I woke up to a Lady in my Kitchen, But she doesn't live here...

2021.11.29 20:21 onescaredgay I woke up to a Lady in my Kitchen, But she doesn't live here...

The thunder rumbled outside.
I bolted upright in bed, my bare chest covered in sweat. The room was humid, and my satin sheets clung to my thin body as I rolled out of bed. I stumbled over to the window rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and flung it open as the rain danced around on the pavement below.
I turned around and started to head back to bed when there was a loud crash that came from downstairs. I walked over to my bedside table and picked up my phone as the clock switched over to 10:56 pm.
I slid my lock screen open and turned on the flashlight, I slowly made my way down the creaky stairs.
walked past my parents room and peered inside, it was empty, I walked into the bathroom and tried to turn on the light, but the storm must have knocked out the power. I glanced up at the light on the ceiling to see the light bulbs were broken and I trailed my eyes down the wall to the sink where there was broken glass.
I thought it was strange but figured maybe dad had put it there to clean up in the morning. Lighting then lit up the room and chills crawled up my spine.
I hated storms since I was nine years old when I visited my grandparent's farm, I was staying with them for the summer helping them fix the place up. but that summer a tornado came through and wrecked the whole place, my grandparents and I hid in the cellar as the storm raged on upstairs. After the tornado passed I went home and haven’t been back to the farm since. It’s been seven years, but I still have nightmares sometimes, the wailing of the wind was haunting.
I finally made my way to the first floor and started looking for my parents.
“Mom, dad?” I asked the darkness with no reply.
I walked into the living room. only the moon illuminated the room, the sliding glass door was ajar, a puddle of water had built up in the carpet.
I walked over and shut the door. As the door shut a loud bang came from the kitchen making me jump.
I slowly made my way to the kitchen, my bare feet dug into the carpet as I made my way closer.
As I turned the corner the light from the fridge lit up the kitchen, but the walls seemed darker than usual they usually had a soft yellow paint on the walls but now they seemed dark red… the room smelled of iron, and I stepped forward and my flashlight beamed through the darkness to see what had been making the noises.
There crouching down in front of the fridge was what looked like an elderly woman, she was thin, and wrinkles formed all around her body, she was boney and her straggly hair was down in her face.
I froze.
I tried to slowly back up but I stepped on something wet and it squashed under my foot. I looked down to see a human tongue tucked under my foot. I jerked back and my light flashed into a corner of the kitchen where I saw my father’s body ripped apart all over the kitchen. I looked down at what the woman had been eating, it was my mother, I dropped my phone and the room went black….
I fumbled for my phone in the darkness and when I found it, I turned on the light and held it out in front of me. The creature was gone... I slowly turned to my right and came face to face with the creature.
I let out a scream and pushed the creature backward the old woman slammed into the kitchen table, and I ran for the door, I flung it open and just ran out into the storm…
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2021.11.29 20:21 Coolraptor12 Average dreamphobes

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2021.11.29 20:21 fsanchez622 8706 0611 5208 Cobalion. Adding 10. Please show online

8706 0611 5208
Cobalion. Adding 10. Please show online
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2021.11.29 20:21 hobbyistimpulsebuyer [WTS] [US-WI] [H] Ikko OH10 w/ upgraded cable [W] PayPal

I rarely use my OH10s anymore so I figured I'd let them go. They come with the original case and extra silicone tips. The original cable crapped out on me earlier this year so I got the replacement IKKO one from Amazon. The left earbud has a slightly looser connection than the right earbud.
I don't really know what this goes for, so $125 shipped?
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2021.11.29 20:21 Svenderman Perfect Driving (from r/IdiotsInCars)

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2021.11.29 20:21 KillaKev254 Price check for eth giant thresher obedience

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2021.11.29 20:21 Equal-Field Im out of Balls and no pokestop near me🥲 pls be kind and add6897 6067 5013

I dont know why, but since yesterday I am totally out of pokeballs. I never had a real problem with items in the last months but now :c
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2021.11.29 20:21 JupitersCreampie Why do are employer's or businesses' names crossed out in the screenshots?

I've seen several posts here that are downright atrocious. Most of them are screenshots of employers treating employees like trash without regards to their well-being.
Why are we protecting them? Companies as well as employers should fear the backlash of their actions, if not, what is the point of this sub? To post screenshots of unkown employers being senseless and greedy until the end of time?
There must be repercussions to a employecompany decides to treat their own people like expendable objects.
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2021.11.29 20:21 Wallbreaker-g Non Americans, tell me what this is

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2021.11.29 20:21 LadyBigNut Snowy Day

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2021.11.29 20:21 RDFGENE Screenshot From Macross Episode #15: Chinatown

Screenshot From Macross Episode #15: Chinatown Somehow they snuck this one by:

Regulations must not cover this...
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2021.11.29 20:21 Original-Detail2257 The 90's Old School Sample CDs Collection on archive.org is it really royalty free?

