2021.12.02 08:53 Xasa7 17/GMT/Pc-XBOX

looking for some friends that the more people who reply the more likely we could start a bigger friend group to game with , message if your interested or leave your discord
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2021.12.02 08:53 Automatic-Visit-2323 say hi to the new galaxy note guys

say hi to the new galaxy note guys submitted by Automatic-Visit-2323 to technicallythetruth [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 08:53 Disasterchild Here's a calming rendition of Ecruteak City I made for you. I hope you're doing okay out there.

Here's a calming rendition of Ecruteak City I made for you. I hope you're doing okay out there. submitted by Disasterchild to pokemon [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 08:53 JJiaMM Likely letters

I know that Northwestern sent out an email of a likely letter that looks pretty certain for admissions if you applied through Early Decision. I was wondering if there are any of these types of letters for Brown, UPenn, Stanford, Duke, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, etc…?
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2021.12.02 08:53 demartinux c++ or unreal engine

hi. I want to know, if for begin to start develop games, i should learn c++, or some programming languages, or start with unreal engine. Because if there is a software for develop without write a single line of code, what sense has lost so many hours for learn a language?
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2021.12.02 08:53 MustafaHamad This is a app where you can download wallpapers from virtually any device.

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2021.12.02 08:53 perhapsmama F4M Red Dead Redemption RP

Hello all! My name's Mama (or J, if you prefer), and I love to write! I’d like to say thank you for taking interest in my prompt, and I hope we can both write something we’ll both love! Aside from Red Dead, I also dabble in writing for other fandoms! (But my passion tends to flip and flop around a lot, but I’ll always let you know whether I’m into something or not.
What to expect from me: - I like to RP paragraph style in the third person. - I'm currently in university, so my days are either spent in bed or in class. Replies are sporadic at worst or plentiful at best-- but I promise utmost quality! - I'm an absolute sucker for romance. What can I say? I'm a total sap when it comes to all those mushy, gushy interactions between characters! - Slow burn. Slow burn. Slow burn. If you want to know the way to my heart, it's slow burn. - I have so many starters and ideas. Honestly, we’d spend like 80% of it just brainstorming. My big juicy brain is filled with so many Thoughts.
What I Expect From Any Future Partner(s): - Be 18+. No exceptions. I refuse to RP with a minor. - No OCs. Any messages offering to be an OC will be ignored. - Be open to roleplaying NSFW/sexual content. - Proper grammar and syntax are a must. - Third-person roleplaying only. Anything else is weird for me. - Have some knowledge of the settings behind the games. Whether it be locations, characters, or even just small details! Devil's into details and you can call me a sinner. - Please provide an example of your writing. I have many pieces of my own starters indicative of my skills and I’d like to see what you’ve got!
Thank you so so much for reading all of that! If I haven’t intimidated you yet, let’s get onto even more specifics!
So, as you can tell from the title, I'm looking to do some Red Dead RPs! Whether it be the first or second installment, doesn't matter, but I will mention that I intend to go in with an OC. I know, I know, it's selfish and indulgent to expect someone to do an OC/canon RP, but when you've spent around 10 years working and writing a character that's pretty fleshed out, you start to want characters that you've been following lmao. What can I say? I love cowboys and outlaws
So, those games inspired me to create a character based on my culture that intertwines with actual events that occurred in that era (eg the Dawes Act/Indian Act). I'm well-versed in the subject, seeing as I've had family members, including myself that have gone through this experience. I'm of First Nations descent, and I've done my research thoroughly in my own culture and language, and I have plenty of knowledge of the history behind the Acts as well as some personal accounts were taken with permission from my grandparents and numerous others. I'll be happy to offer any answers to questions you might have about it!
Now, for the actual RP, I'd adore either Arthur or John because I love my two cowboy husbands. Or hell, any of the gang members! I have plenty of ideas (and a few starters) for all of them and I'm eager to share them all! (Btw, I have more details and starters on my profile as well!)
It doesn't matter where the plot/AU goes (I've been writing a 70s AU for them, too!). Whether it be fluff, angst, smut, drama, even horror would be nice (Undead Nightmare?). Anything under the sun!
I hope we can come up with something fun for both of us!
Anyway, here's my character's background (the starters are all on my page!)
Born to a small tribe up North, Mahihkan Iskwew had a fairly normal life growing up. She was friendly, lively, and tried her best to be as helpful as possible with the other members of the band, usually by skinning animals, or picking plants. These experiences gave her much knowledge that has helped her many times.
By the time she was 9 something terrible happened. Her family was forced to send her away to a boarding school in order not to suffer the consequences for it. Stripped from her home and culture, she was forced to acclimate to white society. After arriving at the boarding school, her life changed dramatically. Being required to only speak English, she had to drop everything she had ever learned with her family.
Once she turned 18, they sent her off into the world, broken and alone, unable to speak to members of the community she once lived in.
As time went on, she eventually gave up everything, deciding to move out on horseback, turning to the more unsavoury aspect of earning her keep. From stealing to gambling, as well as gang work, she had her fair share of crime.
She was no longer the girl she once was. To her, Mahihkan Iskwew was dead. Mara was her name now.
After nine years of seclusion and maltreatment in the boarding school, it managed to toughen Mara up quite a bit. From manual labour, solitary confinement and corporal punishment, she was quite literally bent and whipped into shape.
At first, Mara comes off as surly and ill-tempered, stubbornly warning others to stay away from her. Of course, this has held her in ill-repute of those that come across her. She has very few friends, not trusting of too many people. But if one does manage to get through to her, they soon find out about her tenderness toward those she cares about. She likes tending to people, she likes feeling needed, feeling wanted by others.
She prefers not to stay in the same place for too long, as she gets anxious if she's confined to a single place, preferring to ride around like a nomad.
Her face is heart-shaped, with smooth copper-coloured skin; her eyes are a deep brown, and almond-shaped, almost always tired-looking. Her bow-shaped lips are downturned and chapped due to her constant gnawing on them.
Her body is slim and lean, standing at about 5'3". Scars litter her entire frame, ranging from small cuts and scrapes to deeper, older ones. Otherwise, she has nary a freckle on her skin. Despite her almost hairless body, her head is thick with long black hair that stretches halfway down her back. After having her hair trimmed too short in school, she made a vow never to cut it again.
Although her sulky personality and sardonic nature don't make her the most approachable person in the world, people soon find out her longing desire for amicable relationships. And if she meets the right person, her troubled past...
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2021.12.02 08:53 Few_Antelope_8659 Sri Lanka in the near future?

