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Is it a valid programming choice to not use coroutines?

Controversially, Microsoft is making it much harder to change your default browser in Windows 11, but there are even deeper problems.In some cases, Windows 11 will simply ignore the choice you ... When using media queries, it’s sometimes necessary or at least acceptable to override styles using !important. Say you clear something with .foo li:nth-child(4n+1) { clear: left; } in your main stylesheet, and then want to clear on nth-child(odd) instead, you’d have to explicitly reset the first clear using the same selector instead of doing .foo li { clear: none !important; } .foo li:nth ...

2021.12.01 12:12 shipshaper88 Is it a valid programming choice to not use coroutines?

I don't use coroutines, but I feel like since everybody talks about them, maybe I should use them. I tend to implement anything that needs to run across frames directly, for example by passing in dt and having somebody decide when the thing should end (e.g., by returning a bool). Is this just needless extra work? I feel like if I use coroutines, I'm giving up a degree of control. Is there any validity to this?
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2021.12.01 12:12 IDoButtStuffs Mutton Kari dosa in Bangalore

Does anyone know a place where you can get good Mutton Kari dosa?
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2021.12.01 12:12 techforfit What people say about Itachi, Kakashi, obito, Naruto

What people say about Itachi, Kakashi, obito, Naruto
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2021.12.01 12:12 valentxic What's the winter21 halo worth rn?

Just write your thoughts, tell me how much it's worth in dims!
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2021.12.01 12:12 Ok_Band6248 What would you do If there were 1000 zombie milfs around your house?

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2021.12.01 12:12 thehighroofer Just a few more weeks until big Savings kick in…lfg 🔥🦍🚀🌕☝🏼

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2021.12.01 12:11 goddesszenaxxx Seems Kirk is destined to win.

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2021.12.01 12:11 coopatroopa11 Christmas Gifts for Customers

Hey sloots, I need some help with gift ideas. I work for a dental lab and every year we buy gifts for the staff at all our busiest office just as a thank you for choosing us. In years past that I've worked here, we did potpourri (sp?) with a custom tea set. Last year I got all the girls plants. This year I'm stumped. They loved the plants last year, but our supplier doesn't have great stuff this year in terms of fun festive plants and even regular house plants. Usually we try and use different price points depending on the amount spent, and usually the categories we end up with $10, $25, $50 and $100. What are good, cheap, gift ideas, at each price point, that you personally would be happy to receive? The girls age range is between roughly 21-early 40's.
thank you so much :)
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2021.12.01 12:11 throwmeaway111213 If you could know the way you die or the exact moment you die, which would you choose?

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2021.12.01 12:11 Spooky_Kitten_23 He popped up for me but as soon as he popped up he was put of stock can anyone ctach him for me?

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2021.12.01 12:11 mavavilj Can web apps offer longevity/cross-compatibility for "supported native OS versions" instead of having to target different native OS versions?

Can web apps offer longevity/cross-compatibility for "supported native OS versions" instead of having to target different native OS versions?
I.e. instead of having to target, say, Android 6 - 11, which some devs might not do, and they e.g. drop < Android 9.
Then would developing a web app that runs in browser get around this, while supporting almost all native OS versions?
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2021.12.01 12:11 MarkIV04 Dreading ERP Implementation

Hey everybody, I'm 4 months into my first job as an ERP consultant. I'm starting to dread work. Seems very monotonous and I've heard horror stories from my company about turnover and burnout. Even the programming side seems annoying, it's not a super transferable language like R or Python.
I'm starting to get worried that when I leave I will have no real experience. I'm not even working in Excel! Just doing walkthroughs, configuration, imports, etc.
I am interested in BA roles and doing a mix of business/strategy and technical but not wholly technical (like programming). Luckily there seems to be internal positions more up my alley but I can't move for a year out of the consulting part of the company (already had this discussion with management).
I feel very lost, anyone have any advice?
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2021.12.01 12:11 turtleycool38 Are you brutally honest/outspoken?

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2021.12.01 12:11 Ste_XD Can my r/weaving friends please help regarding a christmas present for a weaver in my life?

