Solo skiing and not many people chatting. Hit me up and talk about anything. 34 m uk

2021.12.06 00:10 magikarppat Solo skiing and not many people chatting. Hit me up and talk about anything. 34 m uk

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2021.12.06 00:10 Scared_Lawyer_3966 Advice on starting a youtube channel about making models

I want to start a youtube channel on making model kits (Inspired by Night Shift, Boylei Hobby Time, and Model Nerd) I only have a laptop and phone that I could use for a camera. Any advice?
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2021.12.06 00:10 Hero_James404 What's the best advice to break bad habits and start and retain new ones?

I've recently achieved some milestones in my life. I've completely moved out of my parents house, I have a good job, I live with good friends that treat me with respect, still working hard on college for my degree, and ended my relationship due to neglect towards me.
However, I have picked up on some awful bad habits along the way, I've started to choose take-outs more often even though I can cook (though I choose healthier options, it does take a lot at my funds and made me a bit more chunkier)
I find it tough to wake up early in the morning to get myself out of bed and that usually costs me missing one of my classes, I also lose motivation to work harder for shorter, I have to take frequent long breaks before I can continue to work on studies and that adds a fair bit of unnecessary stress.
And finally, I want to exercise more often but I don't know how to, and frankly I don't do enough bar walking 3km a day to commute to college and back.
I would just love some advice on how to form new habits and stick to them and stop old ones.
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2021.12.06 00:10 graysojj Nurburgring 24hr Races

Frustrated, as I was going back to re-watch some old events in the off season, and it appears the ADAC removed the N24 full replays from their YouTube, along with any other channels. They literally were just up like the other day. It appears at least 2017–2020 is no longer up. Is there a place or streaming service they were moved to? Really bummed as the ‘17 race was one I had just saved to watch.
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2021.12.06 00:10 AliceEverdeenVO I bought a school bus, quit my job, started doing voiceovers, and rocked my first year as a freelancer. I am happier than ever. AMA

Hi everyone! My name is Alice.
In January of 2020, my partner and I realized how unfulfilled we felt in our jobs and lives decided to buy a school bus with the goal of converting into our home and traveling full time. Realizing we'd need to make some money on the road, I decided to pursue voice acting, hoping to earn a couple hundred dollars every month for gas. I had done them previously at a couple of other jobs, including doing a few radio ads when I worked at an advertising agency, and enjoyed creating them.
I made a profile on Fiverr, and immediately got a bunch of jobs, recording them after my 9-5 with a cheap USB mic shoved into a vertically-hung laundry basket lined with mattress pads. Within a few weeks I realized the financial potential of the situation, upgraded my gear, made profiles on a few other websites, and made my first thousand dollars.
Within 4 months, my monthly freelancing earnings matched my monthly take-home at my full time job. And in 2021, my first full year as a freelancer, my voiceover career exploded. I booked over 1,000 jobs, was interviewed for a couple of websites, and I got signed by two voiceover agencies. I absolutely love my job, can work from anywhere, do something new every day, and can work with no pants on.
Our bus is currently framed and we are in the final carpentry stage. It's expected to be completed in January 2022.
Prior to doing voiceovers, I was a content manager, a local tv news writer and producer, and a production assistant at a cable tv news station.
Outside of my recording space, I am a yoga teacher, soap maker, and have a wild n crazy 9 month old pup.
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2021.12.06 00:10 RebToom78 Insecure About My Weight, BUT Desperate as well...

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2021.12.06 00:10 POEness Are people seriously playing with logarithmic growth ON?

In another thread had all these folks confused and astounded I actually had pops. You guys know we fought a war via feedback so you could turn off logarithmic growth, right? Damn whippersnappers not knowing what they have!
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2021.12.06 00:10 Sugar_Daddy_95 Is it possible to get both 115 Trippier from day and 115 Stones from night as F2P ?

View Poll
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2021.12.06 00:10 BlazingHotFireFox Vitalik Buterin talks Cardano and Charles Hoskinson

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2021.12.06 00:10 FreeSkiBum Kenny Gainwell

I think the general feeling on this sub was negative towards him, anyone feel better after today? He looked good, especially on the touchdown. Much more work too. I know it’s the Jets, though
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2021.12.06 00:10 BasedGodCrim FT 5 IV modest eevee, 5 IV jolly magikarp LF 5 jolly bagon or other high IV mon

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2021.12.06 00:10 nilso53 Madden ultimate team stats bug

Does anyone else have the stats bug where most of the stats are wrongly zero?
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2021.12.06 00:10 Snoo82970 What is the worst Harry Potter movie?