on archive.org there are many sample packs that came for the ost of the games in the 90s
among the most famous and used I quote:
Spectrasonics - Distorted Reality 1 & 2
Spectrasonics - Bizarre Guitars
Zero-G - Ghost in the machine
Big Fish Audio: Alien Guitars
I can't mention them all but maybe many of you already know that Soundtracks of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and many others have used the samples in these collections.
Only one of these I was able to buy, the others have practically disappeared from the network!
I premise that I already know that for example Spectrasonics has created a vst with all its "old glories" including those mentioned here
but for the rest the more you deepen the more you understand the reason for which there are these collections for free.
among other things it seems that they are all "royalty free" ... and I'm really frying my brain trying to figure out if there could ever be a scenario where one of these companies sues you because they were able to find a sample of theirs in your track, a track that maybe you have put on sale on sites like bandcamp (yes, I'm talking about a situation rather "indie")
around they talk about "license"; i managed to buy one of these sample packs that was also used by akira yamaoka, i paid almost 70€ (on offer) and i don't regret it at all, but i don't understand how the license thing works....it seems more like a farce.
Now I won't hide the fact that many of those collections I've downloaded from archive.org; because they are impossible to buy, and I just keep them to listen to, but I'm not going to use them in my tracks until I'm sure they really are royalty free. of course i mean for the ones that are out of production. I'm not going to structure whole tracks with those samples, but I'd just like to put a few in here and there as an homage, and to create that atmosphere that was felt in the 90s.
Thank you! :))
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2021.11.29 20:21 tiredaccountant1020 Saving this here bago idelete ni Roque

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2021.11.29 20:21 UltimateOverlord Weirdness with location settings and usage

I've noticed recently that the "your location is in use icon" pops up occasionally on my Windows laptop, but when I check in the list of apps it doesn't seem like any of them used it recently. When I turned off the ability for apps to use my location (though I didn't turn off the location itself), it still popped up for just a second before vanishing. I turned off location entirely and also turned off the automatic time zone syncing, but only just recently so I don't know if that changed anything. I haven't had any password leaks and Windows Defender has never found any issues, so I don't think it's malware. Is Windows just doing something behind the scenes that I can't turn off meaningfully?
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2021.11.29 20:21 Hillbaby84 Focaccia mix. $2.99 it’s really tasty!

The focaccia mix for 2.99 is really good. The texture is spot on and the flavor is great.
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2021.11.29 20:21 thoughtfulsoul10000 What's one thing that changed about you after you finally got a girl?

I'll go first, before I ever got laid I had old un-fluffed pillows, no fitted sheets and no bed frame. Just slept on a mattress and with my cover. Got laid for the first time, after that I bought a headboard, bed frame, new sheets, new pillows, and pillow covers. Will possibly have a girl move in soon. Now I'm looking into getting a new bathroom towel set, shower curtain, and even new curtain rods for my room among other things because I don't won't to seem like a slob lol.
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2021.11.29 20:21 ultrahobbs The fact that fast travel, of all things, is tied to in game currency is absolutely ridiculous.

Whoever decided that fast travel, a basic fucking mechanic in any open world game, should cost virtual money: Seriously? Please eat a dick.
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2021.11.29 20:21 danamesjrupin I ordered 8 items off of amazon and I was supposed to receive them in 4 packages (according to the website), I received 3 and let support know that I didn't receive 1 package on the amazon chat, However I was refunded the entire amount for the order?

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I in trouble?
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2021.11.29 20:21 shybotty Best Yoshi track?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 20:21 THROWAWAYYY_JOHNJANE What's your favourite Schindler's List program? Male or female

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2021.11.29 20:21 hentai06 Karma is a very big alarma

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2021.11.29 20:21 johnnylawrence_ Leak around chimney

leak from a week ago
pics of chimney may 2020
I’ve been having a problem with a leak around my chimney since I got the roof replaced summer 2018. I first noticed the leak winter 2019. I called the company around that time and long story short, they totally deny anything is wring with the flashing. The only “fix” they have done is apply some sealant around the chimney spring 2020. Well it’s leaking again. Do any of you see anything wrong with these pics? I don’t even know if I want the same company to fix anything considering they can’t find anything wrong. Clearly something was done improperly.
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2021.11.29 20:21 The_Mexican_Poster 2 important things I noticed in chapter 138, first one is that Drive knight has a sample of orochi and second one is that psykos is naked

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2021.11.29 20:21 Dry-Formal-5270 You know what time it is its the best time of the day

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2021.11.29 20:21 rjstubbs26 Passing my content exams for Early childhood

I have been studying to take my content exams for the Mtle license in Early childhood and I am planning on taking my last two tests this Jan. Any helpful feedback on how to take the test and not be so anxious while I take it? I graduated last spring with a degree in education. I really want to have my own classroom. Right now I am just a building sub.
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