Hey weaving,
I have a friend that weaves, she has her own loom and loves EVERYTHING textiles. I wanted to get a present for Christmas that symbolises our friendship. I'm vegan, so when I thought of a means of combining weaving and veganism together, I thought a natural dye kit made from organic matter would be an awesome present for her. Ontop of this she really likes her colours.
I've found a few online but don't know much about the subject at all and want to get something good. My budget being max £40 and will also need one that ships to the UK. Do you have any recommendations?
Thank you!
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2021.12.01 12:11 Klokinator The Cryopod to Hell 312: Buddha's Failure

Author note: The Cryopod to Hell is a Reddit-exclusive story with over three years of editing and refining. As of this post, the total rewrite is 1,293,000+ words long! For more information, check out the link below:
What is the Cryopod to Hell?
Join the Cryoverse Discord server!
Here's a list of all Cryopod's chapters, along with an ePub/Mobi/PDF version!
Want to stay up to date on TCTH? Subscribe to Cryopodbot!
(Previous Part)
(Part 001)
Beneath the surface of the Earth, a man in an exosuit calmly walks past the badly beaten figures of two dozen demon grunts, yet another pair of Demon Lords, and three orcs. His faceless figure causes shivers to run down their backs as they replay the moment the seemingly inferior human struck them down and beat the tar out of them without breaking a sweat.
This human, the reincarnation of Buddha, pauses after walking past the pair of Demon Lords. He turns his head slightly to look down at them, while they scurry backward and press themselves against the wall.
"S-stay back, you! When our boss gets here, you'll regret crossing us, fleshbag!"
The human nods. "Your boss. Orias, yes? He is the one who I am looking for. Tell me where I can find him."
The human's calm, ancient voice momentarily befuddles the two Lords. The younger of the two clears his throat and points toward one of eight tunnel openings in an adjacent chamber.
"Y-you want to meet Orias? Do you have a death wish, man? He'll destroy you!"
"Oh, I very much doubt that," Buddha says as he walks toward the tunnel the Lord pointed out. "But he is welcome to try. I am no stranger to death."
A few moments later, he disappears down the tunnel, leaving his victims behind.
The Demon Lord who spoke wipes his hair back. "I don't know why that guy didn't kill us, but if he'd made a move, we would have surely died! He didn't have a single opening! It was as if I were trying to fight the person who invented the art of combat himself!"
Buddha trounces dozens more demons. Before long, word of his arrival and disruption spreads throughout the entirety of the tunnels beneath the Earth's surface.
As he steps into another giant, open chamber, the man pauses. He turns on his heel to face a Demon Baron standing off to the sidelines, awaiting his arrival.
"I hear you have been looking for me," Orias, Baron of the Stars, says. He holds an amber colored jewel in his hand, ready to crush and activate it at a moment's notice. "I don't know who you are or why you've come, but if you do not wish to die, human, you would do well to explain yourself."
The exosuit-wearing human stands silently for a few moments. Then, his helmet melts away, revealing his face.
Orias frowns.
"I don't know who I was expecting, but I haven't the faintest clue who you are. Do you have some grievances you wish to pursue against me, mortal? Given that you have only knocked down my subordinates, yet have not killed any of them, I am far from eager to take your life."
The human smiles.
"Orias. You have not changed since we last spoke. That is unfortunate. I had hoped you would undergo a great evolution, all those years ago. Sadly, too many worldly attachments continue to cloud your mind."
The Baron of the Stars eyes the human with suspicion.
"You speak as if we are old friends, yet still, I cannot recall having ever seen your face. Who are you, human?"
"I have many identities." The man answers. "I have lived many lives, each of which added to my 'accumulation.' Each one gave me new insights. In some, I was a man. In others, a woman. Some granted me the life of a wealthy noblesse, while others forced me on the path of poverty. Each one taught me something new, but not one have I regretted living."
The human flicks his eyes around the large underground chamber, its utterly barren appearance having been dug out by goblins for the sake of spreading out dozens of tunnels in every other possible direction.
