Was this a normal experience at the dealer?

2021.12.07 09:19 ic8readm8 Was this a normal experience at the dealer?

I'm in the market for a new challenger or a mustang GT and I was hoping you all could comment if my search/test drive experience is normal.
Find a challenger model with the specs that I want in a 6spd manual and I email the dealer to make sure its actually on the lot from the online listing. A salesman responds immediately and is like "Yeah its available! When you do you want to test drive?" So I schedule a visit and I'm like "COOL. Let me see if I actually like the car". I also mention that I'm between this and the mustang.
So I go to the location the online listing says and the folks at the dealership do not have a clue who this person I was talking to was. Turns out, the salesman I was in contact with was at their sister dealership....on the other side of town. So I think, "Hey maybe the listing just wasn't updated. Let me just head over there because I don't want to flake on this dude"
I drive to the other dealership and meet the guy. He then tells me the car is NOT on the lot, but at a storage lot. So instead, he gets me into a Hellcat that is automatic just to get a feel for the car and if I'm interested, test driving a 6spd manual Mustang GT. I entertain it just because I had driven so much. Anyhow he gives me this whole explanation on how the model I want is a "hot car" so they will only pull it out of storage until there is a serious buyer who is getting the paper work drawn up.
I've never come across this before, and the dude literally had me thinking that I would be test driving the car I was inquiring about. I really don't believe the car is on a storage lot, but is in fact at the first location I drove to. Is this normal for dealers under the same name to take all online inquiries regardless of where the car is listed? Are storage lots a thing??
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2021.12.07 09:19 DavidEazy r/Halo is full of whiners

Everyday, every single day I see the same posts with same complaints that completely overshadow the good things about this game. We get it, the game has same serious issues like the lack of gamemodes, progression, and costumization, but when the whole "Hot" page of the sub is filled with same issues across 20 different posts you know there is something wrong with the community.
They have to understand that 343 is aware about the issues, and they are working on them. Some users even post the same post after every 24hrs just to get reddit karma lmao.
Anyways, anyone knows a subreddit without the whiners thats about Halo?
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2021.12.07 09:19 lehorselessman Tomb of Gül Baba (a Turkish saint 'wali'), Budapest, Hungary

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2021.12.07 09:19 Anxious_Pineapple_35 Should I do this trade W/F/L

Me: fly ride bat dragon Them : frost dragon fly ride , mega kangaroo fly ride
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2021.12.07 09:19 XMajorWayneX First Sabdbox Park with a focus on infrastructure

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2021.12.07 09:19 eeldiov RUINED KING 5. Bölüm : Gemiyi Hazırlıyoruz!

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2021.12.07 09:19 esaaalnw What happens if you don't pay for Buy Now Pay Later Fintech apps like Atome and Hoolah?

I am aware of late payment fees, but what happens if you just don't pay at all?
Reading the FAQs it just seems like they deactivate your account if you miss payments.
Seeing that its aimed at students who has little money, its probably a high risk for such companies, the students can just stop using the apps.
So how does it really work?
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2021.12.07 09:19 Popular_Confection_5 r/desipremiume Lounge

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2021.12.07 09:19 Snake_Nerd72 How many mythic eggs are fair for a butterfly?

I need 2 more for a neon.
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2021.12.07 09:19 megan_736 Sore throat!! Help! My throat has been hurting for days now and It really hurts to cough and swallow🥺 can someone please tell me what they think this is?? I went to the doctor yesterday but he didnt say anything

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2021.12.07 09:19 master-selo What is the best strategy of asset management when you hold bitcoin over 1 years?

I'm a bitcoin beginner and I want to have bitcoin. so I'll buy some bitcoin and hold it. but I'm wandering what bitcoin holder do when they hold bitcoin over few years. In reality, we deposit money to a bank, etc. In cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are yield farming, lending, liquidity provider, etc. what do you think what the best strategy of investment when you are long-term holder over 1 years.
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2021.12.07 09:19 mrbrucel33 How I'd write DMC6, if it were truly the last game

