Mongoose coin?

2021.12.08 21:26 Visible-Ad743 Mongoose coin?

Is it an ERC 20 token? Just wondering. If not then I'm not buying the hype. Apparently after today's congress hearing Ethereum and Bitcoin are dead but Mongoose coin is the future. Are we starting a new sub?
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2021.12.08 21:26 Djinn504 I need a bigger table…

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2021.12.08 21:26 wing_commander_ Newb question

Hey all, I'm new here so sorry if I should know this, but I'm wondering why everytime I try and follow a user, I get the "Something Went Wrong" message? Am I doing something wrong, or do I have a wrong setting? I can join pages no problem.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Swagmund_Freud666 Anyone have a strong tenancy to get involved with mentally ill partners?

CW: mentions of suicidal thoughts. I've noticed this in myself (AP man) that I have a tendency to get involved with mentally ill people and also to be heavily drawn to them. The first big example would be my first (and so far only long lasting) relationship with a DA girl about two years ago. She had anorexia, an abusive father, and depression on top of being avoidant. I describe this to people and they usually ask why the hell I stayed so long. She broke up with me (although she did it in a way that did not in any way sound like we were breaking up) and I reacted very badly to it. The second major example would be a girl I went out with a few times in October of this year, she had borderline personality disorder and a pattern of being in abusive relationships. I knew all this but still wanted to be with her despite it. It ended in disaster, but a part of me enjoyed the chaos of it all. I met this girl about a week ago who I think is cute. Yesterday she joked that her parents wouldnt let her get a drivers license cuz she's "suicidal and has anger issues". This should be an obvious red flag but my brain didn't seem to worry about it and if anything it's made me like her a lot more. I have a friend whose a bisexual guy who I find fairly attractive. He's also admitted to being suicidal and is just a whole box of mental issues. I know going after him is a bad idea and I've been able to stop myself from doing it but the mental health issues he has definitely don't turn me off from him and in fact if anything they give me this feeling of being me deeply connected to him and when he opened up to me about it, I felt much more interested in him than I did before. I have had retrospective opportunities to date mentally stable, secure people but I never do... Not because they aren't interested but because I'm not interested in them. I think this pattern in me derives from this feeling that I'm inherintly unlovable and unworthy of affection and so any sane person once they really got to know me would abandon me, so I have to go for people on a level below me on the "fit for love" scale and can bind them to me in a trauma bond, which seems to be what I'm after, and not a real healthy relationship. I'm not even really mentally ill, I'm not depressed or suicidal. I'm wondering if anyone else with anxious attachment can relate to this.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Prodger0323 Just Found this sub-reddit and wanted to post a Lo-Fi song I did with a friend!

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2021.12.08 21:26 poopvomitpiss Optimal toenail length for squats and deadlifts?

So I started doing my lifts barefoot and it has been cool for me. But it wasn’t until I grew freakishly king toenails that I really started seeing a difference. I find that my nails really scratch and dig into the floor and give me a lot of extra stability. I don’t understand how you regular length toe nailed people are even able to survive at the gym let alone make gains. How do you not just fall over and die while you’re squatting. Grow your toenails out people. my toenail
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2021.12.08 21:26 ElBiroteSupremo What's your favorite secret / alternate ending?

I don't know if the first two games have various endings since I haven't played them, anyway my personal favorite is the walk away ending in FC5
View Poll
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2021.12.08 21:26 AusCOVID19 NSW records eight new Omicron COVID-19 cases, bringing state total to 42

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2021.12.08 21:26 307001 Alabama Open Carry Longguns

I've been doing some research on the different gun laws for different states.
I have been unable to find whether it is legal to openly carry a longgun in Alabama. lists just about every firearm and weapon related law in Alabama, and the only thing mentioned under the "Rifles and Shotguns" section is that SBRs and SBSs are illegal.
Anyone from Alabama who knows?
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2021.12.08 21:26 nerdcorner Men --- why the sunglasses?

minor rant post. lol. I'm scrolling through profiles, and the number of men with sunglasses. Like in every single photo. I just don't get it. Did I miss the memo? Why?
Who hurt you, babe? Just show those eyes..they are afterall windows to your soul.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Brief_Woodpecker_439 Free 600 trx daily income 6% legit!! Register here no vertification :

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2021.12.08 21:26 meatfrappe Devils goalie Mackenzie Blackwood is wearing a sticker on the back of his mask tonight that says "Mask"... because the Devils are wearing their “Jersey” jerseys tonight.

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2021.12.08 21:26 throwawylde Recap

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2021.12.08 21:26 ACW-R Microsoft servers aren't dogshit at all...

