SvenMartin tries to vape while wearing a Gas-Mask

2021.11.30 11:19 afatcatfromsweden SvenMartin tries to vape while wearing a Gas-Mask

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2021.11.30 11:19 klapet Est-ce dangereux pour l'embrayage ? (frein moteur)

Salut !
C'est toujours conseillé d'utiliser le frein moteur quand on attaque une pente pour éviter de rester sur la pédale de frein et diminuer l'usure des disques. Cependant je crois que je l'utilise un peu trop, voilà ce que je fais :
Quand je dois perdre de la vitesse car un virage s'approche, je rétrograde de la 4ème à la 3ème (puis de la 3ème à la 2ème si c'est un virage serré), je fais ça en souplesse, même si ça monte dans les tours minutes, je dépasse jamais les 3000.
Quand c'est une pente, je pompe la pédale d'embrayage sur la vitesse inférieur, je m'explique : Je suis en 5ème, à 70km/h et il y a une pente, je vais embrayer la 4ème, relâcher la pédale d'embrayage (du coup le frein moteur fait son effet) mais je ré-embrayage et je remonte la pédale de nouveau pour encore perdre en vitesse.
Évidement j'utilise aussi les freins, mais bien moins que si je n'utilisai pas cette dernière technique dans les pentes. (J'habite en montagne). Marre de changer de disque tous les 11 000km.
Ma question : Est-ce dangereux de pomper la pédale d'embrayage comme ça ? Sachant que je monte pas spécialement haut en touminute car je ré-embraye avant que la vitesse soit complètement enclenché pour utiliser de nouveau le frein moteur.
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2021.11.30 11:19 Kawaii_Wizzz Me: 50 robux no tax and 5k diamonds Them: Ballroom Mask from RH

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2021.11.30 11:19 yunasato Tokyo Vibes

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2021.11.30 11:19 beer118 Party-based RPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness sees a huge update

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2021.11.30 11:19 logically_dumbguy India backs China's hosting of Beijing 2022 as China hit out at diplomatic boycott threats

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2021.11.30 11:19 Simple-War3485 👑 KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬 Liq locked 💰 Active devs 🐬 Active Developers with great community 🚀 Relaunching right now with one of the best solidity coders in BSC 🔮 Don’t miss out on this next big gem!!!

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💚 Jonh us TG now......

🌎 Telegram:

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🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 30%

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🎯 Tax : 10%


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🎯 Pancake Swap :


🎯 Deeplock: Lock LP

🌟Some of our utilities:

🔹6. Release Our Own Nft Marketplace
Despite us being a Binance Smart Chain project that doesn't mean to say we do not have a future and want to broaden out. In the future we are very interested in making our own NFT Marketplace since we believe the current ones out there are not upto par and have ridiculous fees for their not so great service, we want to make a marketplace with the perfect balance.

🔹7. Release Debit Cards, Using Tokens To Make Purchases.
This is most likely a long to very long term goal, however our plans are eventually to be able to release prepaid MasterCard debit cards which are prepaid via KING DOLPHIN BSC. Essentially you would deposit $KDB into your account, upon making a purchase with the card it will make the transaction using your KING DOLPHIN BSC balance. This is obviously a long term goal for the team and we do not know the most about the partnerships which are/can be made with MasterCard however when we feel the time is right we will begin to work on this project.
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2021.11.30 11:19 Deep_Education_42 Qual desses discos do minecreft é o melhor

Eu sou time steel
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2021.11.30 11:19 shortadamlewis Test taking and study tips on these exams that are not all over this forum.