"You search for something which you cannot find, Orias. It does not exist at any place in the universe, but within your heart. Why, then, have you failed to find that which clings to your breast?"
Orias's eyes flicker with recognition. Slowly, deliberately, he reaches into the folds of his robe and pulls out the Mirror of Samsara.
"M... Master?"
"Yes, Orias. It is I." Buddha replies. "I would ask how you have fared, but it is apparent at a glance that you have lived a shallow and stagnant life."
The Baron of the Stars loses some of the strength in his legs. He falls to his knees, then crawls across the floor, dragging himself to Buddha's feet.
"That light! It was... it was you?! It left this artifact, and, and then-"
"My reincarnation occurred. That is in the past." Buddha states. "Now please. Do not grovel at my feet. I am no God. I am not your Creator. I am merely a man."
Orias's heart flips in his chest as waves of emotions swirl within his being. He shakily rises to his feet, finding it difficult to look into Buddha's eyes.
"I... I don't understand. You died, all of those years ago. Why have you appeared now, inside this foreign body? How are you alive?"
Buddha clicks his tongue.
"Tsk, tsk. Orias, my child. You are still but a boy at heart. You cling to the past in order to explain the future. There is no past, nor is there a future. The only thing of which you can be certain is the 'Now.' I am here. Ask me the questions which most insidiously rot your mind."
Orias nods. After several long seconds, he regains his bearings.
"I... I have always wanted to know the truth, Master Buddha," Orias says. "I want to know what it was that you showed me. For a moment, I thought I glimpsed the face of my Creator. I understood my insignificant existence when compared to the scope of the universe. But now, all these years later... I do not understand my purpose. I have made no advancements in my rank. I have remained stuck at the position of a Baron."
Buddha lifts his chin. He purses his lips, and nods.
"Imps. Grunts. Lords. Baron. Dukes. Emperors. You are a demon, born into demon society. You live under demonic rules, and live to serve demons of a higher status. Even so, having glimpsed the truth of Reality, you have felt for far too long that these... mundanities... hold no inherent meaning. How curious, then, that you have not cast aside your attachments to reach a higher state of being."
Buddha shakes his head.
"...I expected more from you. I imagined that within a hundred years, you would reach Enlightenment and become the ideal successor for my power. Now, I have no others to whom I can entrust it."
"Your... power?" Orias asks. "What power? What do you mean?"
Buddha turns to the right, away from the Baron before him.
"There it is. You are still so attached to the world that you cannot conceive of a different way. Your mind still hangs onto such concepts as 'power' and 'authority.' The mere mention of my abilities causes a spike in your greed."
Orias shakes his head. "No, no, don't be silly, master! I do not covet anything of yours! I-I was only curious! I just don't know what you're talking about! Everything you say is so... cryptic."
"You do not understand what I am saying?" Buddha asks. "Or you do not want to understand? Which is it, I wonder?"
Orias takes a step back and rubs his head.
"I am... confused."
"Then I shall spell it out for you." Buddha says.
The reincarnated Hero holds out his hand. As if having activated a powerful magnet, the Mirror of Samsara yanks from Orias's grasp to fly into Buddha's. Orias doesn't resist the pull, though he does appear surprised that Buddha is even capable of performing such a feat.
"Master? Do you still possess your heroic abilities?"
Buddha calmly looks at the reflective surface of the Mirror.
"No. I lost them many reincarnations ago. Each reincarnation has successively weakened my control of Karma. Now, it no longer remains in my hands at all."
Orias's eyebrows sink a little.
"That's too bad."
"Haha..." Buddha chuckles, shooting a knowing glance at the Baron of the Stars. "Is it? I am still me, with or without my powers. I do not covet the power of Karma. It was a tool I used to advance the Creator's Will. Karma is not something I owned, nor something I ever wished to own. It simply... Was."
Orias remains silent as his teacher gently drops to the ground and crosses his legs.
Buddha gestures to the barren dirt in front of himself.
"Come. Sit."
Orias follows the command. He also sits cross-legged, staring at the ancient Hero with a look of curiosity.
"Do you know what the Creator hates more than anything?" Buddha asks.
