As we approach another anniversary of Apollo 8 how do you feel about the prospects of manned lunar orbital missions in the future?

2021.12.08 21:24 LuketheDiggerJr As we approach another anniversary of Apollo 8 how do you feel about the prospects of manned lunar orbital missions in the future?

Open discussion here. Keep it civil. What is your personal take?
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2021.12.08 21:24 Grubby_The_Rat Good world building tools??

Anyone know some fantastic world building applications or websites o can use to write down information so that I don’t lose it or have remember things I create for my world??
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2021.12.08 21:24 emilysong2000 Saberspark 64 Suggestion: What the HELL is the Killer Bean PC Game? (A new Killer Bean game currently in development and planned for a 2022 release on Steam. It serves as the continuation of the KB YouTube series, which was cancelled due to Jeff Lew getting fraudulent copyright claims on his videos)

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2021.12.08 21:24 SealedOnlyPoke Roxie's Jolteon VMAX

Hey everyone! I had a blast playing with Expanded Leafeon VMAX a little while back, and since I saw that Jolteon VMAX had gotten a little cheaper on PTCGO trades, I wondered if I could do something with it.
It's actually quite fun and can do a ton of damage by using the Roxie engine that Tinachomp used to run, and in particular, it really beats down 1-2 prizer decks, and it can do okay against anything but the biggest VMAXs.
I think it could use an Electropower or two to help fix the math against some of the bigger targets, but otherwise, I really like it and it runs extremely smoothly.
This is the list I'm using now:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
##Pokémon - 19
* 1 Crobat V DAA 104
* 2 Galarian Zigzagoon SSH 117
* 1 Spiritomb CRE 103
* 2 Exeggcute PLF 4
* 1 Dedenne-GX UNB 57
* 4 Jolteon V EVS 177
* 1 Tapu Koko {*} TEU 51
* 3 Jolteon VMAX EVS 51
* 2 Koffing CEC 76
* 1 Mimikyu CEC 97
* 1 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 155

##Trainer Cards - 34
* 1 Thunder Mountain {*} LOT 191
* 3 Trainers' Mail ROS 92
* 2 Elemental Badge EVS 147
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 1 Acerola BUS 112
* 1 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
* 2 Roxie CEC 205
* 4 Quick Ball SSH 179
* 2 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
* 1 Field Blower GRI 125
* 1 Guzma BUS 115
* 1 Scoop Up Cyclone PLB 95
* 2 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
* 3 Ultra Ball SUM 135
* 1 N FCO 105
* 1 Guzma & Hala CEC 193
* 1 Pokémon Ranger STS 104
* 2 Float Stone BKT 137
* 4 VS Seeker PHF 109

##Energy - 7
* 3 Lightning Energy SMEnergy 13
* 4 Speed Lightning Energy RCL 173

Total Cards - 60
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2021.12.08 21:24 famous_Codz Is there a difference? TW: bobux

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2021.12.08 21:24 JohnnyManziel22 This sub when teddy or case completes a screen pass

/ イ (((ヽ
( ノ  ̄Y \
| ( \ (. /) | )
ヽ ヽ ` ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _ノ /
\ | ⌒Y⌒ / /
| ヽ | ノ /
| ミ土彡/
) \ ° /(
( \ / )
/ / / \ \ \
( ( ). ) ). )
( ). ( | |
| / \
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2021.12.08 21:24 kevinowdziej Bruh

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2021.12.08 21:24 JosephStalin1953 haven't you taken enough from me?

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2021.12.08 21:24 Dante_SS While waiting for Halo to download, please listen to Memory Agent! It's got some cool throwbacks that older fans will enjoy!

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2021.12.08 21:24 Aggravating-Pop4776 I make a reproduction off starring night of Vincent van gogh

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2021.12.08 21:24 sladeAU This might be a silly question.

Is there anyway to join a public bmx trick playlist? (i think that's the right word). i know there is the trick battle but it seems to be only for snow tricks. Is there a way to queue up for bmx tricks maps with people outside of your group?
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2021.12.08 21:24 GodIsDead- Shame

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2021.12.08 21:24 Tyrell95 What I miss yall?

About to load up the game in a few minutes, fill me in on everything new in Warzone. What guns should I level? Where are the hotspots? What glitchys are we seeing?
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2021.12.08 21:24 Killer-Sharpe H: Weapons, Trades W: AA50c25 and V50c25 gamma and V50c25 radium

