White / Off-White Frigates for Combat, Exploration, Support, Industrial, Trade Euclid Galaxy Korvax T2 Economy

2021.12.05 07:25 Jensen_Explorer White / Off-White Frigates for Combat, Exploration, Support, Industrial, Trade Euclid Galaxy Korvax T2 Economy

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2021.12.05 07:25 greatronini All the back to school essentials

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2021.12.05 07:25 josfnchris ITAP of a Thai street vendor

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2021.12.05 07:25 Independent-Front-46 Offers looking for coins or my WL

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2021.12.05 07:25 LukLazar Colonization with poland

Is it possible to colonize new world or africa with poland
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2021.12.05 07:25 Darkblade51224 The One Unworthy of Legends

The One Unworthy of Legends
Skarlet is a timid scaredy-cat running from her past, Cody is a fresh hero from another world. When these two meet, how will the dice land? Twelve Beasts roam the land, each so powerful they're said to either be feared by the gods or purposefully left alone by them. One of these beasts attacks the city of Aguris, Cody is set on driving it out without killing it, believing there's a reason for their existence. Skarlet was given a task to kill it, her desire for the strength and power to face her past driving her. How will they deal with their opposing goals? And when he finds out she's planning on hunting all twelve, will he stop her or join her?
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance
The One Unworthy of Legends
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2021.12.05 07:25 Certain-Albatross-80 Type me please!

• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself. - I'm 17 and I'm a Woman • Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow? - No, I don't have any. • Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it? - Yes, my mom taught me I was a Muslim, and she explained almost everything about it to me. I believe that, but I almost don't do anything I'm supposed to do the way I should because the living conditions force me not to. If they'd pressured me, I probably never would have accepted it. • What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not? - That would probably be software engineering. I'm very interested in computers, and ever since I was a little girl, my brother's always taken me away from his computer. That's the main thing that got me into this. I like to spend time alone and deal with computers. If I have nothing to do, I'll try almost all the features of the computer, and it's just out of curiosity. • If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed? - I'd probably add something new to myself and realize things. I might not have preferred to go out, but since I was home too much, maybe I could go out for some air, a walk. I'd feel refreshed • What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities? - I think I prefer physical activity. They comfort me and keep me from thinking. They clear my head, and it makes me happy. I'm good at most sports. Even if I try the sport for the first time I've never tried it, surprisingly I adapt immediately. I like to play Chess and I like to play Mangala. I like mind games but I don't much prefer them because even if I am interested in them it will be too short. It's not that I don't like short-term things, but I don't prefer them. • How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate. - I think the answer to that will be a bit long. I like to guess what people are thinking, and it's just out of curiosity. I find it very entertaining to think about what they think about anything, not about me. This is just out of my curiosity. I am constantly observing what is happening around me and constantly saying "why" throughout the day. I wonder the reason behind people's behavior, what they say. I guess what they're thinking and saying, and it's usually right. I'm sure it's true even if they say it's wrong. • Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be? - I'd make a great team player, But I would probably be a bad leader because I expect near-perfect performance from everyone, and if they don't meet my expectations, I get very angry and scold them. This happened to me when I was the leader, and I messed up everyone's morale even more. I can be a great team player and try to give my all (if I really care) for any given job. - Whats your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them? - Honestly, I have no interest in the past, and it seems rather boring to me. Even though I like to live in the present moment, I have a hard time doing this because I overthink, especially this year. I think too much and I live in my head. Sometimes I think I say something to people, but it only happens in my head. I'm not sure I'm thinking about the future. There is very little time when I think about what kind of future I will have, but I think about the future of my country, 10-20 years from now, etc. I can guess. Or guess what someone else will be like 10 years from now. However, I don't like to think about the future. • How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so? - I guess it depends on my current mood. If I don't have any problems and I don't have a job to do, maybe I can accept it. But what he wants about is also important, if it's a difficult job, I want it in return or I won't that job. If I'm angry or I have a job, I do not do this, even if the other person is unable to do it. I don't think it will do me any good in the future because I don't ask for help from anyone. I think I'm self-sufficient. • Do you need logical consistency in your life? - I don't worry too much about inconsistency because I don't like to think too much. But that doesn't mean I don't doubt everything inconsistent. Of course I'm skeptical, but I'd rather not clarify the inconsistency if it's not a big deal • Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that? - I guess I would just wonder if I could control someone. I would reflect what I said as if it was a good thing and work it into his subconscious. • What are your hobbies? Why do you like them? - Playing sports, cooking, watching TV shows/movies or mind games and maybe chatting with people, about anything. It is also my hobby to spend time alone and think about things. • What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses? - I like to learn by trying. But that's just for me to specialize. If I am going to learn a new movement, I imagine how I will do it and try to develop it by applying it. If I'm going to learn a term, I prefer to memorize it. I am really good at memorization. Or liken it to a term I can remember, and I think of it when I try to remember it. But even that requires memorization. • How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go? - I probably use my strategy in every area of ​​my life, and it's my own strategy. I always act according to the order I set up in my head. This includes missions. • What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally? - My aspiration in life is to achieve what I absolutely want in every way. I believe I can achieve anything I want and I see this potential, but I feel like I'm wasting that • How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so? -I like to dream, but I usually have dreams that I can fulfill. I don't like having a dream I can't fulfill because it bothers me to think I can't. When I see someone else having dreams that won't come true, I usually say it's impossible and say, "Do you really believe you can do this?", "You expect it too high, the truth hurts". That's why people usually don't like me very much. • Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about? - I'll think about leaving the room • How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it? - I make quick decisions and I usually regret it later. I am really impatient. • How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life? -I live my emotions intensely. And it's like a roller coaster, if I'm sad I'm too sad and if I'm happy I'm too happy. It will be to my advantage if I accept myself with my emotions and learn to control them. Their place in my life is important. Even if I can't control them, I accept them. And sometimes I never understand them. • Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why? - Yes, this happened to me rarely especially in primary school because I didn't want to create an unnecessary discussion in the environment. Unless that's a big deal of course. If it is important to me, I will defend my opinion to the end. • Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why? - If the rules help me, I'll accept, but that doesn't mean I won't break the rule. I'm definitely going to break the rules if it doesn't do me any good. Both the benefit to me and my own logic system are important here
My native language is not English, and that's why I understood that I answered.
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2021.12.05 07:25 Same-Philosopher128 F250 what’s it worth

