My arms/legs after a rough day-

2021.12.06 05:20 Not-Excitement1883 My arms/legs after a rough day-

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2021.12.06 05:20 GouHadouKen1 LF A bunch of Pokemon for my living dex List Below FT Ability Capsules/Patches, Masterballs, Bottle Caps, Evo Stones.

Pokemon I need Pidgey Slowpoke Exeggcute Khangaskhan Porygon2 and Z Omanyte Bellosom Politoed Yanma Dunsparce Stantler Smeargle Lotad Tailow Slakoth Whismur Makuhita Sableye Plusle Minun Gulpin Spoink Spinda Lunatone Lileep Castform
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2021.12.06 05:20 VeterinarianOwn5737 Customer: Pabili Nga Po Ng Laruan, Yung May Kasamang Palaka. Tindera: Hindi Po Yun Palaka, Manok Po Yun. Ps. Yung Customer Napagkamalan Niyang Inihaw Na Palaka Yung Inihaw Na Manok Na Laruan. 不不不 Yung Laruan:

Customer: Pabili Nga Po Ng Laruan, Yung May Kasamang Palaka. Tindera: Hindi Po Yun Palaka, Manok Po Yun. Ps. Yung Customer Napagkamalan Niyang Inihaw Na Palaka Yung Inihaw Na Manok Na Laruan. 不不不 Yung Laruan: submitted by VeterinarianOwn5737 to NANIKPosting [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 05:20 Dewnut1 Font change only for specific languages?

Is there a way to change the font for just a specific language?
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2021.12.06 05:20 JohnnyWasBanned Hungry Hungry Hippos

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2021.12.06 05:20 Buttercup_9369 LF moon stone, I have most of the other evolution stones to trade for it!

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2021.12.06 05:20 ReadyReply558 What's the biggest con of being born in the 90's?

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2021.12.06 05:20 Machotoast04098 Actually, He looks alot like robot danny

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2021.12.06 05:20 birthdaythrowaway63 How do I (24) help my friend (23) out?

My friend has a lot on their plate when it comes to their life currently, he helps out so many of my friends by asking them how theyre doing and asks me as well but I know hes been stressed out, I try and ask how hes doing and he cant put it upon himself to tell me or vent how hes been so it really hurts to see him fall apart like this slowly. How can I help him? Ive tried asking how hes doing, if I could help him by asking if theres anyway I can help him personally or what I can do to make him feel better and hes said nothing. I hear him vent to other friends so I know hes fine with venting but isnt ready to share with me yet but it hurts watching
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2021.12.06 05:20 ItExamsHero Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam Dumps

Be Cisco Certified Professional with ExamsHero Updated CCNA 200-301 Exam Dumps Passing the Cisco 200-301 CCNA exam is amongst the best ways to climb the fast-paced tech career ladder in the Networking industry. As the CCNA 200-301 exam is a test that is nationally recognized, there will be plenty of training resources available to help with passing the (200-301) exam.
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2021.12.06 05:20 PremiumWriters95 [HIRE ME] FAST, AFFORDABLE, AND QUALITY WRITING SERVICES Discord:PremiumWriters95#6409

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2021.12.06 05:19 lesbianhatsunemiku Let's say I'm in a bar and it's my 21st birthday. What should my first-ever drink be?

I'm turning 21 in a few months, and I've never had a drink before. On my birthday, what sort of bar should I go to, and what should I get? I'm American, for reference.
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2021.12.06 05:19 FewYam6566 From a free pack

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2021.12.06 05:19 Present-Call-3781 VaultBsc returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now

VaultBsc returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now VaultBsc returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now

VaultBsc offers investors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to profit from the l ecosystem. Taxes make it easier to distribute to holders in a proportional manner, which may be claimed for free.

The maximum wallet size is 2% of total supply, thanks to an innovative anti-whale feature.


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which it will do that the price increases


Total supply





Ownership Renounced :

PancakeSwap (V2):

Chart (Bogged):
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2021.12.06 05:19 TheFirstMillionWords [OC] Strategic Interdimensional Travel Enclave

