Anyone else having issues with Verizon cell service in Missoula?

2021.12.07 17:38 Galaxy_gal2 Anyone else having issues with Verizon cell service in Missoula?

My phone shows full service but I can't make a call or send a message. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem.
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2021.12.07 17:38 TheRealmMCBE ☃️ Come join The Realm!!

Come join The Realm, a whitelist only SMP! The Realm is a mix between SMP, Communities, Cities, Economy, and more (kind of like Hermitcraft)! It’s a pretty chill server. You can build at spawn, build bases far out, start a city, make money by trading/shops, explore, make new friends, and more! We have seasonal events! Seasonal events include; Christmas tree at spawn (with presents), Thanksgiving feast, Trick-or-treating and more! We have an active, welcoming and wholesome community! Feel free to invite your friends! :D
We just started a new world with 1.18 generation!
All griefing methods are turned off (and griefing is against the rules), so feel free to build! Also, if you do happen to get griefed, we can revert it! :)
Message clark#0001 on discord and he’ll ask you a few questions. If you’re cool, we’ll let you join!
Must be 13+
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2021.12.07 17:38 HMoxxie Where has he gone please come back son with a glass of wate

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2021.12.07 17:38 Scoop2100 I'm probably breaking up with my boyfriend today

Been together 11 months, it has been a struggle. Since the beginning sex has been hard, he's been in multiple abusive relationships in the past so I've tried to be as patient as I can. Are sex drives don't match up though and since the first month I don't remember it ever being as enjoyable like we were both happy by the end.
He struggled to get a job even though multiple places are hiring near me. I know a lot of minimum wage jobs suck but I've helped them out with thousands of dollars overtime and have been paying our rent the entire time. I know he truly wants to have a job and help, but even if he did he wants to work the bare minimum to get by. Meanwhile I am wanting to be able to get a house one day, to retire. And right now I work as hard as I can just to keep us both afloat
I wanted to wait until sex was figured out. For him to get a job so he can be more stable. He doesn't really have anywhere to go. I feel like such an asshole for it but I'm just not happy. I cry every other day it feels like when I used to never. Every day I feel dread and depression.
I love him so much. As cheesy as it is I don't think I'll ever meet anyone as good as him again. We have the same humor. I've honestly never met anyone I get along with so well and I mean it in a non lovey-dovey way. I've never gone through a breakup so I can't even say for sure. Like I don't know what emotions of mine are real or are just scared/my anxiety...
Ill probably end up talking myself out of it again but Jesus Christ I hate this so much
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2021.12.07 17:38 summetria Ledger's lot value expressions

I have a couple questions about the topics found under this heading.
The docs give an example of a function that overrides the default valuation logic for a posting: define ten_dollars(s, date, t) = market($10, date, t).
When I define this function and run "reg -V" on the following transaction, I can see the flow of cash to Assets:Brokerage is $-50.00 -- i.e., the "@@ $375.00" is ignored, instead being overridden by the defined function:

2012-04-10 My Broker Assets:Brokerage:Cash $375.00 Assets:Brokerage -5 AAPL {$50.00} ((ten_dollars)) @@ $375.00 Income:Capital Gains $-125.00 
This sorta makes sense (assuming I'm right so far) -- however, I'm confused what the "market" function is doing here. The first sentence of 5.21 claim that it's a value expression, but the only "market" I can find is here, which only has two parameters. Is the documentation for market missing a parameter, or do lot value expressions have something else going on?
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2021.12.07 17:38 Burakbeyyapma Bulun şunu nolur

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2021.12.07 17:38 AMannerings Hit by motorcycle whilst crossing the road. Can the rider get any money out of me ?

I was hit by a motorbike and luckily got away with pain in my back for a few days and some bruises and was happy to leave it at that.
However the rider called me today and asked "What arrangement we could come up with without getting solicitors involved" indicating his bike is damaged in some way. He didn't mention a figure and I was immediately uncomfortable with what he was proposing so I said I would prefer to do it through legitimate channels and formal routes and ended the call.
Was this the right course of action or how much have I boned myself and how much can he come after me for ?
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2021.12.07 17:38 Spacefan07 Can you install Simple voice chat and a plugin at the same time?

Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a server and I have the plugin I want working, however, I would also like (if possible) to have Simple Voice Chat installed on it as well. SVC is a mod so I'm not sure if/how to install it along with my plugin...
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2021.12.07 17:38 Wonderful-Map344 Since Sora and Roxas can still use Dual wield cause they tapped into it once, does it mean there’s a chance that Ventus can use the X-blade again cause he tapped into it once when he became one with his darkness half Vanitas? (I do not own the Art)

Since Sora and Roxas can still use Dual wield cause they tapped into it once, does it mean there’s a chance that Ventus can use the X-blade again cause he tapped into it once when he became one with his darkness half Vanitas? (I do not own the Art) submitted by Wonderful-Map344 to KingdomHearts [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 17:38 cuntingly Bob’s Botanicals

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2021.12.07 17:38 TubbyTime111 just don’t peep

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2021.12.07 17:38 notthebestatanything Zekrom adding 5 be online 4833 6018 7114

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2021.12.07 17:38 CrackHeadPoet My sister dies when someone asks if we are dating.

I wanna die.
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2021.12.07 17:38 UnderwaterDialect [Spoiler] Do you think if...

...Ken hadn't called Logan evil and himself good, the conversation would have gone differently? Would Logan have let him out? Or will he never let him leave.
(I didn't watch the preview for next week. Please don't mention anything from that.)
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2021.12.07 17:38 This_Huckleberry9226 It's always a BMW, Audi or Mercedes that drives 2 millimetres behind other cars and gets road rage if the car happens to drive at speed limit or slow down to make a maneuver

Why these cars?
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2021.12.07 17:38 pfak BC Housing Criticized for Top Executives’ Pricy Hotel Stays

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2021.12.07 17:38 NickHydroDaddy Loss porn?

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2021.12.07 17:38 VeranoBlush WB ZEKROM! Add me 3127 8235 5653. Pls be online! Will add the first 10, let’s goooo

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2021.12.07 17:38 therealpigeonboi Why is Dracula so powerful?

What makes him a cut above the rest of vampires? How does power scaleing work among vampires? Why are the lords more powerful than regular vampires and why is Dracula leagues above them?
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2021.12.07 17:38 JennMwedder Is there a way to define whether a website opens in mobile or desktop mode automatically without having to change it manually ?

i there a way, in chrome settings or something, that will allow me to do this ? basically what i want is that each time i go to it automatically opens in desktop mode, but other websites open normally in mobile mode
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2021.12.07 17:38 melvinsosa526 Hi world Melvin here!!!

Hi everyone im new , i wish to enjoy my stay. thks
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2021.12.07 17:38 Featherheartist Student Ticketmaster Down?

God I've been trying to get the free student ticket for the Navy vs GMU game tonight and no matter what game I select it will do this loading screen for "Loading more seats..." and then says technical issues. I really want to go to the game tonight, and I kinda hate the new ticketmaster requirement rather than the easy way we used to be able to go by just swiping our ID's. I am not gonna pay $15 for something I can go to for free, can anyone help me out with how I can get a ticket?
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2021.12.07 17:38 playful_papaya_22 Kellogg decisions?

Anyone know when/how Kellogg will notify applicants of their admissions decision? Crossing my fingers! And wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow! :)
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2021.12.07 17:38 maymunchyk Hello! How do you solve this? (It's from the pwn math book)

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2021.12.07 17:38 KouaV1 Spark damage boost vs critical damage boost

What should I choose and what offers more damage?
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