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2021.12.05 07:25 mahendraleo Kabir is God

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2021.12.05 07:25 bitcheslovereptar Trying to get screen size to work in full screen

I'm running a MacOSX version of nethack - though it's basically like all the other unixes, uses 'brew' to install, and sits in its own directory separate from the sytem.
I'm wanting to play the old ncurses/ascii interface (not graphical/tileset) in the largest screen size possible -- so that the resulting window looks like screen-edge to screen-edge nethack map, not the current size.
There's an option called 'fullscreen' (https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Options#fullscreen) for sysconf (or, .nethackrc in Windows/everything else) which I can't get working. My hope is that it will allow me to play in the size I've made the terminal window (eg. fullscreen, 271 columns x 77 rows), rather than the current 80x25 small screen.
I just want to play it in glorious terminal majesty!
But anyway, if anyone has a way of doing this, please let me know ;)
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2021.12.05 07:25 imvcb4 Iraqis would you like your country to join the gcc?

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2021.12.05 07:25 CristleWright Based on the title, what (college) elective should I pick next semester?

I can't decide pls help lol
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2021.12.05 07:25 Little_Bonez game suggestions pls

Game suggestions pls. I have an extremely stressed friend who needs help getting their mind off things, what kind of games can I get them for Christmas to help them relax in between therapy sessions? preferably on steam but ill take anything I can get. thank you^^
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2021.12.05 07:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘Humans are for the grave’: Karen face Myanmar military violence | Al Jazeera

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2021.12.05 07:25 Spirited_Work_4997 🐶 Ninja Floki Inu 🐶 Stealth Launched 1 DAY - MC $4k! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!