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2021.12.08 21:26 jakegenius2021 政委高效追女生指南

政委高效追女生指南 写完上一篇关于如何提高你泡妞的段位 大家的留言我都有看。回答几个大家问的特别多的问题。
说到富,虽然我26岁就已经是美元百万富翁,但我这个人特别节约,我买衣服只买优衣库耐克,开车都是honda. 而且我特别小气,我家里的人说我节约,外面的朋友也这么说。我就是守财奴类型的性格,我有钱就是买股票投资,我对花钱没任何兴趣我只喜欢赚钱。我又是大厂软件工程师。我确实算是美国社会高净值人群,但我钱都在股票,我不在女生上花钱。 给大家举几个例子我对女生花钱的态度
曾经又个炮友要和我分手,找我出来吃饭和我说,然后说了一堆我的不是,然后我和炮友说,既然你把我甩了,这段饭你请吧。那个炮友是个学生没收入,当时我收入15万美元。对我来说花30美元吃饭能省则。我觉得节约是很好的,所以我后面财富可以增长速度越来越快,因为我花的少全在投资。 女人除非你老婆都不值得花钱,相信大叔。因为我做过几年留学中介,经常还有女生请我吃大餐和高档餐厅, 最后还被我睡,我觉得这个应该是大家可以思考的泡妞方向,不是国内主流观念做个傻缺女人提款机,不停的帮女生买东西拴住女生。这个方法是可以帮你提高泡妞效率,但我觉得段位太低级,没有追求女生征服的快感,我没任何兴趣。
我在美国这么多年除了大学学费都没靠父母,我大学就拼命打工进大厂实习,把我所有钱省下来炒股,刚开始工作为了节约家里电费,我所有手机充电和电子产品都带去公司还被同事嘲笑。但我不care. 我现在在洛杉矶住富人区别墅,小孩都是去当地最好的私立学校,我有一辆全新的911, Tesla Model X 。 要是我年轻在泡妞上花很多钱,我财富增长绝对没现在这么快。大家需要学会投资理财,靠钱生钱实现财富自由,男生越老越值钱,财富积累比你能泡妞有用很多,女人这种东西睡2次就没啥太大兴趣了,跟消耗品一样要换新的,花钱话这种东西价值特别不值。我之前有很多我特别痴迷的女神,大胸妹,睡过2次后我都不想再和他们说话了,科学上说,你和一个女生睡过,你体内会分泌一种激素限制你的性欲,你瞬间没欲望了。所以很多傻缺男生为了追女生花10几万,我觉得脑子有坑
1, 跳舞课
很多人喜欢网上或者用约会app泡妞这个我觉得是最烂的选择,首先现在女生照骗太多,网上你也不知道这个人是不是男生是不是骗子。我看真人在不同的场景心境灯光条件下,看到的女生都不一样,都经常看走眼,更别说网上看几个照片,不知道这些00后说泡妞用app怎么想的。 觉得大叔说的不对过时,请分享你用app成功约到美女的经历,不然你就是傻缺。 另外好看点的女生每天都被屌丝在app上轰炸,在app上都非常的婊,基本都懒得搭理你,这种约会体验肯定很烂。
我属于说话特别直接我对哪个女生感兴趣我不会掩饰。当你越有经验后,女生都能看得出来你追女生段位怎么样,你在性方面有多放荡。我看起来气质就很放荡不羁,这个就是我的人设。我的目标是要泡妞效率高能迅速和女生上床不是要和她成为知心好友(这个也是我以前的误区以为追女生要从朋友开始做,其实这个也是失败的原因之一),所以你让女生刚开始就觉得你是放荡不羁喜欢和女生发生性关系的气质比较好,这样子他们和你出去之前已经有期待,不会你和她调情或者主动去和她接吻,她会被突然你的人设变化惊到觉得你很猥琐,人面兽心。基本后面和女生出去约会,发生性关系都是很水到渠成的事情,因为他们都有心理准备了,知道我是什么类型的男生。她既然肯和你出去了,基本就接受你这个人了。 这个我觉得是我这么多年很大的转变。刚开始很腼腆和大家一样,很怕女生知道我对她有意思,觉得不好意思怕吓到人家小姑娘。其实女生比我门早熟我门的小心思他们都知道,而且上床对女生也不是我门想象对么了不起一回事,女生想要性爱也会很主动,后面我的几段遭遇里会说
追女生大部分都是心理游戏和你多帅多有钱没任何关系。我在洛杉矶我门公司和社区认识很多所谓的高富帅,感情生活也很空虚,他们也追不到自己想要的女生也很郁闷,给大家看一个男生,是我在洛杉矶当地报纸上报道的,一个华人abc 医生,单身多年找不到女朋友很抑郁,这个照片是我在报纸上找到的,也是身高1。8米然后长得也很帅
1, 你喜欢一个美女之前,想追求她之前,务必找几个炮友,好不好看无所谓,但是一定要有规律的性生活,这样你不会很饥渴,也不会很着急,这个我觉得是追女生最重要的,追女生切记不能着急显得饥渴,基本你追一个女生有这种感觉你铁定没戏
追女生,多做多错,less is more, 最容易毁掉女生对你的迷恋就是在她爱上你之前,不停的和她网上瞎聊,很容易造成对你太熟悉,她太早看透你,太早暴露你是个饥渴的猥琐男
1, 在约会期间保持冷静克制,不要显得你过度着迷于这个女生,要表现你喜欢但是不能比她喜欢你的程度高太多,女生大多缺少安全感,你太冷漠她会没安全感
3,约会完不要联系,继续干你炮友,也不要说什么很愉快和你见面什么之类的,太lame。 除非问下她安全到家没,除了这个什么不要说。这个其实很难做到,男生不会理解这个心理游戏。 人的心理就是这样对你不确定的东西,你会不停的去想会很obsess去想,想知道她在你心目中的位置,你是不是还在约别的女生,为什么你不继续找她说话。 你就让她想就是,她对你兴趣大的话,你不联系她会一直想你把自己陷进去,然后你一般过一个星期再约她,在这个之前不要和她聊天。这个我之前也一直做的不好,所以失去了很多美女。当女生把你看透了,知道你很迷恋她了她完全搞定你了,她不会再想你了,就觉得你反正随叫随到,很容易把她对你的那个让她迷恋上的心理过程提前结束,会造成你门下次见面没什么感觉了,就是这个道理
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2021.12.08 21:26 CaresssMeDown Girlfriends past

