Is it possible to have zero upkeep for unites in black ark?

2021.11.27 16:47 adonis1995abc Is it possible to have zero upkeep for unites in black ark?

Is it possible to have zero upkeep for unites in black ark? If yes, how? I know that there are building that reduce the upkeep a lot but how can it reach 0 upkeep?
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2021.11.27 16:47 pfiu01 Help with Providence

I'm stuck at her for 2 days now. Summoner only death mode. I've beaten every boss before in <10, with the exception of Moon Lord, which I've never done without cheesing :p. I'm pretty much BIS. Yanmei's Knife, TPE, all buffs (Yharim's, etc), all trinkets (Absorber, Deific, Community, etc), everything. The best I got was around 50%. I can pretty much dodge everything up until when she gets to 70% and starts blasting everything as fast as possible + crystals. I don't even worry that much about the -50% wing flight, I just get OMEGA overwhelmed. Also, she's supposed to fire healing balls, isn't she? All I got was white crystals, all of which deals -200hp and has no I-frame, so fuck you if you take more than 2. I just don't know where to go, what to do, if I should even keep playing it. I even remember getting to Phase 2 Yharon a year ago, idk what happened. Did she got buffed? Should I start another character and just git gud? Should I go for 100 deaths? So many questions.

Also, GTFO if you complain about cheat sheet, this game has pointless grinds.
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2021.11.27 16:47 Barker009 +10 Ninja Lyn showcase

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2021.11.27 16:47 Woodland-spirit Screw you Winger, it's definitely a thing!

Today at work I was asked to complete the "environmental survey" and genuinely had to do a routine light switch check! No one else got the reference as I was saying "Routine light switch check" during testing but I got a giggle out of my unexpected community moment.
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2021.11.27 16:47 keinelustmehr i‘d like to see a movie about what happens after the war

what would you like to see in a movie that focuses on the time after the war?
there is a story from a german dude, called „schatten der hokruxe“/„shadows of the horcruxes“ (on youtube, he reads his own stuff/books) and it‘s about what happens after the war. how the weasleys put their house back together, how it effects everyone and what happens in general. for example: george weasley gets a portrait of his brother fred who talks to him through this portrait. this is such a lovely story in general and i wish there was a movie about the times right after the war at hogwarts. because it‘s not all just „happy end“. it must be very traumatizing for all of them. the draco‘s, neville and all of them.
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2021.11.27 16:47 WrongEinstein "Know before you grow", what simple thing should people be taught as children, that would greatly improve their adult lives?

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2021.11.27 16:47 tom45283747 H: Weapons & Apparel W: To Bundle For A QE15r LMG

Fixers: - AA/25/SF - V/25/50b - Sup/50c/25 - AA/50b/25 - Jug/25/15r - N/E/90 - Q/50l/15r - MU/50c/50b
Handmades: - B/50h/25 (Level 25) - TS/50b/25 - V/50c/+1p
Heavies: - B/50b/25 Railway - Jug/50c/25 Railway - AA/E/FMS LMG - B/25/250 Mini
Other Guns: - V/50c/15c Tesla - Ari/25/25 E Flamer - Jug/50c/25 10mm Sub
Consumables: - 230 Honey - 200 Sugar Bombs (no rads) - 180 Canned Dog Food
Apparel: - Winterman mask - Winter jacket and jeans x2 - Skull Lord Suit - Longshoreman Outfit - Pink Asylum - Skiing Red And Green Outfit
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2021.11.27 16:47 Ward10493 Flag of the UK, but recoloured in honour of William of Orange.

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2021.11.27 16:47 Ivoryyghost Help with 1 v1 on gtaonline.

I'm level 41 on online however I have just lost a drug vechile which only spawns at random online which was the first one I managed to get , then here comes this griefer chases me till I loose the car then blew another car up out of the custom shop , I can't fight very well in 1 vs 1 which makes me easy pickings what can I do ?
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2021.11.27 16:47 NewsElfForEnterprise Going all-in on crypto mining? These are the best GPUs for you.

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2021.11.27 16:47 ChuckEChazFan what songs should be on this album 2: electric boogaloo

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2021.11.27 16:47 igloouk r/GetMoreYouTube•More Much More!

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2021.11.27 16:47 Glittering_Aspect541 Olivia Holt Is A So Cute Lady!

