Don't know whether to get SP or wait for Arceus

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2021.12.06 13:47 RepresentativeFact57 Don't know whether to get SP or wait for Arceus

So basically, I have been wanting BD/SP since I saw the updated graphics and the fact that I have never played any Pokemon game other than Sword. Getting to play a remastered version of an arguably better game than Sword (Which I love but I still don't think is even in C tier) would be really cool but in two months I could spend the same amount of money on Arceus.
I really think that the concepts that Arceus brings to the table with open world, real time battles and exploration is extremely cool, but I am first, an impatient person, and would like to play SP now rather than wait to see what Arceus is like, and second, the graphics. The player model look fine and the Pokemon look cool I guess but the environmental graphics just kind of ruin it for me. it COULD look like BOTW but we already have a second trailer for the game and it doesn't look like the environmental graphics have changed.
But, if I spend my money now on SP and then Arceus turns out to look incredible, like BOTW, I might end up feeling gutted that I am missing out on something cool. keep in mind, I am impatient.
Need some advice on what decision to make.
P.S: Buying both is NOT an answer.
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2021.12.06 13:47 Schmidtis_Blog Google Pixel 6a Dummy zeigt sich auf ersten Bildern [Video] - Schmidtis Blog

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Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.06 13:47 The8BitBrad I'm try my to remember all the races in Adventure Time for a D&D 5E campaign.

So far I've remembered Hoo-mans(Susan Strong's race), Wizards, Flame people, Candy people, MOs, Vampires, Nightosphere demons, Undead(like the business guys), Magic dogs. Any major ones that I'm missing? One of my players is already a Manly Minotaur.
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2021.12.06 13:47 takeittothetop1 Best way to prep for Ranger School?

TL DR: Want to prepare for Ranger School. Looking for the most optimal way to prepare.
I've finally decided to stop being a p*ssy and start preparing for PRA (Pre-Ranger Assessment). I want my f*ckin Ranger tab. I've been thinking about it for months and a SL really got me to drink the kool-aid.
To all those tabbed out there, I'm looking for the most optimal way to prepare physically.
This is what I'm planning on doing:

I'm gonna give myself 6-7 months to get where I want to be because constant field rotations will dent my training time.
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