Tenant not leaving under Private rent, what are the next steps?

As a tenant, you also have certain responsibilities. If you fail to live up to these responsibilities, you may be subject to eviction. As a tenant, you must pay the rent and security deposit and follow all other legal requirements in the lease agreement. Tenants must also: Keep their part of the premises clean and sanitary. Under typical circumstances, a landlord may also choose to also move forward with a legal eviction if a tenant has not paid rent in a certain number of days. The normal process goes as follows: A Pay Rent or Quit Notice usually gives tenants 3-5 days to pay rent or move out (“quit”). - choose to try and replace the tenant (the leaving tenant will still be on the lease, and will still have liability under that lease, but you'll be able to pick who you are living with) - pay part of the rent and hope the landlord doesn't evict you (this is not likely to work) When Subletting Is the Only Option That the Landlord Gives: If a tenant wants to move out early and break their lease for a reason other than one listed in the "Statutory Rights to Terminate a Lease" box below, they continue to owe the landlord rent under the lease. They only stop owing rent once the lease ends or a new tenant is found. Section 91.006 of the Texas Property Code describes a "landlord's ... A lease is a written agreement for the rental of a property for a fixed amount of time—typically one year. When the fixed amount of time (the "term" of the lease) is over, the lease ends. At this point, one of a few things can happen: the tenant moves out; the landlord and tenant sign a new lease, with the same or different terms; the tenant stays in the rental with the landlord's approval ... 704.17(2)(a) (a) If a tenant under a lease for a term of one year or less, or a year-to-year tenant, fails to pay any installment of rent when due, the tenant's tenancy is terminated if the landlord gives the tenant notice requiring the tenant to pay rent or vacate on or before a date at least 5 days after the giving of the notice and if the tenant fails to pay accordingly. A landlord can evict a tenant for the nonpayment of rent, for the failure to vacate the premises after a lease agreement has expired, for a violation of a provision in the rental contract, or if the tenant causes damage to the property and it results in a substantial decrease in the value of the property. A tenant can dispute an abandonment notice, or abandonment order, but must act quickly and apply to QCAT as time limits apply. It may be difficult to ascertain whether, a tenant has abandoned a tenancy. Under the Act evidence to suggest a person has abandoned a tenancy may include: Failure by the tenant to pay rent; Originally had terms, but the terms were not renewed by both parties signing a new lease, causing the tenant to automatically roll into a month-to-month lease; Was signed specifically as a month-to-month lease; Is a term lease that automatically renews, but the tenant intends to vacate instead of allowing the lease to auto-renew In 2011, New York State enacted the greatest expansion of rent regulations in 40 years. In 2012, to increase compliance with these laws and further protect rent-regulated tenants, the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) was created to act as a proactive law enforcement office within New York State Homes and Community Renewal.

2021.11.28 10:57 15-g094sa Tenant not leaving under Private rent, what are the next steps?

I am a landlord for a property under Private rent. I wanted to move back into the property. The minimum notice that I had to give was 4 months so I handed in a notice form to my tenant on 28th July and also sent this to the council so they know that I have handed this to my tenant aswell. In the meantime, I am loving with family until the tenant moves out.
The 4 months are over by end of today and my tenant has told me that he cannot leave the property yet as he has not found a new property to live in. He has been speaking to the council who have said that they have put him on a list to find him a council house. However, I do not know how long this will take.
It is the first time that I am a landlord so I am confused. What are the next steps I need to take in order to gain back possession of my property? The only thing that I know is a possession order but I do not know how to do this. Do I need to get a solicitor involved? I am worried that this process will take a while.
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2021.11.28 10:57 sweetvioletfluff What do you dislike most about Reddit?

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2021.11.28 10:57 LuckyFennel6080 🐶 Kenpachi Floki 🐶 Just Launched | 7% BUSD rewards | Huge Marketing | Your New 100X | InterFi Audite | Team Kyced| Trusted Team 🛡

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2021.11.28 10:57 Mylabugz Before you reset due to softlocking, check this out! Source: Nintendo Soup

Before you reset due to softlocking, check this out! Source: Nintendo Soup
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2021.11.28 10:57 Key_Excitement_7523 Trading some of these away

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2021.11.28 10:57 alexo12 Gold Is Losing Again, And It’s Not Because Of Bitcoin

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2021.11.28 10:57 calebcambridge Come learn how to make triple cooked chips!

