WTT Raiden Shogun, Mona, Qiqi and Jean for Eula starter/semi starter

2021.11.27 17:20 iloveayaya WTT Raiden Shogun, Mona, Qiqi and Jean for Eula starter/semi starter

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2021.11.27 17:20 MurphyBuns *NEW REFERRAL LINK* Get $25 Deso Crypto Free ! - No deposits needed ! - Instant withdrawals! - Limited time only !

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2021.11.27 17:20 jedininja30 Me last meme. Love ya Nazzie

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2021.11.27 17:20 abhisheksview Daddy's Favorite

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2021.11.27 17:20 iLoveDollarKai 🎮The Game Token 🎮 Pre Sale Softcap HIT✅Launch on Pancakeswap TOMORROW🚀

🎮The Game Token 🎮 Pre Sale Softcap HIT✅Launch on Pancakeswap TOMORROW🚀 🚨ONLY 6 BNB LEFT TO GRAB🚨
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Use cases you said? Yeah, we have a couple of them to begin with.
- $TG will be used for payments on the platform PlayToBlock and as an in-game currency for our own Mini Games.
- Developers that have fun and want to make money developing a game can use parts of our infrastructure and our token $TG as their in-game currency.
- Reflections - As 4% of every transaction is redistributed to investors, you gain tokens on every buy and sell just by holding.
- Collaborations and Partnerships. Good projects are releasing daily. Our goal is to partner with them to get OUR holders WL spots, entries to Pre Sales, Airdrops etc.
- Lottery. Once a month, you can be one of three lucky winners to win either 50%, 30% or 20% of the reflections reserved for the lottery.
- PlayToBlock Mobile App. No, not another list of tokens you have to go through in the browser!
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2021.11.27 17:20 Herbuster1 Saw this and immediately thought vulfpeck

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2021.11.27 17:20 Seth4602 81 rated or higher? Mhm higher sure…

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2021.11.27 17:20 BotDefense overview for Beneficial_Beat5503

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2021.11.27 17:20 St0ggy OceanBlock: Anyone tryna start a let’s play series. (Must have some modded experience)

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2021.11.27 17:20 Asuyu You’re taking too much time off

