar.
Amanhã meu atestado acaba, tenho que ir lá. Quero ver se ela, a chefe, me demite. Se não, eu peço. Porém terei que, possivelmente, cumprir aviso prévio. Por ser um mês de pico. Estou com medo.
Não só isso, recentemente estava surtando e acabei descontando em algumas pessoas próximas. Eu já relatava meus problemas. Mas me dói que eu possa ter afetado pessoas que eu gostava. Eu estava fora de mim. Eu sinto vergonha.
Voltei do psiquiatra durante o tempo de tratamento, agora tomo medicação. Antidepressivo, antipsicótico, antisiolitico.
Já sei o que farei da minha vida no que vira. Estou com medo de surtar novamente. Eu já sabia que aconteceria. Deveria ter saído antes. Achei que eu aguentaria, já passei por momentos difíceis. Mas não é tão simples.
Apenas sinto culpa agora pelos surtos que tive, algumas pessoas podem querer se afastar de mim. Mas existe alguns que se importam comigo. Eu valorizo isso.
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