Another “my dough is slow and cold” post

Step 6 – After the dough is rolled out, put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. This just makes cutting out the templates a little easier and helps them to hold their shape. I try to keep my pieces pretty close together without being TOO close or they might touch during baking. This recipe doesn’t spread but it does puff a tiny bit. Anything longer, and you’ll find the dough start to become sticky. To use a pre-chilled dough (maximum 4 hours), be sure to add a tablespoon or two of flour onto the dough prior to preparing it in your preferred method. Can I bake 2 ingredient dough in the air-fryer? Yes. All 2-ingredient dough recipes work well in the air-fryer. I make most of my cookie dough in my food processor. It’s great for shortbread, sugar cookies, snowballs, pecan sandies–almost any kind. There’s none of the busywork that was necessary 100 years ago. I throw everything in at once and process it until a soft, smooth dough has formed. It really is that easy! These days, refreshing my sourdough starter has become a liturgical part of my day. It takes minutes to provide my starter with fresh flour and water. In return, my starter produces flavorful and healthy bread. I like to think it’s me making the bread; it's me controlling fermentation, it's my hands mixing and shaping the dough. To make dough, combined milk, sugar and yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer attached with a dough hook, and let sit until foamy – about 5-10 minutes. If it doesn’t foam, start over. Once foamy, add 3 3/4 cups flour and the salt, and mix on low speed until dough comes together and is soft, about 7 minutes. My 18 month old grandaughter and myself tried this plat dough recipe out today and it was such a success. She loved the silky, smooth texture and pliability of it. This is a clear winner for little ones whose hands are not as strong as the bigger children, who can easily play with firmer dough. Please see the post for more information on all-purpose vs. bread flour in pizza dough. ²Many commenters have reported using active dry yeast (use the same amount, 2 ¼ teaspoon) with success. Some people have proofed the yeast first with the ¾ cup warm water, which is what I would recommend, while others have just mixed it into the dough as ... Hey! The dough usually after rising is about 20-22 ounces - or 1 point per ounce. Most of my individual pizzas are 5 ounces of dough - if you used a whole dough recipe for one pizza it would be huge! My rule of thumb is each dough is 4 individual pizzas, or two 12-14 inch pizzas depending on how thin you roll the dough. Hope that helps! King Dough, considered to be one of Indianapolis' best local pizza places, is opening another location. The wood-fired pizzeria, a finalist in the IndyStar 2020 Best Things’ local pizza category ... Even though I’ve been making a variation of this pizza for a while now, a recent discovery has made it 10x better. Sauteed veggies! My friend Lisa – who shared the genius 5-Minute Microwave Hummus idea with me – used this method for a pizza she made recently and it kind of blew my mind how good it was.. I was using raw veggies before that never entirely get cooked while the crust is baking.

2021.12.08 00:59 baciodolce Another “my dough is slow and cold” post

I work as a baker and the place I’m at has a small sourdough program (1-2doz country loaves and pizza) and I’m currently leading the ship but my sourdough experience is only what I’ve learned there since April and what I’ve been reading.
Currently I’m struggling with too long times and not super great loaves. I’m not really sure if it’s only a temperature issue or if there’s something else I can do to help things.
*Here’s a quick run down of our schedule:
5am start the country mix. We have a temp sheet we use to calculate water temp and our DDT is 82. (We usually get it to 79-82) We use 25% starter (and 83% hydration).
An average and healthy bulk is around 2-2.5 hours.
Then we shape and let them sit in the baskets until they reach the top and then fridge them. Not counting the summer, this usually happens before we leave at 1.
Our feeding schedule we do a 1:1:1 starter at 7am and 12pm. At 4:30 we make a stiff levain 50% hydration and 10% starter. We’re mixing that at 90 deg right now. *
Generally our levain temps in the 80s in the morning but lately it’s about 73-75* and in my opinion it often doesn’t look fully risen (based on how it used to be).
So because the Levain temps so low, I’m using water around 105* to help reach the DDT (is this too hot?) Some days the bulk is reasonable but sometimes it’s taking over 3 hours and almost every day it takes hours before we put the bread away. Usually between 3-5pm. (We’ve started putting the bulk on a covered speed rack and put in front of the pizza oven to help keep it around the 2 hour mark and that’s been helping. )
That would be fine since someone is there but the loaves aren’t turning out nice. They’re not fully growing in the baskets even waiting that long and we’re not getting a ton of oven spring. I also am getting more footballs (no ear).
I’m feeling a little lost about where to start and when I asked my higher ups they kinda didn’t give much help other than maybe upping the hydration or adding an extra feed…
Where would you start? How do I get my loaves big and beautiful again in a reasonable amount of time?
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2021.12.08 00:59 Shellgrabbingcrybaby 19 F from England looking for new penpals !