So this happened several years ago before the pandemic. I interviewed at one of the biggest fortune 500 companies for a position at one of their corporate offices. At the time I was also being laid off at my old job so the timing of this new one was perfect . During the in person interview, I interviewed with what would be my supervisor and her two staff. I noticed the interviews were always scripted and awkward. The one interview question that stood out was one I asked the staff, “how do you like it here”. The response was a big smile, it’s interesting, & you will love it here. The smile on their face was so forceful, but what was I going to do, I needed a job ASAP as I was losing my at the end of the month. Obviously I took the job knowing that something was odd but what was I going to do.
I started the job the day after my last day at the old company. After I started I met all the people I would be working there and we got along really well so they immediately told me about my supervisor. In fact the staff I just mentioned who said I will love it came to me and apologized, they lied and knew it. They said the boss is a micromanager and control freak, you will hate this job but they needed some help ao it made it alright… So only 24 hours after starting my new job I was already looking for a new one.
My problem has always been I can find tons of jobs but I tend to interview poorly, so I endured this womans crap for months. One of the staff went out on maternity and while she was gone we had a consultant. He endured her crap for four week before shouting “you’re a fucking cunt” in the middle of the office while a hundred people staired. Then walked out. Another employee who didn’t even report to her quit because she couldn’t even take working with her even indirectly. After that one they did start a requirement that my boss couldn’t have one on ones conversations with anyone who weren’t her staff.
I can remember my last project to estimate the time for shipping. It was a data dump with some data tweaks and then make look pretty. Two months into the project which should have been an eight hour project she still wasn’t satisfied. This was an internal calc used for estimating various different metrics but I re-wrote it more than a dozen times. It was never to her liking and at the end she re-did it basically herself. Honestly, she kept second guessing the validity of the data since my data disproved their old assumptions and they were a public company so it had big consequences. I refused to say we shipped in 2 business days when it showed we didn’t, we actually shipped in 5-7 and when you are estimating revenue saying 2 vs 5-7 on a muti-billion dollar public company. It’s a problem. She was the worst boss I have ever met.
Finally, after 6 months I got an interview of a lifetime but after the first interview an immediate family member died. I couldn’t make the second interview and I was flying out the next afternoon. They were so nice about it and actually moved the interview to that morning. I got bereavement for thr next five days from my boss. At the funeral a few days later I received a call and I got the job. I was stoked. I let my wife know and I was not sure how I would let my boss know. Several times during bereavement she left emails and voicemails asking when I would return but I ignored them all. I was entitled to five days so leave me alone with family in quiet while I grieve.
Finally I returned to work on the sixth day. Before the end of the day, daycare called and I had to pick up my son he was sick. I ran out telling my boss the situation but she didn’t not give me permission but didn’t give it either. She had no children, whether intentional or not, so she hated people taking time for family. It’s a 24 hour ban from daycare fo being sick, so not only today but tomorrow was a bust. I worked from home for the rest of the day and the next day. I would stay home so my wife wouldn’t need a sick day. My boss called the next day extremely pissed off that I wasn’t in the office. She started going into me for taking too much time off, to which I railed into her and said bereavement isn’t a vacation asshole and I have been here for sixth months without a vacation day and finally i had it and said take this as my notice for two weeks then hung up. She called back immediately knowing she screwed up, but I didn’t answer. She left a voicemail basically apologizing and I will see you tomorrow where we acn disuss further. I immediately went to her boss to let him know that I would be quitting ans how she was using bereavement as a reason to yell at me and he wanted to talk further after his meeting. I still didn’t let them know I already accepted another job. Why should I. He must have messaged her as my company equipment had been locked almost right after I tried apeaking to him and I couldn’t even talk to them if I wanted to since I was doing it through zoom meetings and not by phone. I didn’t even have a number to call now aince it was locked. So I did the next best thing and called HR. I let them know the story and since I was technically in the right, bereavement is not vacation and I had never taken a day off and I could technically work from home and because she already had a very bad reputation with HR, they were very cooperative. They asked if I was willing to transfer departments and I lied and said I looked the posted positions and there was nothing for me currently. They asked if I wanted to continue working, I said my computer equipment is locked but I did give my two weeks and I don’t want to continue working for her. They compromised since there was no jobs for me to give me two weeks severance if I returned my equipment which I was happy to.
Turns out that I wasn’t the only one looking for a new job. Her other two staff accepted new jobs and left within weeks of me quitting. In total, she had turnover of 200% within 12 months and having beeen a manager for 3 years. She was let go shortly after.
tl:dr; get new job, boss is a dick, go on bereavement get a new job and blame quitting on boss for basically giving me crap for taking time to be with family on bereavement and get two weeks severance. Boss’ other staff quit and boss is let go.
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2021.11.27 17:20 MurphyBuns *NEW REFERRAL LINK* Get $25 Deso Crypto Free ! - No deposits needed ! - Instant withdrawals! - Limited time only !

Get $25 Deso Crypto for free using my referral link! No deposits needed, instant withdrawal! LIMITED AMOUNT OF REFERS! DO IT NOW~
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2021.11.27 17:20 MarcusFenix21BE How are people joining my game?

Settings: social privacy closed, private lobby.
How does someone on my friends list keep joining my games? He’s not helpful and not a team player, keeps taking all the ammo and mods and meds.
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2021.11.27 17:20 megapackplug 2021 Ultimate fraud bible $20 hmu

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2021.11.27 17:20 EorlundGraumaehne Okay, that's new.....

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2021.11.27 17:20 mr-dannie queen of the house👑

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2021.11.27 17:20 poyfikt A glitch in the matrix, or…