Enclave Aligned Flamer Mod
Close to atleast 500 each flux
Bulk ammo scrap
Bows and Beauties ——
AA50c15c Compound Bow
B50c50bs Compound Bow
I50c50bs Compound Bow *main
I50c50bs Crossbow
Commando ——
AA50c25 Fixer *main
AA50hc25 Fixer
AAap25 fixer
ExeE25 fixer
AAE15c CR level 30
B50c90 fixer
B50c25 Laser
BEstealth fixer
B251p fixer
Bls25 fixer
B50l90 fixer
B50hc15c fixer
Bap25 RR
V50c15c hm
V50hc15c fixer
V2550bs fixer
Q2590 hm
Q25ad90 fixer
Q50c15c CR
Q50c50dr RR
QE50dr CR
Q251a fixer
QE50bs Tommy
Q50c25 Plasma Rifle/flamer
Ass2525 10mm sub
Ext50c15r fixer
TS2590 fixer
IE250 fixer
Gour25250 fixer
M50cfms fixer
Jugls25 fixer
N2515c fixer
Mut2525 Tesla
SupE15c hm
J50hc25 fixer
AriE15c RR X
AriE50dr fixer X
B50c50bs fixer X
F50c15c fixer X
Gour25d15r fixer X
J2550bs combat rifle X
JE1a .45 sub X
J251a hm X
Jug2515c hm X
Jug50hc25 fixer X
MutE15r RR X
Ms2525 fixer X
MsE15r RR X
MsE15c RR
Med50c25 Fixer X
MedE15c Fixer X
MedE90 RR X
N50c90 RR X
N50c90 Tesla X
NE90 Fixer X
Q251a hm X
Q50hc15r fixer X
Qap15r fixer X
QE1p Pipe Rifle X
StE1p fixer X
Trb50c25 fixer X
V2550dr fixer X
V50c90 10mm sub X
V50hcStealth hm X (underrated roll)
VE15r Sub X
Zap15r Tesla X (fitting name)
Rifleman ——
AA50c25 lever
B2525 lever
V2525 lever
M2525 lever
Q50c25 plasma rifle/flamer
Ari50c50bs Enclave Flamer (all)
Exe50hc25 Enclave Flamer (no reflex)
HE15r Hunting
VE250 bp rifle
Q50c15r Gauss X
IE25 lever X
Heavy ——
AA50hc25 cryo
AAE15r .50 cal *main
AA2515r .50 cal
AA2515r AGL
TS50c cryo
AAap25 Gatling
AriE50bs mini
SupE50bs mini
VE25 lmg
I50hcStealth m79
B25 m79
J25 .50 X
J251p Gat Gun X
J25250 UGL X
Q50hc1a lvl 35 Cryo X
TS25d250 Broadsider X
V50c15r Gat Plas X
ExtE15r mini X
Sup2590 mini X
Pistols ——
V2525 gamma
V50hc25 gamma
GS50c15c gamma
NE15r 10mm
Q2590 10mm
Mut50cStealth AB
StE25 Western
AAE90 Western X
JE1p 10mm X
JE90 Single X
Shottys ——
AAE90 combat
BE90 combat
QE90 combat
Q2525 combat
TSE90 db
SupE15r combat
AAE15r combat X
MSE15r combat X
V2550bs combat X
Melee ——
St40pa1s DC
StSS1e Rev Sword
StSS40% Bowie Knife X
BSS90 Bear Arm
ISS25 meat hook
ISS25 fire axe
AriSS25 DC
VSS1a Tambo
AA40pa90 DC
AASS90 Tambo
JSS1S cult dagger
Random ——
40k+ caps usually
Any Ammo
Most Ammo Scrap junk in bulk
UnyMixedWWR Combat
BolMixWWR Scout
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2021.12.08 21:24 xavmar PuTang - MassMedical.

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2021.12.08 21:24 cripdrip Bringing a lending market and a stablecoin to the Algorand blockchain

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2021.12.08 21:24 hellasaurus-rex Who's the sexiest Raptor?

Who, in your opinion, is the sexiest Raptor?
View Poll
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2021.12.08 21:24 gio272 22 [M4A] normal friends!!

trying to find people that can hold a conversation 🤜🏼 I like the office/parks, basketball, shoes, etc and 420 friendly 🍃, i'm very easy to get along with and hoping to find others the same!! :)
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2021.12.08 21:24 undecidxd DRUDDIGON 9626 9198 8225 10 PPL CHINY HUNT

Lets PoGo !!!
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2021.12.08 21:24 _thewolfofwalmart Quote from Illustrious Brother Manly P. Hall.

Good evening, Brothers!
I’m looking for the source of a quote that is attributed to Illustrious Brother Manly P. Hall, and I was wondering if anyone here knows where it’s from.
The quote is “no man graduates from the school of life. He is a student to the end, and in his last breath, he may still learn.”
Does any Brother know A) if he said/wrote it? and B) where it’s from?
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2021.12.08 21:24 turbineseaplane New Assembly - Should the handlebar/post have play at all?

Curious if anyone else has any play at all on their handlebastem?
I've just completed my first assembly and I'm a bit bummed that there is a touch of movement (twisting mainly). From what I can tell, it seems to be coming from the handlebar post moreso than the handlebatrack connection.
The latter was correctly tightened per the assembly video and a torque wrench. That said - I did have to remove the rear stopper and slide the handlebatop track back a touch to get my torque wrench in there (for the front bolt really).
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2021.12.08 21:24 texasguy911 What is the best outboard fuel tank quick connect system?

For outboard motors, the fuel tank, to connect the tank to a fuel line there are different systems by different manufacturers. But they all do a simple job, making the fuel line to be disconnectable from the tank.
So, some of them better than others. Which do you recommend?
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2021.12.08 21:24 blyktt The many faces of Bailey

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2021.12.08 21:24 Organic-Lake-8438 Zekrom near me 3317 5788 8611

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2021.12.08 21:24 ZexTyR Idea for 3rd Bale SBC (v2). /reason why i deleted previous one and more details in comments/.

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