Orias shakes his head. "I do not, master. Violence?"
"Indeed, violence goes against His way," Buddha answers. "But violence is sometimes a necessity. It is not the thing that He hates most. Instead, the source of all evil... is Greed."
Orias nods along to Buddha's words. "Greed, you say?"
"That's right. All evil can be traced back to a seed of greed, covetousness, and desire. Every agony under the eye of Creation comes from the influence of Greed. It is the reason why you have made no advancements in your journey."
Buddha holds up the Mirror of Samsara. He turns its reflective face toward Orias, allowing the Baron of the Stars to look at his own reflection.
Suddenly, a bright light erupts from its front, covering Orias from head to toe. The Baron winces and looks away. A moment later, the brilliance fades back to nothing.
Buddha sets the Mirror of Samsara on the ground with its reflective surface facing up. It projects a spiritual orb into the air, one that resembles a golden ball filled with countless blackened worms crawling beneath its surface, like hungry maggots slowly chewing through its interior.
"This is the 'you' that I see." Buddha explains. "This is your very being, your Karmic Ego. You do not realize this, Orias, but it appears exactly the same as when I first laid eyes on you."
Orias cocks his head slightly.
"This golden... thing. It represents 'me'?"
"Every living entity has one," Buddha continues. "Every demon, every human, every ant, gnat, and bird. Few have a Karmic Interior that is purely black with filth, and almost none have a pure and untouched one. Not even me."
Buddha holds the mirror up to his face. It flashes a divine light upon him, and he sets it back down. Once again, another golden orb appears, one which is far more brilliant and lustrous than Orias's. Even so, a couple of small, blackened worms crawl around on the surface, as if looking for an opening from which they can invade.
"What do these 'worms' represent?" Orias asks.
"Attachments." Buddha answers. "Attachments are a form of greed. They come from one's own possessive nature."
"But I thought you didn't have any attachments?" Orias points out.
"For the longest time, I didn't." Buddha says, his voice going quiet. "But everyone has a weakness, a gap in their armor. In my life as the great and Heroic 'Buddha,' I had none. I lived as an ascetic. I did exactly as the Creator asked. I never once strayed from the path of Karma."
He pauses for a moment before continuing.
"And then, one day, I died. I reincarnated into a new body. I assumed the life of a young boy named Ishmael. I suddenly experienced an emotion I never once felt in the entirety of my previous existence, and it shook me to my core."
"What did you experience?" Orias asks.
"Love. The purest form of earthly attachments. From that moment on, my connection to Karma began to fade, and it never returned."
Orias cocks his head. A look of absolute confusion crosses his face.
"I really don't understand. You say attachments represent Greed. But how is Greed connected to Love? Lust, I could understand. But Love should be the least greedy emotion one can experience."
Buddha shakes his head. "That is what many believe, but they are ignorant. There are many forms of love. Some people experience the bliss of unconditional love. That is to say, they seemingly hold no selfish feelings toward the person they love and will never envy them, nor do anything to harm them. In the eyes of outsiders, there can be no greater love. And yet, it is this perception, in and of itself, that gives rise to the greatest greed imaginable."
Buddha lifts his head to gaze vacantly at the ceiling.
"I loved Tamael with all my heart. As an agent of the Creator, I thought myself immune to the effects of attachments. Yet, when I revived in the body of a boy stricken with sickness, suffering in poverty, and doomed to suffer a life of pain, I felt a vague sense of dismay at my circumstances. In the moments where my chest ached so badly that I wished for death, I began to resent my Creator."
Buddha continues. "I asked myself many painful questions. Why did I, someone who served as the Creator's agent, have to suffer after my reincarnation? Did my meritorious deeds not afford me the right to a modest life? Why would He punish me by making me suffer under such terrible circumstances? How could He test me, when I had already long since proven my worthiness?"
"In that moment," Buddha concludes, "I experienced my first sensation of Greed."
"But your questions were valid," Orias interjects. "It doesn't make sense for Him to punish you. If what you said was true, then you served Him well! What sort of loving Creator would hurt you in such a way?"
