Why havnt i met a single girl irl who uses reddit but have found so many online?

2021.11.28 02:22 deathwings777 Why havnt i met a single girl irl who uses reddit but have found so many online?

Literally not even a single girl uses reddit from my school . Where are you female redditors? Are you really just a government agent reaching us for our car's extended warranty?
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2021.11.28 02:22 BickKattowski Artificial Intelligence Can Help Reduce Backlog of Pending Cases: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju

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2021.11.28 02:22 IgniDraco Hot take: Stellaris should have a casual mode

Before someone replies—I'm aware of the AI difficulty scaling. That's not what I mean.
What I mean is a mode that lets you focus on story and exploration, and lets you skip the micro. I can do the micro—but I'm often not in the mood. I find it annoying. It disrupts the storytelling.
Having to stop and optimize every planet you find to maximize single-resource output, having to gene-mod/robo-mod your pops for specific roles and jobs, having to customize your ships to counter your enemies... it all just gets annoying sometimes.
I realize that for most folks, the above micro is the game, but for me the game is the exploration, interaction, and roleplay, and it can be hard to focus
I feel like older versions of the game (back when it used the tile system) were easier to play casually, at least in singleplayer. You could outpace the normal-difficulty AI just by expanding naturally and taking new worlds, without needing to micromanage. The current version of the game makes that a lot harder, and I feel that detracts from it's charm.
So like... maybe a slider in the galaxy generation menu that... IDK, boosts player resource output? Would make the game easier for people who want that.
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2021.11.28 02:22 unknxwn97 I need your help!

If you live in Orleans or have visited the mall, Place D’Orleans within the last 25 years continue reading.
When I say Mini Port what do you think of? Does anyone else remember the indoor play park that was where Dollarama is now on the upstairs floor?
I just remembered about it today and did some research but was only able to find 3 pictures on the entire web about it. There has to be more? Videos maybe?
I can briefly remember what the park looked like, I still have dreams to this day about a specific room that until today I had no idea what or where it was from.
I need your help finding more footage about this park. There’s no way only 3 people in the 20 years the park was open took pictures or videos??
Making me think we live in a parallel universe lol no one knows what I’m talking about.
DM me for pictures, 2/3 are hard to find.
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2021.11.28 02:21 Kindly-Gate3544 Should I add a Table of contents if the school asks me to combine multiple documents into one?

I am applying for MS CS at NYU Tandon for Fall 22. The priority deadline is Dec 01.
I have around eight papers published and about five under review. As the title suggests, should I add a table of contents if I combine all of my documents into a single file?
The combined document comprising the published papers is 68 pages long, while the under review journal papers comes to 100 pages.
Do I add a Table of contents?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.11.28 02:21 Unlikely_Compote8397 Lemon haze 😋

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2021.11.28 02:21 SparrowAndTheMachine Tim Rogers is why I tried Death Stranding a second time and found what is basically one of my favorite video games that ever got G-danged made.

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2021.11.28 02:21 demigirlhailee Reddit recommended this to me as similar to this sub. nope. not at all. do better, algorithm.

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2021.11.28 02:21 SE_to_NW Simpsons Episode Removed on Disney+ Hong Kong for Tiananmen Square Joke

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2021.11.28 02:21 WeeWeeBagget selfi

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2021.11.28 02:21 Horroraffictionado83 Theos really going far right fucktard now

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2021.11.28 02:21 Big-Grader34 I got hit on a sidewalk by some dudes car, how do I get him to pay for it and not me?

so, sunday morning, morning stroll... suddenly a kia starts bolting down the street im walking towards. i didnt think twice and started looking at my phone. i think i saw something cool on the phone and i started drifting off into the lane of traffic (i have alzheimers).
anyways BAM! his window struck my body and i slammed onto the ground and broke my leg and now i need surgery. how do i make his insurance pay for it all as i got his phone number.
pls help redditors
update 1: i tried calling him but he said that he couldnt pay because he was broke and that his kia was what he spent all his money on.
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2021.11.28 02:21 Makeleleroll Daily Rapid Logging with Alastair Method

I'm thinking of incorporating an Alastair-inspired way of consolidating my tasks on a weekly basis. I think it will help me, visually, organize and prioritize tasks this way. In other words, it will help provide more context to my tasks. That's kind of the idea, right? However, I still like the idea of rapid logging in my daily log as a "brain dump," random notes, thoughts, and tasks I think of that particular day. Does anyone use the Alastair method while rapid logging in the daily log? Do you still write down random tasks as part of your brain dump for each day, and then migrate/consolidate your tasks from the week into an Alastair weekly task collection?
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2021.11.28 02:21 kwhateveritsfine Mosaicism: Somatic VS Germline

I'm always confused by the line in FA: If parents and relatives do not have the disease, suspect gonadal mosaicim.
But like Somatic doesn't transmit anyway. So even if family happened to have it, its not like they could transmit it. Sorry if this is dumb but just want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly??
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2021.11.28 02:21 Ok_Nano7906 Help with a command block issue!

