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In part 2, we learn R and focus more narrowly on data analysis, studying statistical techniques, machine learning, and presentation of findings. Part 3 includes a choice of elective topics: visualization, social network analysis, and big data (Hadoop and MapReduce). Choose from any or all of them to enrich your understanding and skills. Our Data Analysis online training courses from LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) provide you with the skills you need, from the fundamentals to advanced tips. ... Beginner (2,196 ... Accuracy also refers to whether an online resource is correct with its facts. Online resources can be verified easily through a quick search on the Internet. Other resources provide a reference list that can help in double-checking facts cited in the article. 5. Purpose and Objectivity. An online resource should teach, inform, explain, or persuade. Data analytics is an essential part of data science online courses. Before you begin, you must understand the types of projects you’d be willing to work with: Beginner: Projects in these levels can be pretty familiar and comfortable to work. For anyone starting in data analysis, such projects won’t require massive application techniques. Beginner's guide to R: Easy ways to do basic data analysis Part 3 of our hands-on series covers pulling stats from your data frame, and related topics. Choose from hundreds of free Data Analysis courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. Data analysis courses address methods for managing and analyzing large datasets. Start your career as a data scientist by studying data ... A Beginner’s Guide to Survey Data Analysis and Data Collection. 2020-04-24. By Sam Frampton . ... You don’t have to be a data wizard in order to conduct accurate survey data analysis. Below are simple steps to take before and after running a survey to improve the validity of your survey results for better customer experience analysis. "Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas" is a practical and beginner-friendly introduction to data analysis covering the basics of Python, Numpy, Pandas, Data Visualization, and Exploratory Data Analysis. Watch hands-on coding-focused video tutorials; Practice coding with cloud Jupyter notebooks; Build an end-to-end real-world course project Learn data analysis from top-rated instructors. Find the best data analytics courses for your level and needs, from data analysis and data mining with Excel and SQL, to data analysis with Python and data visualization with Tableau. Keep up-to-date with the most common tools used by data analysts and data scientists In this course, you'll get an introduction to Data Analytics and its role in business decisions. You'll learn why data is important and how it has evolved. You'll be introduced to “Big Data” and how it is used. You'll also be introduced to a framework for conducting Data Analysis and what tools and techniques are commonly used.

2021.12.01 08:57 athasyra Discussion over online platforms - Data analysis Beginner

Hello everyone,
I am a MSc graduate in Food Technology and currently working in the food industry. Recently, I have been thinking of exploring data analysis. In my job position, for the time being, data analysis is not needed. I would like to understand and become more accustomed to the world of data analysis. From my studies I am familiar with basic statistics (regressions, anova etc.). Now I am wondering how can I take it to the next level and grow more confident on analysis. (Seems like a 21st century skill that someone should cultivate).
I have stumbled upon this general Google certificate on coursera which seems to me as an introduction to general data analysis tools. You acquire knowledge over multiple platforms but you do not go deep to any particular tool. (Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Coursera )
Then I have found some R Data Analysis Tracks on both Datacamp (Data Analyst with R Track - DataCamp Learn) and Dataquest (Data Analyst in R Career Path – Dataquest). What do you think on those? Has anyone any experience in any of these?
I am asking your opinions so I can make up my mind on how to approach this. Open to further discussion.
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2021.12.01 08:57 ShortAlgo $OPRA So easy to trade with the Short / Buy signals. Get a free trial at: https://t.co/NbEHDcudFV https://t.co/eiBaXdn6Sw

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Ok losers and weebs, I want you all to give me a fic(s) that changed your opinion (/is now the canon way you see and there is no other way) on a character(s) positive or negative.
For me, Our New Roommate is now the only way I can see the 1B-girls.
And Thank you is now the only way I can see Momo.
Fanfics have made MHA better in many ways (sadly there will always be more shit than gold but what can you do).
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2021.12.01 08:57 Rent_A_Ravisher 28 [M4F] Pensacola, Florida - Your New Life As A Free-Use Fuckdoll (Disclaimer: Consensual Nonconsent/Breeding)