This story may not be scary to some, but it remains as one of the most unnerving things I have ever experienced. In the summer of 2017, I was working at a satellite campus of my university as a residential assistant. Allow me to give a description of this campus before continuing the story. It was once an estate and, for a college campus, relatively small. To put things into perspective, I was 1 of only 22 students on the entire campus in the spring semester and 1 of 60 in the fall. I’m not sure what the population was during the summer, but you get the idea. Not only was it small, but it was very old. The former estate was built in 1712, over 300 years before this story takes place. To save on budget when acquiring the property, my university did not demolish any of the older buildings. They just stood there, empty and condemned. One of these buildings was a big mansion at the center of the campus which served as the administration building for the university that owned the property prior to my own. The most prominent feature of the campus is the old windmill—an historic landmark, and a playhouse for the daughter of the family who owned the estate. The story behind the windmill goes that the daughter used to run to the top floor, waving to seafarers as they sailed on by. One night while coming down from the top floor of the windmill, she fell down the steep stares, broke her neck, and died. Rumor has it that her ghost wanders through the windmill, and while the structure remains locked throughout the year, some say they can sometimes see a lit candle coming from the top floor window. I wish I could say this is where my story takes place, but unfortunately it doesn’t. With all of this being said, this campus is no stranger to the paranormal. As this campus is very small, there are only six residential buildings for the students to live in. These buildings are all named after historic nearby towns, and one of which—Sagaponack—is said to be haunted. The dorms are arranged in two rows: three in the front and three in the back. Each dorm is only two stories with two suites on each floor. When you walk in, there are doors to the left and right leading to each suite, and a staircase leading to the second floor where the two other suites are. As an RA, one of my duties was to make rounds. This involved us going to each suite to make sure the main doors were locked and that the residents didn’t need anything. One night, it was time for us to perform our nightly rounds before closing the RA office for the night. The other RA and I decided to do them together, since it was a rather tedious activity. To expedite the process, I would check the first floor doors while the other RA would go upstairs to check the second floor doors. As we’re in Sagaponack, I’m standing around waiting for the other RA to come back downstairs when I notice a couple of pairs of shoes at the bottom of the staircase—a pair of brown work boots and black sneakers. Nothing too far out of the ordinary, right We make our way to the next building, and seconds into stepping into it, the other RA and I stop dead in our tracks. At the bottom of the staircase is a pair of brown work boots and black sneakers. I quickly stepped outside to check what building we were in, and to my disbelief, I found myself staring at the sign for Sagaponack. Dumbfounded and creeped out, we decided to end our rounds there and close up shop for the night. To this day, I’m still not sure if what had happened to us was due to paranormal activity, a glitch in the matrix, or an unusually silly mistake that neither I nor my partner noticed. How did we end up back in Sagaponack? I’ll never truly know.
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2021.11.27 17:20 turtledflamingo Kanina lang, gusto ko na ulit magpakamatay sa stress sa pag-aaral, sa pamilya at sa trabaho. Pero sige, pipiliin ko ulit lumaban ngayong araw. Sana kayo rin.

Magandang umaga (sana).
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2021.11.27 17:20 tweekyn Grooming Session [Minolta SRT 202 / Rokkor PF 50mm]

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2021.11.27 17:20 MurphyBuns *NEW REFERRAL LINK* Get $25 Deso Crypto Free ! - No deposits needed ! - Instant withdrawals! - Limited time only !

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2021.11.27 17:20 AutomaticLet5178 Majin

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2021.11.27 17:20 marijn_xo Jeff Bezos vs Mansa Musa - Epic Rap Battles of History

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2021.11.27 17:20 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) W SAHARA AVE / S VALLEY VIEW BLVD 11/27/2021 12:07:52 PM incident #LLV211100114137
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2021.11.27 17:20 Bayek-_- Oweeeeee...

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2021.11.27 17:20 Cool-Car-2994 Nico Di Angelo is a Hufflepuff [pjo]

Now hear me out. A lot of people say he's slytherin, but what qualities make him slytherin?
Ambition: whenever he tries to achieve something its to gain trust and helping his friends, going to tartarus and transporting the athena parthenon; he even kills the guy who wanted to expose reyna's past just to defend her. Also going to incredible lengths to try to bring his sister back from the dead which sounds pretty hufflepuff to me.
Cunning: Nico is not cunning. In fact he was very naive during the PJO series, especially when he listened to hades when he said he wouldn't harm percy when he was trying to get the achilles curse. He may have not been as naive in HOO but there is not a moment where he relies on outwitting or deceiving his enemies.
Self Preservation: He willingly went into tartarus. That tells you all you need to know.
Basically Nico just wants to be trusted, is loyal to his friends and pushed himself to the limit when transporting the Atherna Parthenon, which shows that he was hard-working.
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2021.11.27 17:20 J4ckiebrown Wake Forest are ACC Atlantic Division Champions!

Congrats Demon Deacons!
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