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Furros de Venezuela

2021.12.04 05:30 Parteilamo Furros de Venezuela

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2021.12.04 05:30 brass_shadows99 just took my first sat test…uhh that was an experience for sure.

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2021.12.04 05:30 INSTANT0ATM3AL Would one seeking to be diagnosed with adhd be separated from the navy if they went to medical about it?

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2021.12.04 05:30 stressedoutadult UPDATE::: Am I in the Wrong?

So an update that no one asked for but I thought I should supply after what happened today.
I went into my mum's room this morning, prepared to wish her a happy birthday. I placed down the present on the bed. She complained that she is hypo (Type 1 Diabetic) Then proceeded to not treat it, got snarky about yesterday's fight then fell back asleep... (Also note: she always expects me to do something about her hypo - it's her medical condition & she was alert, she has also had it for over 50 years & has her treatment stuff on the bedside table). Any type 1s here? You don't always rely on another person, right? Right?
I got upset so I left the room & carried on with my day. She did not once try to rectify anything & straight out denied saying anything this morning about yesterday - so I ruined her birthday when I was prepared to put yesterday behind. She has now vowed that I will get no birthday or Christmas as punishment.
She is the most miserable, negative & unpleasant person & I am stuck here & I hate every single minute of it.
I made an effort, she rejected it then got mad that I didn't do anything for the entire day for her. I can not win. Here is to a miserable December.
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2021.12.04 05:30 Papyrus_Sans Best spa north of Salt Lake

I’m in North Ogden and have been looking into spas, but can’t really find one that stands out. Are there any that you may have been to that you’d recommend? Thanks on advance!
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2021.12.04 05:30 stingymaggot Billy Joel's hit song 'Uptown Girl'... is 100% about anal.

This may seem far-fetched, unimportant, idiotic, even, but I'm totally right about this one people.
I was lying in bed last night, and much like the greats of our time, had an incredible epiphany about Mr Joel's hit song Uptown Girl.
Yes, it may be a more poignant doo-wop / pop-classic intertwining social commentary with quirky rom-com charm, or it may be the most candid 'I'm 100% going to fuck your asshole' 70s/80s tune to hit the charts.
(Also to clarify, I'm not personally into anal, so there's no bias here. Just objective research and truths, ya'll.)
For clarification, here are the lyrics:
"Uptown Girl"
Uptown girl She's been living in her *uptown world*** I bet she never had a *backstreet** guy* I bet her *mama never told her why***
**I'm gonna try for* an uptown girl* She's been living in her *white bread** world* As long as anyone with *hot blood can*** And now she's looking for a *downtown man*** That's what I am
And *when she knows what* She wants* from her time* And when she wakes up And *makes up her mind***
She'll see I'm not so tough Just because I'm in love with an uptown girl
You know I've seen her in her uptown world She's getting *tired of her high class toys*** And all her presents from her *uptown boys*** She's got *a choice***
Uptown girl *You know I can't afford to buy her *pearls*** But maybe someday when *my ship comes in** She'll understand what kind of *guy I've been*** And then *I'll win***
And when she's *walking*** She's looking so fine** And when she's talking* She'll say that she's mine*
She'll say I'm not so tough Just because I'm in love With an uptown girl
She's been living in her white bread world As long as anyone with hot blood can And now she's looking for a downtown man That's what I am
Uptown girl She's my uptown girl You know I'm in love With an uptown girl My uptown girl You know I'm in love With an uptown girl My uptown girl
OK! - 'uptown' is a reference to vanilla / vaginal penetrative sex 100% - therefore, 'downtown' is a reference to anal sex (think about the anatomy of the genitalia, ya'll) - ^ this can also be applied to the use of 'backstreet', contrasting to 'front', illustrating the likeness to back door, i.e. anal - 'mama never told her why' -- making note of the social taboos surrounding anal sex and the open discussion of sex generally-speaking within society - 'white bread' can also be contrasted to vanilla-style sexual intercourse, alongside contrasted to.. perhaps... brown bread... hm (just me)? - the 'hot blood can' could also perhaps illustrate comparisons to an erect penis, something 'can' do 'something' with 'hot blood' to enable it.. i.e. a dick, ya'll. - again, 'downtown man' illustrates an identification with liking anal, much like his other lines repeating this theme -- 'that's what I am', 'guy I've been' - his aims to appeal to her inquisitiveness, and her boredom with 'uptown boys' and 'high class toys' (could literally mean sex toys, or the aims for more 'high-class' sexual acts, as opposed to 'dirtier' ones, like fucking an anus voluntarily). - 'my ship comes in' -- literal comparison to his penis entering her asshole, people. - ^ alongside this, he's saying that once this does happen, only then will she really appreciate the prospect of a 'downtown' guy and his proposed activities (i.e. don't knock it 'till you try it). - 'walking she's looking so fine' -- again, comparison to the post-anal experience and its benefits - he can't / won't buy her 'pearls' -- not be nasty, but could this not be compared to a sex act involving pearls in the name? I.e., he's not into the average sexual acts, and would rather try something else (and intimating that perhaps she'd also bored with the current options she's been offered). - 'when she knows what she wants', 'makes up her mind', 'she's got a choice', illustrating her interest in trying new sexual acts, and reiterating the theme of the song -- him trying to entice / encourage her to try anal, ya'll.
Maybe I'm a disgusting person, but listening to this again just reminded me of this theory. To be real, this is all in jest, but I did think it would be remiss of me not to go full Reddit-conspiracy-theorist every once in a while. What are your opinions on this?
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2021.12.04 05:30 paprika30 Something amazing has happened! I can't share what yet, but I haven't felt this genuinely happy in such a long time. Thanks for all the kind words that helped me get through a low point!!! ❤

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2021.12.04 05:30 FreeForLancer How did you meet Skillet and which songs did you listen to first?