Welcome to Ninja Floki Inu
We present you Ninja Floki Inu!
Lottery Fee:
-Out of every buy transaction 1% will automatically go to our Loterry wallet while on each sell that transaction will turn into 1%.
Liquidity Fee:
-We have also implemented a tax of 1% on each buy & 1% of each sell transaction to be added back into the liquidity pool. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.
🚀Ninja Floki Inu Tokenomics🚀
-Total Supply
-Network - BEP20
-Burn - 0%
-PCS Liquidity - 95%
-Team Wallet - 5%
🚀Total Tax🚀
2 % Buy - 2% Liquidity
2 % Sell - 2% Liquidity
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xBB06730c96AA334631b7c7a7DD627b4112FE2C80
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xBB06730c96AA334631b7c7a7DD627b4112FE2C80
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xBB06730c96AA334631b7c7a7DD627b4112FE2C80#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa55779b542481ac6934d4d444bccf16ede5bc379
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2021.12.05 07:25 ABookDevourer Adopt an introvert today! Get your best selling guide, here!

Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you like introverts? Nerds? Shy folks? Then, read on!
Are you looking to adopt an introvert? Are you disappointed that your local shelter, (generally referred to as a library) hasn't been open during the pandemic to accept applications?
Well, fear no more! I've come to answer your prayers! I've written this handy guide for you extroverts out there to adopt introverts!
Before you go about adopting an introvert, you have to find one. The following is a list of places you are likely to find an introvert: The library, the nearest bed, the edges of the room, the quietest space nearby and finally, absolutely anywhere cozy and indoors.
Once you've found your introvert, you're ready to begin the adoption process!
Step One: Approach cautiously and with treats in hand. Be sure not to be too loud. Be gentle, no sudden movements that might spook the introvert.
Step Two: Tentatively hold out the treats to the introvert, and coax them into taking the treat. It's best if you use a soft-spoken, calm tone of voice when encouraging them so as not to spook the introvert.
Step Three: Repeat step two until the introvert you wish to adopt is within head patting range.
Step Four: Slowly reach out your hand and give the introvert a single, gentle head pat. Repeat until signs of contentment become obvious. Do NOT attempt to hug the introvert yet, as they may feel trapped and panic, fleeing the area.
Step Five: Offer the introvert a book and/or recreational opportunity so that they can become more comfortable with your presence. Patting nearby seats or following them until they pursue these opportunities is generally a safe bet.
Step Six: Once the introvert is comfortable around you, the final step is to lodge your adoption papers with your nearest shelter or other introvert institution. If for some reason, you're unwilling to do so, you can of course kidnap the introvert. If they're sufficiently trusting of you, they won't mind one bit. Stockholm Syndrome is wonderful, isn't it?
If you've followed the above steps, congratulations! You've adopted an introvert!
But now for an actually informative post, ONWARDS!
Greetings! I'm a big freaking nerd from the land down under (Australia), and I come in search of friends!
I enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, writing both and I sometimes get round to playing games, though my days of playing competitively are in the past. I very much prefer co-op and slower paced games nowadays.
I'm also a sucker for music, which well, most people are, but I tend to take things a little bit overboard. My music taste is all over the place, and spans about 1800 songs. Perhaps not super impressive, but I am proud of my big ol' Spotify playlist! Mainly a collection of rock, but there's a little bit of everything in there.
Other than specific interests like music or books, I'm also just a bit weird in general. I tend to act like an overexcited puppy which is a metaphor some people take a little bit too far, not that it isn't amusing when they do. I'm insatiably curious to the point where I'll write whole essays just thinking about random things, like the value of creativity in relation to the human spirit within society, or I'll write a skit for ten minutes based on something someone said an hour ago. That's not even the best bit though! Sometimes, I even make time to... get this, indulge in my coconut water addiction!
Addiction, you might ask? Well, let me explain. I have an overwhelming addiction to coconut water. I've consumed about 1.8 liters in just under 54 seconds. And yes, I did time myself, just so I could say I did that. I regularly consume at least one liter a day, if there's any left which probably isn't safe, let alone sane, but who cares?!
By the way, you know that there's apparently scientific evidence to support a temperature differential between men and women? Neat, right? Something about women having a higher surface area to volume ratio and thus losing heat faster.
Other than my love for books, music, emotional stories and odd rabbit holes of randomness, I usually spend a lot of time talking to people that matter to me. By that, I mean I ramble and blush a lot after the fact when I realise I've been talking for about ten minutes straight.
For example, I was chatting to my friend the other day and we got into a discussion about whether the 🥺 emoji was sexual in nature, a pouting emoji, or simply the ultimate expression of bottom energy. Personally, I think it's that last one.
So, in short, if you want me to continue this introduction, or you want a shy, chaotic introvert who'll always be at your back, (by which I mean peeking out from behind it to hide from strangers) come say hello and let's see how we get along!
The guide above definitely applies to me. I appreciate head pats, snacks and hugs and will gladly take all three. Also... I may or may not have post book series completion sadness.
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2021.12.05 07:25 Wooden_Assistant_402 Carry ke views kuy nahi aa rahe