Strap in, because this one's pretty long.
Dante and Vergil remain stuck in hell fighting demons and wandering after a 3 year timeskip.
Nero is 28 (just as Dante was in the 1st game or close to it) and is expecting his first child with Kyrie who is very nearly due. Lady and Trish run the original Devil May Cry and team up with Nero & Nico every now and again for missions. They're all at the old shop and not much has changed with their dynamic, the ladies grill Nero on expectations concerning what it means to be a dad and taking care of Kyrie.
Then a strange human appears who clearly seems otherworldly asks Nero if he's a decendant of Sparda. He's shown to be wearing a necklace with an Azure jewel as it's centerpiece. Nero hesitantly answers yes. The human who is actually an evolved demon spawn much like Trish/Lucia attacks Nero and pushes him to the limit in base form. Nero tells the lady Devil Hunters to back off and let him handle it. The strange demon then reveals himself to be a millennia old servant of Mundus who seeks to be the harbinger of his return.
The servant then Devil Triggers and in a blink of an eye blitzed Nero and knocked him out cold. Lady and Trish with a reunited Alastor in Devil Trigger then charge the servant at full power. Lady is immediately swatted away but Trish gets a couple of hits in but is no match. The servant holds Trish by the neck and places his necklace on her. The jewel on the necklace resonates with Mundus' essence still present in the life-force he used to create Trish.
The jewel shines and a bright white-reddish light fills the area and in a dust of smoke Mundus is shown to be resurrected; with his fully realized strength condensed in more human form and proportion.
We cut to hell, and there we find Dante and Vergil.
After countless bouts, and after adventuring through hell's inner rungs (think Yu-Yu Hakusho's demon world), they come across Sparda's last remaining ally. He overwhelms Dante and Vergil 2 on 1, despite the twins' almost godlike power. Showing that despite everything gained, there's someone out there still stronger than them, and even more experienced.
After the fight, he describes to the twins more of who Sparda really was from his perspective and expounds on the breaking point that led to why Sparda rebelled against Mundus to start with.
Out of notwhere, Sparda's ally and the twins sense Mundus' power from the other world. Vergil has PTSD and Dante is as serious and as furious as we've ever seen him, because they know that even with all of their acquired strength, the new Mundus still had the edge and they both agree that Nero stands no chance at winning.
Sparda's servant, understanding the gravity of situation tells the twins that he wasn't where he was by accident. Sparda knew that eventually, the twins would find themselves trapped in hell for one reason or another and if they were to ever find Sparda's ally. He would gift the twins with a parcel left behind from Sparda himself. The twins' true birthright, the secret of Yamato.
While Dante forged the Devil Sword Dante through a fusion of DS Sparda and Rebellion. The Yamato housed a singularity of Sparda's demonic energy which is what fueled its ability to cut through dimensions. The same energy that pulses from Vergil in SDT that DMC5 describes as "Yamato's true form".
Accessing the ability to cut through hell itself to access other realms was something that only Sparda knew how to do, that he taught no one else because the Yamato was Sparda's original secondary weapon. Vergil could cut portals, but only to travel around the same dimension he resided in.
The parcel explodes and envelopes Dante and Vergil in a strange energy that transports them to a pocket dimension in hell. Created by the energy that Sparda left behind in the parcel, a holographic image of Sparda is projected into the space which allows the twins to have one final interaction with their father.
Sparda's image then goes on to explain that Yamato will only truly resonate with one who has embraced their humanity, and that the key to cutting through hell lies in the strength of one's conviction, motivation and the belief that they wield demonkind's only hope for salvation.
The energy dissipates leaving Dante and Vergil in shock, but leaving no time to waste, Vergil places his hand on Yamato's hilt. He quickly reflects on Spardas words...
Back on Earth, Nero quickly comes to after feeling the shock of Mundus' overwhelming strength. He senses a depth to his power that upsets him to his very core, and as quick as he could muster, Devil Triggers and runs off with Lady to escape but Mundus's servant cuts him off at the pass. Nero quickly slays him effortlessly.
But then while distracted, Mundus rushes in to deliver a killing blow to Nero but is stopped at the last second by SDT Vergil and Dante. An epic battle commences but tragedy strikes.
Dante is struck by a piercing beam from Mundus that leaves him near death as it pierced through his demonic armor and through his heart. Dante, near death instructs Vergils to take the Perfect Amulet from within the DSD and run with Nero to escape Mundus and buy some time.
Dante says farewell to his brother, Nero and Lady, channels the rest of his demonic power and attacks one last time. Attempting to vaporize Mundus in a massive explosion of demon energy.
It fails, but Mundus is badly injured as Dante and his combat prowess were not at a huge disparity. Vergil and Nero escape with Lady and Nico via portal to a faraway island while Mundus is left to heal.
They take sometime to grieve the loss of The Legendary Devil Hunter, brother, uncle and friend.
Vergil then explains to Nero what happened to him and Dante in hell and tells him of the secret of Yamato as it is as much Nero's birthright as it was Dante and Vergil's. Vergil then pieces together why Dante gave him the Perfect Amulet.
Vergil remembering Nero's path to power surmised that out the Sparda progeny, Nero acquired his strength (DT) through sheer force of will and using his human emotions to tap into the innermost chasms of his inherent demonic power.
So he gives Nero the Perfect Amulet with hopes that he can use it to unlock his true strength in a manner not only unique to Sparda, but Nero as well. Vergil also takes the opportunity to show Nero how to wield the Yamato in battle, in the two weeks leading up to the final battle in the event that Vergil himself should fall though he does not disclose this to Nero.
Nero and Vergil then leave Lady and Nico at Fortuna and head back to Redgrave City for the final battle.
They both find Mundus fully healed and primed for battle, then the fight commences. Vergil charges in at SDT, Nero in DT and the fight is white hot but Nero is getting the worse of the exchanges between Mundus and himself because he cannot keep up.
Mundus deals with a savage blow to Vergil that knocks him out of SDT powers up an attack to finish off Nero. Then the unthinkable happens.
Vergil takes the attack head on to shield Nero from the impact.
Vergil goes on to say that even the little time he was able to spend with Nero meant everything to him, he says "I'm sorry, Nero" and then he passes in Nero's arms.
Nero flies into a rage consumed by a feeling of helplessness and self-loathing over his lack of strength. He's not thinking about his newborn child, or demonkind's salvation, the only thing on his mind is an all-consuming burning angst at losing the only family he could ever truly call his.
Then he clutches the Yamato as the Perfect Amulet in his pocket glows. Time seems to stand still for but a brief moment, Nero gathers his thoughts. He sees the cruelty that Mundus was capable of and then reflects on what Vergil told him regarding Sparda as a human being and what it meant to wield Yamato.
Nero sees that he and only he could inherit Sparda's will because he understood what it meant to love and care for others, that being the reason why Sparda turned his back on demon kind itself. It is in that moment that we see Nero's true potential unfold.
The Perfect Amulet, Yamato and the Red Queen combine to form the Devil Sword Nero and with it, The Perfect Devil Trigger.
With the hopes of all demon and humankind at stake, Nero slays Mundus after a climactic battle, in decisive fashion.
Sometime passes and we see the rest of the gang at Nero and Kyrie's old orphanage, welcoming the birth of his first child Angelo in a brand new Devil May Cry.
Let me know what you think.
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2021.12.07 09:19 HeartShapedGlassez Zefbaby <3