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2021.11.27 16:47 Oliver1807 Stuck at N20, any advice? Helix is lvl 80 and 4 stars

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2021.11.27 16:47 beeahh61 Notre Dame Cathedral to Become a Woke Disneyland ‘Theme Park’, According to Leaked Renovation Plans

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2021.11.27 16:47 Informal-Ninja-1265 My life has been hell the past 2 years. I’ve gone through a lot. More recently I’ve had so many issues with my health I don’t know when it’s going to end. Is there anything my chart is indicating? Or when it will end? Any remedies?

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2021.11.27 16:47 Eupers Ursus, the Major

This is part of a series of champions which are dual-region. There will be a dual-region role for every single region combination possible, no matter how absurd.
Link to all dual-region champions in this series
Ursus, the Major
Ursus is a small bear with big intentions. Scaling Mount Targon, he lives in a cave waiting to climb up. However, even a Yordle can't posses enough strength to do so. The mountain distorted his senses - it felt like the frigid opposite of Bandle City. Reality was harsh, and for somewhere so unrealistic, his senses were deprived. He slumbers in the cave he last collapsed in, waiting to be called back to life. Ursus is destined to climb this mountain - the future has seen it to be true - yet no one knows of when he will do so.

Ursus swipes with his claws.

Passive: The Mountain King
When Ursus enters Sleep through any source, he has 60% damage reduction and Sleepwalks. Sleepwalking allows Ursus to move at 70% of his normal speed, but continue to use abilities and move.

Q: Slumber
Ursus takes a nap, becoming Drowsy for 4 seconds (resulting in 3 second Sleep), and then healing for 4% maximum health over 2 seconds.

  1. If Ursus does not sleep, he does not regain health.

W: Succumb to the Haze
Ursus marks an enemy for 2 seconds.
  1. Any status effects that Ursus receives will be given to the enemy and end the mark.
  2. Ursus reduces the attack speed of marked enemies by 40%.

E: Climber's Rest
Ursus emits an aura of exhaustion, slowing down enemies by 20% while in his aura.
  1. Enemies who attempt to Dash will become Drowsy for 3 seconds.
  2. If Ursus is not able to slow down any enemies, he instead becomes Drowsy for 2 seconds.
Consumes mana per second.

R: Return of the King
Ursus rapidly calls down stars to strike a location for 3 seconds, dealing 400 AP over 3 seconds to enemies who are in a small 200 range radius.
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2021.11.27 16:47 Public-Mammoth-366 For real tho I gotta know.

This might seem like a dumb/ offensive question but has anyone ever given oral for crack, I mean does that actually happen? 🤔
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2021.11.27 16:47 murmandamos Albedo's creation: turning Yoimiya into an actual firework

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2021.11.27 16:47 ross123783 Im live on valorant now! renn_livestream

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2021.11.27 16:47 tenshin_sucks Qdoba is hands down the worst fast food chain. The food is bland, pointless and overpriced

Seriously, I see people all the time in my life raving about Qdoba and I DONT GET IT!!! the black beans are foul, as if like straight from a can, no rinse or God forbid seasoning it seems as they leak their foul slimy black bean goo everywhere. Who enjoys this?!
The rice? Totally bland, literally reminds me of microwaved minite rice. The meat is awful, all of it is both salty and bland at the same time. Like some actual seasoning anywhere would be awesome.
The queso is SO GROSS, it's just orange bland snot in a paper cup. Seriously, for the same price and effort you can put shredded cheese on nacho chips and bake them and it would be better.
Tl;Dr it's horrible tasting food, boring menu and poorly pulled off concept that sanitized the source foods of the best parts while convincing people somehow that THIS was a standard of quality
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2021.11.27 16:47 AntiBronyBenSwolo [WP] In a desperate effort to sow doubt and mistrust in the young hero, the villain attempts to reveal any secrets the hero's mentor may have kept from him. The villain's plan goes wrong when he finds out the mentor never kept a secret from the hero.

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2021.11.27 16:47 Loud_Sheepherder5070 (Coop) ps4 ds3 dreg heap. This place is deadly.

Wanna go for a walk?
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2021.11.27 16:47 conventionalWisdumb L-Theanine has been really helping side effects from prednisone

I really hope there aren’t bad interactions between the two, but I am on a really high dose of prednisone right now from an extreme allergic reaction to god-knows-what earlier this week. This happened to me once before about ten years ago and the prednisone made me extremely irritable and just a straight up asshole at times. This time around I’ve been taking l-theanine with it and I’m much calmer. Still have a headache and feeling hot all the time which are other side-effects that I also had last time, but at least now I’m not an asshole.
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2021.11.27 16:47 Evzzzzz What should I buy for 23 dollars during the steam sale?

I like games with decent story, but I really like good gameplay. Something with good movement would be nice.
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