Tips for upcoming fight!

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2021.12.07 06:57 jack_wiggig Tips for upcoming fight!

hey everyone, i have an upcoming amateur fight and i need help
from what i know, my opponent is around 3 inches taller than me and likes to swing wild punches
any tips on how to fight this type of fighter?
ive heard he likes to throw the right cross and right overhand a lot
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2021.12.07 06:57 niuz-bot Kievul acuză Rusia că trimite lunetiști și tancuri în regiunea Donbas pentru a încerca să provoace Ucraina - [Analize]

Ucraina a acuzat marți Rusia că a desfășurat tancuri și echipe suplimentare de lunetişti în prima linie a conflictului din estul Ucrainei, pregătiți să provoace… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.07 06:57 FrothyGuinness The things I could do with invisible tape

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2021.12.07 06:57 freeguyyy Where i can watch TVD for free.

i just finished TO on netflix. now i wanna watch TVD but the is not on netflix in my region. so someone tell where to find and watch for free coz im not or someone give me thier acc to just watch 🥺
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2021.12.07 06:57 ohhicaitlin What would you do?

I am a para in a special ed class (emotional support). We have a kid who knows he’s very smart and thinks he can talk to anyone anyway and assault anyone. This kid is 11 and brings up having sex with his creeped out female classmates and and another student told our teacher he brought up raping a girl yesterday. He throws desks at us, calculators, sharpened pencils, yesterday was the first time he truly assaulted me. He jabbed me HARD in the arm with an expo and then threw it at my face and it came about half an inch from my eye. I am essentially his 1:1. He antagonizes a girl who’s come so far from her violent past and she has beat his ass twice over comments and kicking/setting her off to the point we’re breaking up fights 1x a week, clearing the room constantly because of his violent outbursts. Parents aren’t taking it too seriously it seems. I am being paid $13.50 an hour to listen to a kid talk about fucking girls in the pussy and now I am officially being beaten down. I only keep this job for a few reasons: It fits my kids school schedule and summers off, I am a psych student who plans on being a guidance counselor for younger kids so I need school experience, and I really do love the teacher I work with and the other students. It’s a great room. He certainly changed the dynamic. I have a meeting set up with our principle. I come from working in mental health and I was a substance abuse assessor and I have never felt as violated even when I was being hit or intimidated by grown adults. Should I ask to go to a different class? Is it worth asking for a raise? My teacher is 100% on my side and tells me to do what’s best for me. That poor woman is a punching bag for this kid as well. It seems because he has an IEP he gets away with most of it. I have never met such a good liar and gaslighter. Reg Ed was absolutely taken back by everything when he was in their classes. The other student in our room range from terrified to completely enraged because they also love the class. After my kid assaulted me yesterday, another one of our students screamed “I’m going to shove that marker up your fucking ass”.
Sorry for the book, genuinely concerned and need help deciding some things!
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2021.12.07 06:57 shaslund 💥💨 The final FT in the limited editions, COMPLEX #1-15 has been dropped. Only 5 copies are minted of these. Check them out: 💥💨

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2021.12.07 06:57 ApathyisDeath_ Day 6

....of the wifi still being trash at ACC
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2021.12.07 06:57 NewsElfForEnterprise Here's Why Square Dropped 18% in November

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2021.12.07 06:57 Lalobe7777 Where to sit/ stand at Royal Arena

Hi everyone, we're planning to go to Royal Arena for a concert in April (if the pandemic situation allows it). I can book 'stå eller siddepladser' right in front of the stage, (I'd love to stand during the concert) but I don't really know if this won't just be seats. Maybe bc of Covid they can only offer seats. If we have to sit anyways I suppose it's better to book something in the upper ranks. Has anyone recently been there and could share some wisdom? Thanks a lot! (Tried to contact the venue already with no luck so maybe someone around Reddit could help)
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2021.12.07 06:57 chriskaparo Reflection on how I coerced my then-girlfriend into having an abortion

