Tania Sachdev

2021.12.06 04:39 tomsmiththrowaway10 Tania Sachdev

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2021.12.06 04:39 Living-Pirate-6528 Where to get GAA tickets?

Hi all, where to get GAA tickets? Want to go to a match on saturday upcoming to see your local sport :)
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2021.12.06 04:39 holaranas Dog friendly homes/apartments

I live in student housing at the moment but want to move up to something more home-y and spacey as I’ll be a senior in college august of next year. I have a dog who id love to have my more space for with at least a nice enclosed patio area but preferably a patch of grass.
I want to find a rental home but there are only a few places I see online although I’m planning on driving around and seeing what else I can find. What are some townhome or other non-student housing options? I am open to having two other roommates with a budget around $650.
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2021.12.06 04:39 satish-setty Quote of the day: December 06, 2021

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2021.12.06 04:39 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for xcwiserr

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2021.12.06 04:39 SimplyGameplayOnly Octopath Traveler - Xbox One - Part 1 (My First 40 minutes!)

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2021.12.06 04:39 tedscott_ I can help

Hey anyone who's reading this, I believe you are going through financial challenges. I'm willing to help but I need to be sure you're not lying or any of that. Do well to message me and have a nice day. By the way terms and conditions apply.
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2021.12.06 04:39 ManWhoCanXD Yep get yourself fit first

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2021.12.06 04:39 Daisydaisyflower1234 Now TJ looks more like TJ

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2021.12.06 04:39 Jahy47 Steam Community :: :: Protector

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2021.12.06 04:39 ToastyAlligator i miss capital pancakes :((

it had like the best pancakes and i used to love playing chess there when i was little so many memories :((
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2021.12.06 04:39 AmbergEvk On Rollups - L2PAD

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2021.12.06 04:39 SankethBaliga Where top place

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2021.12.06 04:39 Zero1705 Best Naming Sense [Council]

With the recent surge in Pokémon streams, we’ve gotten to see the EN girls name numerous Pokémon so I gotta ask. Which EN member do you think has the best naming sense? [Split into two due to poll limitations]
View Poll
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2021.12.06 04:39 chainsmoking-heart F23- down for a chat with a chainsmoker?

im just bored and working my way through a pack of cigs and some mcdonalds, come chat with me!
also, i have discord lol
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2021.12.06 04:39 Ok_Atmosphere1933 Mad fax

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2021.12.06 04:39 maxplainn Книгу президента Садыра Жапарова «10 лет в политике» перевели на турецкий язык

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2021.12.06 04:39 Jimmy-Ice [CAN-ON] (H) OTS 17 packs, Starlight Trouble Sunny, Mini Dlink Core. (W) Paypal

D-Link Core: https://imgur.com/a/bSMzLDC
OTS 17 Packs: https://imgur.com/a/DYUzYaE
Starlight Trouble Sunny: https://imgur.com/a/bBdQqvb
•Starlight comes w/tracked shipping •OTS packs 50/50 tracked shipping •D-link core tracked shipping discussed depending on location
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2021.12.06 04:39 Smitology Is Impulse a secret mooner?

I remember back in the Season 6 days (Crazy to think that's like 3 years ago) Mumbo was commissioned by Doc I think to make a trailer for team STAR (which to this day I have no idea what it means or stands for) and in the section where it talked about how the members of the team are such good people, Impulse said something like "Sometimes I don't sleep the night away so the moon doesn't get sad" which is exactly what the mooners are trying to do. So does that mean Impulse was the original mooner before Mumbo or anyone else?
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2021.12.06 04:39 SendAwards Typical

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2021.12.06 04:39 puckloe Is karate taught in schools in Japan or Okinawa

Looking at karate history I know that Anko Itosu got karate into the school system in Okinawa. So I am interested if in the modern day is karate still taught in schools in Japan or Okinawa? and if so is there any good sources or reading about this topic? thanks.
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2021.12.06 04:39 gen66 I got a gold award and a week of premium, if I edit my avatar with premium items will they disappear after a week?

I don't want to waste time to make new avatar if it will go back to normal after a week:(
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2021.12.06 04:39 MrCalac123 I just wanted to go back to the way I was BEFORE!!! Zenkai LF Majin Vegeta Concept!

