Any stoners in med school? Asking for a friend 👀

2021.12.06 00:00 Wing_Single Any stoners in med school? Asking for a friend 👀

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2021.12.06 00:00 Travice0 Tator Tot Casserole

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2021.12.06 00:00 nimobo Former CNN anchor calls on network to replace Cuomo with a woman

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2021.12.06 00:00 smhandstuff Go to H0rny Jail | Miru Tights

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2021.12.06 00:00 Fluffy_Avocado_314 Why am I constantly treated like an outcast? How would I overcome this?

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2021.12.06 00:00 chrisell Work-in-progress NS ICNG for Dovetail Train Sim 202x

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2021.12.06 00:00 wtfbtc_ Current Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0023 BCH Median: $0.0010 BTC Next Block: $0.25 BTC Median: $0.76

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2021.12.06 00:00 SmoothSite9631 bruh?

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2021.12.06 00:00 Automatic-Day7811 GHETTO BURNIN - RAW SEASON w/ SILENCEMONEYKID

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2021.12.06 00:00 crandolf1089 NA S1 supp/adc main looking for clash team T4

never been in clash, hmu in game
panda snackz
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2021.12.06 00:00 SecretRubix69 Subscribe :)
Subscribe :)
Subscribe :)
Subscribe :)
Subscribe :)
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2021.12.06 00:00 Time-Calligrapher-71 Does Imposter Syndrome ever stop?

I’ve been in my role for a bit now and, logically, I know I’m a good fit. But I still have a weird feeling that I lucked my way in
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2021.12.06 00:00 StarFishAreEvil The art in Sammy's room

During my most recent rewatch, I did a deep dive looking at the art Sammy has hung up all over his room, including the art he has in the window to shield him from the lady in the tree. Here's a partial list of what I could see on the walls:

A lot of these pictures are normal, which to me indicates that Sammy has been a relatively "normal" child up until recently. Maybe a bit introverted and sensitive, but nothing that would indicate significant emotional disturbances. The one image on the walls that stands out to me as being potentially disturbing is the one of the house with all the lights out except for one and the dark figure standing next to it. I feel like the room with the light on is supposed to represent Sammy's room and the dark figure is a person who is stalking the home (possibly the lady in the tree).
The drawings that cover the window, however, are clearly distressing, produced by a child who is struggling with something. Here is what I think the images are:
I feel like these images loosely tell the story of what happened in the woods. I think the lady in the tree is a real person (most likely another survivor) and that she has stalked their home and comes to Sammy's window at night. I think she told Sammy about the scary things his mother did in the woods (I also think she broke Manny). I think these drawings are Sammy's way of trying to process what he's being told about his mother. He loves his mother but is deeply affected by the brutality of these stories and is having a hard time understanding it. The drawings on the wall indicate that he was initially a well adjusted child who drew regular pictures of space shuttles and ducks. The darkened house with the dark figure to me represents when he starts to take a turn (it's also the drawing closest to the window).
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2021.12.06 00:00 AfterHoursQ82Q What they are not telling you is

The injection is an operating system connected to external AI, an RNA modifier changing your God given DNA which is your connection to Creator. It falls into their transhumanism program. They are destroying yours and your children’s immune system, you and your children are being sterilized. Say goodbye to future generations and any hopes of grandchildren. The ability to ascend, rise spiritually is directly connected to beneficial changes in the DNA. The jabs have the opposite effect, altering the DNA is going against the Creator’s plan for Humanity and the Earth to ascend, creating Heaven on Earth. It is being done with a plethora of toxins, poisons, nanobots, operating systems, nano-creatures that look like starfish and now metal shards shredding you from the inside. Meet Patrick, he is the starfish like creature found in the injections, he will be driving your body from here on out. RESEARCH WHAT IS IN THE JAB. Children look to their parents for guidance and protection. Those who have vaccinated their kids have failed in both regards. Why subject children who have an almost zero percent chance of dying from the virus, most experience light flue like symptoms or are asymptomatic to a jab that does not protect them from getting covid, destroys their immune system, has the potential for severe life crippling side effects, heart attacks and death. Didn’t think that one through now did you? The divine feminine, the House of Mary, the Grandmothers are outraged. They are coming forward supporting the mothers in their defense of the children delivering heartfelt truth at school boards and other events. Let them support and speak through you. Do not worry about what you will say coming from the heart and trust the words will come when necessary.
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2021.12.06 00:00 Dextarios The machine pistol is now in creative!

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2021.12.06 00:00 sendonx1futon You serve no purpose copypasta

Youre not productive in your life you're not doing anything in society! you are a worthless black spook in america!! you serve no purpose NIGGA. go be a sheriff, a cop do something with yourself. cuz you're wasting time my GUY! and it might not be me some niggas gonna get a hold of you some niggas in. Parentheses are gonna man handle the fuck outta you OR WORSE!! see if i got a hold of you i'm gonna try to break sense into your black crispy, burnt , moon cricket, roach on the side o the road burnt to crisp in the sun after i spray " raid all over you motherfucker!!
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2021.12.06 00:00 bloomsbstating glitched klay 100K!!!

Just picked him up for 100k, he is going for 244k right now lmao
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2021.12.06 00:00 byakuren-bot 群馬・太田の工場でクラスター、計42人感染…29人はワクチン2回接種済み - 読売新聞

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2021.12.06 00:00 No-Blackberry3256 2021 Wave runner Ex deluxe

Bought a 2021 Ex deluxe for $3000 it was a rental and has about 300 hrs. Did I get a good deal? Only problem is the impeller.
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2021.12.06 00:00 pinklemonadejuul Started with Yakuza 6, what’s next?

I had the privilege of playing Yakuza 6 and I LOVED it. Like literally one of the best games I’ve ever played. So what game should I go with next? Should I go back in time and play the OG games, or should I continue on with Like a Dragon?
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2021.12.06 00:00 ZoolShop Car Thieves Are Using AirTags to Track Vehicles

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2021.12.06 00:00 s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_ Jewish Voice for Peace calls out IDF propaganda. The quote is from a Haaretz article, citing an IDF sniper who shot at protesters during the 2018-2019 Great March of Return. Link:

Jewish Voice for Peace calls out IDF propaganda. The quote is from a Haaretz article, citing an IDF sniper who shot at protesters during the 2018-2019 Great March of Return. Link: submitted by s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_ to JewsOfConscience [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 00:00 RedditReadsBot Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston [History](2017)

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2021.12.06 00:00 fakchod Hands up boi

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2021.12.06 00:00 Kobylyuk21 What’s the best framework would you recommend? Window Forms, WPF, UWP?

If I wanted to create a windows program what type of framework would you recommend, I want it to look nice and modern and I love using Windows Forms because of how easy it is to drag and drop the stuff I need.
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