Jan 6. Rally Organizer’s Wild 2 A.M. Sermon: Acid, Yoda, and a Congressional Subpoena

2021.12.05 23:03 NORDLAN Jan 6. Rally Organizer’s Wild 2 A.M. Sermon: Acid, Yoda, and a Congressional Subpoena

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2021.12.05 23:03 MoneyPress Fuck regicide.

Fuck regicide.
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2021.12.05 23:03 FoodIsLifeAlways I hate my husband (long)

Soon to be ex husband is 30 and I am 26. We share 4 kids and have been married for almost 8 years. I do all the cleaning and he’ll come home that fucking man child, ugh! Make a mess and not help clean. I change all the diapers and an in potty training with my youngest, online schooling and just recently quit my job (I worked way more hours and still cleaned) he sits in the phone and barely talks to me through out the day, he only does when he wants sex and makes it a big deal when I say no but I do it to get him to leave me alone. So that alone pisses me off. I can’t save for shit, he makes way more than me and expects for me to pay for every while he saves. Also ever day were constantly fighting constantly and it’s really horrible what we say to each other and I believe he’s a narcissist (says that I am depressed as fuck and I’m a pos mom and wife and I’m broke and I’m a sl_t a wh0re, you name it) says I’m the reason why he doesn’t feel good and I don’t care if he died and literally blames me for EVERYTHING and if I try to say how I feel it’s stfu I’m depressing etc. makes me look bad all the time, says I want big black D (I’m a poc and he’s not) he calls me nigg@ and says another man would beat me. Kicks me out our bed.
I feel like I’m breaking and I can’t keep getting back up, I do a lot and he don’t do anything but thinks he does. We’ve had almost every problem you could imagine, I don’t know why it’s so hard to leave. I’m waiting for a divorce and I can’t find a place and no friends or family.
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2021.12.05 23:03 Ok-Pomegranate3854 Idk who Stella Brooks is so idk if this is the grand roast they thought it was (100 years of solitude)

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2021.12.05 23:03 armchairplane Is it unreasonable to want to balance running, lifting, yoga AND Brazilian jiu jitsu?

Obviously I wouldn't jump into all these things at once, but I find myself wanting to do them all at one point. They all serve different functions. Cardio, strength, core strength/flexibility, and self defense, respectively.
Am I crazy? Thanks!
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2021.12.05 23:03 Additional-Form5439 MapleM's first PvP Event

Why do people still play despite getting max 1500 coins? Is there a weekly ranking for more coins or something that im not aware?
For example, i kept getting this ign from IluvFarmer F/P mage A2Z who just played 4 consecutive games with my different characters as i afk-ed and the player got 1000 coins the first round. i still have 1 more to afk cause im working and not tending to it. The round i wanted to play, the player ruined it for me =/
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2021.12.05 23:03 Incognimoo Ice storm 44N Ontario

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2021.12.05 23:03 Ok_Giraffe6601 Should I voice my concerns ?

I've been single about 2 years now and recently decided to get out there again. About three months ago I met someone through work. We have been talking and it's pretty early on. He keeps on flitting with me and I reciprocate the feelings as well. However, lately he has been giving me mixed signals. He asked me to be his girfriend yesterday and I said yes. In awe, I asked him if he was serious. He said "I guess so" which made me feel confused. Today he asked if we could talk and we never got to it. He kept on talking about other things. Then when I asked him about it he mentioned that he is "not okay mentally". I do like him but at times he seems so distant. Should I message him and explain my feelings ? At the same time, I also dont want to seem crazy for voicing my feelings. Should I just let it die and move on ? What if he messages me like normal ? Should I go back to how it was. Im quite frankly stuck.
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2021.12.05 23:03 EpicPotato420 wanwan mains

is it just me or do all of us wanwan mains seem to enjoy giving lengthy explanations on how to play our favourite cat
when i was on the comment a hero you wanna learn and people that main that hero will respond discussion post, i noticed that under the comment asking for wanwan, several people just flocked with paragraphs of responses. one of them even said "gosh you don't know how long ive wanted to share my thoughts on wanwan" which i completely related to. what kind of odd coincidence is this
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2021.12.05 23:03 suicideking1211 Cow horn turned ram horn.

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2021.12.05 23:03 SeasonedTimeTraveler A Federal Policeman performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved a man's life

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2021.12.05 23:03 TeamMateMedia Too depressing to say the least

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2021.12.05 23:03 shishikusa I have a question for online manifesters or manifesters in general and if it works?

So I was considering manifesting something on my notes, but the thing is I can’t explain it properly really so i’ve wondered like am I able to show a picture on my notes while manifesting and describing the thing I want? Or do I have to explain it in words and only words? Like for example I thought of what I want and when i’m at the explaining part I send a picture of the thing I wanna manifest and than describe the thing I want, if anyone tried this please let me know if it’s possible or not! Also FYI i’m new to manifesting so please bear with me
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2021.12.05 23:03 lorenzbrobro Girlfriend (22) of just over 2.5 years is no longer interested in sex

