My family always leave me out in meals (or am I exagerating?)

2021.12.05 02:23 tudesgracia My family always leave me out in meals (or am I exagerating?)

First of all I want to apologize for any possible grammar mistakes since english is not my native language.
I've been a vegetarian for 8 years now (planning to become vegan in the future) and I am happy with my life style, but since then, my family always leave me out when we eat because they are meat eaters. Now, I'm basically an orphan because my mother died when I was a kid and my father left. My grandma raised me and we live with my uncle, aunt and cousin (here in Peru is common for families to stick together their entire life), so I understand that I'm not entirely their responsability and I'm more of a burden they didn't ask for (my uncle's literal words), but it still hurts when they go out to restaurants without me. They go out at least once a month and they have never take me with them since I stopped eating meat. But what hurt most is when we eat dinners together (which is mostly on holidays, special ocassions and birthdays). They would cook or order food and when I ask if there would be something for me they would just tell me to make my own food or buy something myself because being a vegetarian is my own problem and they shouldn't be affected by it. I really like to cook and sometimes I want to make something nice for them, but my aunt would always reject my food and act disgusted because "she could NEVER stop eating meat". Now, I have a small group of friends that I'm very close with, they all eat meat and they have NEVER made me feel left out or act uncomfortable because I don't eat meat. If we are going to eat somewhere and there are not vegetarian options they would just choose other place to eat where I can eat with them. Today we went to my friend's house and her mother was making lasagna, and when she learned that I was vegetarian she looked for a recipe for vegetarian lasagna. She had NEVER cooked a dish without meat and she had no problem in making me something she has never done because she wanted me to feel welcomed in her home. And that's when I realized, this is how families are supposed to be, aren't they? They are supposed to make everyone feel like they belong. When I arrived home I told my grandma that it hurts me when they leave me out or don't move a finger to cook me something I can eat, and that it hurted me that tomorrow they will leave me out again because my aunt is gonna make "sopa seca con carapulcra" (a peruvian dish) for everyone except for me because I don't eat meat (but she is going to make something different for her daughter because she doesn't like the dish), and she didn't understand. She told me I just wanted to cause trouble and that I was being selfish because I wanted them to change so I would feel more comfortable. I started crying and she told me I ruined her day and closed her door at my face. I just feel so bad now, but I'm not sure what to think. Maybe she is right and I am being selfish. That's why wanted you guys opinion. Should I just accept that my family is like this and I'm the one expecting more than I should? Maybe it's because I'm no one's daughter in my house. I'm just not sure what to think of this situation. I love my family but this is something that has been bothering me for years. If someone read everything I would appreciate some advice.
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2021.12.05 02:23 izzysleftfoot Lump behind left canine, lupus has been horrible the past couple months. Is this part of it, or something else?

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2021.12.05 02:23 Melissa_Skims Kindle Unlimited: Time Left in Book

Hi, on a free trial of Kindle Unlimited. I listen to way more books than I can actually read. I enjoy being able to switch depending on my setting. I've noticed there is a huge difference in "time left in book" when having the audio player up vs the kindle reader (7 hours vs 3.5 hours respectively for my current book).
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2021.12.05 02:23 DT7890 Integration Update! 123swap Is Now Collaborating With Okexchain

Integration Update! 123swap Is Now Collaborating With Okexchain
The 123swap platform having a cross-chain architecture, uniquely decentralized and non-custodial, has announced a new integration with Okexchain.
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2021.12.05 02:23 podkayne3000 Seeing the rise of Zika virus in UP, precautions are being taken in Jharkhand as well, 150 samples were sent to Pune

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2021.12.05 02:23 cloudy_chance9 I present to you... The Laugh Factory 🤣 starring The Joker 🤡

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2021.12.05 02:23 Cirocband Allow Players To Invite Players To The Raid

