[CA-ON] [H] Keychron K6 Hotswap, 89 Kalih box Royal Switches, Cement Grey PBT Keycaps Set [W] Cash, Paypal

2021.12.07 14:34 LurkinMostlyOnlyYes [CA-ON] [H] Keychron K6 Hotswap, 89 Kalih box Royal Switches, Cement Grey PBT Keycaps Set [W] Cash, Paypal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/UTofhm2
Shipping is an extra $10 for the keyboard and $5 for the keycaps and/or switches.
Selling my lightly used items. None are older than 3 months:
Keychron K6 with Aluminum Plate and hotswap PCB (comes with original packaging and original keycaps, but NO switches) - $75 CAD or $60 USD
Kalih Box Royal Switches (89 in all) - $35 CAD or $28 USD
Cement Grey PBT Keycaps set from KBDfans (entire set) - $35 CAD or $25 USD
All together - $130 CAD or $102 USD
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2021.12.07 14:34 Bafflenuuk1000 Jojo and body horror

As I’ve been watching part six I’ve kind of realized that this show gives us some real unnerving imagery regarding the way stands can effect the human body, you got any scenes that make you cringe real hard?
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2021.12.07 14:34 trancatt Justin Jefferson’s Instagram story… yeah this dude wants out 😩

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2021.12.07 14:34 Nemini20 I want it to end

I intentionally overdosed 5 days ago. Today is the first day I feel like dying again since then. I wish I could claw the skin off all my body and cut myself to pieces. I wish I could hit my head into the wall until I die.
I just want it all to be over. I know I will feel ok in a few hours. I know I will but the wish it wall over come back no matter what.
I don't want advice.
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2021.12.07 14:34 MC-Sherm Trying to show that I made a lot from helium for a loan but…

I’m using these tools to generate earning reports on helium explorer such as helium-tax and dewi but for some reason they’re pulling out the number $21030 when my wallet itself says $90000 (the amount of hnt is correct at 2000+ but price is way off) anyone know of a good site where I can make an accurate start earning report?
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2021.12.07 14:34 bobmahalo MOASS Fireworks Show Preview

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2021.12.07 14:34 bogatyrprintables Two tortles out of five published in our newest release! If you'd like to see more let me know or check out our Patreon!

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2021.12.07 14:34 TemporaryIllusions [ISO]Vegan Meal Replacement Shake for kids, recommendations?

Hey y’all. I’m not actually a vegan but my son was recommended by his pediatrician to add a vegan meal replacement shake to his diet (because he isn’t gaining enough weight) she specifically wants vegan because of the plant proteins and lower sugar content (because we also want to rule out hyperinsulinemia) then the traditional Pediasure types.
Since I am not vegan myself I am unfamiliar with the brands out there and was hoping for some recommendations from people who have drank them and can speak to their tastes. My husband drinks Kachava right now and my son hates it (I do too, tastes like a diet brownie lol)
We are open to flavors, pre-made or make your own, whatever you got! Thanks so much!
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2021.12.07 14:34 lilkookie3 Alyssa, honey, you listening?

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2021.12.07 14:34 Goldac77 Another low effort meme

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2021.12.07 14:34 Chtorrr cactus

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2021.12.07 14:34 Post-YouTube Video: We have to love the mother and the child equally ft. Lila Rose

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2021.12.07 14:34 Ok_Profit_4730 Past $6ish Drops Tell Me $4.50 Puts for 2022

What the he'll do I know!!??
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2021.12.07 14:34 RustyStrings12 I have a bunch of downtime at my job, how could I best use it to improve as a musician?

Ey yall
So my job is really boring and most days consists of me sitting alone for several hours at a time. Usually I spend the time listening to podcasts or music but I’ve started to get kinda bummed that those hours are just wasted
I’m unfortunately watched by a camera in the store to make sure I’m not slacking off too much but they haven’t noticed my AirPods yet. All I can really do is listen to stuff
I’ve started listening to podcasts like Song exploder pr just listening to new music and interviews with musicians
Y’all know any other podcasts or audiobooks I could listen to to make the most of this time?
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2021.12.07 14:34 povrpoint All Supras in one photo

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2021.12.07 14:34 FlashyLake9014 Is anyone else’s account saying this or is it just me ??

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2021.12.07 14:34 natt333_ Free slot for someone on Discord!! - I'm the artist

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2021.12.07 14:34 Meatbag96 BREAKING: Superstar Pablo Sanchez and the Humongous Melonheads have reached an agreement to the tune of 10 years, $500 million.

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2021.12.07 14:34 Silveradosilver Let me know

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2021.12.07 14:34 cupcakescandy Are there any jobs anyone recommends with a work/life balance and a livable wage?

Bonus points for approximate salary and education needed :)
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2021.12.07 14:34 G1Down_shift R.E.D. Knockout & Ultra Magnus (not my pic)

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2021.12.07 14:34 loimprevisto The DTCC has a program that allows any broker accept counterfeit shares. This is not getting enough attention.