Test tips-

  1. You have up to 32 minutes in the testing room/location with access to scratch paper or a digital whiteboard/notepad before the exam begins. 30 minutes to read the agreement that says you won’t share what’s on the actual test and will follow COMPTIA’s rules, and another 2 minutes for something else (forgot what it was). Both sections end with a yes/no question. Read the agreements ahead of time and use this time to write as many notes as possible into the whiteboard/notepad/scrap paper. Would a listing of the 20 most common ports you could reference have helped you on your most recent exams? ISACA/PMI/ISC2 all have a similar section at the beginning of exams where you can write down an extensive note sheet. This sheet of notes might help improve your scores 5 or 10%... which may be enough to get you over the edge. Find out which media you can use to write notes on ahead of time. If you are doing Pearsonvue in person it will be grease pin and whiteboard, if you are at home it is in a digital notepad. Practice writing that note sheet a few times. It will help you in your studies in any case. Put down Linux commands, ports, attack methods, whatever you think will help you on your exam. When you start your actual exam you will have a perfectly legitimate cheat sheet you can use without breaking any rules.
  2. Knowing the right answer is important, but knowing the wrong answer can help you over the hump in your exam as well. Remember that most of these questions are multiple choice. You are going to know the right answer on some of them, but no matter what you do there will always be some questions you just don’t know. If you can eliminate 2 of the 4 wrong answers, you have a 50% chance of getting the question right. This means that if you only know half the right answers, but can eliminate ½ the wrong answers on the one you don’t know, you will get about a 75% on the test.
  3. If two answers are the same thing and there is no “all of the above/none of the above” answer, both answers are wrong. As stated above, getting rid of wrong answers can greatly improve your score. For example, if you have a question that says something like, “which of the following is MOST LIKELY to be secure, a. http, b. traffic over port 80, traffic over port 990, traffic over port 9100. Since HTTP traffic normally goes over port 80, we know a and b are incorrect. Even if you don’t know the answer to the question, you now have a 50/50 shot of getting it correct.
  4. If you are taking the test at home, use the bathroom before you start as there are no bathroom breaks. If you are taking it from a proctored location you can generally use the bathroom, but the timer doesn’t stop and it may take a few minutes for the proctor to come to you to let you go.
  5. You can flag questions for review. Use this flag to skip the simulation based exams in COMPTIA and do multiple choice questions first. You may find that answers/help to the simulation questions may be in the multiple choice questions. For example, your simulation may have a linux console in it that requires use to answer the simulation question while the multiple choice exam has multiple choice questions showing multiple linux commands asking which one can be used to do X.
Study Tips-
  1. COMPTIA/ISACA/PMI/ISC2 all have their tests broken down into domains. Almost all of the books you can buy on COMPTIA subjects have them broken down by domain. In your studies, I would highly suggest watching the videos, reading the books, whatever your study method at least once. After reviewing the materials, use a practice test book that hast the material broken down by domain and answer 20 questions from each domain. Whatever domain you scored lowest in should be what you are remediating on first. Re-read, re-watch, or find another book that covers the same material and focus on that domain. Then take 20 different questions from that domain and take that quiz again. This is your new score for that domain. Study and remediate on the section you did the worst on even if it is the one you just did. Repeat this process until you have an acceptable grade in all sections and feel confident in your abilities.
  2. I have found a vast difference in quality between different online videos teaching the same test material. If you have not started to study yet, I would highly recommend looking through online forums to see what people recommend for you particular exam that have passed the exam. You want the opinions of test takers, not content providers.. My company provided free access to Linkedin Learning last year when I took A+, Net+, and Sec+ but switched to Skillsoft this year while I was studying for CySA+. There was a remarkable difference in quality between these based off of who was teaching the material. Listen to what people recommend if you are going to buy materials.
  3. Different study books have different material in them. I would highly recommend that as you study, you pick up a different book by a different author if you are having difficulty with core concepts. I read 2, 500 page books on CYSA+ cover to cover and read the chapters from a third author on the sections I was weakest on. There were absolutely items on the test that were published in one book but not the other. Hearing concepts explained from different points of view also really helps on exams.
  4. If you are having trouble with a particular concept, look for a youtube video. I have never used Linux and had to watch multiple different people and presentations on how to do some basic Linux commands before I was ready for my most recent exam. I would have failed my latest exam if not for something specific I heard on one of these youtube videos, namely that certain commands are case sensitive. I did not recall reading that in any of my study materials.
  5. Schedule your exam and have an end-date in mind. If you just study and say you will take your test when you are ready, you will never take the exam or will end up studying for way longer with less results than you would if you studied over just a few weeks. Set a date and start your study.
  6. There is overlap in a lot of these exams and I would highly recommend you take some of these exams fairly close together instead of over a long period of time. I took A+, NET+, and SEC+ all in the space of about a month at the start of COVID when I had free time. They absolutely fit into one another. I took the CySA+ last night and it absolutely fed into items I had learned in A+, NET+, and SEC+. Had I not had a core understanding from these earlier exam I would not have passed. For example, A+ may teach you the fundamentals of computing to understand what TCP traffic is. NET+ might teach you that port 23 is Telnet, and Security+ may teach you that Telnet is fundamentally unsecure. CySA+ may ask you to do a network scan and identify which ports should be locked down on a sever due to hardening rules that state that only secure ports should be open and you would have to scan your network and identify that port 23 is one of the open ports that should be closed. Port 23 isn’t going to be mentioned in your CySA+ study books as being unsecure and something that should be closed, but you will be expected to know it.
I took the CySA+ last night (passed) after 2 cram weeks of study. Before taking the exam I peeked in the comptia thread and saw lots of tips on what study materials worked for them, but not a lot of tips on how to actually study or what to study. I have picked up some tips and tricks taking boot camps for ISC2 and PMI exams, but did not see any test taking tips here. I try and get a new degree or certification every year and have used the above tips in my study. I hope these help someone and wish you all the best of luck.
Note- Repost to avoid hitting trigger words. There is a difference between writing a sheet of notes down at the start of the test and asking others what was on the actual test.
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2021.11.30 11:19 Aggravating_Exam9808 Mettre un jeu sur Steam en tant qu'individuel ?