I just spent 3 hours in this raid and got to the very end and one of our teammates dc’d. He logged back in and it said that we were in an activity and he couldn’t join. We attempted the final boss as 3 people, literally the final fight before we beat the raid. As we are 3 maning the last boss we get through the first damage phase. Then I disconnect as well and I was unable to rejoin. Since there is no checkpoint to start from unless you are actually in the raid. You should be able to invite players who were actually in the raid and dc’d.
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2021.12.05 02:23 danthedude77 Michigan fittingly Score 42 points tonight… #OxfordStrong

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2021.12.05 02:23 HistoricalAd5394 The main characters in the Fantasy Series I'm planning

I doubt anyone will read all this since its a bit of an info dump, but on the off chance you do I'd like some feedback. Especially on the Protagonist, Kass. I'm trying to ride the fine line of making her very flawed but not unlikable, so if nothing else, you can just read the section on her.
First a quick synopsis for Context.
Monsters once ruled the Earth, man only existing as servants to them because they willed it, but after an extinction event they went into hibernation and man rose to dominance until the monsters woke up and subjugated man yet again. This continued until the discovery of magic. Humans learned that by sacrificing their loved ones, they could gain a magic ability, this could be anything from fire powers, to shapeshifting, to enhanced senses. It became tradition for aging parents at the end of their lives to sacrifice themselves to give their children these powers. It allowed humans to fight back against their predators for the first time.
Soon it was reversed, man dominated the world with monsters under their boot and for a time, man dominated the plant. But then a crazed Mage with an insane ideology took over the world, mages ruled supreme while ordinary humans suffered under the regime forced into slavery. When this Empire came to an end, magic was now hated, it was said to corrupt the user turning them into sadistic monsters. This rejection of magic however had its price as the monsters who had been kept in check by the Empire started to repopulate, growing stronger. As they did magic grew more necessary, but opposition to magic grew more and more fierce.
Eventually, the Brotherhood of Laress’ an underground organization dedicated to fighting monsters for thousands of years and one that had spent the last few centuries hiding from those that would destroy them were starting to become accepted. Mages while previously executed were now exempt so long as they were bound to the Brotherhood. Though they were still hated by all, the Mages of the Brotherhood remained to this day, the only thing standing between Humanity and absolute slaughter by the vicious monsters
Many however, did not see the necessity for them, many nations refused their services and one in particular, the highly religious and technologically advanced Konjar decided the Brotherhood was outdated. A group of heretics clinging to perverted magic abilities while the Konjar’s technology was beginning to prove effective against the monsters, the brotherhood was becoming obsolete. Tensions increased between the two powers, a war will soon break out and losing means a genocide on all Mages.

Kass Larsetta (Kass of the Wikar Line)
Backstory: A 14 year old peasant girl pressganged into the shady Brotherhood of Laress and forced to undergo a dangerous process to obtain magical powers. A process which costs her own Father’s life. She has the power to essentially turn herself into a magnet so she can only pull metal towards herself but she has greater control over permanent magnets. She carries magnets around which she can fire like bullets then attract back to her. She's a bit more versatile than this but that is her basic fighting style. Later in the story she is able to generate and fire electricity.
While she hates the Brotherhood for forcing this life on her and for killing her Father, she believes in what they fight for, the protection of humanity from the growing population of monsters, so she begrudgingly throws herself hard into her training and grows to become a truly formidable force. Later, once the Konjar start making the Brotherhood obsolete, Kass fights for the life of herself and her friends hoping to survive the oncoming Mage genocide.
Personality: Kass is a manipulative schemer. A chameleon who can fit in anywhere. A life under a conservative family trying to teach her what a woman should be has taught her to be tricky in order to get what she wants and control her emotions to an absurd degree.
The only weak spot in her emotional fortress is her ego, being told all her life that her role is to be submissive and docile, Kass is highly insecure about her own capabilities but also very good at hiding it. She takes failure hard and will do just about anything to prove herself to the point of refusing all help and causing her to go out of her depth on many occasions, and because she hides her insecurity so well nobody seems able to predict when she will do something stupid. When she does go too far and almost gets herself killed, she tends to seek the challenge again rather than learning from her mistakes.
This has also made her rather cold, always wearing a mask, never truly letting anyone in. She keeps people at an arms length so she doesn’t have to feel guilt or remorse over using people, something she takes no pleasure in doing but sees as necessary. She's a bit of a contradiction in this regard because she is actually rather compassionate and will definitely be the first to comfort someone in need, she just won't show kindness at her own personal cost.
However, to the few who can gain her trust and friendship, her loyalty is extreme. She places high value on true friendship and losing it affects her very strongly. It is because of how sensitive she can be when she truly lets people in that she rarely ever does. She considers them weaknesses because she will always pick them over herself. There are only five characters she considers herself close to and three of them are family. The rest she will throw under the bus if she deems it necessary.
Her values, despite her hatred of the conservative values she was raised with she still see’s family and legacy as extremely important and seeks to make a name for herself, choosing to be remembered for her achievements rather than through having children and marrying a nobleman. Upon being rejected by her own Mother because of what happened to her, she learns as cheesy as it sounds that her true family was the Brotherhood she initially despised.
Her arc is one of learning to trust people, letting them in and also getting over some Mommy issues. She also grows to be more selfless, although she never truly gets over her insecurities regarding her ego.