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2021.12.06 00:10 ducktapevoodoo (USA) [H] Sega 32X, 32X games, model 1 genesis, powerbase converter, Gamecube with GB Player and GC loader [W] Paypal

All prices include shipping via USPS flat rate box. Video and photos are linked below.
Sega power base converter $150
This unit is super clean
Sega 32X with sega AC adapter and RF unit as well as both the model 1 and 2 patch cables. Includes the motocross championship with the torn label $175
The unit has some scuffs but overall good shape
Doom, Virtua fighter and motocross championship $60
Silver Nintendo Gamecube (us model) with Japanese GB player, GC loader, 2 remotes, official memory card, AV cables, and PSU. $350
The unit is in good shape. System, GB player, and remotes are all and videos
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2021.12.06 00:10 devin37354 Boost for Boost! I'll boost back

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
I'll boost back!
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2021.12.06 00:10 Cold_Breadfruit_9794 Kendall

Alive or nah?
The fact the wedding continues and Shiv nor Roman looked upset makes me think this is all an illusion. Or someone saved him right away if he put his head in the water.
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2021.12.06 00:10 HumanBeing583829 Working on the area around my Stadium in Greenswick

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2021.12.06 00:10 Background-Bake8684 Late Drop/Withdrawal

Hey guys. In a bit of a pinch here. I am in Gies and am taking two of my major's last required classes this semester, along with two one-credit hour Gies organizations I am involved in and two second 8-week GenEd classes. Next semester I only have one more required class - and I am already signed up. I want to drop my two GenEd classes but at this point in the semester it is too late to drop on Self Service. Seeing as I am a senior and have taken all other required classes, is it worth asking my advisor about this to see if I can individually drop the two classes with a grade of W? I would also be going underload, which is another barrier but man I am so close to graduating haha I would hate for this to be in the way. I also already have signed for a full-time job offer which is why I began slacking in class, but didn't mean for it to get to this point. Appreciate any pointers, thanks
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2021.12.06 00:10 Glassbaloons How to help out a friend who got too high

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2021.12.06 00:10 GreatParker_ My Raid Review - The Good and he Very Bad

I completed the raid last night as Spider-Man. It took 4 whole hours, and I was up until about 3:00 in the morning.
There are some great things about this raid, but the negative aspects of it and the game as a whole really drag it down, in my opinion. I'll start with the positives:
- The environments, the new rooms, and "the scale" are all great. It really does feel like a legitimate endgame mission/challenge for the avengers. It's cool to have something to work towards.
- The sections of the Klaw fight where you actually just fight Klaw, isn't an absolute mess like the Super Adaptoid. You can actually fight him as a melee character, and anyone is viable in the fight. The fight feels epic... at first
The negatives:
- I want to start with the final fight, cause its my biggest issue. The fight took my team 2 hours, because we kept dying to random one shots with no visual indicator. This bug in the fight ruins the entire experience. We kept getting so close to beating him, until a random one shot would kill us in his bigger form.
- The BUGS. My goodness, the bugs. Why can't CD get a handle on these game breaking bugs. At the very beginning, the enemies didn't spawn. Okay, whatever not a huge deal. Reload checkpoint. By the end? I couldn't believe how many there were. The second attempt at the final fight, my team glitched out of bounds. Had to start over. So much fun.
- The overuse of the "one shot" mechanic. This game has been out for 15 months. A more serious player will have spent all their time perfecting their build so it can take on any piece on content. We finally get that content, but you don't die to challenging enemies. You die to one shot explosions or whatever, and it's in like every room. This really feels like an artificial way to increase difficulty and decrease fun
- Stating the obvious here, but it needs a "join in progress feature." I was so glad no one on the team left after all that time.
- The replay-ability. I'm honestly not sure if I will try this raid again until I'm confident all the major bugs are gone. I've never ever played this game for 4 hours straight, let alone one mission. I wasn't having fun by the end of it. Just relief when it was over.
TLDR - The raid has the right idea. If they add another one, remove the one shot mechanic and make sure it's not incredibility buggy.
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2021.12.06 00:10 Zee_dee Alternative Career for someone working in HR?

Currently work in HR in a Higher Ed setting and am starting to realize that this isn’t my thing…or at least the generalist route isn’t. I’m starting to become really miserable and can’t stand to wake up most mornings because of how much I dread my job. Any alternative careers for someone with an HR skill set?
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2021.12.06 00:10 GB_Packers76 Rasul Douglas has been diamond during rough injury stretch for Packers

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2021.12.06 00:10 LyricsJR Job boost kicked me out after 4 hour que

Just waited 4 hours in que to claim my boost I bought, got no notification that it would log me out and now im back in a 7.5k que....
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2021.12.06 00:10 ilovevisvim Blackseries

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2021.12.06 00:10 Not_cursed_duckling As I look at my wife in the seat next to me on our flight to Paris for our honeymoon I wish this day lasted forever.

Now on my 18th loop I hear the screams as the plane crashes into the 1st tower.
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