Buddha shakes his head. "I know now the folly of my thoughts. You would do well not to echo them, Orias. No, my Greed was unwarranted. I did not realize it at the time, but what my Creator did for me was truly the most loving thing he could have done. In response, I spat in his face and began to think wicked and vile thoughts."
The human's eyes mist over, and a faint smile crosses his face for the first time since his arrival.
"There I was, a sickly young boy, writhing on a cot, with nobody to care for me. That was when I met the first and only woman I ever loved. Tamael was only a few years older than myself, physically speaking. I was ten, and she, twelve. My mental age, of course, was far greater, but that did not matter to me at the time."
"Tamael found me by coincidence. The door to my room had no covering. She was one of the few village healers assigned to care for the sick. She treated me as well as the other cripples, and we occasionally struck up conversations, talking about the nature of life. I found her to be intelligent and wise beyond her years. Still young and immature compared to myself, but someone who had endured a painful childhood and come out stronger."
"In that moment," Buddha continues, "I thought I had realized my first error. I assumed the Creator was punishing me. But in fact, what he gave me was a divine reward. He allowed me to broaden my horizons and see the beauty of life. I swore that if I survived my sickness, I would do everything in my power to protect Tamael, and to give her a life filled with happiness."
Orias smiles. "Love doesn't sound so bad."
"Have you ever experienced it, Orias?" Buddha asks, his tone suddenly turning sharp.
"N-no," Orias says. "I haven't."
"Then you know not of what you speak. Indeed, I spent the next thirty years with Tamael. We wedded each other on my twentieth birthday. We made love, but later found she was incapable of bearing children. Even so, I did not mind. I had her all to myself, and I gave her a life of happiness."
Buddha's tone slowly changes as he speaks. Darkness covers his eyes.
"I did not realize what that love had cost me. My 'selflessness,' and my pursuit of her happiness shackled me in ways both innumerable and indescribable. I did not realize how badly I had wounded myself until that fateful day came... that day when Tamael wandered from my sight, tripped, and fell from a cliff's summit."
Buddha's chin trembles.
"She fell."
He lowers his head. His eyes moisten.
"She fell... so very, very far. I screamed. I cried. In the instant she tripped, I felt my entire world shatter."
Orias stares at the hollow expression on his master's face. He says nothing.
"I climbed down the cliff. I raced to my wife's side. I found her head split open, and her lifeless eyes gazing into the sky. Why did she have to die such a terrible death? Why did I not get even the chance to say goodbye?"
Tears glide down Buddha's face.
"I hated Him. I resented Him. The Creator... he made me suffer bodily agony, heart-tearing agony, and even the agony of a shattered soul. In the years after Tamael's death, I lost more and more of my connection to Karma. I became irrational. I engaged in casual fights. I took terrible risks, ones which inevitably resulted in my death. When I reincarnated, I still felt lost and enraged."
"Ten times..." Buddha mutters. "Ten times, I reincarnated. Through the eras, I never once forgot the loss of my wife. Eventually, though, the pain of losing her began to fade. In its place, I questioned everything I had ever believed. I questioned why I lived the way I did, and why I made the choices I did. And do you know what I found, Orias?"
Buddha looks at his pupil and sighs.
"I found that all of it was my fault. I made the decisions which caused my pain. I cast aside the wisdom my Creator gave me to pursue selfish, Earthly attachments. My Greed was my undoing, and that is why I lost my connection to Karma."
Orias raises an eyebrow. "That was not what I expected you to say. Haven't you heard the adage, 'better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?' I fail to see how your love for Tamael was greedy, in any way."
"I was possessive." Buddha states. "What 'love' I felt for her was nothing more than a desire to make her 'mine.' I wanted to experience a lifetime of happiness with her in tow. What I believed to be my attempts at making her happy were just as much about making myself happy. In that way, my love for her was filled with Greed from the start. That is the insidious nature of the Creator's most hated attribute."