Supporting Characters
Ander Larsettus (Ander of the Wikar Line)
Backstory - Kass’ brother, a 16 year old peasant boy training to be a soldier. Their home, Opston Mier has allied with the Konjar, a Theocracy with a deep rooted hatred of magic, against the Boer, a nation starting to practise it, so Ander is soon shipped off to the front lines. Ander does not share his Mother’s hatred of what Kass becomes, not buying into the religiously driven hatred against all magical beings but he is unable to do anything to help her torn between duty to his immediate family, and honoring his ancestors through serving his nation. However, once the Konjar grows stronger with the Brotherhood being considered obsolete, Opston Mier turns on the Brotherhood. Ander is forced to decide and deserts the army to join the Brotherhood and protect his sister.
Personality/arc - Ander starts off the cocky, sarcastic wise guy, a little misogynistic and arrogant. After a small taste of war his cockiness and arrogance are shattered leaving him with a strong sense of self loathing, guilt and uncertainty. His sarcasm and humour remains, multiplied tenfold as he attempts to hide his pain with jokes. He does not handle pressure well at all, isn’t really cut out for violence and extremely sensitive. Despite these flaws making him completely unsuited for war, Ander has a big heart and cares very deeply for all, both enemies and friends. He has no stomach for violence but his mind is incredible, a book worm and an absolute genius with wonderful inventions and coming up with brilliant ways to use Kass’s powers. He is invaluable in unlocking Kass’s full potential.
His relationship with his sister is initially a bit rocky. There is clearly love between them but Ander's misogyny and Kass' head strong attitude causes some clashes early on. However, soon Ander see's that Kass is much greater in battle than he could ever be and interacting with other cultures does cause his perception of women to change. The siblings have a great relationship from that point onwards with Ander being the man Kass can always rely on. He's one of the four characters Kass truly considers a friend and would die for.
Ander has no magical powers and he never obtains any. His intellect is enough for the Brotherhood to accept him.