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2021.12.02 08:53 fabioanesio Artista retrata como é o lado tácito do amor quando ninguém está olhando (24 fotos)

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2021.12.02 08:53 legionofdoom82 What is wrong with this team?

I’m getting so confused with the lack of effort of this team. Last night was the last evidence I needed to convince myself that the effort and motivation and "Flyers spirit”, hasn’t been present or visible ever snider passed. The first guy to implement that motivation is the Coach, but right behind him stands the captain who should be able to see and act when his teammates are in a funk or just don’t make an effort anymore. He should be on your ass as soon someone slacks off or show signs of demotion. Just waiting for Fletcher to get fired for not firing the coach now.
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2021.12.02 08:53 Tsu-Doh-Nihm What is an alias?

Hi, I want to to set up several custom domains (for example: abc-domain.com and xyz-domain.com), so I will select the "business" feature for €1 extra per month.
I want to have several email addresses for each of my custom domains. For example, as follows.

Are these email addresses considered to be "aliases"? And am I limited to five of these per Account without buying an alias package?
Also, how many custom domains can I have? (The pricing page just says "multiple".)
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2021.12.02 08:53 fabioanesio 12 receitas deliciosas para uma noite de Natal especial

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2021.12.02 08:53 Redgrizzly10 Custom PC Desk

I have built a couple custom loops and have been intrigued by building a PC into a desk. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on this process? This is my first time that I am going to be doing this.
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2021.12.02 08:53 bri24csgo Typhlosion. 2403 3918 9649

2403 3918 9649
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2021.12.02 08:53 ProfessionalTX New to this…

Looking for friends right now. We can talk on snap if you want
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2021.12.02 08:53 mr_vishi Virtual Workshop on " Anti-Cancerous compound designing by Cell Culture method and Molecular Docking"

Virtual Workshop on " Anti-Cancerous compound designing by Cell Culture method and Molecular Docking" 19th December 2021 (Sunday), 2.30 pm-5.30 pm IST
Please use the registration form:
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2021.12.02 08:53 Dull-Caterpillar3153 What game did they play???

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2021.12.02 08:53 kinessaislife Anyone else get this fractional scaling bug where half the screen gets cut off? It works fine on hybrid graphics but wont work on NVIDIA graphics.

Anyone else get this fractional scaling bug where half the screen gets cut off? It works fine on hybrid graphics but wont work on NVIDIA graphics. submitted by kinessaislife to pop_os [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 08:53 sluggard_rdt Necromunda Hired Gun (No Commentary) Walkthrough - Kaerus

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2021.12.02 08:53 fabioanesio 10 cenas marcantes do filme O auto da compadecida

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2021.12.02 08:53 tysebcas Youtube is updating it's Terms of Service on January 5 of next year...

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2021.12.02 08:53 DannoWhamo I’ve cracked the code

So ive always tried to be a “good employee”. Taking extra shifts, staying late, coming early, doing everything anyone asks me to do, ect.
It’s never appreciated, I’m never given raises, I’m never given extra time off or anything like that, And I’m never given any slack, if I need a day off, have to call off, or can’t cover I’m treated way worse than say if our local slacker does these things.
And that’s because .. if you go into work doing the bare minimum they expect that out of you. Like “oh I’m not even gonna ask Bill cause he never says yes” , they set their standards and get to work at this baseline of bare minimum work and suffer no consequences from it.
So I think from here on out I’m gonna be more like “Bill”. I’m doing the bare minimum and ain’t taking on any extra work because I don’t see ANY benefit from it ever.
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2021.12.02 08:53 Like_The_Waffles Missed the private sale? Time to get on the whitelist!

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2021.12.02 08:53 Hener4472 Ha Ha funny cake day, Didn't have time to make a good meme so here's this instead

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2021.12.02 08:53 cryptoallbot What will happen to polygon when ETH 2.0 happens?

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