Double Galick Gun: Gain attribute upgrade -50% to enemy’s ‘Sustained Damage CUT’ for 25 counts upon activation.
Switch Break: Remains the same, gain effect -70 to enemy Ki
Main Ability ‘Realized Evil Spirit’: Transform into “Majin Vegeta”. Restores own health by 40%, cancel attribute downgrades.
Zenkai Ability: Buffs blue “Vegeta Clan” units blast attack and defense +35%, strike attack an defense +40%.
Long Awaited Showdown: +40% damage to “Goku” characters, gain +60% damage inflicted upon entering the field for 25 counts, reduces damage received by 30% for 25 counts. Rest remains unchanged.
Indispensable Pride: Nullify Abnormal Conditions ad Negative Effects up to 3 times when battle starts. Rest remains unchanged.
Dark Prince’s Ambition: Restores own healthy by 10% upon entering the battlefield. +15% to damage inflicted if tag: Regeneration is an opponent (cannot be cancelled).
The Will to Face the Fight: Gain the following effects based on how many battle members remain.
3 battle members: +15% to Special Move damage inflicted.
2 battle members: +30% to Special Move damage inflicted.
1 battle member: +50% to Special Move damage inflicted.
Majin Vegeta
Pride-Staked Assault: +50% to damage inflicted against “Regeneration”. Rest remains unchanged.
The way I was before!: Gain +1 card draw speed upon activation. Rest remains unchanged.
Main Ability ‘Farewell, Prideful Warrior’: Gain 20% health upon activation. Rest remains unchanged.
Unyielding Decision: +50% damage to “Goku”. Restores Ki by 50, damage +60% and reduces damage received by 40% upon entering the battlefield. Rest remains unchanged.
Clashing Pride: +40% to strike damage upon transformation. Rest remains unchanged.
Dark Prince’s Return: Restores own health +10% upon entering the battlefield. +20% damage inflicted if tag: Regeneration is an opponent (cannot be cancelled).
The Will to Do What’s Right: Gain the following effects based on how many battle members remain.
3 battle members: +20% to Special Move damage inflicted.
2 battle members: +40% to Special Move damage inflicted.
1 battle member: +70% to Special Move damage inflicted, reduces damage received by 30% for 15 timer counts and gain 30 ki upon Special Move activation.
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2021.12.06 04:39 Crybtyd SCP-001 When Day Breaks, by me

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2021.12.06 04:39 Metatron-X Today is Saint Nicholas Day - Sot është dita e Shënkollit

Shënkolli . (Saint Nicholas was probably not albanian though)
Saint Nicholas was one of the most popular Christian saints in Albania, venerated by Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims alike, and was the patron saint of many of the northern mountain tribes, like the Shkreli.
The Albanian national hero Scanderbeg (1405-1468), Alb. Skënderbeu, was originally buried in a church devoted to Saint Nicholas in Lezha, dating from 1459.
275 Catholic churches recorded by Cordignano which are known to have existed in Albania in the late sixteenth and the early seventeenth centuries, 40 (i.e. one in seven) were dedicated to Saint Nicholas, more than to any other saint except the Virgin Mary.
Dita e Shënkollit The feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6. A pre-Christian feast observed in Albania by Christians and Muslims, celebrated the return of the souls of the dead and was commemorated by the slaughtering and roasting of a sheep on a spit, fërlik. For this feast, the animal was kept in the house for weeks in advance.
In Hoti, Gruda and Kastrati, the feast of Saint Nicholas lasted a whole week. It was custom in the north to light a candle and to leave the door open on the eve of Saint Nicholas to let the saint and the spirits of the dead into the house so that they might take part in the feast.
The owner of the house would raise his glass of a spirit and say, ”May the Night of Saint Nicholas help us!” Alb. ”Nata e Shënkollit na nihmoftë!”
In some areas, three candles were also lit to the mythological juds so that they would not do any harm. The longer the candle burnt, the greater the prosperity would be for the house in question.
One curse among the northern tribes was, ”May the devil blow out your Saint Nicholas candle.” The feuding Shkreli often concluded a besa, i.e. a cease-fire, to facilitate celebrations during the feast of their patron saint.
It was also tradition among many tribes in the north for feuding families to meet on Saint Nicholas Day in order to reconcile and put an end to their feuds. In Upper Reka (Macedonia) bread was ritually blessed on this day with a cross and then given to all those present in the home to eat.
Saint Nicholas is the protagonist of a number of Albanian legends. According to one such legend, he arrived on his feast day at the house of a poor man and was received with hospitality but was given nothing to eat because the poor family had no food. Nicholas insisted that the poor man’s only son be put in the oven and roasted for dinner. Since he had nothing else to offer his guest, the poor man acquiesced to the strange demand. But, lo and behold, a few hours later, when the oven door was opened, the fire was out and the boy was seen inside playing happily with a bag of coins, rewarded to him by Saint Nicholas.
In Germany, on December 5, german children put out a shoe or a boot outside their main door. On the next day morning they open the door to find that shoe/boot filled with sweets.
It's custom to put in a small St.Nicholas made out of chocolate. Like this.
His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints, and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus ("Saint Nick") through Sinterklaas.
Sources: www.albaniahistory.net. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas
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