Rolam Sparumus
Backstory - 14 year old boy and bastard of Sparum, a half brother of Sonom the Third, King of Sprongham. After the death of Sonom, Rolam and his Father were hunted for their connection to the throne, Sparum took his son and fled to the Brotherhood, begging for them to protect his son from the new King. Rolam underwent the process, also sacrificing his Father and ended up with the ability to control every part of his body on a molecular level. This gives him a power set akin to the T-1000 from Terminator 2, as well as a healing factor, basic shapeshifting, and being able to stretch like Elastigirl, although its worth noting that no matter how he changes his body he must keep his brain, heart and lungs intact to survive.
Personality - Rolam is, snobby, arrogant and looks down on everyone, especially women. He is very much Kass’ main rival and the two are in a constant competition for superiority with Rolam usually being the stronger of the two. Despite his ego and superiority complex, Rolam seems to have an almost patronizing sympathy for people and his belief that he is the greatest and the strongest means he is always the one ready to run into the fire. He will protect his comrades to his last breath and die to save the weak. His Superiority complex gives way to something of a messiah complex and this belief like he is the chosen one.
Rolam does learn from practical mistakes believing in cultivating his skill, but the mental gymnastics he takes to justify any defeats and failures tend to be ridiculous, when his ego is wounded he rationalizes some excuse. His arrogance also means he doesn’t play well with others, won’t accept help easily, can lash out violently towards anyone that challenges his ego. Despite these issues, he’s intelligent and thinks things through. He’s quick tempered but his anger rarely blinds him not does it make him impulsive.
He is hated by pretty much every character. He does have an arc in that he becomes willing to make exceptions in respecting Kass later on, and he's willing to accept some people are better than him, but he still has a tendency to look down on others, still has a severe ego problem, but he is arguably the greatest leader and most heroic of all of them which does earn him some degree of respect in time.

Fraya of Tawn
Backstory - Fraya is a 15 year old girl from Tawn, a city state within the Free States of Lervassal, one of the few regions of the world that still practise magic. Born one of two twins of a poor family, Fraya had a rough childhood growing up on the streets with her brother Cheron. They were soon heavily in debt to a crime syndicate who decided to kill her parents and sell her and Cheron to a brothel. However, when her parents were killed Fraya received the power of Pyrokinesis, fire powers. Believing they would make more money selling her to the Brotherhood. She was only seven at the time but due to there being no grudge against the Brotherhood who gave her more of a home and luxuries she had never had, Fraya became a truly loyal servant of the Brotherhood.
Personality - Fraya is singular focused, with an absurd level of resolve to become the most powerful mage in existence. A perfectionist, the first up in the morning and the last to go to bed, the one seen training while others go out for a drink. She is by far the strongest apprentice. She is also considered a rival by Rolam but she certainly doesn't consider him that. The power gap is far larger than he pretends it is. Fraya utterly humiliates Rolam at every opportunity and has abilities that even rival some of the High Mages. She's uneducated so her intellect as far as knowledge goes is pretty small, but her combat sense is unparalleled among the apprentices. She is fiercely protective of the Brotherhood and tends to get angry at people who criticize it. She is heroic but tends to be morally dubious not really caring too much about collateral damage and keeps her focus more on killing mosnters than rescuing civillians.
Because of this she has a rather conflicting relationship with Kass, she admires her drive and tenacity but is rather unempathetic to her reasons for hating the Brotherhood. She'll assist with training her though happy to get any opportunity to screw with Rolam. All in all the two share something of a mutual respect especially as they are the only women in their house, but as they are both rather closed off it never progresses to friendship.

Cheron of Tawn
Backstory 15 year old boy from Tawn and twin to Fraya of Tawn. Having undergone the same upbringing Cheron shares Fraya’s discipline, strength of will and appreciation of the Brotherhood. However, Cheron has far less interest in being a mage taking more interest in the monsters themselves. He has a keen interest in strategy. While Kass has a high EQ, and Ander a high IQ, Cheron has his creativity and outside the box thinking. He picks up on the smallest details and comes up with the most unlikely of solutions. He’s always the man with a plan. When it comes to judgement calls and strategy, Cheron is who you listen to, Ander's more of a Hermione type, highly logical but lacking much in the way of imagination.
Cheron's powers are the antithesis of his sister’s. He has Cryokinesis, ice powers. He has fantastic combat skills far above those of Rolam and Kass but he's still far from his sister's level. He remains calm under pressure but he is always most comfortable working behind the scenes.
Personality - Cheron is an introvert, and despite his strategic sense, he’s not a great leader and isn’t good at communicating. He doesn’t seem to understand people all that well which soon costs him when the Brotherhood goes up against more human enemies. Nevertheless, he’s cool headed, intelligent and a welcome addition to the team.
He is also the only person Kass confides in, his blunt, no nonsense attitude being something Kass is drawn to. Kass see’s someone who wears no mask and is not afraid to be himself. He hides nothing and holds no secrets, out of everyone he is the only character that could be considered Kass’ friend. Their relationship is strictly platonic though. He is also very close with Ander, bonding over their fascination with monsters so they form something of a main trio. However, Cheron is closer to nobody that Fraya, he loves his sister dearly which means the main group we follow tends to be a main four. Kass, Ander, Cheron and Fraya. Rolam is the outsider that nobody really likes.
Cheron's feelings towards Rolam are a fierce hatred beyong probably any other character. Cheron grew up in the Free States where things are wild and the culture is basically about flaunting social norms and being individualistic so they already have conflicting ideals, but it is the disrespect for his sister that makes Cheron so hostile to him.