"But you contradict yourself," Orias points out. "If love is insidious and greedy, then by that definition, so too is the Creator. You stated before that what He did for you was in itself an act of love. Does that not mean that he is equally greedy?"
Buddha shakes his head.
"No. The love of a parent is boundless. True love, without any greed, comes in the form of opportunities. The Creator gave me a chance to make a choice. He reincarnated me into the body of Ishmael, not to punish me, but to expand my horizons. Were I a worthier person, I would have spent that lifetime taking in the suffering I endured to temper my soul. I would not have wed Tamael, but instead, would have educated and uplifted her, allowing her to make her own decisions."
Several seconds pass. Buddha's eyes become downcast.
"In fact, I took advantage of Tamael. When she was young and emotionally naïve, I used my superior life experience to manipulate her into loving me. Later, when we grew older and she began to match my emotional capacity, it was too late for her to leave me. She had already grown dependent on me, and I, on her. We both formed greedy attachments to one another, with me being the greatest beneficiary. While others spoke of my selfless love for her, and how I would do anything to make her smile, in fact, she never had much of a choice in the matter. I used her to make myself feel good, and ultimately blamed the Creator for her death."
"Because of Tamael," Buddha concludes, "I lost sight of reality. People die. It is the natural order. Some die horrifically, and others die peacefully, but in the end, all creatures in existence eventually perish. Rather than treasuring the memories I made with Tamael, I spent the next several lifetimes wallowing in anger, anger which was caused my my greedy possessiveness. It is for this reason, Orias, that I speak to you now as a changed man."
He gestures to the golden orb floating in midair, the one with only a few black maggots crawling on its surface.
"Once upon a time, my Karmic Ego was pure and untainted. Then, it became as black as the night. Now, no matter how I try, I will never rid myself of the attachments I once held. My Ego has slowly cleansed itself over time, but it can never regain its former purity. I can never again possess control over Karma, but instead, must pass it on to a worthy successor."
"Me?" Orias asks. "But if yours cannot be cleansed, then surely, mine cannot, either."
Siddhartha Gautama, the Great Buddha, falls utterly silent. For more than a minute, he gazes into Orias's eyes.
He touches the Mirror of Samsara, revealing Orias's sullen Ego once again. Its many maggots, infested deep into the core of his Ego, appear far more vile and sinister than those that barely linger on Buddha's surface.
However, Buddha's gaze softens.
"Unlike me, you have no truly deep-seated attachments. Yes, the Greed you possess has corrupted much of yourself, but in relatively small amounts, spread over a great deal of time. You have taken care to not let it fester within you and wildly corrupt your thinking."
"I don't understand." Orias says. "My Ego is far filthier than yours. If you cast away the last lingering attachments you have to Tamael..."
"I will not." Buddha flatly refuses. "My Greed can never leave me. While it may appear small and harmless, it is, in actuality, a symbiotic parasite that allows me to keep on living. My wife perished before the angels created the Lazarus Tower. As such, I never had the opportunity to see her again. So long as this desire of mine isn't reconciled and given closure, I will never abandon it. It is not a matter of whether or not I can, but simply a fact that I am unwilling."
"But... you can never reconcile your loss." Orias says. "I know you still love her, but why not let go? Practice what you preach."
"I refuse. Orias, do not try to change my ways. I can never again touch upon the Creator's glory. I have sinned too much. While you may have doubts, I believe that in due time, you can become an entity capable of touching His greatness. All you must do is cast aside these minor, frivilous things holding you back. In that way, you will surpass me and become able to wield the power of Karma."
Orias quietly gazes at his master for a minute.
"...But what if I do not want the power of Karma? What if I am fine with the way I am?"
Buddha smiles.
"If that is the case, then you will absolutely become worthy of wielding it."
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2021.12.01 12:11 BitteringAgent Endpoint 365 and Configuration Manager On-Premise