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
Je suis en train de créer un jeu vidéo et je veux le mettre en vente sur Steam.
A priori on peut s'inscrire en tant qu'individu et payer les frais Steam.
Et si j'ai bien compris, les revenus net générés, on les déclare aux impôts en France.
Est-ce donc possible comme cela ? (sans avoir à passer par une EI par exemple).
Car j'ai déjà été autoentrepreneur en 2019-2020 et je ne veux pas me mettre à mon compte, payer les taxes en étant sûr de rien coté revenus et je ne pourrais pas sortir 12 jeux par an seul, donc pour moi commencer doucement et payer les impôts ça irait si c'est possible et que quelqu'un est déjà passé par là ?
Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
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2021.11.30 11:19 SatisfactionKind2529 Meat- weight gain and CICO

Hey everyone! Ok first of all- I’m not trying to offend anyone this is my personal journey and just need some advice. I don’t want to hear just stick with plant based. Minus the weight loss- it’s not working for me on my insides.
I was a vegan / vegetarian for years doing CICO for about the last 8 months to cut the “ vegan carb weight”. Started lifting weights , being very fitness orientated and ending up finding a new passion. I found amazing success with both the raw and CICO.
Now I’m reincorporating animal products back into my diet ( health reasons and I want to) , and I’m scared of gaining fat! I want to maintain as I’m sitting at a great weight but would love to build muscle so I know I need to add a little to tweak it. It’s not about the pounds for me- it’s more about the fat content. Working hard to stay away from processed foods and still stick with my choices of raw and little to no dairy. My face, chin and body look so good I don’t want to revert while making my health a priority.
I know it’s quite a unique situation, but has anyone gone through this? F, 5”4 133 lbs, late thirties.
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2021.11.30 11:19 Loose_Sense Didn't know the designers at PETA played BG2!

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2021.11.30 11:19 tomcalll salut j’ai besoins d’aide svp je veux garder la même adresse mais on me demande de payer ?

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2021.11.30 11:19 grandsonofthebarber Spendenaktion - Weihnachtskisten der Aachener Tafel

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2021.11.30 11:19 HTJ_Starboy Apologise

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2021.11.30 11:19 BLACKMAMBAISGONE Which could have been better?

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2021.11.30 11:19 Consistent-Row2294 [WTS] Cetme bayonet and Swedish 1896 Mauser bayonet ($50,$75) [AZ]
Cetme Bayonet $50
Swedish 1896 Mauser Bayonet $75
Prices don’t include shipping.
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2021.11.30 11:19 Jay_Shy Gaming Rituals: Anyone have a game you play, during a certain time in the year? I always play through Parasite Eve During the holiday season.

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2021.11.30 11:19 CNYBedBugEric Are you interested in coming out of podcast to talk about your experience with Bed Bugs?

How it would work,we just would go over some of the questions listed below, I'd ask to make sure you are ok with them, adjusting any as needed.
Then I text you a link you click on and it joins you right into the podcast recording. The show would post soon after we recorded it, and I would send you a link as well for you to listen to or download if you wanted it. We can be very flexible on time/day we do this around your schedule.
This is something new we are doing, but I think it will really help people who are going through it themselves.
We can chat on the phone prior to recording the podcast for a minute to explain the process, and answer any last minute questions you have.
"Surviving Bed Bugs" series
Bed Bug Radio Email:
Interview Questions:
How long ago did you have your experience with bed bugs?
How did you find out that you had them?
What was your initial reaction/feelings?
Did you have a reaction to bed bug bites?
What was your reaction?
Did you do anything to treat bites?
Did you attempt self treatment or hire an Exterminator, or both?
What was done?
How did the process go?
Do you know where you got them from?
Did you tell friends or family?
If so, what were their reactions?
How long have you been bed bug free?
What would you have done differently?
Do you have advice for anyone currently dealing with them?
Anything else you want to add or comment on?
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2021.11.30 11:19 flyingfabi Christmas is coming!

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2021.11.30 11:19 MeatloafAndWaffles These Black Friday rookies in Quickplay suck (Rant)

I’m not talking about how difficult the game is for new people. No, I remember when I first started playing the game and got absolutely destroyed by ridden on my first go-round.
I’m talking about the people who play as if this is their first video game they’ve ever encountered. I’ve been matched up with people who seem to lack any sort of common sense when it comes to gaming in general.
Here are some of the annoying things I’ve come across:

Those are just to name a few. Again, very little of that has anything to do with the difficulty of the game. I’m sorry for bitching and moaning, but a lot of these things aren’t rocket science. I’m not the perfect player myself, if I was I wouldn’t be complaining, but ffs a lot of these things are just common sense.
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2021.11.30 11:19 pack777rey Jajajajajaja pruebas de que jorp102 no tiene el video completo Hai está la fecha que edite el video para solo subir el clip de 4 segundos en el grupo de putas de Reynosa jajajaja más farsante no se puede se te cae el teatro jorp

Jajajajajaja pruebas de que jorp102 no tiene el video completo Hai está la fecha que edite el video para solo subir el clip de 4 segundos en el grupo de putas de Reynosa jajajaja más farsante no se puede se te cae el teatro jorp submitted by pack777rey to MonyFigueroa [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 11:19 The_Lantean How do you react when someone is not wearing a mask in public transport? Do you ignore it, offer a mask, question the person, or just leave?

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2021.11.30 11:19 pmandryk My local market just got in 50 different types of cheese different countries. I will have one of each, please.

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2021.11.30 11:19 Bright_Mud_6395 ....

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