Grammar induced dissimilation?

2021.12.08 21:20 Palpatinezw Grammar induced dissimilation?

So I was messing ard w sounds and randomly thought of this. Idk whether that's the actual term or if there is an actual linguistics term for what I'm thinking of. But it's basically like this: say there's some sound change causing some sounds to merge, however, because of some grammar (say, a case ending) and because natives speakers want to retain the grammatical difference, in that one context of that case endings the differences between those sounds become exaggerated instead of merging such as in the rest of the language. Are there any examples where this kind of change is attested?
Example to illustrate what I mean: Sample lang has noun /ton/ with accusative ending -/a/ and genitive ending -/e/. Words are stressed initially to keep things simple. Say across the rest of the language, in unstressed contexts, a > ə and e > ə, which would merge these 2 cases. However, to preserve the distinction between the 2 endings, maybe only the accusative follows the regular sound changes (/ to /to.nə/) while the genitive ending is exaggerated to dissimilate from the accusative emding, maybe by turning /e/ into a diphthong /eɪ/. So u end up with still 2 distinct case endings, /to.nə/ and /to.neɪ/.
Another example from the conlang I was messing with: There is verb: "lifaya" /li.fa.ja/ which after unstressed a weakens becomes "lifey" /li.feɪ/. Verbs have a negation suffix "-va": "lifayava" /li.fa.ja.ʋa/, which would undergo the same sound changes + a ʋ > j change to become "lifeyey" /li.fe.jeɪ/ Now suddenly, these 2 forms become much much harder to distinguish. And if we add the past tense suffix "-edè", it's even worse. "Lifeyedè" /ɜ/ vs "lifeyeyedè" /ɜ/. The / sounds just like /jeː/ in fast speech and since length is not even phonemic in the rest of the lang, this difference would be v difficult to perceive for speakers. So instead, the negation suffix only dissimilates in some phonological conditions to become "yai" /jaɪ/, making use of the diphthong which does exist in the lang and does not weaken. Thus, "lifeyedè" /ɜ/ and /li.fe.jaɪ.je.dɜ/ become much more distinct.
So yea hopefully y'all get what I mean are there any natlang examples of these kind of changes?
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2021.12.08 21:20 StarcraftAddict221 [WTS] Ginault Ocean Rover 2 with Date and Cyclops

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2021.12.08 21:20 AdmistYT What packs do I need for Modern Warfare?

I’m playing modern warfare after a long time and it won’t let me. What packs do I need to play multiplayer? I’m on xbox one if that matters. Please help I really wanna play
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2021.12.08 21:20 --ikindahatereddit-- Who wrote that baseline part for The Chain? Buckingham? Fleetwood? Whichever one it was put their whole damn foot in it.

just damn. Guru put it to good use.
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2021.12.08 21:20 AzrakTheModelerFur Ae86 tuning tips, where do i start, what to aim for

Are there any suggestions for what I should try and look for when tuning this car?,I usually make rally tunes so this is my first drifting tune and it am a lost on what to aim for when it comes to adjusting the car
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2021.12.08 21:19 nightterrorwolf Cenobia is finally finished

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2021.12.08 21:19 ricksanzhez My UPass 8.4 story

I’m sure somebody would like some reassurance. I had a drug test in August through Labcorp. I had been smoking for months so there was no way it would be out of my system in a week. So I turned to UPass after hearing about it through a friend. I was skeptical of using it at first but it was my only option. I had the bottle in my dash of my truck to get it warmed up during august and when it was warmed enough I wrapped hand warmers around it and strapped it to the inside of my upper thigh. I was wearing jeans so I was able to get away with concealing the bottle like this… To my surprise I passed. I was so relieved.
Now in current time, I have a drug test this week with Quest Diagnostic and I’m planning on using Upass 8.4 again for it. I am obviously nervous. I will keep y’all updated if I pass or not. I am nervous but maybe I’m overthinking. Has anybody recently used UPASS 8.4 for a Quest Diagnostic drug test?? What were your results?
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2021.12.08 21:19 redphantoM3 Hate to be that guy, but…

…the frame rate of the “quality (default) mode” in Halo Infinite’s campaign is unacceptable! Especially for XSeX’s biggest triple A game. You can’t even switch to “performance mode” without changing your default XSeX settings to disable 4k.
/end rant
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2021.12.08 21:19 EnterEnderman Reshiram Boosted

Add only one
5638 8493 0921
1245 3169 8491
Write down your username. Stay logged.
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2021.12.08 21:19 Platteepus Zekrom Raid 2048.9850.9166

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2021.12.08 21:19 greencardgirlfriend I want to move abroad, but my boyfriend wants US citizenship. What should I do?

Im (24f) American and my boyfriend (26m) is from another country that has a terrible economy and is almost always in crisis. He is here illegally so he cannot leave or else he won't be able to come back for at least 10 Years. I've always wanted to live in another country. I studied my degree abroad and I came back a year ago. I'm pretty certain that I do not want to live in the US after experiencing my first year here as an adult. My boyfriend also wants to travel and live in other countries as I do, and we have the same ideal timeline for having a family. I've never met someone else who wants to travel and live abroad (I know this sounds like something common, but there are very few people willing to actually do it). The problem is that he also wants US citizenship. He doesn't want to live here, but he wants to have the passport so that he can come and make money if his country has problems. I understand that, but it also seems stupid to spend years working towards citizenship of a country you're not going live in.
If we got married, it would take 3 to 5 years for him to get citizenship and he could leave the country for six months a year. We would get married now mostly for the papers. We do want a life together, but I think in other circumstances we would wait longer to get married. I'm not willing to spend the rest of my 20s in the US and give up my biggest dream for him. That doesn't seem fair to me. We came up with the idea that we would spend 6 months here and six months traveling every year until he has a passport. For me, it would be better if I move abroad and then we travel together or he stays with me for the six months outside the US. I would actually love to move to his country (ideally working remotely from US). But then we would also have a long distance relationship for 3 to 5 years which would be awful.
To sum it up, I don't want to live in the US, bf wants American passport. Would I be stupid to marry him and spend 4ish years like this?
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2021.12.08 21:19 Vexifgaming Length of the airline

So for anyone who has bought this with the airline included how long is the airline?
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2021.12.08 21:19 Shinji_Is_Gay Does anyone else just randomly feel angry sometimes for no reason

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2021.12.08 21:19 Birdy_Cephon_Altera Miner's Union Hall in Granite Ghost Town State Park, Montana, once home of 3,000 residents. [OC]

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