I've been doing a deep dive into the entire securities clearing/Continuous Net Settlement process and while every single part of the process seems to have a rule that should concern retail investors, the one I find the most problematic is the DTCC's "Fully Paid For Account". I'm not trying to spin a conspiracy theory; if I'm misinterpreting this I'd LOVE to hear where I'm going wrong. I tried to ask my broker about this but Fidelity keeps deleting my question from their subreddit, dropping my chat session, and putting my on hold indefinitely or dropping my call when they transfer me...
Here's the ELIape version:

These are corporations, not government entities. They write their own rules, procedures, and bylaws and enforce them amongst their members with contract law. They are regulated by the SEC in their role as clearing agencies, but members have a lot of freedom to use the system how they want until a member raises a dispute or a regulatory agency intervenes.
If the NSCC doesn't receive the stock from the seller on T+2, it's a fail to deliver for the seller. If the buyer doesn't get the stock from the NSCC on T+2, it's a fail to receive for the buyer. The buyer could submit a request for a forced buy-in but this doesn't happen often. Instead the buyer can set aside the money they got from their retail customer in the Fully Paid For Account and the seller's debt gets documented and stacked up in the "Obligation Warehouse" service. Then the DTCC's algorithm can sort through all the buys and sells every day to clear out the oldes failures and keep all the money and stocks moving where they need to go with a minimum of disruptions.
The Obligation Warehouse is a separate can of worms, for now let's dive into the Fully Paid For Account and see if we can collect a few wrinkles along the way.
The biggest red flags for the Fully Paid For Account are the "benefits" listed on the DTCCs information page:
What are the odds that a program designed for brokers to maintain good relationships with institutional customers and reduce the number of institutional fails is a Good Thing for retail? And what exactly is "Section 15c3-3 of the Exchange Act"? 15c3-3 is the broker-dealer customer protection rule, which 'ensures' that brokers don't put customer assets at risk when they loan them out or use them as collateral. The cash, treasury bills, or a letter of credit from a bank original act specified that
The rule requires broker-dealers to take steps to protect the securities that customers leave in their custody. These steps include the requirement that broker-dealers promptly obtain and thereafter maintain possession or control of all "fully paid" and "excess-margin" securities carried for the accounts of customers. The possession or control requirement is designed to ensure that broker-dealers do not put customers at risk by borrowing their securities to expand or otherwise further the broker-dealer's proprietary activities.
Paragraph (b)(3) of Rule 15c3-3 sets forth conditions under which broker-dealers may borrow fully paid or excess margin securities from customers for their own use without violating the rule's possession or control requirement. These conditions include the requirement that broker-dealers and their lending customers enter into written agreements that (1) set forth the basis of compensation for the loans as well as the rights and liabilities of the parties in the borrowed securities, (2) require the broker-dealers to provide the lenders with schedules of the securities actually borrowed, (3) require the broker-dealers to provide the lenders with, at least, 100% collateral consisting exclusively of cash, United States Treasury bills and notes, or an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a bank, and (4) contain a prominent notice that the provisions of the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 may not protect the lenders with respect to the securities loan transactions. Moreover, the loaned securities and pledged collateral must be marked to market daily, and additional collateral posted if necessary to maintain the 100% collateralization requirement. These requirements are designed so that borrowings of customer securities remain fully collateralized for the term of the loan.
So, the SEC lays out rules about how brokers can use their customers assets in margin accounts or with a signed lending agreement that compensates the customer and warns them of the risks. Sounds good so far... but what happens if a customer gives money to the brokerage, the brokerage gets a fail to receive, and they just let it ride instead of forcing a buy-in? No stock is being loaned but there's a fully collateralized chunk of money that gets 'marked to market' daily to track the price of the stock. You have a stock-shaped asset on the books that satisfies the CNS process for settling accounts just like a stock would, but no shares have actually changed hands and customer assets aren't being "loaned". If my reading of the situation is accurate, this also means that each brokerage decided to receive the IOUs from the NSCC rather than the counterfeit shares just showing up in the system as a result of the market maker's shenanigans.
Members instruct NSCC to move their expected long allocations from the general CNS “A” subaccount into a fully-paid-for location (the “E” subaccount) and are then permitted to use customer fully-paid-for positions to complete institutional deliveries in DTC.
As Members instruct NSCC to move expected long allocations to the fully-paid-for location, NSCC reclassifies the relevant long allocations as a fully-paid-for long allocation and debits the Member the market value of the relevant securities in the NSCC settlement system. These long allocation reclassifications and corresponding settlement debits are posted intraday by NSCC. The funds associated with the fully-paid-for process are collected via NSCC’s end-of-day settlement process and are held by NSCC and used to ensure the customer fully-paid-for positions can be replaced should the Member become insolvent. Upon completion of a fully-paid-for long allocation, the relevant funds are used to pay for the securities received from CNS via NSCC’s end-of-day settlement process.
One more nifty little detail, apparently the NSCC doesn't need to document the difference between shares and Fully Paid For Account entries on their books, so when they open their books to a regulatory agency it just shows that all the numbers match up. I'm not too sure about this one, I'd it if anyone with a compliance/accounting/actuarial background could chime in. From NSCC Rule 12.2:
(c) any action taken by the Corporation pursuant to an instruction given to the Corporation by a Member to move a position to its Fully-Paid-For Subaccount shall not constitute an appropriate entry on the Corporation’s books so as to constitute such movement
TL;DR - Your brokerage can choose to receive an IOU instead of an actual share and keep your cash on the books in a special sub-account. The CNS system makes this look just like a share and since all the brokerages in the NSCC share liabilities as the guaranteed counterparty, they're incentivized to keep looking the other way and prevent the MOASS.
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2021.12.07 14:34 milk_gaming Fiz uma IA criar uma foto tendo de tema o nome desse subreddit. Olha só o resultado (caso a imagem tenha algo que quebre as regras me avise)

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2021.12.07 14:34 needlelacemaster Wonderful Very Beautiful Crochet Pattern knitting free Online Tutorial f...

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2021.12.07 14:34 Yellowishmilk Brave Yellow 7858 - FUD Account Warning

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