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2021.12.05 07:25 FREDDEGRAN Dead Planet written by me :)

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2021.12.05 07:25 shymexican__ Just got my first 7/7/7 🥺

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2021.12.05 07:25 jinkinater Just a fan appreciation post from watching anime since toonami in the early 90’s

So this is my quick story about my anime life and this started i. The early 1990s. I started watching as a child the toonami afternoon show but where I lived exactly cut off from Cartoon Network(also toonami) and change stations to the sci fi network at about 6:00 because they shared channels( at least where I lived so they’d cut to sci-fi network at 6) Im explaining this because I lived in the in a rural town and this would be the schedule of the channels there. So I was very deprived and saw some shows like guandam wing, dragon ball, reboot, sailor moon, tenchi muyo, and DBZ. I’d catch glimpses of it but it cut off about that time of day.
But at the same time I’d spend a summer at my grandparents place in a different state and Cartoon Network would be 24/7 so I got to see everything and like the midnight run etc. without interruption(fyi this was during when they dubbed the Saiyan saga/ freeze sage)
So I’ve adapted different animes over the years, especially full metal alchemist and full metal alchemist brotherhood which are still my absolute favorites.
So I’ve grown up with dubbed anime but during the pandemic I decided to watch one piece dubbed because a friend recommended it to me and I love it. I watched dubbed and they finished the Dresrossa arch just recently dubbed, and I had to continue subbed. So now I’m ahead of my friend who suggested it to me lol. I’m all caught up videowise
So to continue I gotta say “One Piece” is one of the best animes I’ve ever seen so far in its running. Why?! because something minor happens 100-700+ episodes ago comes up and it’s like oh snap?! This show is amazing and I love it but can’t rate it until it’s done you know? And I hope to survive until then
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2021.12.05 07:25 burgerking444 yesterday i quit smoking at last, and i feel so good

this morning i did get a nasty headache but i took it on the chin and kept going forward. i read the Allen Carr book and it really shifted my entire perspective, and I'm honestly just happy that I finally mustered the will to quit this thing once and for all.
I'm an Indian college student, and i get about 6000 rupees to spend out on the town every month, and out of that roughly 2500 went towards cigarettes which is obviously a lot. with that saved money i could do so much stuff like treat myself at restaurants, make unnecessary in game purchases and all. i know the quitting process isn't fully over yet but I'm gonna make sure that i remain free of cigarettes, now and forever.
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2021.12.05 07:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Several wounded as Myanmar security forces ram anti-coup protest | Al Jazeera

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2021.12.05 07:25 aaddaa123 https://t.me/joinchat/G3XliK0ntDgzNDBh

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2021.12.05 07:25 Bogienin This is alot i am seriously done,

I've done everything i could do, i allowed java to private network, i port forwarded, i changed my ip and report forwarded, this is just alot, I've done everything possible on YouTube and all the websites, my server just doesn't let non local players (same wifi) join
Pleeeeeeease help.
Server info: Forge and bukkit,spigot,paper (Yes all of them) 1.16.5 20 players Port forwarded Running on 4gb ram
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2021.12.05 07:25 tripex_ Fortnite save files

Does anyone know what is in the save files of fortnite? Because i switches qccounts some time ago and wanted to transfer the skins but i dont know if its only save the world.
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