I am sorry, mumble one.

2021.12.07 03:56 Donald_Norton29 I am sorry, mumble one.

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2021.12.07 03:56 VectorRim Dissolved White Sugar in Water and Used it For Mung Bean Plants. It Diminished Plant Growth. Why?

I'm an 11th Grade STEM Student and for our biology class, we decided to do an experiment where we would mix increasing amounts of sugar with different plant set-ups. The plant we used was Vigna radiata or mung beans, and the sugar was just normal white store bought sugar. The control set-up had no sugar mixed in the water, but the other set-ups did. As the level of sugar increased, the less the plants grew. Our hypothesis was correct, but I'm having trouble finding research about this type of experiment. Wondering if anyone could help with a simple answer.
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2021.12.07 03:56 jackthefrost420 Dude needs to chill, Palestinian energy

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2021.12.07 03:56 bongdaso247 Nhận định RB Leipzig vs Man City, 00h45 ngày 08/12

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2021.12.07 03:56 Mehllamo012345 Songs similar to Aphex Twin's "Phloam," "Digeridoo," or "Flaphead"

Looking for something fast-paced without the repetition of techno genres.
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2021.12.07 03:56 Rosencrantz1710 Australia’s Smallest Market Cap Companies Part 13: The unlucky numerology of the ASX - do stocks with numbers in their ticker go balls up more than usual?