Master Saravan Voranus
Saravan is 42 years old and has the ability of teleportation. This is limited as he must be able to physically see the place he wants to teleport to, but momentum is conserved and he uses this supposedly weak ability to fly, create distractions, creating after images of himself by teleporting really fast. He’ll teleport up high, wait until he reaches terminal velocity then teleport so that he flies sideways and launches a projectile into a wall and whatever else he can think of.
Saravan is a mentor character and has been in the Brotherhood since he was ten. He does not agree with many of the actions of the Brotherhood, especially since they took his brother from him to complete his transformation into a Mage, but he has forgiven them for it and considers them a necessary evil. As a result he is rather laid back when it comes to some policies but he is still hard on the kids when it comes to training. He’s a veteran whose seen many die in this line of work and wants to ensure the kids are prepared. As such he flips between friendly boss who will chill out with you, to strict, cold and uncompromising to the point where he almost seems like a different person. He cherishes the time spent with the apprentices and truly cares deeply about every person he teaches.
He is the third person Kass truly cares about. He reminds her of the Father she lost and latches onto him because of that. His own disdain for the Brotherhood also allows him to be the only authority figure in the Brotherhood who would sympathize with her.

Kass' Parents
The last two people Kass cares for is her Mother and Father. They aren't important enough to the story to be worth going into detail here but Kass' Father sacrifices himself so she can become a Mage so he's dead very early in the story and their relationship takes a hit as Kass harbors some resentment to him for handing her to the Brotherhood. Her Mother on the other hand considers Kass dead to her after she becomes a Mage, Kass still cares for her but their relationship never recovers.
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2021.12.05 02:23 CorollaKanyeSmashed Is it weird that I get turned on when he says “Down, little boy” on Los Awesome?

Does anyone else experience this?
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2021.12.05 02:23 abdi_rpm Laptop not using full potential of the Hardware

So i bought this Asus Tuf A15 R7-4800H+RTX 3050+512 SSD+8GB RAM after watching the reviewers on youtube displaying fancy 200-250fps on csgo low settings, and when I got my hands on it, I'm barely getting 100-140fps on low settings. I Used the data monitoring of GeForce EXperience and the GPU consumption doesn't go beyond 60%.
I think something is preventing the hardware to be used at full power. Any help?
I'm sitting here regretting this purchase on day 1.
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2021.12.05 02:23 iAmBukLuu I found him

he may not be german and this has nothing to do with him but I found him on netflix. He's made it bois
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2021.12.05 02:23 21020062 I need help with vore

After witnessing a post the other day by u/JoomyJill making a joke about various vore-related cards including [[Vorinclex]], [[Devouring Tendrils]], and [[Gobbling Ooze]], I felt inspired to build an entire vore-themed commander deck with [[Vorosh, the Hunter]] as the commander. I think I’ve exhausted my ability to find related cards, which is to type words like “eat,” “vor(e),” “devour,” and “consum(ing)” into Scryfall. Also, the fact that Vorosh, new Vorinclex, and Vorel work so well together has to be a sign from God. If anyone here has any suggestions, please consider supporting the cause.
tl;dr Please give me sultai cards related to vore (aka the consuming of a person whole).
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