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2021.11.28 10:57 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptocurrencyICO] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 10:57 flexingbuzzard Real root or not please ? Finger for size

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2021.11.28 10:57 sorefathers Best product to remove nasty buildup on faucet?

Trying to clean our bathroom, where we have a faucet in the style of an old water pump where it flows out exposed for a few inches. Our hard water has built up some ugly scaling around it that I have to dig at with my thumbnail. I don’t want to damage the finish on the faucet; what’s the best way to get this stuff off?
I can’t post the image here and don’t have an Imgur account to link to but can add more detail as needed. Thanks everyone!
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2021.11.28 10:57 crazy_boef Bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do when to come for you?

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2021.11.28 10:57 Bellerb Teaching A Generalized AI Chess

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2021.11.28 10:57 Nnudmac Idk what happened but I'm glad it did.

So I play on xbox and pc, some stuff is linked to my xbox for hirez and some stuff is linked to my PC. Anyways, I wasn't getting some rewards from prime so I submitted a ticket.
The next day they linked both accounts into one. All the xbox skins, xp, bounty tokens, crystals, gold, even my old purchase from initial release where I get every character on release forever transferred to PC. Also, vice versa all my pc stuff went to xbox!
Now I have one account and all my purchases have been combined. Hella happy it happened not sure if it was supposed to always be this way, since I didnt know if it could happen.
Thanks, HiRez. I appreciate ya!
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2021.11.28 10:57 Wizard-Dermsie-14 Heads I win tails you lose

When is it available for purchase and when does it leave the market
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2021.11.28 10:57 Bonus1Fact @QuinnCPhotos Good morning! May WeatherNation use this video on our broadcast and digital platforms with credit to you?

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2021.11.28 10:57 yusuf_ackingei Did the test again, got a little less extreme and a bit more conservative, also make assumptions (m,14 austria)

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2021.11.28 10:57 claireauriga UK switch modules

While exploring options for Hue-compatible wall switches, I found European Friends of Hue supplier Jung. What's interesting is that half way down the page, they show you how their switch is effectively four programmable buttons that you can set to different functions, e.g. off/on/pick a scene/dim/brighten/change colour.
I've seen a lot of switch modules around ... would any of them provide the same functionality for a normal retractive (pulse/momentary) switch? You can get those in some really nice designs.
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2021.11.28 10:57 Jeffusz Combining multiple predefined Excel files into new master sheet

I'm looking to create a VBA script that will combine multiple, predefined Excel files into one new master sheet. I've seen many different kinds of solutions floating around, but they all seem to want you to select the files manually. But instead of selecting them manually, I want to predefine the files in the code since there about 100 files in the folder that need to be split into 8 separate master files. Some important things to note: Every Excel file only contains 1 sheet. Every imported file should be in a seperate sheet in the new master file. The master files don't exist yet and need to be created in the script.
Something along these lines. Though as things are, I can't wrap my head around how to fix line 6 and get it to copy the first sheet of a selected few workbooks into a new one. Can anyone help me fix this or point me to the right direction?

 Dim FilesToOpen As Variant Dim wb As Workbook, tempWb As Workbook Dim FPath As String FPath = "U:\" FilesToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename(FPath & "Book1.xlsb", FPath & "Book2.xlsb", FPath & "Book3.xlsb") wb = Workbooks.Add i = 1 Do While i < UBound(FilesToOpen) Set tempWb = Workbooks.Open(FilesToOpen(i)) tempWb.Sheets(1).Move , wb.Sheets(wb.Sheets.Count) tempWb.Close i = i + 1 Loop wb.SaveAs Filename:=FPath & "MasterFile1", FileFormat:=xlExcel12, CreateBackup:=False wb.Close 
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2021.11.28 10:57 Khaldor Final day of the X-Cup Fall Playoffs is live RIGHT NOW! Details & Bracket inside!