Me and my girlfriend are both 17, we love each other and do so much together (almost 3 months) we always talk about our future and goals we want to accomplish. There's one thing bothering me and it's her past, understand it's the past and I should focus on the present but I can't stop overthinking. She has had 10 sexual partners and I've had 7, whenever she brings up stories from her past I get extremely jealous and sad to the point of it bothering me all day. What can I do to stop thinking of the past? Thanks.
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2021.12.08 21:26 JamesTiberiusChirp I’m Commander Shepbird, and this is my favorite chew toy on the citadel

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2021.12.08 21:26 N3cromorph Rightvalues results, thoughts?

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2021.12.08 21:26 Avoiding_Working What’s the deal with zhampagne?

They never call it champagne and seem to frequently mention the differentiation. I can’t tell if there’s some real-logistical reason or a fun quirk. Anyone have any ideas?
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2021.12.08 21:26 therobfox Messed up my CentOS 7 VMware server Need help with partitioning

So I really messed up. We have a CentOS server I built for a client to use as an sftp storage server. I set it up with 20GB of hard disk space and set the server up as they had requested. After sftp had been tested and final settings were in place, they asked me to change the space from 20GB to 20TB. Not a big deal space wise, so I made the change in VMware, took a snapshot, then went on to the server to create the partition and extend the volume.
Apparently, What I had done, was to add the space to the / directory, so when I attempt to partition it and extend it, I get an error about not being able to do so because it is busy. So I have an sda1 with 20GB and an sda2 only showing 1.5TB instead of the entire 20TB. It will not let me make any changes with Parted.
I have been banging my head on the desk all day trying to fix this without having to rebuild the entire machine. - I also had not put it in Veeam yet, so no back up.
Is there a way to move the 20TB to a new HD that I can attach to the VM? so going from an sda2 to sdb1? Or any other ideas? gparted isn't working either, I keep getting an unspecified error when trying to make a new partition with the unallocated space.
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2021.12.08 21:26 BertMercs14 29 inch redfish caught tailing in 4 inches

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2021.12.08 21:26 krootman [USA-PA] [H] 10850k and z490 strix gaming E, paypal [W] Paypal, broken or bent pin ryzen cpus

Buyer pays shipping, please no chats, post here before msging me.
Have a 10850k with striz z490 gaming e mobo, used for alittle over a year, no overclocking. Asking 450 for the combo.
I have the boxes for both if you want them, as well as the backplate for the motherboard.
Also looking to buy some broken or bent pin ryzen cpus lmk what you have!
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2021.12.08 21:26 Sufficient-Umpire14 #SNTVT ➡️#VIAT - bullish? What are your thoughts?

Link⬇️ Sentivate
Predicting 100x
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2021.12.08 21:26 TropicalKyle For the mural

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2021.12.08 21:26 xj923 HODLME- A BNB Reflection Token

HODM is a BEP-20 digital token with a total supply of 100B. The project charges a 12% tax on every buy transaction. Out of the buy tax rates, 1% goes to charity initiatives, while 5% caters to marketing activities. Auto liquidity accounts for the remaining 6% of the buy tax charge.
HODLME intends to dedicate 53% of the tokens to the community in the distribution chart. Staking and team marketing take up 10%, while private sale uses 19% of the supply. Lastly, airdrops and game rewards will account for 5% and 3%, respectively. A presale event will occur on December 8, 2021, followed by a token launch.
✅ Doxxed
✅ Audit (Solidproof)
✅ Team KYC (Solidproof)
✅ Highly skilled developers, marketers, and influencers in our Team
✅ First dApp releasing soon
✅ Constant development updates posted
Investors can secure passive incomes automatically by holding the digital token. What's more, projects can reward their investors with a portion of the transaction tax. HODLME applies the same idea in its operations, allowing users to earn BNBs by holding the HODM asset. The following review covers what users can expect from the HODLME project.
Holders' Rewards
The project is currently halfway through accomplishing some of its objectives. The completed activities include private sale, team assembly, and token creation/testing. HODLME plans on releasing its stake and game feature in the coming days. Marketing is another objective on HODLME's planner, which targets to start in December 2021. By 2022, the project looks forward to making donations from the charity wallet. Token holders are responsible for deciding which charitable donations they can make. Users can further expect a direct buy option on the platform's website.
For more information/updates, check out HODLME on:
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