I recently got into a new role where they were pushing everything over to Endpoint 365 and some things just don't seem right to me.

In my head, Endpoint sounds great for our sales team which are remote. But for on-premise systems (Desktops and Servers), to me, it makes more sense to use Configuration Manager (On-Premise). I'm struggling to find any articles focused on a hybrid solution, which makes me wonder if I'm going in the wrong direction here. My thoughts are to use Configuration Manager (On-Premise) as a replacement to our WDS/MDT and WSUS servers to handle those tasks along with whatever else Configuration Manager has to offer. For Endpoint, I'd want to use that to push out software, updates, policies to remote systems that don't always connect to our network.

Currently, for whatever reason our helpdesk are using the Windows image that comes with new computers and just connecting it to Intune and waiting 12+ hours for Intune to do its thing. In my opinion from my 10+ years of enterprise experience, all computers should be imaged off of our WDS/MDT server via PXE boot so the work can be accomplished in a more timely manner. Then if the system is a remote system, we can do whatever tasks to hook it up to Endpoint 365/Intune (I'm still fuzzy on the difference) and go from there. I would only use their current process if we were ordering and shipping laptops directly to our employees. Since we're touching every device, this just seems like a waste of time.

Is this thought process in line with what these services have to offer, or am I off. I'd really like to have my Configuration Manager and Endpoint connected in a hybrid configuration, which I've started doing via Configuration Manager, but I still haven't found the right validation that I'm going in the right direction here.
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2021.12.01 12:11 willempiekip Lekker 17 jarige meisjes pesten op internet

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2021.12.01 12:11 davidy12 Tons of bug fixes + campaign maps, Pterosaur perches, Campaign Objects along with the pack added to the game!

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2021.12.01 12:11 Level_Ad_9518 🌌 $SHIBALAXY ~ Get Shiba to the moon and beyond! ~ Just launched ~ Ownership renounced & liq locked | Dont Miss Out !

$SHIBALAXY is currently sitting at $10k market cap at the time of this post, but no doubt it will have risen since then. The token is growing at an increasing rate due to the website launch and rapidly growing community.

Hodlers are rewarded with this token, so the earlier you get in, the better. The tokenomics are written below, so it's recommended you get yourself familiar with those before getting into the coin.


✅ 7% Redistributed To All Holders
✅ 1% Automatic Liquidity Pool Refill
✅ 2% Marketing
✅ SAFU: Liquidity Locked 100%

Verified Contract: 0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x83A0b3a530666F88A03F680d1673D37C0261bCCF
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3#readContract
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2021.12.01 12:11 sebs94 New Puppy and "Old" Puppy guidelines

Hello, long time lurker first time poster. Me and my wife have a beautiful 2 year old Goldendoodle and are planning on getting a second puppy to add to our family. Our current dog Ziggy is super well behaved and socialized. Great with other dogs any size. We have never owned 2 dogs, so no previous experience with what is coming our way. I was wondering if you guys had any tips and guidelines for bringing a new puppy to our house. Ziggy has free roam of the bedroom when alone and does great there. We are planning to crate train the new puppy as we did Ziggy. Would this cause and issue for either seeing the puppy in the crate and the older dog free roaming? Any tips and stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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2021.12.01 12:11 SnooSquirrels8048 My dad asked me for a refund, am I crazy or is he?