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2021.11.28 10:57 MelissaWebb My personal list of reasons at to why I could not be a kpop idol

  1. I can be very lazy. I'm a pretty hardworking person when I feel motivated. The problem is actually getting that motivation. kpop idols do a lot even when they don't want to and I can't see myself doing that. I do think it would be more fun to wake up at 2 to shoot a music video, or take pictures rather than studying but still
  2. I don't know how to hide my feelings sometimes. I also have a RBF. you see how so many times idols hide their pain or they hide how they feel about a situation or a member especially if that member is not nice or is a bully? yeah I can't do that 😭 how I feel usually shows up on my face/body language so it would be so easy for fans to sus me out. I would also be prone to clap back at antis lol
  3. filming content seems so stressful. the content these groups usually put out (think RUN BTS, time to twice, NCT analog trips, en o clock, etc) are so much fun for us to watch but I can't imagine having to actually film it. like with NCT where they took them to a random island. like I can't deal 😭 I would want to go home and lie down after like an hour. I love watching them though and I can only hope these idols actually have fun filming this content
  4. the pressure to not let down your members seems like a lot sometimes (eg if you mess up in any area EVERYONE now has to redo it if it's a geoip scene)
  5. I can hold like half a note and I have two left feet
what are some of your own reasons??
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2021.11.28 10:57 CodApprehensive526 The Sunnah isn't pick and choose!

-Today, the sunnah is a pick-and-choose type of situation with some Muslims.
-For instance, some of us may grow out our beards. As we all know, beards are a fashion trend at the moment. Some muslims, who wish to follow trends, grow the beard and say, "It's sunnah/fardh". Yet these same muslims often struggle to pray sunnah prayers. This is not to say that I discourage from growing the beard. But my point is to thoroughly follow the sunnah. If you grow out your beard, then pray the sunnah prayers as well. Give charity. Be courteous.

-Some of the 'tougher' sunnah is this: praying your sunnah prayers; having manners; praying tahjjud; give charity (hadith about half a date charity); impressing people with Islam; reading Qur'an; making and leaving friends for the sake of Allah; seeking knowledge of Islam.
-In summation, the sunnah is definetely not something that can be adopted according to an individual's desire. The Prophet (SAW) was described by the Mother of Believers, Aisha, as "a walking Qur'an". Every single thing the Prophet did should be followed today.
-For instance, if you grow your beard you should pray your sunnah prayers; drink beverages while sitting down in three sips; seek knowledge etc
-You should definetely not pay attention to those who mock you or degrade you for following the fardh and the sunnah. For instance, someone may mock you for spending time at the mosque for a lecture. You should disregard their opinion as you are here to please Allah, not people.
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2021.11.28 10:57 Lostcaptaincat Age: 34 F Bleeding 5.5 weeks post hysterectomy w/ yeast inf. treatment

34, F, had total hyst. w/ tubes, cervix, ovaries and uterus removed on Oct 22. Was previously in menopause and use estrogen patches.
So, here's the question. While I know that some bleeding is normal, I basically had no bleeding for around five weeks. I had a UTI and treated it with antibiotics. I had yeast, so the doc gave me terconazole cream. I've used it in the past with no issues.
Since the cream, I keep bleeding, and I'm crampy. It's not -bright- or heavy, but it does seem unusual considering that I didn't bleed -at all- following the surgery until the last few days. The only things I've been doing differently were painting my bathroom (I wasn't lifting, just moving around a bit) and putting away some dishes.
It's worth mentioning that I did have an allergic reaction to the liquid they used prior to making the incisions, the surgical glue and then the dissolvable stitches. This happens every time, so I've been on almost around-the-clock benadryl, cetaphil with methol for welts, prednisone at one point and the antibiotic for UTI.
I am, of course, worried about vaginal cuff dehiscence and issues with the closure of my wounds because of the above. At 5.5-ish weeks post, my skin sutures still haven't totally resolved.

Thanks for any help. I don't really want to go back in unless it's completely necessary- this could be par for the course (who knows? probably you, doctor people).
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