My story: Once I was walking down the street with a friend, and we listened to music. I asked him to send different songs to my phone, and he sent me Monster, Komatose, Hero, Awake and alive, Whispers in the dark. I liked these songs very much, and I did not know that the original is always sung in English, as I have always listened in my own language(Russian). What about you?
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2021.12.04 05:30 mostlyfecalmatter Thoughts for next week - how to buy back better


Looking through what has transpired over the last two hours, I feel that the SHFs now have liquidated crypto, equities, etc and have a hefty cache of cash. I think they may be preparing for either a margin call or more short attacks. I have a two questions if you can help me sort through this:

  1. Right now the price is excellent but if I can buy it cheaper, I would like to horde more shares. Based on what we see, do you think we'll see more short attacks as they intensify efforts?
  2. I had originally planned to buy from CS as I already have an account. However, thinking through this a little more, and hang in there as I walk through this. As an opposing view, if I buy from Fidelity, I'll DRS to my CS and megacorp will create a synthetic share (thinking one for one). That newly created synthetic share would in theory keep lowering the price for others and myself to buy more. In addition, that synthetic share would then have to be covered at a later date during moass. Having said all of that, do you recommend buying from CS directly or from Fidelity for the extra perks?
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2021.12.04 05:30 Either-Replacement-7 My friends said there is a Reddit community for everything so I have a problem and I need help

So I had my first ever explosive rage episode. I’ve had rage episodes before with yelling and needing a while to calm but today I couldn’t. It started with my sister yelling about food. I told her she could get my food and she yelled at me. Something so simple but she did and I got mad. I got in her face and she was spitting and waving the scissors super close to my face. I was scared and upset so I pushed her and we fought. My family completely ignored what she did.
I later went to go take a shower still visibly upset and trying to calm myself down. My parents ask why I am upset and when I proceed to tell them, they blame both of us. I got upset and told them to leave me alone and let me shower. One of my parents tried to block the shower. I get upset and they make me leave. I come back 20min later. More calm but determined to just not talk and ignore. Instead they still want to talk and not address why I got upset. So when I got into the bathroom I lock the door and turned on the shower. I couldn’t stop screaming or punching my leg and shaking. I was upset because I feel like they are brushing off her waving sharp fabric scissors in my face.
I don’t know how to calm down. I have been up in this headspace for 2hrs and it’s really draining me.
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2021.12.04 05:30 mandyslutty For horny people only!! ;)

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2021.12.04 05:30 RainSesh Merry Christmas...In Hell! (Just BBMC Things)

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2021.12.04 05:30 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-witch-anime-recommendations/
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2021.12.04 05:30 golemdome How do I find a qpp?

So I'd love to have a qpp but I'm not the most social and it makes it really hard to get in touch with anyone much less anyone I connect with. Is there some kind of qpr hub or app or something where I can get to know people looking for the same thing?
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2021.12.04 05:30 anantoni Anime Training Simulator codes – Get free Yen [December 2021]

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2021.12.04 05:30 Maximum-Gur-5859 TikTok

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2021.12.04 05:30 fanfictioncurse The story of how someone is adopted by a my little pony and is forced to live with its nephew in law's brother

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2021.12.04 05:30 Caratteraccio Giovanni Strazza's "The Veiled Virgin".

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2021.12.04 05:30 RedmasterqQ New weather words of 2021 to learn for survival.

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2021.12.04 05:30 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.12.04 05:30 rizzfizzle Dewey jersey

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2021.12.04 05:30 qwertyqwertb How are rental properties run?

I’m very interested in entering the real estate market, and like many others it wouldn’t be possible for me without fractional investing, but I’m concerned that this company is too focused on money and will be a slum lord for the tenants.
I would like to see fair prices for units, and generally putting tenants first, not profits. I hate it how people in my city already own their home and have no mortgage to pay but rent at insane prices just because they can. I don’t want to be part of a scheme like that.
Can you expand on the experience of the average tenant for an Addy property?
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2021.12.04 05:30 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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2021.12.04 05:30 Downtown_Parking_505 Seagull patrol: meet the dogs protecting Sydney

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2021.12.04 05:30 LohanFleur Flatline depression

Is that possible that flatline causes you so much psychological distress? Since I felt I'm in a terrible flatline, I'm going through a permanent void and anguish so subtle that makes me unable to express it, I can just feel and reflect. It happens especially at night or at lonely moments, which I used to like.
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