So I found a command for Bedrock edition that allows you to terraform using a command with command blocks. The command has been working great so far and has allowed me to do a lot, but certain areas for some reason nothing places at all, and I can’t figure out why. So I’m wondering if anyone here would know. I’m not sure what the exact name of the command is, but I can type it out.
Command Block 1: /enchant @gamertag efficiency 3
Command Block 2: /execute @p[m=c,tag=brush] ^ ^ 10 clone your coordinates ~3 ~2 ~3 masked normal.
In the video I had seen, the guy used a netherine pickaxe as the brush, so I use the same, and as I mentioned previously. It worked great, but certain areas won’t place at all. I’ve tried building the blocks I use to copy closer to where I’m at or placing the command blocks closer, but neither works. So I’ve figured I’d ask to see if anyone here knows the answer to this problem.
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2021.11.28 02:21 According-Cold7952 Do bi or gay people masterbate to their own reflections on occasion? Is it normal?

Im straight but if i was gay i would wank to my reflection. Is it a normal thing to do?
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2021.11.28 02:21 Anzility Is the pathfinder heirloom big?? And is it too distracting

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2021.11.28 02:21 Strawberry_froggie i’m scared to go to heaven

the one thing that’s always bothered me is the fact that in heaven, we will live forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. idk about you but the thought of it sends me into an absolute panic attack, like forever without an end? i know that we are going to be happy and it’s going to be perfect but man is it scary to think about. please help me deal with this :(
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2021.11.28 02:21 imsohappy7 What makes you so amazing?

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2021.11.28 02:21 30beyondthearc Using the DT 990 Pros without an amplifier? Is the experience as bad as others say?

I've been shopping around looking for headphones for my desk setup. I really love the look of the limited edition DT 990 Pro's (Black) but then I learned that an amp is needed to get the most out of the 250ohm. I have a Gigabyte B450 DS3H WIFI MOBO, I can't find anywhere at all that says the ranges of resistance it can drive. Was hoping to find an answer on here or if anyone has had any experiences with this specific headphones that didn't use an AMP or can explain the differences in experience.
I'm just an average spotify listener and I game on my free-time.
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2021.11.28 02:21 Nickjaggerrrr Looking for Wild Youth Vinyl that isn’t $300!

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2021.11.28 02:21 ChainsOfTheHelpless I did it!!

Hi Reddit! I am a 28 year old Cis male and Im happy to say, I finally came out publicly! Last week I came out as Bi-Sexual. It was 90% positive. My mother tried to give me the birds and the bees speech again and she told me that my grandmother wouldn't accept anything that has to do with gay anything so She told me let her remain ignorant. I'm so glad I did. The support I got from my friends and most of my family has been really great :) I've been holding that in, trying to avoid family judgment for nearly 10 years and it was such a relief.
I encourage anyone, if it is SAFE for you to come out, regardless of what part of LGBTQ+ you are part of, I encourage it and support you :)
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2021.11.28 02:21 Dopehope25 So, who doesn’t give anymore f’s about covid and it’s variants?

My dream is to be able to read the news again without reading about covid, you guys feeling me? Where are you guys at?
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2021.11.28 02:21 SurroundOwn4210 chance me as a transfer to uc schools + cal poly slo?

i’m a california community college transfer applying to ucsb, ucsc, cal poly slo, and ucla as my reach.
major: english (literature for ucsc) gpa: 4.0 most likely not reporting it but act score: 30 ap exams: ap lang - 5 ap lit - 4 (taken during pandemic online) apush - 5
the only “extracurricular” i have is working at a tutoring center, although i did volunteer at my local library during high school before covid, which is related to my future career aspiration to become a librarian. i also have an informal book club with my friends, but it’s not a super serious thing.
i have a 4.0 across all semesters, but my first semester was admittedly less than impressive. i dropped the ball on signing up for classes so i only took 4, and dropped my math class with a W because it was too difficult so ultimately, only 3. none of them were related to my major since all of them were full, even english 101
my spring semester freshman year was better, i took a math class more on par with my abilities and got an a, and i took two classes for my major and knocked out some igetc classes. i took 4 classes total.
current fall semester is looking good so far and i’m taking 4 classes again, but i’m one class short on the required 60 credits so next semester i’ll be taking 6 classes to complete the requirement.
senior year of high school i applied to some 4 years and got into ucsc, ucsb, seattle university, and nyu. i was rejected from cal and ucla.
i don’t have any extracurriculars because my cc is still online and early during the pandemic i was too afraid to go out since both myself and some family members have autoimmune issues. i was able to start working at my job about a year and a half ago though since we conducted business through zoom when i was first hired.
i’m not too confident in my writing ability but others say that i’m talented so hopefully my essays can help me out a lot, the only thing is that i haven’t started yet (don’t crucify me please i know it’s my own fault)
if i didn’t provide enough information here feel free to ask, sorry this is my first time doing one of these. thanks in advance for any answers i get, good luck finishing those apps everyone!
also, i might cross post this to transferstudents
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2021.11.28 02:21 Salty_Challenge2281 Can someone help me with this type of eczema and dryness

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