Which player has stayed rank 1 the longest?

2021.12.06 14:51 Character-Garlic8658 Which player has stayed rank 1 the longest?

I was just wondering if anyone knew which player holds the record for being rank 1 for the longest time. Is it ccnc because he has been rank 1 in NA for a long time now?
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2021.12.06 14:51 twitchisme123 We call it her "Ho Pose"

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2021.12.06 14:51 passwordworkplease I finally got a radial OOS 31.5% bloodtinge gem after 20 hours of farming

It had an attack down curse
Kill me
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2021.12.06 14:51 Atron24 I wanted to make the sweats work as soon as they came out and I think I finally found something that works

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2021.12.06 14:51 NightBringerr Eggs Benedict Don Fit For A Queen made IRL

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2021.12.06 14:51 Puzzleheaded_Ad_8575 Aphelios by AI

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2021.12.06 14:51 __BADangerzone__ It’s 1pm and I haven’t poo’d yet

Should I dial 911? 😅👻🙈💩👍🏽
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2021.12.06 14:51 bug8604 I have a terrible feeling all the siblings and co are there to support pest.

So often we say Jill is breaking away "but still has garage opinions". What if the siblings and Co are going to do a repeat of their interviews where they say they forgive him and still love him? If Jill and whatever brother are on the witness list with prosecution resting, that leaves defense. They're all sitting together on the defense side interacting with Anna...seems to me they're putting up a unified front. Unless I'm misunderstanding things which is highly possible
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2021.12.06 14:51 Extension_Ad_9528 I hope the witchqueen raid has quest for the exotic weapon rather than rng.

Something along the lines of kings fall which was easy to do or even as far as wrath of the machine and garden which required more coordination
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Called SBA today to see if anything has been returned and Now the rep tells me my funds went to the bank I recently put on my application. I tell her I just called you guys last week when I saw it was funded and the guy told me it was sent to the bank that's on the portal so no I'm confused. Then she says I should've been gotten funds by now. I was funded 11/29 & 11/30, a little worried because idk what to do and have been told to many different things. I am currently on hold waiting for my other bank to confirm if a deposit has been sent and or rejected. I honestly think the lady didn't know what the he** she was talking about but hopefully I can get some answers TODAY!!!
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2021.12.06 14:51 DieHermetischeGarage Das gesamte Neonazi-Umfeld der Querdenken-Bewegung

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2021.12.06 14:51 Comrade_Alza Official Statement on the Ordered Socialism Militia Forming in Purple Province

The reports on this recently formed militia in District 5 of Purple Province have given me mixed feelings. I want to advise the people of Purple Province that I do not see this militia as a threat as of now, however I ask that the Purple Provincial Guard maintain careful watch over their activities. I would like to work with this group and integrate them into the broader Purple Province Military and the AuthLeft Party. I think that their focus on appreciating and respecting the way that Purple Province has managed to develop free from heavy external trade or affairs is good and should be encouraged. I ask that the Local Councils and Purple Guard work to correct any incorrect ideas that may emerge from this group however. Any forms of bigotry (including misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc) must be fiercely combatted and eradicated as they emerge. I ask that the militia contact me so that we can begin to discuss the future together.
Long Live Purple Province! Long Live the AuthLeft Party! Long Live Marxism-Leninism!
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2021.12.06 14:51 johnjay80 Family Ramen Rug

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2021.12.06 14:51 thundersuds What would make you life better?

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2021.12.06 14:51 New_Newspaper_1187 Stretched 4$kin

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2021.12.06 14:51 yuritopiaposadism The ingenious living bridges of India

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2021.12.06 14:51 Beavisx_K_90 New subreddit for Advanced German (B2-C2)

Hello everyone,
as many german lerners know, there is the subreddit German for all topics about the german language. After some months there some members (indcluding myself) noticed an increase of posts related to lower language levels (A1-B1) and a lack in content for more advanced topics and questions.
For this reason I decided to create a new GermanAdvanced
The community is growing exponentially, we have already almost 1000 users and we really would like you to join us if you too have an upper-intermediate level and would like to be exposed with more challenging topics.
Hope to see you there! The community is new and we are mainly writing in german (depending on a poll that we published, it may or not be allowed to post in english, we will see..! )
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2021.12.06 14:51 GameCentralStation The hot tub I never knew I needed... until right now! Shut up and take my money.

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2021.12.06 14:51 VukKiller Can someone explain how chests work?

I cannot wrap my head around it.
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2021.12.06 14:51 maywander47 Why gas prices are high

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2021.12.06 14:51 TypicalUsernamer What an easy daily we have today!

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2021.12.06 14:51 Pinkpanther4512 Top .5 percentile for Elliot Smith on Spotify

Apparently I listened to Between the Bars 87 times this year
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2021.12.06 14:51 kenchikwong Combining two switches into a double buttons smart switch

Combining two switches into a double buttons smart switch I live in a 1960 built apartment, and I am planning on replacing my current light switch with a smart switch.

My current setup is a "two gangs two switches" plate. There is 1 line wire and 1 load wire for each switch, so 4 wires total in the box. They are controlling two sets of lights individually.
Unfortunately, my building is rather old so it has no neutral nor ground wires.

I am checking the Aqara Smart Wall Switch [No Neutral] double rocker, which seems to fit my need. The smart switch contains two load wires and one line wire, which I imagine can be set up in the following way:

Let me know if this seems right or I am making some big mistakes
Thank you!
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2021.12.06 14:51 1980swhorefilm dreaming in different dimensions?

for about 9 years i’ve had very vivid dreams. there are two dreamlands i visit. i know them from bottom to top. for the past two years though, i’ve gained a conscious in my dreams. i started being able to think and i was able to realize i was in a dream. it got to a point where id become aware then an alarm would sound and id have to find the alarm to be able to wake up. that was fine, a little scary but all and all there was no harm done. the past couple of weeks though, ive started feeling pain in my dreams. i’m aware that it hurts. for example, a couple weeks ago i fell in a dream and my knee started bleeding. i said “im dreaming, i dont think im supposed to bleed”. there have been two of those situations now and its a little unsettling. i’ll wake up and feel the same pain. they just feel so so real, like that version of me has existed way before i dreamt it. i genuinely feel like im traveling dimensions. does anyone else experience this? or maybe have any idea why my brain does this ?
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2021.12.06 14:51 Big_Boot2719 Horizon Home

Anybody hear anything about the actual release date for multiplayer in our Home space?
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