Some people seem to conflate an interest in CnC and the power dynamics that come with it with an actual desire to harm or assault a non-consenting person.
I have no desire for any non-consensual happenings.
Here's a little about me:
I find that stimulating your partner's mind is far more important than simply going for the erogenous zones and prodding until you hear them, moan, or scream, or cry. I firmly believe that the scene begins long before anyone's clothes come off.
It all hangs on mutual trust and a desire to have a fulfilling shared experience.
Without said trust, there's no hope in maintaining any form of relationship, be it platonic or sexual. Being the trusted someone in control when you're at your most vulnerable is, to me, the most important aspect of being the dominant partner in a power dynamic. After all, if you can't trust me to stop when you say so, if you can't trust me to respect your limits while trying to push your boundaries, or if you can't trust me enough to give your all, then I've failed.
I don't expect to gain your trust in one day, one date, or one encounter. I understand that people are different and have different ways to gauge whether or nor someone is trustworthy. I hope that, after a bit of time and genuine conversation, we can learn to trust one another.
My ever expanding list of kinks includes: CnC/Ravishment, throat fucking, face slapping, spanking, forced orgasms, multiple orgasms, anal training, collars, rope/ribbon bondage, pet training, and breeding/creampies.
I am not a criminal, and I am not a monster. I just play one on tv.
Don't yuck my yum simply becuase you don't share it, alright?
You've always enjoyed the idea of having your agency ripped away, right? To be at the mercy of a being too strong for you to resist, and too caught up in his own desire to hear your pleas.
It could be because you're a professional who must be dependable and strong where your subordinates and coworkers are ineffective and weak.
It could be because you're a repressed Honor Roll addict who is forced to choose between your grades and relationships, but is too ashamed of the perceptions of your peers to have casual sex.
You could be in an unfulfilling relationship where your wants and desires are too "intense" or "disturbing" for your partner to handle.
Maybe you have suffered some form of trauma, and this is how you reclaim your sense of self, and take control of your sexuality.
At the end of the day, your reasons don't matter to me. When we meet, you are nothing more than a warm hole for me to use and enjoy until I am satisfied.
I will find your limits, and I will push you to them. I will wipe your tears, and force you to lick the salt from my fingers.
I will pin you to the bed as you fight and struggle. Your arms will be twisted behind your back. Your face will be slapped and your hair will be pulled. Your throat will be fucked, and your drool will be smeared over your face with my open hand.
I will hold you by your throat, press my forehead against yours, and gaze into your fear-widened eyes as you get wetter with each thrust.
You will feel each muscle in my body tense up as I prepare to mark and breed you. You will feel my teeth sink into the crook of your neck, and how my tongue traces a line from there, to your earlobe.
You will feel the heat of my breath, and hear the low growl that rises from my throat when I can no longer hold back, and how I pull you close so you can't spill a drop.
You will feel what it's like to be taken, ravished, and bred by a wild man like myself.
No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard you fight, no matter how loud you scream, or how much you fight...
I will have you, and you will learn to love your new life as my free-use fuckdoll.
After our encounters, you will receive texts. Several of them. All from the same unfamiliar number.
There are no words; just photos of of a nude woman- her head has been cropped out. Her arms are bound behind her back, and her legs have been forced apart by two ropes anchored to some point off screen. Various angles capture every inch of her exposed flesh.
Again, your phone will vibrate
She's unbound now. Her skin glistens and her legs are still splayed. Her pussy seems like it can barely contain the gift that her unknown assailant had left behind. The lower half of her face is visible now, and you notice that she seems to be smiling.
These will be your reminders of your new status. You will never know when they will arrive. You will be at work, or out with your friends. Maybe you'll be at dinner with your parents, or about to kiss your partner goodnight. You could be volunteering, or worshipping at church.
No matter where you are, who you're with, or what you do- you'll always know who your body belongs to.
If you're interested, then please answer these questions for me in your first message:
What do you want the most in a potential relationship? (Play partners, short term, long term, etc)
What kind of dominance best fits your flavor of submission? (Domineering, doting, daddy, etc.)
What are your hard/soft limits?
What is it about your role that you enjoy the most, and how can I facilitate scenarios that satisfy both of our wants and needs?
I hope to hear from you soon...
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2021.12.01 08:57 LiberryBanaSmoothie He stalks my reddit account

Which means, depending on how far down he scrolled, he knows full well that he assaulted me and that I still think of it. And if he scrolled further, he'd see all the letters I wrote to him both before and after we broke up.
He stalks my reddit account, which means he thinks about me. Which means he still thinks about my body and I feel nauseated. I have nightmares about him and he probably still jerks off to the mental picture of me (which he once felt the need to tell me, four months after we broke up).
And now I know he stalks my reddit account. Fuck. I was hoping that he would never think of me again, especially not sexually. That's why I freaked out that one time and blew up at him on Snapchat. Because I hated the thought that he still got pleasure from the idea of me, after causing me so much pain. He blocked me and never saw my apology for the specific words I said, but at least I thought it was over. But he still stalks my reddit account. He still stalks my reddit account.
Fuck. Fuck. I can't focus on anything anymore. I don't know what to do. I want to curl up and sleep but I know if I do I'm just going to have another nightmare about him. Fuck.
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2021.12.01 08:57 kazemaru04 Have you thought about Oni having the Artists tounge?

I feel like she got morried by him and got resurrected by the entity.
What are your thoughts?
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Is the backpack all there is? Kind of a shame if it is.
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2021.12.01 08:57 Virtual-Ad2018 DM if you want to take part in the biggest online conference with enthralling Cash Prizes, Committees & Agendas, and of course most experienced Executive Board. ;)

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2021.12.01 08:57 whoatethespacecakes Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

I was looking forward to this movie bc of it’s cast and topic.
I enjoyed the acting & the costume designs but I really don’t get the 97% rating on rotten tomatoes. The movie was so boring and nothing really happened. There is this one discussion that lasts for ages and I was almost about to stop watching. I only kept watching bc I didn’t want to disrespect Chadwick Boseman’s last performance
Am I missing what is so wonderful about it? Or is it hyped up bc it was his last performance?
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2021.12.01 08:57 HopeDaye Another AMA Update: AMA with Cherry Network's CEO Herman Jacobs (AKA Seraphim) with VBC News on Telegram!

Hey Cherry fam!
Did you miss the last AMA with FaceMelters? Here's another AMA!
Cherry Network is actively engaging with communities from around the world 🌐.
In view of this, we are delighted to inform you that Cherry Network's FoundeCEO, Herman Jacobs (Seraphim) will be having an AMA with VBC News, a prominent Vietnamese 🇻🇳 community, on Telegram.
Focus will be on the:
• Cherry Chain • Cherry Originals • Cherry Labs; and • Seedling (Cherry launchpad.
Date: December 5th, 2021. Time: 1PM UTC.
For full details, please visit: https://t.me/vbc_news/5419.
Be sure to mark your calendars 🍒
See you there!!!
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