Astutest of astute investors, and the roughly 70-80 ongoing upvoters and presumed readers of this series, how the bloody hell are you? Recovered from yesterday’s bloodbath yet? Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it either.
As it’s the 13th instalment of this series today, let’s talk about unlucky numbers.
Like all of you, I have some – let’s say - on the spectrum tendencies, and because I’m here, I like playing with numbers and data and seeing what I can find out. And I’ve noticed more than a few instances of astute investors around here saying that tickers with numbers in them are dogs.
But is that really true? And what even is truth?
When I was forced against my will to study the poetry of Keats in Year 12 (real useful, anyone get a job with one of the big poetry corporations lately?), the one thing that stuck with me was this absolute shitter of a line:
“Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty.' – that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”
What the fuck does that even mean? Is everything beautiful true? If I, on a summer’s day, gaze upon the beauty of that cutie in marketing, am I to expect instant enlightenment? Is it the post nut clarity that comes immediately after time spent with a beautiful person of your choice, or the mental images thereof? And where does Paul Keating’s famous quote of “a beautiful set of figures”, probably more relevant to the ASX, come into it?
Is there beauty in numbers? Is 5 more beautiful than 3? Is 8, of the shapely hourglass figure, more beautiful than the slender 1 or the obese 0? What is more beautiful, the smoke haze of the 420 gag or the titillating 69? Is 2 better than 1 when it comes to beautiful members of your preferred gender? (Not necessarily, threesomes can be awkward). Why was 6 afraid? Because 7 8 9!
But, as my year 12 English teacher said, “Rosencrantz1710 needs to focus on the task at hand”. So, today in the unlucky 13th part of this occasional series that attracts about as many upvotes as the meme I posted last Friday but with much more effort, I want to test the hypothesis that a ticker with a number in it is just a dog stock in the making.
Disclaimer: numerology is no basis for investment decisions
Given this is focused on trying to work out whether numbers have an influence on share price, we are now in the realm of numerology intersecting with share trading. Not technical analysis, actual numerology. It’s even worse.
If you actually think numerology is a suitable basis for determining whether you should buy or sell a stock, go right ahead and do it; it sure as hell isn’t my fault if you do. DYOR GALAH 3.141
Also, the data here could be wrong or I could have done this entirely incorrectly, because I am no smarter than you lot at any of this. I do things like incorrectly calculate change all the time because of my unique and quirky way of mentally calculating these things. Just ask the customers regularly short changed at my first retail job.
So how are we going to figure out whether astrology is relevant to stock picking?
That’s such a Sagittarius thing to say, because we were talking about numerology, not other things that I used to read about in my Mum’s copies of New Idea when I was a kid.
(Do they still do a feng shui column in there? My Mum got a bit worked up at one point about our dunny being aligned with our front door which is apparently financially bad, but it was a house in Sydney so let’s be honest, she’s done allright in the long term. But maybe if your stocks keep losing money, consider putting a red ribbon in your dunny doorway or around your Z1P investment to mitigate negative energy or some such).
There are 2,112 individual tickers on the ASX, according to the ASX. And I think they would know that, so I am going to take their word for it.
I’m a busy guy so I automated the search for tickers with numbers, sort of. By using this convenient and easy to remember Excel formula:
…you can count instances of a specific character occurring in a range. So you use that formula ten times, substituting “txt” for a number, and then add it all up.
(If you want to know how this works in detail, I got it from Exceljet and I owe them a beer for making this easy. If Exceljet sell shares, you should buy some).
Doing this, I can tell you that there are 188 instances of numbers occurring in ASX tickers. But that’s not necessarily 188 tickers with numbers in them, because there are some instances of there being two numbers, such as in 88 Energy Limited (88E), or weirdly, 92 Energy Limited (92E), which is obviously four energy better than 88E and is therefore more deserving of being a meme stock around here. And there’s the all numerical Life360 Inc (360), which is the only instance I could find of an all numbers, no letters ticker.
I didn’t go through all 2,112 tickers to eliminate all possible double counting but we’ll eliminate those that appear early in the list because they start with numbers, including 29 Metals Limited (29M), which sounds like something from the old ICQ/MSN Chat days (29M and you? 13F you say? Oh shit, bye) and 99 Loyalty Limited (99L), which I presume sends you 99 red balloons if you are sufficiently loyal and also a fan of 1980s German pop music.
So that leaves 183 numerical tickers, probably fewer, but that’s a good enough number for our purposes. That means 8.7% of the ASX has a number in its ticker.
One is the loneliest number
Maybe for you on a Saturday night, Romeo, but not on the ASX, where 1 is actually the most common number to appear in a ticker with 72 occurrences. Now, recent comments suggest people get a kick (or a feeling of existential dread) out of this series mentioning stocks they own. So a shoutout here to AIC Mines Limited (A1M), which I hope is doing better for you than A2 Milk Limited (A2M) - one of 28 tickers to have 2 in it, making it appropriately the 2nd most common ticker number. (A1M by the way is doing waaaay better than A2M, so less milk and more mining I say).
3 occurs 20 times, but 4 only occurs a mere 7 times. That however does allow me to again mention 4DS Memory Limited (4DS), which I understand some of you find triggering so off you go to a safe space, and also 4D Medical Limited (4DX), which I guess allows for medicine across four dimensions, if that’s a thing.
5 occurs an appropriate 5 times, with 6 being slightly more popular at 10 instances, and 7 being pretty uncommon with only 4 hits. There are also no tickers starting with 6 or 7.
So you reckon 8 might be a lucky number though, according perhaps to the Chinese tradition? The ASX agrees with you, as 8 appears 30 times including in subreddit fallen favourite Digital Wine Ventures Limited (DW8), and a company which is perhaps having an each way bet on being lucky or not, Black Cat Syndicate (BC8).
This one intrigued me particularly – it turns out to be speccy gold mining outfit based in WA, of fucking course, but the company’s own website has this absolute gem of a discussion about the name:
“The name Black Cat Syndicate has generated amazing interest. Described as an “unusually named company” our name sticks in the minds of investors in an increasingly crowded space.
There are many superstitions about black cats stemming from the Middle Ages. However, the ancient Egyptians revered both black cats and gold. Similarly the Chinese. Contrary to superstition, many historic, high grade gold mines around the world have been named “Black Cat” – possibly reflecting a touch of irony by the old timers. One such mine was the successful Black Cat gold mine at Mt Magnet, Western Australia where one of our directors, Alex Hewlett, grew up. The name was reinforced when a large black cat ran in front of our vehicle (without injury) on our initial trip to the Bulong Gold Project.
The Black Cat name was coupled with “Syndicate”, commonly used by groups funding the early exploration and development of gold ventures in Australia.
Our ASX code of BC8 is also built around a luck theme with “8” being lucky in Chinese culture.
So “Black Cat Syndicate” is a play on good luck – for our investors and us. We have coupled this with a dose of respect for the early financiers that boldly made the Australian gold industry what it is today.”
Having said all that, BC8 is down 21.43% for the year, so maybe they’ve also been walking under ladders.
9 gets used 10 times, and zero apparently appears only twice – once in the aforementioned 360, and if you’re the first commenter to reply with the other one, I will donate a crisp 20 to the registered charity of your choice. (I actually don’t know what it is, and I want someone else to do the work of finding it).
Yeah yeah, you’re a regular Count of Sesame Street right here. Is they is or is they ain’t dog stocks?
Here’s how I worked it out. We now know that 8.7% of tickers have a number in them, more or less.
I figured that the worst performing 10% of the past year was a reasonable place to draw some conclusions – that is, the 211 companies that suffered the greatest percentage decline in their share price, without ending up being delisted etc, because too hard.
Then I went through that list and manually counted the ones with numbers (because I'm a busy guy, as I said), and…
Tickers with numbers in them are notably overrepresented in the bottom 10% worst YTD share price performers.
I counted 28 of them in the bottom 10%, for a representation rate of 13.3%.
Is that statistically significant? If I’m honest, calculating that properly would bring back bitter memories of having to do first year econometrics twice, so I’m not that keen to go figure it out. But instinctively, I would suggest that on a sample size of just under 10% of the ASX, the representation rate being 1.53 times the overall representation rate is meaningful. A quick hunt around online suggested that my sample size was about right for a 5.5-6% confidence interval in this case. If you have the time and knowledge to work this out properly, please do.
However, I’ll note that a number ticker is not the worst or even second worst performer of the year – but it is the third worst, with Sensera Limited (SE1) being down 84.5%. What does SE1 do?
“The Company designs and manufactures MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and sensors for applications that improve the way things are done.”
What…everything? All things? How can a company improving literally everything not be rockets right now?
What about the reverse? Are tickers with numbers underrepresented in the top 10%?
Same methodology, same potentially slightly inaccurate manual count, but this time, the top 211 performers of the past year.
16 tickers with numbers appear in the top 10%, for a representation rate of 7.6%.
Tickers with numbers in them are slightly underrepresented in the top 10% YTD share price performers, but perhaps not dramatically so.
However, I will note that it wasn’t until we were past the top 100 that numbers stated to appear relatively frequently in my manual count, so that might be something. For the first 100 or so, I was starting to think there looked like being significant underrepresentation – so I counted just the top 100, and:
Tickers with numbers in them are notably underrepresented in the top 100 YTD share price performers.
I counted only 6 of them, when there should have been 8 or 9 to be relatively represented – and the first one doesn’t appear until Complii Fintech Solutions Limited (CF1) at #9, who have got the Fin part of Fintech absolutely-bloody-nailed with a 1525% YTD gain.
Numbers are a funny thing.
Yes, and it gets better. Because I’ll leave you with these two final observations.
The 88th best YTD performer, as of 7 December 2021 when I’m writing this, is 88 Energy Limited (88E). I counted several times to be sure.
And…you will think I am making this up, or that I did this on purpose, but I’m not, and I didn’t.
The universe has provided me with this simply spectacular link to a longstanding company of interest. A veritable linchpin of this series. The subject of many a discussion to date, and perhaps emerging meme stock, if I may be so bold.
You know how I drew the line at the top and bottom 10%, which encompassed 211 companies at either end of the spectrum?
The 211th best performing ASX company over the past year has been…
Queste Communications Limited (QUE), up 103.7%. Somehow.
There’s no better place to end than there. Until next time, astute investors, may your numbers be green, getting larger, and ideally in multiple digits.
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2021.12.07 03:56 JeagerFanBoy Coming Nepal from India

