The secret for speed is hot dog water

2021.11.28 16:52 INGWR The secret for speed is hot dog water

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2021.11.28 16:52 ObamaEatsBabies Halo Infinite | Forever We Fight (Live-action trailer)

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2021.11.28 16:52 FishOnAStick1 Batrery percentage going up without charging?

So today I finished my run and my battery was at 12%. I got home and 20 mins later it went up to 21%.
The run was in snow so did that have an effect?
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2021.11.28 16:52 ThrowAway237s What is Google's commercial incentive for UA-CH?

When Google does good, it appears not to be out of their hearts or good will, but for some hidden commercial benefit, and that apparent good will is just a side effect. This is not meant as vilification, just a humble observation.
This time, Google claims their brand new UA-CH is intended to protect user privacy, which seems quite hypocritical regarding their demand of credit card or identity card for age verification on YouTube in some countries (article).
Sorry, Google, but many people rightfully do not wish to disclose their real-life identities to an advertising company. This new YouTube restriction is blatantly anti-privacy.
So what is the incentive behind Google's new UA-CH invention? Possibly a marketing stunt?
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2021.11.28 16:52 RealStockPicks $IFUS Major news watch, new cycle, multiple news items is on over the next 1-18 days,

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2021.11.28 16:52 dogglesnake Deathmatch Lover, Dropkick Machine, and Master of the Blizzard Suplex: TJPW's International Princess Champion, Hikari Noa!

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2021.11.28 16:52 pepperedbagel Hung by morals

Simplicity tied between confusing outlines
That rest upon
A cloud of dreams
The future runs it's rotten fingers through your hair
To devote itself to you, with lackluster care
Whereas the court and jester
Judge those whose wounds clearly fester
The wild misinterpretation of pain
The jury in all simplicity was designed to point that hanging finger
And gift a curse those that linger
In between dreams
Who stare and stand on the executioners block
Where the faceless have long forgot
What features lie behind
That black bag
Hanging, upon that sagging head
As they scream and cheer and wish the creature dead They can feel happy once again
As that chest
Devours lead
1 2
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2021.11.28 16:52 DiddyPancakes I updated my Minecraft skin! What do y'all think?

I updated my Minecraft skin! What do y'all think?
Underside (You can see his boot tracks!)
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2021.11.28 16:52 Ranchstaff24 Intellectual Property and Copyright

So, over the past couple years I've been writing my own Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA), and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (D&D 5e) . I want to be able to share it with other people but I have no intention to profit on it. I am uncertain of the limits on distributing this.
The work itself makes references to the world of ATLA and uses terms like "Airbender" and "Fire Nation" in it that I imagine are probably copyrighted words, but no specific characters are mentioned. Additionally, some of the specific language and descriptions for things are paraphrased or directly copied from published 5e material, though many are altered enough to be distinct.
As I said, I have no intention of selling or profiting off this work, as it is just a passion project of mine. Given the record of things like Pokemon Uranium, a major fan project that got shut down, I am slightly concerned about getting issued a Cease and Desist or threatened with legal action if I make this work public.
Would I be safe in posting a Google drive link to a copy of this work online, such as on other subreddits and social media? Would it be safer to simply share it directly with close friends? Or is distribution of this in any form illegal?
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2021.11.28 16:52 Timely_Persimmon_378 I keep getting different answers someone help me out if I pet my dog on coke could it possible rub off from the sweat and get my dog high. I wouldn't be able too live with my self if my dog got fucked up jesus I don't even wanna imagine that

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2021.11.28 16:52 Tbq_ Sekiam vs ELM me he sentido humillado de nuevo

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2021.11.28 16:52 amatom27 Jaguars ruled out TE Dan Arnold due to a knee injury.

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2021.11.28 16:52 Noorbles Not only having to calculate the way he goes, but the way back as well

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2021.11.28 16:52 chuchulover Is by any chance one of the n64 controller screws welded on?

I've been trying to unscrew my n64 controller for repairs but at the last screw no matter how hard i pressed it wouldn't come off, it even made a bit off metallic powder from the tip of my screwdriver
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2021.11.28 16:52 blackpatchouli Christmas tree that could eat me? No thank you.

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2021.11.28 16:52 Vetovius RegionBattle [Semi-Vanilla] {SMP w/Random Events!} {Land Claim} {Custom Plugins!} {Dynmap!} {Team PVP Game Modes! w/ Manhunt compass!}

What is RegionBattle?
Bedrock Edition IP:

RegionBattle SMP is the server's survival mode, which features:
- Fully Custom Plugins/Mechanics exclusive to this server!
- Random spawning Capturable Battle Regions w/ Boss and good loot!
- /sethome
- One-time Starter Kit
- /ranks
- Land Claiming
- Vote Rewards
- No 'P2W' functions or features

RegionBattle is a custom made PvP game mode that is actively being developed. The concept of the game is that players are divided amongst teams, and are given 15 minutes to prepare for war in their own region! The last team standing wins the game. Find hiding players with your compass using the /seek command! Head on over to /rbspawn to check it out. A new battle will start within 5 minutes if 2+ people are in /rbspawn.
A second battle game mode is also available at /battle where over the course of the battle you and your team can /seek out enemy players and hunt for randomized loot which resets every match! This game mode also features a fully custom 6kx6k map!
Less is more, and we believe that simplicity is important, the server was built from the ground up using only the highest quality plugins that will allow for smooth transitions between updates, as well as our own that will continue to be updated.
Host Location: US Central
IP Address:
Bedrock Edition IP:
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2021.11.28 16:52 hippoposthumous1 Ikea Dishwasher soap dispenser (WPW10224430) latch

I am in a rental unit and the dishwasher soap dispenser is missing the latch. It is complete, and the door spring works, but it just doesn't have the catch, it's missing.
I cannot locate just the catch, just the complete dispenser, which is very expensive. The owner of the unit won't fix it. They just want me to throw a tablet in mid cycle which, sure, but I'd like to fix it.
Any ideas?
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2021.11.28 16:52 ANightSentinel Has Albuquerque been making an effort to bring in talent?

It seems like all the new people I meet and make friends with are from out of state who came here to work for either the labs or military or came here for their PhD. For the people who are better informed, has the city disclosed any kind of plans to revamp itself?
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2021.11.28 16:52 jadech19 ENGRD2700 Prelim 2 grades?

Did anyone get their scores back for ENGRD2700 on canvas yet? I just see - for the score
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2021.11.28 16:52 Ordinary_Craft Tubebuddy Masterclass – Guide to YouTube Keyword Tool - Limit : 1000 Enrollments
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2021.11.28 16:52 Itsme_lady-z Sunday Funday! On to my next Quillie project! I couldn't figure out what word to use for this kind of art so I made up my own! 🥰 Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a great one!!

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2021.11.28 16:52 Stevewhit24 Market dump and FUD incoming. Remember why we are here. Stay calm and enjoy the ride. Trust in our lead ape RC and OUR company. noom eht no ay eeS

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2021.11.28 16:52 cheesesticksrat FTX Trade History

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2021.11.28 16:52 GTAclipster Left a man behind

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2021.11.28 16:52 Robusttequilla007 Neymar Jr tournament

My team is looking for a player to join us for the Neymar jr tournament Qualifiers,if anyone is interested pls let me know.
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