Odd lights east of downtown Saint Paul. What could they be?

2021.12.07 23:51 Alwys_Forward Odd lights east of downtown Saint Paul. What could they be?

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2021.12.07 23:51 mirandatheband USA in the year 2024

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2021.12.07 23:51 TexnTenn1167 …until r/memes banned cake day memes for their subreddit

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2021.12.07 23:51 Jhon_Sornozaa What is this notification due to when wanting to stream from mobile?

Hello, when I start directly from the mobile app, I get this as a notification ----> stream ended screen capture permission revoked you have externally ended the display capture session re enable screen and start .... I honestly do not know what it could be, I am new to this and I would like to know if there is any option, or something to do.
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2021.12.07 23:51 snow38385 Why did we only get Type A mining crystal BPOs?

I wish there was a way to covert Type A BPOs to type B or C. I have no need for 4 simple Type A BPOs, but one of each of the other types would be nice. Now i have to go round up more BPOs and research them when I already did this once for evey type. I have a bunch of unnecessary BPOs that probably won't sell for crap because everyone got stuck with the same BS.
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2021.12.07 23:51 ramuktekas Another day, and another chance to to hate India

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2021.12.07 23:51 adamtd893 AI too simplistic?

The enemy AI us awful and too simplistic. I have to play with 4 hardest AIs before it even becomes moderately challenging. What is going on?
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2021.12.07 23:51 JayGlacier This camping gear lives in my car year-round. What stays in yours?

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2021.12.07 23:51 P-H-11 Use for weeks at a time, then have a stop. Impacting my life

Hello everyone, I've come up with this account to start using and begin the recovery process.
I've been smoking cigarettes and pot for 3 years now (started just before I turned 19) and it's been heavy on-and-off use with periods of time where I'll be stoned everyday for anywhere inbetween a couple of days to a few months. Self-medication would be the biggest overall reason I use as I struggle with demands at work and I tend to get bored, overthink, get depressed and try to escape reality from time to time.
Most of my friends, even family, use pot and it's difficult to establish boundaries or say no whenever the opportunity arises for a smoke. I've made several attempts to quit and read Allen Carr's 'Easyway' to quit smoking to rid myself of cigarettes which worked for a short while until I use again to escape what's happening in my life or because I don't have anything better to do.
These days, I find that my memory and focus is fading big time and I'm very concerned for how it has affected my brain ,decision making and overall quality of life. I'll just stay inside, lock myself away and smoke bowls for as long as I can. I've stopped eating, showering regularly and I don't know now what I want for my life or how to move forward. I have goals and I want to meet people and girls, explore what the world is
Pot has been a catalyst in relationships breaking down, criminal activity and 'scoring' off many friends with no compensation in return. It's as though I get this little niggle in my head as I'm smoking that doesn't want me to come down off the high and wants me to smoke as much as possible. I hope that I can one day smoke in moderation or at public events, I know I cannot have it in my home and around me personally because it will lead back into locking myself away and wasting my time and life.
Just an initial post, look forward to hanging around,
Best wishes.
TL;DR: Me smoke too much, need stop.
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2021.12.07 23:51 LordPumpkinPie you guys know that big black guy?

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2021.12.07 23:51 Estrella_Greta Accounting having a social distancing Easter reunion.

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2021.12.07 23:51 Low-Newt-180 Indian tankers during military excercises in Rajasthan

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2021.12.07 23:51 susannabean a

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2021.12.07 23:51 thatoneguyunderwear Want to make more friends

Hey there - my name is E, im 24 nb and i want to make more friends. I like all things nerdy but my main focus is pokemon and dnd, and I'm always looking for people who are down for a weekly session/lengthy discussion about nerdy shit. My discord is onescrinklyonessmooth#9503, add me if you want to be friends 😁
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2021.12.07 23:51 Memefan12369420666 Passed with a clean 42

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2021.12.07 23:51 Dypatome Scotty Allen (Strange Parts on Social Media)

Hello, I'd appreciate some help.
Scotty Allen, the man who runs the Strange Parts YouTube channel as well as affiliated Twitter, Instagram, etc. pages for a number of years has not posted since August. The only reason I'm bringing this here is because in August he mentioned on twitter that there was an accident at his workplace where a pipe fell on his head and he was recovering from a concussion.
It's well known that he lives in Shenzhen, China, alone. There isn't anybody there that he regularly communicates with, so in the unfortunate event that he did pass away there wouldn't be anybody to pass the word on other than any friends he has in the US that would only notice something is off due to a lack of communication.
Again, I'm not asking that anybody track down where he is so I hope that this does not break rules of the subreddit. I'm asking if there is anybody who would be able to track any kind of death records stating that he's passed away, or any way to find even a slim sign of life from him. It's worrying when a relatively active man takes a trip to Vegas for a project, gets a concussion, and then hasn't said anything since. Let me know if this causes any issues, but I'm just looking to confirm his health.
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2021.12.07 23:51 PangolinAdmirable NANO Referral 0i6p-bne5

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2021.12.07 23:51 Gareeb_boi haha wife bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ˜

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2021.12.07 23:51 jim-nasty Imagine if Yieldly was almost guaranteed to move in direct step with ALGO

I know everyone wants a moon shot but i’m so content with ~30% APY off this coin. If I could be assured that the risk of holding Yieldly was fairly similar to that of holding Algo, I’d put a lot more money into Yeildly. You have to agree that investing in Yieldly is much riskier than buying Algo, which is much riskier than the S&P500, but imagine if you could consistently beat those odds with an asset that held the same risk as Algo.
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2021.12.07 23:51 FeliWhite [For hire] Fantasy/D&D commission, pen and ink, paypal only! Starting 100USD

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2021.12.07 23:51 theredkrawler The utterly ridiculous number of service stations along this section of Beaudesert Road

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2021.12.07 23:51 SamadAdewolu2004 Market is nuts rn

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2021.12.07 23:51 alipat17 TJs Protein Pancakes!

Today I finally ventured out of just vegetables, cheese, eggs, and nuts in almost three weeks. I tried Trader Joe’s protein pancakes mix and did 1/4 c mix, 1/4 c Ripple milk, and added an egg. I had it with butter, walnuts, Greek yogurt, and some whole milk yogurt with cinnamon sprinkled on top. It made about 5 silver dollar chubby pancakes. My midwife said she wants me to start getting some post meals around 130 since they’ve been getting really low. This was a 136 for me. Just wanted to share this little treat in case it works for anyone else!
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2021.12.07 23:51 adistique Day 2

I relapsed yesterday after 4 day streak and this is where my problem is . I have relapsed about 5 or 6 times since I started Nofap on day 4. Can anyone tell me any kind of hack/ solution to just get through the first 21 days? It will be really helpful for me.
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2021.12.07 23:51 bornfromchrome My spider guy movie tier list

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