I'm (24) btw. This started nearly close to a year ago. I remember the day actually, our sex lives were extremely active and we probably had sex 4-5 times a week until this point. On this particular day she said she was having pain in what felt like her stomach or cervix. We took it easy for a while, we had sex probably once a week when she felt up for it. She was always very motivated to have sex, not afraid to initiate until later into this period of time,
This continues until she no longer has the pain, for about a month we go back to sex all the time. And then drop off. Sex every two weeks, sex every 3 weeks, once a month. Always initiated by me, she would reject many of my advances.
I've told her that this has made me feel very undesirable and unsexy, I also reassured her that I don't expect her to feel obligated for sex. I only brought it up to ask her if everything was ok. She said she just isn't that interested in sex anymore. I was hurt but I what can I do? I just accepted her answer and we moved on.
It probably been 2 months since that conversation and for the last 2 weeks I've never felt more unwanted sexually in my life, I can't remember the last time she initiated sex with me, it's always me, and at this point it just feels like I'm using her when she does say yes because I feel like it's one sided.
Our relationship otherwise is so amazing, we talk things out, we never get hung up on arguments, were mature, she's the sweetest girl I know, my family loves her, she's supportive and trusting and beautiful, I love her, I can't imagine breaking up with her over sex, but at the same time I feel worthless when I think about how she never really seems to have the true deep passionate desire to have sex with me.
I just don't know how to approach this issue without coming off as needy for sex. I brought it up again 2 weeks ago, she said if I care so much I should just find a friend with benefits which I found very immature of her to say, I told her that's not what I want, I just want to feel desired, she told me she doesn't know what to tell me, she just isn't in the mood as much.
TLDR: gf seems over sex, I don't think she'd cheat, I just don't know how to keep bringing this up without sounding needy for sex, don't know how to approach this
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2021.12.05 23:03 purakii aww, what can mama purakii do to help you?

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2021.12.05 23:03 FallingWasser 29 [m4m] Looking for a JP bud! I can host.

I'm a friendly, laid-back guy that's looking for another guy to come hang out and stroke on my couch with me. I'm gay but don't care what your sexuality is as long as you're not a creep haha.
We can keep to ourselves or we can help each other out - up to you! Shoot me a message with what you're interested in and we can go from there. I can host in Capitol Hill!
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2021.12.05 23:03 JavaleONeal [FREE] The Day I Went Numb - tropical island type hiphop beat , really outside the box of sounds i usually go far but hope ya'll enjoy

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2021.12.05 23:03 Coloured_Ribbons you have STOLEN my PIZZA

Well hi! This is my 2nd time posting here and boy do I have a slightly confusing one for you.
I'm from the UK and we have a bakery chain called Greggs. I have no idea where else in the world has this so for those who don't know, Greggs is famed for its sausage rolls, pizza, steak bakes and donuts. They usually have everything out hot so its perfect for a cold day. I'm going to be calling our entitled person today Pizza Boy. Or PB for short.
Okay! So I was going on my usual walk to the park near me just to get some fresh air, and decided to buy some lunch on the way. Greggs is warm and cheap, so I decided to go and get a cheese pizza slice and a coffee. Its past the lunch rush so a lot of the baked stuff is gone, save for 2 slices of cheese pizza and some various other pastry encased things.
Theres no one infront of me as I go in, and the staff are busy, so I stand at the counter and wait. PB walks in shortly after. He's on his phone, the usual, I don't attempt to speak to him as I have never seen him before in my life. One of the staff gets a minute to take my order so I ask her for:
"A slice of cheese pizza and a regular salted caramel latte please!"
PB looks at me, in a slightly offended manner, and I thought he maybe thought I was weird for my coffee choice or something until he piped up with the merry tune of
"I want that pizza!"
Now I should point out that PB is probably in his 20's. He is definitely past the age at which he should be throwing tantrums for not getting his way.
PB: "I always get 2 pizza slices for my lunch, and now you have just ruined my day. I hope you're pleased with yourself."
I'm speechless. I blink back in response having absolutely no clue as to what I can say back to this man who is throwing a fit over a £1.50 slice of cheese pizza.
"WHAT do you have to SAY FOR YOURSELF."
"u h.....excuse me? I'm not entirely sure what I've done wrong here-"
"you have just STOLEN that slice of pizza from me."
Thankfully I wasn't the only one completely and utterly baffled at this man, as the staff member brought my coffee over and told PB
"Sir, this person has not *stolen* anything from you. You have not bought that pizza, this young person is about to. please, calm down."
she starts to ring me up as PB continues shouting about how unfair it is that he doesn't get his 2 slices of pizza today. I very much enjoyed my legally obtained, unstolen pizza. Get a grip, Pizza Boy.
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2021.12.05 23:03 Ordinary-Landscape20 Anyone worried about the prices with 900b circulating supple and they still need to release 50T this year?

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2021.12.05 23:03 No-Round820 Anyone else think loading parcels is kinda fun sometimes?

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2021.12.05 23:03 DRAG0NCLOAK Hacking Multi-Player Games

Scum of the Earth. Get a life. Find a girl.
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2021.12.05 23:03 devionae Please, what is the answer to hack your first computer answer 7 lab?? .txt

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2021.12.05 23:03 chirau It's been months since I ordered the book "How To Scam People Online"...

It still hasn't arrived yet.
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2021.12.05 23:03 GTAclipster Pride before the fall

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2021.12.05 23:03 meyayo Looking for women’s shoe recommendations for interpreting!

Hi all! I’m hoping to finally start my interpreting career soon, so I’m trying to get my wardrobe together. An interpreter friend of mine told me comfortable shoes were a must, so I wanted to reach out and ask if you guys have any recommendations! Thanks :)
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