I once made a horrible mistake. That mistake was choosing abortion to bury the consequences of my decisions. I was out of school and bored at home. I used to assume that sex was the only source of entertainment for young men like myself. I still admired people who could drink, smoke, and have sex. It was what many people my age, in their early twenties, thought was the way to live.
Partying was out of the question for me as a young adult without a car, and because of how my mother taught me, I knew better than to follow the smoking and drinking pattern. I had no choice but to engage in sex. My mother was against the promiscuous lifestyle, but she didn't expect me to be a virgin. As a result, I looked into it. I went online (FACEBOOK) looking for ladies and formed pointless interactions with them. Friends with benefits inundated my phone, which had been a habit for me previous to that summer. I didn't think about what those benefits may bring into my life other than moments of pleasure while I enjoyed the rewards.
It’s obvious we live in a sowing and reaping universe. Somehow we don’t think about it as if it is something obvious. I knew pregnancy was the fruit of unprotected sex, but never thought of the possibilities, never thought it would happen. I was more afraid of catching an STD at the time.
It happened during the summer before I headed back to college. I received a phone call from one of the women stating that she was pregnant. Somehow it shocked me. “This can’t be happening,” I said to myself. My first initial thoughts were: ‘What would my mother think’? ‘What would people think?’ ‘How would I take care of this baby?’ The thought of the baby having a life wasn’t even worth thinking about at the time. The woman and I both agreed an abortion would be the choice to make, so we made it happen. It was a relief, yet it hurt. I spent time wondering once everything was final and she and I were a closed chapter.
There are many males who choose to have abortions for a similar reason, their intention is to enjoy the fun in sex without thinking of the consequences and then it happens. Sex to them is nothing but pleasure, they aren’t prepared for what could happen if having sex leads to what sex is primarily meant for. Instead of accepting the responsibility when it happens, they choose the shortcut. They choose to not Let their daughter or son experience the opportunity of living.
As a man who myself is a miracle baby, I grew to sometimes question what would have happened if I had that child and chose the path of early fatherhood. As a spiritual person who understands that life was formed soon after the sperm fertilizes the egg, I sometimes question what that child looks like in heaven. I had few moments where I condemned myself and felt guilty for my choices, it was tough. I made that decision as an immature young man who did not put much thought into what I was doing, it was the best escape route. Although I did not know better or think much about it, the thought still came to haunt me at times. I can only imagine how it affected men like me who made such choices at a more mature stage in life.
No different than women, men feel similar pains because of abortion. The pain of the physical process we may never experience, but emotionally and mentally it haunts us. I do not know how many men feel this pain, but I know many of them are torn by miscarriage. Aborting a child is easy since you have never known them or are attached to them, but the act does leave some residue. Your imagination will create scenarios that will keep you wondering what could be. It may not be a long and lasting hurt, but one that visits sometimes during the days a man reflects.
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2021.12.07 06:57 environmentind Study finds 5 species of flying squirrels in Uttarakhand

Study finds 5 species of flying squirrels in Uttarakhand Forest department conducted a statewide study to understand the presence of flying squirrels in the state. It has been now established that this small Himalayan state is home to ‘five’ species of the flying squirrels – Kashmir flying squirrel (spotted 25 years ago in Ranikhet), woolly flying squirrel (spotted 20 years ago in Pakistan), Indian giant flying squirrel, red giant flying squirrel and white bellied flying squirrel.
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2021.12.07 06:57 Necessary_Author_308 🐶 Red Floki - GEM x100 🐶 Stealth Launched 20 Minutes - MC $4k! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!

🐶Welcome to Red Floki🐶
🐶We present you Red Floki🐶
Lottery Fee:
🐶-Out of every buy transaction 1% will automatically go to our Loterry wallet while on each sell that transaction will turn into 1%.
Liquidity Fee:
🐶-We have also implemented a tax of 1% on each buy & 1% of each sell transaction to be added back into the liquidity pool. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.
🚀Red Floki Tokenomics🚀
-Total Supply
-Network - BEP20
-Burn - 0%
-PCS Liquidity - 95%
-Team Wallet - 5%
🚀Total Tax🚀
2 % Buy - 2% Liquidity
2 % Sell - 2% Liquidity
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x7dA405783D364B3D74d70a78BeE0d72C7bdb7A5F
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR :
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2021.12.07 06:57 toby_finn How do I post images and text body at the same time?

Having this problem where when I post something with images, they don't show up. But when I click post from the images tab, the body I wrote won't show up. And when I inset images from the text tab, they show as URL, not great for engagement. How do I post the image and text at the same time?
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2021.12.07 06:57 re-elocution Familiar face in the latest Oversimplified video

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2021.12.07 06:57 NORMALPERSON724 (this is for shadow of war) I would like to know if an orc can go from deranged to maniac

I really like this orc but I want him to become a maniac. But I would like to know if a deranged orc can be shamed further until they become maniacal. I know this question was asked here a long time ago but since a lot of time has passed I thought that maybe people now have an answer.
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2021.12.07 06:57 SantoDiablo [NS] How Murph and Emily say "I Love You"

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2021.12.07 06:57 asianaffairss A New Mission To Utilize The Use of Digital IDs