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2021.12.07 09:19 lorenzo_xviii Opinioni su Noi,Loro,Gli altri?

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2021.12.07 09:19 trailer8k this guy tied the tree

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2021.12.07 09:19 scottimpala FlixSE | Watch HD TV-Shows and Movies Online Free | TV Series & Stream Live

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2021.12.07 09:19 NerfZac The truth of Deploy CS-6. Why we loved it?

One of the most gimmick nerf blaster ever made by hasbro. From flashlight mode to blaster mode. This is quite cheap as good to buy, and it is the most afforable to have for your collection. In addition, the gimmick design influenced for elite blaster (i.e. Elite 2.0 Flip blaster, Mega Bulldog). The Deploy CS-6. Why is so good?
2010 is the last golden age of the Nerf N-Strike. With the Hasbro launched Deploy hit the scene in early 2010. What is the gimmick design for Deploy? Flashlight is the newest feature, which it was integrated into mag well. For blaster mode that defines unique design. It will extend the stock and flip the trigger handle to take the action. Also, the mag well position is in left side, and the jam door is located in the right side. That’s why it deployed, which was the name itself coming from. It was compact, perfect to store cabinet and large room drawer when is in flashlight mode. Aside from blaser, the carry strap was included from the box.
Everyone loved the deploy. Everyone is their childhood. Today, it is nostalgia.
I bought the blaster last 2012. I felt that it was so good to use the blaster. I appreciated the design of the blaster, and that I imagined for Hasbro will push on the future gimmick design. The latest gimmick blaster is Elite 2.0 Flip. Will Hasbro continue to produce gimmick design?
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2021.12.07 09:19 i_winter_soldier COVID cases on the rise.

COVID cases are rising and with the new mutated varient at our doors we have to more than just think of ourselves and work as a community. When you see people going out without masks, please ask them to do so and try to spread awareness in your circle.
Its sad to see people behave like COVID is a thing of the past and put their and other's life on risk. Looks like another lockdown around the corner.
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2021.12.07 09:19 Auxtrem Earcuffs Elf

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2021.12.07 09:19 ENGRx42 test

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2021.12.07 09:19 MrSpiidey Galera, alguém lembra em que video o Vito fala de Indie Game: The Movie?

Vi recentemente o filme Indie Game: The Movie e lembrei logo que o Vito já tinha falado nele num video uns anos atrás, tanto que foi daí que eu conheci o filme e tem estado na minha watchlist desde então. Agora depois de ver o filme, fui ver os videos antigos dele, no entanto, não lembro em que vídeo ele mencionou o filme. Só lembro que ele tinha o filme aberto numa janela pequena enquanto programava algo? Alguém me pode ajudar a encontrar o vídeo de novo?
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2021.12.07 09:19 ZenEvadoni [Spoiler: 6.0] One of my favourite moments in the MSQ

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2021.12.07 09:19 Killuadyck Hair advice for my homie

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2021.12.07 09:19 ImpactExtreme $PTOC - Tomorrow.io, the World’s Weather and Climate Security Platform, to Go Public on Nasdaq Through Merger With Pine Technology Acquisition Corp.

Press Release:
Investors Presentation:
Coming Soon
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2021.12.07 09:19 linuxjuris89 KDE Activities - cannot open 2nd instance of chrome (switches back to 1st activity)

I have activity A, activity B.
On activity A I have chrome opened with 2 tabs. Now I switch to activity B. Then when I open chrome it automatically switches back to Activity A (why??) which has 2 tabs.
How can I have opened 2nd independant instance of chrome (same profile) on Activity B?
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