"He's late. She's never late."
"It's only been two minutes. Keep the gate open."
"We can't afford to leave it open much longer. She was given a sixty second window - every additional minute we keep it open costs taxpayers over a hundred grand."
"And how much money did we spend training her, genius? Keep it open."
I duck behind a dumpster as the two suited men look in my direction. The fact that I haven't been riddled with bullets means they probably haven't seen me.
Smart fuckin' move, Steve. You had to stop and look.
There are a couple lessons you learn pretty quick in this town. Lesson number one? Mind your own business. You see a mugging in an alley, a purse snatcher, some guy spray painting a wall - you look away and keep on walking. Snitches get a lot more than stitches in Hayward.
I've walked past a lot of shit. I can turn a blind eye to almost everything. But I've never seen a glowing, fifteen-foot-wide blue oval appear over an alley.
One of the men draws a gun from the inside of his jacket and keeps it at a low ready as he moves toward the end of the alley. He hasn't shaved today, and there's patches of stubble on his face - I name him Whiskers. The other fiddles with a large, briefcase-sized chunky metal device, pressing at various controls and dials. I guess he's Buttons. The floating blue oval - I refuse to call it a portal, life isn't a movie - is getting wobblier, now. More ragged at the edges.
"See something?" Buttons doesn't look up from the machine.
"Heard something."
"Could be a rat. Plenty of those around here."
Whiskers grunts in response. He's getting closer. Three meters, then two. My breathing stops, and ice runs through my veins.
One meter.
Suddenly, a whirring, twisting sound comes from the floating tear in space. It's not unlike the sound a tuba might make, if you pushed it through a blender as someone was playing it.
Buttons shouts. "Two coming through! I can't close it, controls aren't responding."
That certainly gets Whiskers' attention. He whirls around just as a massive, orange, scaly lizard flies through the oval, wrestling with a person in a matte gray suit of armor.
I peek over the dumpster for a better view, just in time to watch Buttons get ripped in half with a swipe of the lizard's bladed tail. The world seems to slow.
This can't be happening.
A smart person would run, or shout, or not be here in the first place, but I'm not smart. I simply stare, wide-eyed.
Whiskers turns toward me. "Hey, kid. What are you - go! Get out of here!"
But my feet are glued to the pavement. They won't budge, as much as I try. The lizard snarls at me, having tossed the gray-suited woman aside, and charges in my direction. It must be over a thousand pounds.
Whiskers saves my life. He grabs hold of my shoulders and shoves me against the wall of the alley, just before said lizard hits him at full speed. He's thrown into the street, bounces twice, and hits a car. There's a sickening sound as he crumples and slumps, unmoving.
Before I can react, a gray blur hits the lizard, and it's like the laws of physics have temporarily been forgotten, because the fucking thing staggers. This thousand-pound creature staggers with the impact as a sub-160 pound woman tackles it.
She rains blows down on its head with armored fists, ducks out of the way of a claw swipe as it nearly takes her head off, and breaks the lizard's leg in three different places with a series of rapid kicks.
She moves like something too perfect to be human, a robot or a superhero or a demigod. At least, she does until that bladed tail swings around again and catches her in the torso, throwing her into a wall with a thud.
The beast is bleeding from a dozen wounds, limping on two shattered front limbs... but it's still moving. And it is very, very pissed off. It steps over to the woman's fallen form - she's struggling to stand. She's got a glowing six-inch blade in her hand and a fierce look in her eye, but it's clear what's about to happen.
At least, without help. I scan the alley desperately and find a fallen handgun - Whiskers', probably. I'd thought it was a Glock at first, but there's something strange about it. The form factor isn't right, the barrel is too stubby... and it's got a pair of glowing blue rings at the end of the slide.
There isn't time to think about it. My feet finally respond, and I scramble forward to snatch it up. I'm not a good shot - Dad took me to the range once in my life when I was fifteen, before he left - but at three yards it's hard to miss. I aim at the lizard's back and squeeze the trigger. There's no noticeable recoil as a ray of searing blue light punches a foot-deep hole into the beast - it roars with pain. The smell of roasting meat fills the air.
I fire again and again and again, and it's not until the woman shakes my shoulder and pulls the gun from my hands that I realize it's been dead for a while, now.
"...You did good, kid." Her voice is raspy. Beneath the shock and the adrenaline, some part of me's offended. She can't be more than a year or two older than me. "Look, we've got to go. Stay with me. You have a phone?"
I wordlessly pull mine out of my pocket with trembling hands, only for her to snatch it away and crush it beneath her boot. Then she turns, Whiskers' gun in hand, and blasts that silver briefcase into pieces.
"Response teams will be here in three minutes. We need to be long gone by then."
"...Isn't that good? We can tell the government, get help - "
"We are the government, kid, and something's wrong. Someone on our side is helping them."
"Our side of what? Who even are you?"
She taps a nameplate over her collarbone. "Can't you read?"
In large block letters, it reads 'HAWTHORNE - ASSET 08'.
"What agency? CIA? FBI?"
"SITE. You wouldn't recognize the acronym."
"Do you have a badge? ID? This is crazy, we can't just - your friends died!"
"We don't have time. I'm going now. You can come with me, or you can stay and let the cleaners lock you in a black room for the rest of your life."
There are sirens in the distance, now, closing rapidly. I make my decision.
"Good choice," she says as I jog to catch up with her. "Welcome to the Enclave."
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Comment SubscribeMe! to be notified every time I post a story!
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2021.12.06 05:19 Blaze_0285691 Idea for the anomaly hunter set bonus

So the set bonus must be something like this,
After a combo of 5 hits, u will mark ur opponent, the mark will ensure that the enemy doesn't gain shadow energy for 5 secs and then the mark will go away resulting in little damage, same as living legend shield explosion, similar to sfa, azuma's painful neutralization, and if the opponent enters shadow form, then u can deplete their shadow abilities by hitting them thrice, resulting in a damage 15% of the opponents health. What are your opinions? It will be great as anomaly hunters are supposed to hunt the shadow energy anomalies near the rift, and thus neutralising shadow energy must be their only aim, this was the best I could think of, also wouldn't be too op as doing a five hit combo with the katana is rather not too easy or too hard, also 3 hits in opponents shadow form also wouldn't be too bad.
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2021.12.06 05:19 Angel_Slayer014 Is there a way to get rid of a "trigger"?

I call things that make me stressed/upset my "triggers". One of the most frustrating is my problem with tone.
I don't know what makes up the tone of a sentence, it might just be the punctuation/words used.
The thing is, what my registers as a "negative tone" will make me upset. It's infuriating. I want it to stop.
It mainly affects me online, because through text is when my brain decides on the tone of a sentence.
I might be associating the tone with failure - which also makes me upset - but I don't care all that much. All I want is for it to STOP.
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2021.12.06 05:19 Kamrul144 The world of beautiful weather.

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