Hello everyone, I'm currently at delhi and was planning to come to Nepal. But I have been hearing rumors from my relatives that U nead to undergo mandatory quarantine if I come to Nepal. But, I searched everywhere on Internet and did not find any notification from Nepal Governmet in this regard.
Please let me know whats the groundreality is over there.
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2021.12.07 03:56 Human20634207 What are yall bringing into the dungeon?

Assuming DIM is down, what are yall brining?
Any Titans out there got some interesting builds?
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2021.12.07 03:56 The_king_of_stocks Upvote if you are investing in PROG$. Many people are complaining after seeing so many tickers. This ticker is months old on this sub and never left. It went from short squeeze to huge long term potential biotech company after strengthening its liquidity position and having almost 200 patents.

Since this is not a true squeeze play anymore but instead is a very good opportunity (not financial advice), you can find more information on the Progenity_Prog sub with more than 9k members. I stopped chasing “short squeeze tickers” that are hyped for one day and leave hundreds bag holding. Large investors, financial advisers and even some hedge funds are bullish on the stock. This is not financial advice.
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2021.12.07 03:56 xXenolf How it feels to win a 3h duel against Qli

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2021.12.07 03:56 anonynimiti Jen, when will we get key bindings on console?

Console bois where u at ?
I would love to have video settings too but whatever.
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2021.12.07 03:56 Justsomeone109 Is this decent for a noob paper trading?

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2021.12.07 03:56 MVPARLLAR45613991 Gravity Falls: The Pines Meeting by Master Fan Reader

Wendy gets invited to have a Christmas for the firsy time in her life and Mabel gets curious to know how her parents met but it is not what she expected
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2021.12.07 03:56 radioactive_beans Just a horrifying dark truth

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2021.12.07 03:56 Sentinel_007 how to increase conduit ilvl as a pvper?

Is there a way?
Or - is there another way that wont take to much time?
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2021.12.07 03:56 azmerakittu 2018 Audi A4 Tire replacement

I have FWD and the dealership never bothered to rotate the tires at the time of service. Because of that, Now I have a couple of tires that are at almost the end of life and others are good for another 10K miles. The current tires on the car are from continental. I want to change only two tires from Costco. I am planning to go with Michelin cross climate2.
What are the cons of just changing two tires?
I heard Costco doesn't do tire alignment. Do I need a tire alignment after getting new tires?
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2021.12.07 03:56 Ysraigal Le Vatican alarmé, une Bible atteste « Jésus n’a pas été crucifié »

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2021.12.07 03:56 Any-Translator1390 Was the Capitol Insurrection a False Flag Operation?

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2021.12.07 03:56 chiefabe LF: Stakataka Path, Thudurus Path, Landorus Path

OF: Dialga, Yveltal, Suicune, mints, bottle caps, apriballs, bp items
Dynamax adventures
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2021.12.07 03:56 ggrumptt sigh

i hate this feeling i’ve had it for so long it’s so painful i can’t take it anymore :(
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