A day in the life of a GME investor

2021.11.28 04:51 Wqjeeh A day in the life of a GME investor

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2021.11.28 04:51 GhostlyPastryChef You don't know me

If only you did, this life could be so much more
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2021.11.28 04:51 CaptainSkunkBag Sleepy teefies

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2021.11.28 04:51 Right_Parfait_6643 I'm case we play Sporting KC

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2021.11.28 04:51 PhinnishPharma Who was your biggest crush in high school, and why did you like them?

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2021.11.28 04:51 friendshouse72 😁😁🥺

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2021.11.28 04:51 lt_dan457 Investigation underway after reported shooting in downtown Everett

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2021.11.28 04:51 seiftnewbie If statement throwing 'expected declaration' error at me and im stumped

This is my code, i have no idea at this point what to do to fix it so any help would be greatly appreciated.

// // ContentView.swift // Mikayla-Quotes // // Created by Issa Yousef on 11/26/21. // import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { @State private var showingAlert: Bool = false @State var randomInt: Int? @State private var showDetails = false @State var RandomInt = Int.random(in:0...2) if (showingAlert == true) { RandomInt = Int.random(in:0...2) } { else RandomInt = Int.random(in:0...2) } var QuoteBank = ["Hello","I love the weather","how are you"] var body: some View { VStack(alignment: .leading) { Button("Show Alert") { showingAlert.toggle() var RandomInt = Int.random(in:0...2) self.randomInt = RandomInt var QuoteArray = [RandomInt] print(QuoteBank[RandomInt]) } .alert(isPresented: $showingAlert) { Alert(title: Text("Important message"), message: Text(QuoteBank[RandomInt]), dismissButton: .default(Text("Got it!"))) } } } struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider { static var previews: some View { ContentView() } } } 
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2021.11.28 04:51 Zaraffa Ideal stats and expected damage output for c0 f2p Eula?

I'm curious about what stats I should aim for, for a balanced eula build: Minimum crit rate and ideal crit dmg + attack.
Also what numbers should i be expecting to hit? Normal and ult damage. I'm interested to learn about your own Eula stats and what you can achieve with her.
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2021.11.28 04:51 Kalhava79 Had some left over sticker from my ECTO-1 Build didn't wanna waste them

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2021.11.28 04:51 Receivefunds California Edd Backpay Tutorial and Walk Thru dm separately @receivefunds (if I don’t answer I’m on Instagram as @yungmafiaten) REAL LEGIT BUSINESS COME GET YOURS

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2021.11.28 04:51 takeawaycheesypeas I am nearly 50 AMA

The title says it all,
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2021.11.28 04:51 Junyi__Zhang I just switched from kb/m to controller any tips or custom training for me to become consistent again?

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2021.11.28 04:51 allstanstan Sagat from Street fighter based on the powerful legend Sagat from the Muay Thai golden era!

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2021.11.28 04:51 memefuni شماهم پشماتون ریخت نه ؟😂

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2021.11.28 04:51 awesomebuilder23 The 1980's (White Mountain) - 1,000 Piece Puzzle

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2021.11.28 04:51 SV7-2100 I receive 50% you receive 50% off

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2021.11.28 04:51 gaming_dude_09 Blood-C [1080p x265 HEVC 10bit BluRay Dual Audio]

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2021.11.28 04:51 YourAnAussie-_- Anyone have any idea how to make Roblox games?

If you do my friend looking for some help message his discord Savagek1dd#0180 or me, thanks
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2021.11.28 04:51 Bellpow Rappelling down into the ocean? Yeah okay

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2021.11.28 04:51 3dungcaboys Selling 14/18 pally torch pm me pls

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2021.11.28 04:51 SafeAccomplished1215 OLÁ AVAKIN 🇧🇷

Olá avakin JA JOGO HA 7 ANOS Podem trazer ao jogo sala de jogos, tamos precisando. Jogos de bilhar, damas, e Cartas. Jogar com amigos. Javi isso funcionando em outros jogos.
hello avakin PLAYING FOR 7 YEARS They can bring the game to the game room, we need it. Billiards, Checkers, and Cards games. Play with friends. Javi this working in other games.
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2021.11.28 04:51 swagNextTuber Macau police arrest casino junket boss Alvin Chau, 10 others over alleged gambling offences

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2021.11.28 04:51 jackellols Forgive or fire?

I'll write in point form for easier understanding
- I make cookies from home and sell to shops - I open my first store 2 weeks ago - Hired a cashier (Let's name her Mary) - Mary's from afar, so I provide a quarter for her to stay - I told her the quarter is strictly for staff only - Next day, the other tenant told me Mary invited people there (drink, talk loudly until 2am) - I warn Mary the next day - I was told again Mary's bf was seen leaving the quarter early in the morning - Mary looks sick, I asked her to go checkup in hostpital - Covid Positive - Mary, and everyone in the quarter tested positive, all quarantine. I'm negative, but need to be quarantine too. (I have 6 employees, 5 of them are quarantined)
Mary is a smart and proactive employee, but I'm so mad now because of all the potential sales I would've been able to do, but because my production can't keep up, I have lost an amount of $$.
So here's some of my thought to resolve this matter: (be mindful that she's still in probation, and there are no contract or anything between us)

  1. Fire her, forfeit all of her wages.
  2. Fire her, but still pay her.
  3. Let her stay, but forfeit her wages, warn her.
  4. Let her stay, pay her for what she has worked for, warn her and hope she'll become loyal.
  5. Kick her out of the quarter, but let her continue to work for me.
    Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.28 04:51 BonkersTV Lost Horse

Is there a way to locate Horses on the map or to get the tames location?
i got dc'ed while on my tame and when i came back he wasn't there anymore
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