I’m looking for a few penpals that are willing to write first 💗 here are some things about me : I’m 19 , a lesbian , and someone who struggles with mental health, and am currently in the process of being assessed for autism. I love learning new things , especially about mushrooms and witchcraft. I also love to collect things such as shells , crystals , miniatures , stickers , dolls and more ! I enjoy eating pasta and swimming and being in nature and listening to rock music. I absolutely adore cats ! I like to decorate my letters and envelopes and include extras such as stickers , tea , washi tape samples , stationary, sweets , keyrings, earrings that i make , postcards etc. But I don’t expect the same back 💗 I just like receiving mail and learning about my penpals, it always puts a smile on my face , even through hard times. Please message me if you’re interested 💗 (also I like to ask a lot of questions to my penpals as well)
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future funk 2020 deskmat BNIB never opened. 110 shipped.
send paypal for quick transaction.
CONUS ONLY. comment before pm. no chats.
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2021.12.08 00:59 gibernas First F45 Playoffs!

Our studio had playoffs last Sunday and it was the first time for me, quite happy with the results, got 482 Pts, aiming for 500+ next time! Was tough but very much worth it!
Open for improvement advice from more seasoned members :)
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That provides what blockchain investors have lacked until now, that is a strong and supportive community serving everyone, including the small retail investor and the new blockchain startup. #ETHC #Ethereum #ETH #DeFi
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2021.12.08 00:59 iKnowiDiedAgain i don’t know what to do ?

i joined in hopes to get some advice and possibly (though i doubt) answers ? ? idk if this is the right place so let me know if there’s a more appropriate sub to post this on pls
i don’t think/know this is sleep paralysis but hallucinations ? or if they’re even possible hallucinations in the first place. i’m scared it may be real at this point, because it’s gone on long enough to make me nervous to sleep. i get woken up at night, by seemingly nothing, no noise or movement- that i’m aware of at least, but i know that i am actually woken up and not just waking up. then it’ll follow up with seeing something. now it’s 1 of 2 things but last night was completely different which is what freaked me out enough to look for other’s opinions. so, 1 of the 2 things : black figures. sometimes they are male or female, sometimes they are just in vague shapes of a person or not quite. sometimes they move other times they’re just there but their favorite thing to do is be right next to my bed. now this is the part that gets me: i can move. i’m not frozen or stiff at all and i usually sit up immediately cuz flight kicks in immediately. when i break eye contact to grab my phone for the flashlight, or even when i blink it’s gone. this is why completely i doubt it’s sleep paralysis shit.
now the second thing i usually experience: this weird floating thing of what i can only describe as a ball of thick strands of black hair just moving all staticky- sometimes just floating still, sometimes moving, sometimes even moving towards me which for some reason terrifies me and flight kicks in x9000.
now these things already freak me out. but last night i experienced something completely new. i got woken up, felt weird but oh well. back to sleep. turn over and look at my giant rabbit plushie i sleep next to and right before i want to close my eyes, i notice the bow at it’s neck move, then it starts to slowly lift upwards- only the bow not the body of the plush. i freak out and look up and see the staticky ball above it but this time it was some weird deep goldish color. i stared and stared and it wouldn’t go away even when i blinked. so at that point i basically wanna cry because now i’m seeing actual things move. i go grab my phone- It’s 3 fucking am on the dot. i try calling someone i feel safe with (at this point it’s gone when i looked back.) & no answer, i call a second person and they answer but have work in the morning so i tell them to sleep even tho they were willing to stay otp longer. third person picks up and luckily it’s 6 am their time and they’re getting ready for work and ask if they can just keep me company so i can go back to sleep w some company to feel safe. i was pretty terrified to sleep next to the rabbit but in case this WAS real i didn’t want to give into the fear.
sorry this was kinda long but does anyone have any advice or similar experiences? again, please let me know if there’s a better place to post this. sometimes this is for a few nights straight and sometimes it’s only occasionally, it’s been going on for a while now. i’m not new to freaky shit happening to me honestly but something that felt like it was physical THAT close to me just makes me feel a whole other type of creeped out. thanks for reading.
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2021.12.08 00:59 I-play4fun- Battery consumption

Is it just me or does the controller just eat through batteries insanely fast. I swear I just put some in couple days ago and now it’s on low battery. I don’t think it’s the batteries I’m using because they and sound like some pretty darn good batteries, “Duracell Optimum” and they aren’t cheap either
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2021.12.08 00:59 statueoflitterby pro hockey player Reagan Rust shares her experience transferring from RIT womens hockey 👀

to be clear, the coach reagan talks about here has since left rit, but yikes
@reaganrust tik tok
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2021.12.08 00:59 famesjranko polycarbonate vs double glazed for roof skylight?

Hey all,
We're replacing a skylight in a new house we just bought and the builder has given us the choice between polycarbonate and double glazed glass. Just after any recommendations as to which material we should go with. The cost is the same either way.
I've tried searching for comparisons between the two materials and it's all pretty generic: poly is stronger, lighter, better thermal properties, but not as pretty; glass is heavier, can scratch, but clearer. Though it's not always clear whether the comparison is between single or double glazed glass...
Appreciate any help with this one
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