A New Mission To Utilize The Use of Digital IDs
The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has dispatched a mission to advance the significance of computerized IDs among the general population and cultivate participation between important organizations to accomplish coordinated advanced ID reception.
In view of this, The mission, called the “MEiD Seamless … Thai Services (Digital ID)” program, is essential for an administration push that incorporates enactment and significant norms. In July, the bureau endorsed on a fundamental level an improvement plan for advanced ID to work with online exchanges and guarantee security for clients using a facial confirmation administration.
Chaichana Mitrpant, chief overseer of ETDA shared that it was a test to make all applicable partners join significance to the reception of advanced IDs.
He shared that ETDA is speeding up endeavors to work on individuals’ personal satisfaction through advanced tech reception.
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2021.12.07 06:57 WrickyB Internet explained

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2021.12.07 06:57 Comfortable_Lab603 Is my job terrible or is this what I’m supposed to do? (long)

I started working at this mall pizza place in July this year. I had been applying for random jobs for the summer and had told myself I’d go to the first interview I get called for. I just needed some cash to put aside while I’m not in uni, plus I’d never had a job, so naturally an hourly one with flexible schedule seemed like a good option.
The first two months were alright. The manager is the best, and one of the only reasons I haven’t quit. I know most fast food places are full of all sorts of horrible people, but his presence is uplifting, he jokes around, doesn’t put us down for making mistakes and usually fits everybody’s wishes in the weekly schedule. However sometimes there’s nothing he can do, because we’re severely understaffed, so most of us end up having 60-70h/w, while being on a 40h contract. The people who are doing part-time usually get 30-40h instead of 20. You get paid from when you clock in to whenever you clock out, so overtime gets paid, not double, but there are no “u need to stay 2 more hours to clean and no ones paying u for it”’s. The pay is alright, a little above the minimum for my country, but that’s because we work extra. At 40 hours per week you’d make the minimum.
There are no breaks. You get to go pee/grab a quick snack to eat on the go if there are no people around. But that usually only happens in the beginning of the week, and you get scolded for taking more than 15 minutes, even if you’ve been working for 10 hours. It’s impossible to get a break on a Saturday. The people just don’t stop coming.
The place is a subway-type-of pizzeria, and in the shopping centre I’m working in there are two restaurants. One is on the food court so you have two employees working there, the other is considered the “less busy” one so you’re by yourself. You make the pizza in front of the person, serve it AND operate the cash register, no matter how many people are waiting in line.
I don’t know if I’m overreacting because this is my first ever job, but (tmi warning) I remember I once got my period on a 14 hour shift and for the entirety of it I could not change my pad so I bled through my pants. There was no one who could come for like 5 minutes so I could go take a break. This whole thing is just exhausting. If you get two rest days a week, you’re extremely lucky.
I have not left yet because my laptop broke and I need to save for a replacement, plus I have extreme anxiety and I don’t even know how to go about leaving. However ever since working there, I’ve gained 10 kilograms from ditching the gym, irregular and over eating, I’m covered with bruises from lifting stuff and being hit my random objects, and my hair is falling out from the stress. Sometimes I don’t even have time to showebrush my teeth, I just wake up, go to work, go home and repeat. It’s taking its toll on my physical and mental health, but I just can’t do it.
I feel really lost since my uni major is psychology and I’m no longer interested in pursuing a career in this field. I have NO idea what to do. I’d appreciate advice from people who’ve been through a similar thing, none of my surroundings seem to relate cause everyone has their “thing”. All I know is mine probably isn’t fast food.
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2021.12.07 06:57 agekkeman Princess Amalia of the Netherlands turns 18 today. Therefore, from now on her personal flag will be in use.

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2021.12.07 06:57 AdhesiveChild Mod to remove leaf decay ?

I'm playing a few mods for 1.7.10 and I'd like a way to stop leaf decay completely without changing the tick speed. I haven't found any way to accomplish this on forge no matter how hard I search.
Any ideas ?
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2021.12.07 06:57 Sham_Pain_Renegade Looks and writes a pencil? Fuck you, it’s cake

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2021.12.07 06:57 kinkyknickers96 I'm really curious to see why people agree or disagree with this post. Some women are incapable of doing anything due to the severe pain, so I think it's pretty valid.

I'm really curious to see why people agree or disagree with this post. Some women are incapable of doing anything due to the severe pain, so I think it's pretty valid. submitted by kinkyknickers96 to IntersexionalFeminist [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 06:57 NickAnsiaBoy Martina Smeraldi e Paola S 😏🔥

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2021.12.07 06:57 PeachFuzzMosshead Speakerphone Echo

Recently being told by people I call, if on speaker, that there is a significant echo on their end. Goes away when I switch to earpiece or Bluetooth. This may have started with Android 12 but I'm not entirely sure. Anyone else with this issue? I'm on TMobile in US.
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