Hi, I'm (19) F in my first year of university. My parents are divorced and so I ask them for money for different things and take turns so they both have responsibility over me. Recently, I asked my father for extra money for my medication as I am on his medical aid (which has proven to be useless) and so I ask him for medical related money. I am on anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, anxiety and ADD medication which all adds up to be very expensive. Earlier in the month I had asked for money for my medication as buying it all at once seemed to overwhelm my father the first time, which I get because I am also on allergy meds, antibiotics for my skin and a few things to help with my sinuses so I decided to focus solely on my mental medication only and ask for money regarding that.
About two weeks prior he asked me to send him a slip to show that I had bought the medication and I did, which side note makes me feel untrusted and weird because I'm his child and have done nothing to prove that I spend my or his money recklessly and appreciate the value of money. So what happens is, I call the pharmacy ask them how much the medication costs, tell my father, then after the purchase send him a slip proving what I had spent. My ADD medication (which I am sure you know how expensive it is) had finished and antibiotics had finished after the time I asked for money for my meds from the previous two weeks. I called the pharmacy asked them how much I would need and asked my father and he sent me the money.
However, when I got to the pharmacy, the pharmacist at the counter told me she knows of a generic of the antibiotic that is much cheaper. The only reason she did this is because after she had finished preparing the medication I asked her what the price was and she could see that was a concern for me. I know I had called earlier but a situation where I get misinformed and don't have enough money would happen to me and has happened so I was double checking before I embarrassed myself by having to put one of the medications away, or be shocked, making it look like I'm pretending I didn't know and made a scene for attention hoping they would let it slide because I'm young. As you might've gathered I am a very anxious person and so even something as little and maybe not as embarrassing as that would make me sick to my stomach. So anyways, she notifies me of a cheaper version and I obviously take it because I know I definitely have the money to pay for it and hey I'll have a lot of extra change to buy things I've been needing. I bought E45 for my body and face, which is a cream for eczema that for some reason works really well for me and my skin problem which I believe is Hidradenitis suppurativa but that has not been confirmed.
The cream is quite pricey especially on a student budget, however it lasts me a good while and I don't get acne even on my face and I can't seem to use anything else and get the same result. I also bought a screen protector for my phone and a cover, because again those are things I couldn't afford on my current allowance but I consider a good investment because I'd rather get a proper cover and screen protector than pay godly amounts to fix my phone if anything happens. I also bought two chocolate bars and some tights because mine had worn out. The only items listed on the slip however, were the chocolate bars and the medicine and the other stuff I'd bought were from different stores and didn't think to keep the slips because I didn't think my father would be so upset as he was when I told him I had extra money and what I had used it on.
So when he called me disapprovingly, he explained that he was angry that I had asked for money for something specific and then when I had change, I spend the money without asking and don't even have proof for what I bought. The worst part is the store I bought my screen protector and cover from is the store I spent the most money at but the card machine wasn't working, as it was one of those informal stalls in the middle of the mall, so either way I wouldn't have proof because all my bank statement would say is that I withdrew the money, regardless bank statements don't show the name of the store of your purchases so I understood why he wouldn't accept that as a form of proof. He said he "needed the slips to prove what I spent some of the leftover money on because I could be drinking away his money for all [he] knows".
He also specified that he couldn't trust the fact that I spent the money on reasonable things because I told him I was a cigarette smoker and bought a vape, and while that is true, I opened up to him about that so I could create a layer of trust between us because from a young age I had to lie about what I needed money for or inflated the amount because I knew he wouldn't agree to the original price so something higher would make the original price seem better and I wanted to trust that I didn't need to do that anymore because he doesn't deserve to be lied to. I was upset that he used that information as a weapon so I lied and said I had quit those things.
But it doesn't matter if I am addicted to cigarettes or vape I will honestly rely on something else, just as I've always done. Not to mention I don't send a receipt or proof of every purchase I make for my general allowance so I don't get his excuse because for all he knows I could be spending all my money on doing cocaine and he wouldn't know.
The part that really got me upset was when he said "where's my refund" because I hadn't asked him to spend the extra money. In my head, and I know I am only 19, your parent wouldn't even inquire about slips, they would just ask if you got the medication and even if they did and saw there was extra money leftover, they might warn you to spend it wisely or not to ask for extra money next month, and in fact delight at the fact that you will be able to have extra money to do something fun and enjoy yourself. I know that's how my mom would react, or at least not ask me where her refund was. He told me most parents would react the same way he did and I didn't believe that so I asked a couple of my friends and even told my mother.
Now while I can understand him being upset that I just went ahead without asking him to spend that extra money, I don't think it's right to ask your daughter for a "refund". I snapped at him and cried and said he did not trust me , he said "it wasn't about trust, you just don't spend someone's change without asking". That makes sense if I have a formal relationship with you but I don't believe any parent would ask their child for a refund and I would've reacted normally apologized and moved on had he not said that. His way of always speaking to me like I am his dumb colleague triggered me so I cried, shouted goodbye and ended the call immediately, then texted to him asking for his bank details as a way to be petty, but also to see how ridiculous his claim was. I don't even think I should have to declare slips like a child, and like I said previously if I wanted to lie about what I'm spending my money on I easily could, I even thought about photoshopping the slip to the full amount but thought I was ridiculous for thinking my own father would be that petty and upset enough to ask for a refund. AITA for spending the extra money without asking first on things I thought were reasonable and for being mad that I even have to justify every single cent after all this time of being responsible with money, and that he asked me for a refund?
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2021.12.01 12:11 kur1j Confusion of .X releases

So I’m trying to handle CVE-2021-33909.
We have a couple servers that are 7.8 and have the 3.10.0-1127 kernel. From that link it doesn’t have a 7.8 platform link. I follow the https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2021:2727 link.
Which shows the updated kpatch-patch-3_10_0-1160.
So…my question(s).

  1. How are the RHEL dot releases associated/bound to kernels. If i run yum install kernel and get 3.10.0-1160 am I by definition on 7.9?
  2. I assume that 7.8 is affected by the CVE and that the solution is to simply upgrade to 7.9?
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